Withdrawal From Treaty Case Study of Thomas Bear (Band #56


Edited and Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute

Thomas, born January 1, 1865 in Cumberland district was a member of the John Smith Reserve, the son of Robert Bear. He was brought up in Manitoba and schooled there until his father moved to Saskatchewan in 1878. He entered Emmanuel College in Prince Albert on January 5, 1885. His schooling was then interrupted by the 1885 Resistance. He returned to college on October 1, 1885 and remained until June 1, 1886. He was then appointed by the Bishop of Saskatchewan to be a teacher at the Indian Residential School at James Smith Reserve. He then returned to College on January 3, 1888 until May 24, 1888. He was then hired by at the Trustees of the Protestant Public School #126 to teach at Pohanan Settlement. On October 26, 1888 he wrote to Indian Affairs to withdraw from treaty. It was his intention to then apply for his Metis scrip to use for the purchase of the land where he had built his house and cleared four acres of land. Indian Affairs then enquired of the Indian Agent as to whether Thomas could support himself while living off reserve. The Agent replied in the affirmative, that he was a single man earning $500 per annum. APPLICATION OF THOMAS BEAR OF JOHN SMITH'S BAND TO BE DISCHARGED FROM TREATY AND TO SHARE IN THE HALFBREED GRANT. 1890-1911. File. RG15-D-II-1. On February 23, 1891 when Thomas Bear’s Discharge from Treaty was approved. The process of withdrawal and final denial of obtaining Metis scrip took 32 pieces of correspondence, from the date of application in October 1888 to February 23, 1891 when withdrawal from Treaty was approved. In the interim, Thomas was informed on January 12, 1891 that he could not apply for Manitoba Supplemental Half Breed Scrip because the deadline for filing expired on May 1, 1886.

Bear, Maggie; wife of Thomas Bear; claim no. 907; address: Pahonan Settlement near La Corne; born: 10 August 1876, at Cumberland House; father: John Umphreville (Métis); mother: Elizabeth Sayis (Métis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 501 for $240.00 Official correspondence shown below:

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