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Introduction of the company: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Date/year of incorporation Founder Vision/Mission statement The hierarchy of the organization (production process only) Main products Competition

The production Process with focus on quality How do you define quality in the said production activity? Procurement of raw materials: 1. What are the main components/raw materials? 2. What kind of quality is required for its use in the factory? <Strength, purity, quantity? Technical details> 3. Who are the suppliers and how many suppliers for each of the listed raw material a. Electricity supplier b. Water supplier c. Main raw material supplier d. Fuel supplier 4. The selection process for suppliers? 5. Supply chain process? 6. How often is the raw material obtained from the supplier weekly/monthly basis, or an order is placed as and when the stock depletes 7. Any back up plan for supplier of raw materials? Is the supplier fixed or it changes after a period of time? 8. How many suppliers are contacted before fixing an agreement with the final supplier? 9. Basis of inspection of raw materials once raw materials are delivered by supplier? 10. Frequency of inspection whether its inspected only once when raw material reaches the factory or its inspected at every level of production process 11. Process of inspection? 12. Who does the inspection? Whether an in-house quality control manager or the workers are trained in this function or by supervisors or inspection process is outsourced? 13. How do you maintain supplier relation? 14. If any defaults in payments by suppliers? 15. Difficulties encountered while transportation and purchase of raw materials 16. Are there problems handling raw materials from storage room to the processing room? 17. How are the raw materials stored on the premises? (Warehouse/open, any specific temperature required, any specific storage equipment?) 18. Are the goods internally inspected even though they are certified by the supplier?

19. Trust level between supplier and your company?

Customers of the factory products: 20. Who are the customers? 21. Are there any traders/dealers involved? 22. How are the products marketed to potential customers? Influence of other departments on the quality of the product: 23. Logistic 24. Finance 25. Design HR related quality aspects: 1. What is the Workforce employed 2. No. of Shifts : 3. Wage rate system or other method ? (Hourly basis , piece rate system , daily wage) and also the wage , no. of working days , overtime hours allowed? 4. Incentives or rewards involved for workers as a motivation factor? 5. If bonus given, on what basis , the mode of calculation 6. The kind of facilities provided to workers : no. of breaks , resting area , canteen , permitted holidays 7. If a worker defects, the degree of penalty , negative reinforcement used or not ? 8. rate of attrition, how does it affect the production process and its quality? 9. levels of safety maintained : a. safety kits for the workers b. continuous exposure to furnaces c. uniform 10. Are all the workers skilled or are they trained after joining? 11. Are the employees aware of the entire production process or do they have knowledge of their specific production process? 12. How are the employees/workers addressed at the factory site (designation for every class of worker)?

Operational aspects:
Quality Policy / Manual Equipment & Instrument Validation / Qualification Program Y/N

Internal Audit / Self-Inspection Program Y/N Supplier Evaluation / Qualification Program Y/N - Comment Does your company operate a supplier-auditing system?

Training Program if yes please elaborate

Change Control Deviation / Investigation Reporting please elaborate the process and solutions undertaken to avoid the same Non-Conformance Reporting Documentation Control Do you have a recall system/procedure in place?

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What are the quality management techniques employed by the personnel? Are there any targets set for the workers? Are there any meetings convened to discuss the quality issues? Comment Frequency of training session Are the employees evaluated before-after training session? Do the workers work in teams or individually? How are the workers appraised? How often? Eg: after x number of years

Production process: 8. How often is the quality check/inspection done during production process? 9. Is the inspection mass inspection/individual inspection/or inspection on random sampling? 10. Whom is the quality check reported to and is the process of quality planning, control and improvement followed regularly? 11. level of tolerance for variation of the product from the standard norm, ratio of acceptance to rejection (eg: 10:1, 25:1) 12. What are the defects deficiencies which are encountered in the production of the specified product (with reference to the industry and not specifically to your factory) 13. What do youll do with the rejected products? 14. Do youll have a machine/method/technique to detect defected pieces? 15. Could you specify the time period after which: a. The machine is changed b. Technology is changed c. Method of production is changed 16. What is done to the waste materials? 17. Can the waste material be reused again in the production process? 18. How is the customer feedback acted upon? 19. How is the employee/worker feedback acted upon? Legal Aspects:

1. Do the products of your factory or the manufacturing process come under the purview of BIS standards? If yes, to what extent? 2. Any ISO certification awarded for the products/manufacturing process?