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(Date) (Name of President/General or Branch Manager/Human Resource Officer) (Position of Addressee) (Name of Cooperating Agency) (Complete

Address of Cooperating Agency) Baguio City Dear (Sir/Ma’am), Greetings! In line with our objective of promoting active linkages with the industries, private and government sectors, the College of Accountancy and Commerce of Saint Louis University is offering internship for accounting students. This is in fulfillment of a three-unit course, ACCOUNTING 504 – Internship on Accounting Practices, and is aimed at exposing the students to the actual working environment in order to enhance their knowledge, attitude, and skills and at the same time, assist the industry in realizing its vision. In this regard, we request your support as a cooperating agency and partner in providing our students the necessary hours, to fulfill their practicum requirements. Attached also is our standard Memorandum of Agreement(MOA) between Saint Louis University and your organization to effect the partnership in providing internship to our students. The intern(s) is(are) expected to render 300 hours of accounting-related activities. Your good office is to orient them on his/her (their) responsibilities, accountabilities and expected decorum prior to the internship program. Prior to deployment, the interns are oriented on their responsibilities, accountabilities and proper decorum. We vouch that the intern(s) is(are) of good moral character. Upon approval of the MOA, may we request your good office to accommodate the following student(s) starting immediately: (FULL NAME OF STUDENT-INTERN) We hope that we can provide a strong relationship of cooperation for mutual benefit. Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned for any queries you may have. In behalf of the College of Accountancy and Commerce, we would like to express our gratitude for giving such opportunity to our students. We believe that you are our partners in our commitment to mold future professionals. Thank you and more power. Very truly yours, (Please type your name as adviser on this section) Faculty Adviser Endorsed by: JOSEPHINE A. OCAMPO, CPA, MBA Head, Department of Accountancy Noted by: DR. REYNALDO S. BAUTISTA, CE, MBM Dean, School of Accountancy and Business Management

MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: This Memorandum of Agreement is made and executed by and between The SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY. _______________________________. represented by its President. hereinafter referred to as the UNIVERSITY . do hereby agree as follows: 1. the College of Accountancy and Commerce of the UNIVERSITY. the COOPERATING AGENCY is agreeable and willing to provide the Accounting students of the UNIVERSITY with actual hands-on in accounting-related practices. the UNIVERSITY and the COOPERATING AGENCY. for and in consideration of the foregoing premises. REV. WHEREAS. a private/government institution organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.and _________________________________. FR JESSIE M HECHANOVA. hereinafter referred to as the COOPERATING AGENCY. with principal office and address at _____________________________________________. That the Faculty Coordinator of the UNIVERSITY will coordinate with the COOPERATING AGENCY’s various activities under this internship program. NOW THEREFORE. offers various degree programs including Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSAc) and Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting (BSMA) hereinafter referred to as Accounting. which requires exposure of students to the accounting-related activities in a business setting to augment their theoretical knowledge. The UNIVERSITY shall designate a Faculty Coordinator who shall supervise the student-intern and regularly monitor his/her performance and attendance for the duration of the internship program. Philippines. Baguio City. an educational institution organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. represented by its ______________________. with principal office and address at A Bonifacio Street. WITNESSETH: WHEREAS. That the UNIVERSITY recommends qualified Accounting students to undergo internship with the COOPERATING AGENCY under the following terms and conditions: a. 1 .

Each student-intern shall submit to the COOPERATING AGENCY detailed reports and documentation with respect to the services performed by him/her as may be periodically required by the COOPERATING AGENCY. The student-intern and the Faculty Coordinator shall abide by the COOPERATING AGENCY’s rules and regulation and comply with those imposed for the internship program. that the UNIVERSITY and the student-intern are given copies of the same at the beginning of the internship program. e. The UNIVERSITY may pull out any student-intern from the internship program on reasonable grounds after a written notice about such pull out. This agreement may be terminated for convenience by the COOPERATING AGENCY upon its prior written notice within reasonable time to the UNIVERSITY or the Faculty Coordinator. There will be no employer-employee relationship between the COOPERATING AGENCY and the UNIVERSITY and between the COOPERATING AGENCY and the student-intern. The COOPERATING AGENCY neither represents nor implies any obligation to the student-intern upon completion of the internship program. which maybe occasioned by their intentional or negligent acts while in the course of internship. 2 . otherwise he/she shall be excluded from further participation. The Student-intern shall be assigned to the offices of the COOPERATING AGENCY or in its branches as pre-approved by the UNIVERSITY. i. j. k. g. h. That the student-intern shall provide his/her own necessary uniform/appropriate attire for personal use within the whole duration of the internship program. c. provided.b. That the student-intern shall adhere to all the COOPERATING AGENCY’s safety rules and regulations. however. In no case shall the Student-intern be allowed to be brought to or assigned in locations outside the COOPERATING AGENCY’S main offices without the prior approval of the UNIVERSITY President in writing. f. The student-intern and the UNIVERSITY shall be personally responsible for any and all liabilities for the damage to the properties or injury to third persons. Any safety violation committed by the student-intern may result in the termination of his/her internship program. There is nothing in this contract that implies any future employment rights to the UNIVERSITY’s student-intern. d.

and g. c. procedures. b. which shall be subject to change from time to time upon written notifications to the Faculty Coordinator. The COOPERATING AGENCY shall accomplish the necessary forms required by the UNIVERSITY in connection with the internship program of the student-intern. That this Memorandum of Agreement shall be effective on __________________ regardless of the date of execution hereof and shall continue thereafter up to _________________________. d. The COOPERATING AGENCY shall have the right to screen or refuse recommended Accounting students by the UNIVERSITY to undergo practicum with the COOPERATING AGENCY. That the COOPERATING AGENCY shall accommodate the student-intern for the internship program subject to the following terms and conditions: a. provided that the COOPERATING AGENCY and the UNIVERSITY reserve the right to withdraw its participation in the agreement upon written notice. 3 . Said rules shall be made known to the UNIVERSITY and the student-intern before the start of the internship program. The COOPERATING AGENCY allows the student-intern to undergo the internship program without any monetary consideration and subject to the policies. during and after the existence of this agreement without securing the prior written consent of the other. The COOPERATING AGENCY shall issue periodic evaluation reports and a certificate of completion to the student-intern who successfully finished the internship program. The practical and related works that will be assigned to the student-intern will be along his/her area of specialization.2. The COOPERATING AGENCY shall deploy to the different areas of the COOPERATING AGENCY the student-intern recommended by the UNIVERSITY to undergo the internship program. f. That neither party shall publicly announce the existence of this agreement. The COOPERATING AGENCY shall assign personnel to take charge and supervise the student-intern’s internship program. Specific assignments of each student-intern shall be the COOPERATING AGENCY’s sole discretion. and guidelines of the UNIVERSITY in accordance with CHED Memo Order No 3. e. 3. 4. or advertise or release hereto before. The COOPERATING AGENCY shall adopt and enforce rules that will govern the conduct of the program. series of 2007.

the parties hereto sign this Memorandum of Agreement this_________________________ at ____________________. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. MBM Dean. changed or amended or modified except by an agreement in writing signed by the parties. CICM President Witnesses DR REYNALDO S BAUTISTA. School of Accountancy and Business Management 4 . written or oral and may not be altered. SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY By By REV FR JESSIE M HECHANOVA. That this Memorandum of Agreement represents the complete and fully integrated understanding of the parties and it is intended to incorporate and supersede all previous negotiation. CE.5.