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Chief Nan. Please read the following article posted. www.lifa4all.org

Clayton County Chief Judge Under Investigation For Election Crimes!
Posted by: lifa4all | on February 2, 2013
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THE LEGAL INJUSTICE ONLINE NEWS AGENCY (LION) lion says “Justice is for all and not Just Some”. New York, NY

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Please Send Comments and Inquiries to: info@lifa4all.org Article Written by Rich Dale Johnson January 28, 2013. This is a News Article Every Georgia Citizen Must Read! New York, NY. January 28, 2013. The Clayton County Primary election may be over, but the allegations of fraud, election crimes, tampering/ cheating and candidate intimidation is far from over. The Legal Injustice Online News Agency (LION) has learned that investigation and hearing is on the way by The Georgia Secretary of State and the Inspector General’s Office. Investigating serious allegations against the Clayton County Chief Magistrate Judge Daphne M. Walker, The Clayton Country Election Director Annie C. Bright, the Clayton County Board of Elections, and others. For their roles in allegations of crimes committed against long time Clayton County resident and Private Investigator/ detective Shellie YouhoingNanan. The UnspokenTruth has obtained copies of documents filed with the Secretary of State’s Office by Youhoing, who is also a community organizer. The allegations are serious. Youhoing contend that in March 2012, She filed a notice with the Secretary of State Election Division putting the state on notice that she would seek to run for the office of Chief Magistrate Judge (Clayton County). Under Georgia Law, §§O.C.G.A 15- 10 20 and 15-10-22. A person seeking this office need not be a licensed practicing attorney. The qualification for such office is that one must be living in the county for one year, acquire a high schooldiploma or it’s equivalency and be at least 25 years of age. Youhoing informs our investigative news team that when she showed up at the Clayton County Board of Election in May 2012, to qualify as a candidate. She was discriminated against, intimidated, and disqualified. But most serious of all. Youhoing says that she was handed a fraudulent piece of paper from the County Election Board telling her that she must be an attorney for four (4) years in order to qualify. “The

Democratic Party of Georgia qualifies me to run as a democrat, but it was the Election Board which disqualified me”, says Youhoing. “The act or an instant of a County Board of Election and its employees conspiring with an incumbent who is a judge to falsely disqualify candidate competing against her. Due to fear of loosing an election and covering up/ concealing crimes she had committed against the citizens of Clayton County. Producing, reproducing, and distributing fraudulent documents on public election premises with criminal intent to intimidate, discriminate, cheat the outcome of an election is a grievous crime”. Says Youhoing. But is this the only reason why Investigator Youhoing was disqualified from running for the office of Chief Magistrate Judge? Documents obtained by the LION’S Investigative Team reveals that back in 2010. Judge Walker was involved in perfecting a bogus warrant after the fact, to cover up/ concealed crimes committed by Clayton County Law-Enforcement. After law-Enforcement (all males) backed by swat team units kicked in Youhoing’s front door without a warrant. The documents revealed among numerous serious violations, Youhoing was sexually assaulted four (4) times in law-enforcement custody. While her two hands were handcuffed behind her back. She was also photographed naked while in custody. Our Investigative team also learned that Youhoing’s unborn child was tragically killed in that incident. Investigator Youhoing who has more than eight years of legal experience says “when it became obvious to Judge Walker and others that she was running for the Office of Chief Magistrate Judge. Numerous illegal traps were put in place to eliminate her. However, when those plans failed”. Youhoing says, their only alternative was to misconstrued the law and to utilize election premises and the County election director to get rid of her, by criminal means”. In a letter mailed to Investigator Youhoing by Chris Harvey, the state’s lead investigator on January 22, 2013. Harvey informed Youhoing that a hearing will be held in the case at the Professional Licensing Board. Located at 237Coliseum Drive in Macon Georgia, on February 21, 2013, beginning at 9:00 am. But that her appearance was not requested and would not influence the outcome of the matter. In an interview with Investigator Youhoing on Monday January 28, 2013. Youhoing expresses her concern that she was not called by the state to testify or to present findings of her investigation before the board. LION has also learned that Youhoing filed a motion/ request with the Secretary of State, the Inspector General and the Board, exercising her right to be present at the hearing and be heard.

The UnspokenTruth has also learned that in August 2012. Youhoing filed a petition in the Superior Court of Clayton County to Challenge the Result of the Election Primary. No court date for hearing into this matter is set. However, Youhoing says that lawyers from the county are utilizing judges in the Superior Court and tax payers monies to have the matter dismissed on illegal grounds. With criminal intent to deprive/ prohibit her of her constitutional rights to the court. Her 1st Amendment right to be heard. But most discriminatory of all, her rights to exist as a human being and entitlement to the freedom and enjoyment as an American. xxx

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LinkedI nProfile s Chief Magistrate Judge at Clayton County Magistrate Court •View Greater Atlanta Area · Judiciary Also profile see:http://www.scribd.com/doc/69519181/FAXCOVEREMAILDAPHNE WALKERFIDUCIARY; http://www.scribd.com/doc/71065718/Faxinvoice on LinkedI 56formDaphne n •Forwar http://www.scribd.com/doc/111051368/ClaytonCountyUCC9501a1ObstructionofFiling - OCGA 11-3-305 ; OCGA 11-8-505 - OCGA d this 11-1-202 = prima facie evidence of obstruction of UCC-5 Financing profile statement by Clayton County Clerks office. One can see that this •Reply Statement of Claim was to be filed and the money order was made to payable in U.S. Funds; this refusal to file this UCC 5 Statement of :Chief: Claim by the clerks office( and no one signed their name to this letter) Nanyais proof of the level of corruption in Clayton County [GA]. Shaab u :El see: http://sites.google.com/site/deedforembassy/grantdeed. UCC 9607 , UCC 9-609 All Indigenous Rights Reserved Eternally on LinkedIn and thought you might be interested. I would be happy to introduce you to them through my network. UCC 1-308 All Indigenous Rights Reserved Eternally. UNDRIP. Const.AHNYM -:Chief:Nanya-Shaabu:El:(R)(c)TM - http://sites.google.com/site/atsikhatanationy
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