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MML commands are used to operate the system.

They are given by using the MML command language (Man-Machine Language as defined by ITU-T, Recommendations Z.301-Z.341). The commands execute MML programs. What is MML Command? We can connect to NSN BSC or RNC through this ways: -X25 connection -IP connection X25 Connection For X25 connection we can use this command to connect: ouimanmx sample: rc1sc3:/m/home/myuser (103) myuser% ouimanmx OPEN BSC047710VT IP Connection Using IP Connection,we can use Telnet or SSH to do the remote session to NSN BSC or RNC. We can use the ZQRI:OMU; command to check the IP Address. Nokia BSC with MML commands: ZAHP PRINT ALARM HISTORY ZAHO PRINT ALARMS CURRENTLY ON ZIGO DISPLAY MML COMMAND LOG ZWQO SHOW SOFTWARE PACKAGE INFORMATION ZW7I INTERROGATE LICENCE OR FEATURE INFORMATION ZEFR RESET SITE/BCF ZEQS LOCK UNLOCK BTS ZERS LOCK UNLOCK TRX ZEQM MODIFY BTS PARAMETERS ZEAO OUTPUT GSM ADJACENT ZEUO OUTPUT POWER CONTROL PARAMETERS ZEHO OUTPUT HANDOVER PARAMETERS