Republic of the Philippines Office of the City Mayor—Quezon City Scholarship and Youth Development Program

Huwarang Mag-aaral ng Bayan (HMB) The Executive Commitee
7 Floor, Civic Center Building A, Quezon City Hall Compound 1101

To: Non-QCPU SYDP Scholars and Officers Dear All: Greetings! In line with the on-going clearance and renewal processes, here are some notes to guide you through such procedures. We ask your chapter officers for the most appropriate and organized implementation of such guidelines.
GUIDELINES on Pre-CLEARANCE, CLEARANCE AND RENEWAL Pre-CLEARANCE 1. Know the schedule and attend your chapter’s pre-clearance meeting. Here, you’ll know all requirements for clearance, steps for getting cleared, sanction processes and the renewal process. Thus, attendance is a must during your chapter’s pre-clearance meeting. 2. Each activity or required materials for clearance have corresponding points. All requirements applicable to a scholar must be fully attained. If not, sanctions will be imposed before being “cleared”. 3. You need to get endorsed by your chapter president by accomplishing the “CHAPTER ENDORSEMENT FORM”. Completion of this ends your pre-clearance duties. Such form is accomplished by completing all requirements for clearance, or at least sustaining all sanctions imposed to “uncleared” scholars, or those who have not attained the required number of points. 4. Requirements such as Voters registration and GMSK are absolute and irreplaceable requirement for clearance. Thus, no alternatives will be imposed whenever one or both is/are not accomplished. 5. Based on the conventions of the non-QCPU chapters, the following are the requirements for clearance with their corresponding points: Absolute and Irreplaceable Requirement: a. GMSK b. 2. Voters Registration (if applicable) c. 3. Scholar’s Directory and HMB Unit’s approval Replaceable Requirement: d. Chapter GA e. HMB Advocacy Anniversary HMB Idol Attendance Children’s Rights and Welfare Forum (Batch 23) f. Officer’s Requirement Event and Meeting Attendance Submission of Required Outputs Replacements: g. Filipino Inventors Week h. HMB Idol Ticket Sales (at the discretion of the chapter) i. Contribution to HMB Anniversary Contests (i.e., created the video...) j. HMB Academic Archive Contribution of Files 6. The chapter president shall only sign the endorsement after completion of all requirements. CLEARANCE th 7. Submit your fully accomplished endorsement form to the HMB Unit of the SYDP Office, 7 Floor, Civic Center Building A, QC Hall Compound. 8. Take note of utmost courtesy and politeness to any HMB Unit and SYDP Staff. Look for any HMB Unit Staff: Nurmina “Nay Nur” Sanoh (Head), Dianne “Ate Dianne” Tenasas, Chichi “Ate Chi” Glorioso, Abduljabar “KUya AJ” Sanoh, or Ate Annie. Present your endorsement form to the authorized HMN Unit Staff. 9. The HMB Unit Staff will look for the chapter president’s signature and completion of all requirements. Once verified you’ll be issued your “CLEARANCE FORM” and ask for the “SCHOLARS DIRECTORY FORM”. Accomplish such forms. This step serves as the HMB Unit Approval. 10. Submit your verified endorsement form and Scholars Directory for to the authorized HMB Unit Staff. RENEWAL

reproduce at least three copies and keep them in a safe place. Repomanta President UP System Chapter HMB Executive Committee . 13. Photocopy of Previous Registration Form d. 15. You are not through with the renewal process without this document. 2 pcs 1x1 ID pictures 14. Once submitted and verified. Joshua M. Fill this out legibly with blank-ink pen. Once you get your new certificate of scholarship. The renewal form must be submitted with the following attachments: a. Photocopy of New Registration Form (if enrolled) f. 1 5 2 2 1 1 1 5 2 2 1 1 1 5 2 2 1 1 1 5 GRADE 4 2 2 1 1 SB EM 2 MMS BATASAN IE UEUST-FEU SF IT SF EM/IE MMS UE-USTFEU 1 5 GRADE5 1 2 1 1 1 5 GRADE 6 1 2 1 1 SCHOOL SUPPLIES LONG PLASTIC ENVELOPE WRITING NOTEBOOK GRADE 1 PAD BLACK PENCIL SHARPENER 16'S CRAYON LONG PLASTIC ENVELOPE WRITING NOTEBOOK GRADE 2 PAD YELLOW PENCIL SHARPENER 16'S CRAYON LONG PLASTIC ENVELOPE WRITING NOTEBOOK GRADE 3 PAD YELLOW PENCIL SHARPENER 16'S CRAYON LONG PLASTIC ENVELOPE COMPOSITION NOTEBOOK GRADE 4 PAD BLACK BALLPEN RED BALLPEN 16'S CRAYON LONG PLASTIC ENVELOPE SPIRAL NOTEBOOK INTERMEDIATE PAD BLACK BALLPEN RED BALLPEN 16'S CRAYON LONG PLASTIC ENVELOPE SPIRAL NOTEBOOK INTERMEDIATE PAD BLACK BALLPEN RED BALLPEN 16'S CRAYON GRADE 1 SB IT 2 SB IE 2 PUP GRADE 2 REGULARSKCENTREX SB IE1 UP SYSTEM GRADE 3 PUP SB EM1 BATASAN IT Sincerely yours.11. This procedure is handled by the SYDP Administrative Unit. Look for and acquire your “RENEWAL FORM”. This is your ultimate goal. you must wait for your “New CERTIFICATE OF SCHOLARSHIP” to be issued. 12. Original and Photocopy of Grades c. Clearance Form b. The acquisition of the Clearance form is your transition to the renewal process.  THE GAMIT MO. SAGOT KO PROJECT CHAPTER SB IT 1 BATASAN EM UP SYSTEM SET QTY. Photocopy of Previous Certificate of Scholarship e.

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