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Vol. VI

Issue # 61

Monthly e-Stamp Bulletin Edited by Jeevan Jyoti for free circulation among philatelists Readers are requested to send reports of philatelic activities in their area for publication. Short write ups by the readers about their journals, societies, publications and philatelic requirements can be sent for inclusion in this bulletin to or and by post to Ms. Jeevan Jyoti, c / o Mr. Ajay Srivastav, CCF, GHNP & Pin Valley National Park, SHAMSHI, Kullu -175126. (H.P.) India Note- This bulletin is only for circulation among a limited group of philatelists without any commercial purpose. The bulletin will be sent to the readers only on request. Those who wish to receive it regularly please reply giving the name of your city / country with the subject SUBSCRIBE RAINBOW

Dear Reader,
With this issue of Rainbow, I wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Now Rainbow Stamp News enters the 6th year of publication. I am sure you will like forthcoming issues of Rainbow with a variety of articles on different subjects by some new writers. The year 2012 ended with a wonderful issue of Miniature sheet on Light Houses of India by India Post. This is the most magnificent MS issued by India Post this year !! We hope to see many more such beautiful items from India Post in the coming years .The year 2012 was also special for philatelists with a special date 12.12.12 and many tried their best to make this date very special by getting cancellation at different places with variety of postmarks. INPEX 2013 is being organized in February at Mumbai. It is time for all philatelists to meet and enjoy this big philatelic event.. Best wishes to all participants and Organizers for a grand and successful event Wishing you all a very Happy, Bright and Colorful New Year !!

-- Jeevan Jyoti
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From the Desk of Naresh Agarwal

A matter seldom fires up when a few philatelists of higher stature sit together and discuss about the recognition they have got. It is seen that the awards which are received by philatelists at any National or International Level give pleasure and importance to them only as those medallions or awards either remain in lockers or deep back on the show cases and are seldom seen and appreciated by the viewers. Those awards are never brought in to light by any other agency not even Department of Posts which has an established philatelic wing and spends huge amount on promotion of philately, so to say. Even at Circle level where CPMG or Director level office bearers sit, dont keep record of it what to say display of names and pictures of such eminent philatelists from their own circle. One of my friends told me that he had made a beautiful showcase on one of the walls of his hobby room for placement of his prizes, awards and medals. Nice to know that he is the sole viewer and the one to appreciate his own achievements. Pleasure not shared. The question is what exact recognition one has even if he gets medals/awards at any International Show. Lets view it in a different way. Cricket is a game or a sport of throwing and hitting ball, Hockey is a game of dribbling and hitting ball, Badminton is a game hitting shuttle cock with racket, dancing is an art form and so on if all these are so highly appreciated world over by the people, by the govts. then whats that there is not in philately? Does it not require time, vision, search and research, application, thinking and above all it is highly educational. It should also be given a recognition as the other sports and games are given. If not individuals or institutions, at least govt. should appreciate the medal winners at different level appropriately and also those who are involved in promotional activities of philately. It is fact that high officials of Govt., deptt. of post just ignore the philatelists of National or International repute. These philatelists are only used when it comes to organizing any exhibition. Thats all. What to talk of honoring them, they are not even invited in various local philatelic or postal functions. This is a serious matter and needs a serious concern and consideration. What is the stature of philately and so the philatelists? What exact honor is given to the philatelists? In lots of fields people have been honored for their achievements. They have been bestowed best of the civilian awards by the government. Philately is no less than those many sports. The collection and display rules set are as stringent as for any other game or art form. Any way the major points which come out of the above discussionone is the recognition to philately and other is recognition of philatelists. I feel govt. and administration in India has failed in doing so in all respects. If such is the case.. Why a philatelic wing by Deptt. of Post? why so much of Infrastructure by formation of Bureau and counters?. Why amount in crores of rupees is spent every year?

During British govt. in India, almost all the high ranked officers used to be philatelists and were given higher honor in society. Here an International award winner is not even applauded by a clap and comes back with medal in his pocket transferring it to the locker. Thats all !!! If philately is a personal hobbyis for personal pleasure.. then why stamp shows..why competitions??? In my opinion at least Department of Posts should appropriately honor people such as : 1. Those who work for promotion of philately by writing and conducting exhibitions and workshops and involved in other promotional activities. 2. Getting higher awards in National and International Shows 3. Those who are invited by the Deptt of Posts to display their exhibits in Invitee Class at any level

4. Further, since deptt of post has its working philatelic wing, it should keep track of all the
major philatelic activities happening in India and then honor the prospering philatelists suitably. Can we think about getting respect and honor by the deptt of post? Can we think of any appreciation by the Centre or State Govts. Lets think over it seriously and think about future of philately and philatelists. Lets not allow philately to become a commodity but a sport a game.. an honor. Lets pledge to see that philatelists move in society with head high

- Naresh Agarwal email : Recent Indian Issues

12 October Philately Day - MS Rs 20 16 October Endemic Species of Indian Biodiversity Hotspots MS Rs 40 & Rs 20 + 3 x Rs 5 stamps 5 November - India Israel Joint Issue Fetival of Lights 2 Rs 5 + Sheetlet 11 November - T S Narayanswami Rs 5 14 November - Chidren's Day Rs 5 16 November - Scinde Horse Regiment - Rs 5 20 November Ramgopal Maheshwari Rs 5 29 November Consumer Protection Act 1986 Rs 5 21 December 2012 - Shivarathri Shaivayogi - Rs 5 22 December 2012 - National Mathematics Day Rs 5 23 December 2012 Light Houses of India MS with Rs 20 & Rs 5 stamps

Recent Special Cover and Postmark

60 Years of Diplomatic Relations : India - Germany View : Special Covers 2012 by India Post

In The News
Philatelic Exhibition during the Days of India 2012 / 2013

A German special postmark, a special postal stationery postcard and envelope was also issued on the occasion

Shri Kamleshwar Prasad Inaugurates Indian Philately Exhibition in Berlin Shri Kamleshwar Prasad Inaugurates Indian Philately Exhibition in Berlin Shri Kamleshwar Prasad, Special Secretary and Member, Postal Services Board, Department of Posts, Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Smt. Sujatha Singh, Ambassador of India to Germany, Mr. Franz-Karl Lindner, VicePresident of the German Philately Exhibition and Dr. Lieselotte Kugler, Director, Museum for Communication, Berlin jointly inaugurated the Indian Philately Exhibition at Museum for Communication in Berlin on December 6, 2012. The Exhibition will continue till January 3, 2013. Shri Kamleshwar Prasad and Smt. Sujatha Singh also jointly released a Special Cover, which highlights famous German personalities on which India Posts have issued stamps in the past. In the Philately exhibition, Department of Posts is displaying its rich collection of historical and contemporary Philatelic heritage. The German Philately Association and Philatelic Clubs are also displaying their rich Philatelic collection of Indian stamps. Shri Kamleshwar Prasad met Dr. Hans Bernhard Beus, State Secretary, German Federal Ministry of Finance on December 7, 2012, and discussed the possibility of issuing a joint stamp between India and Germany. The German side welcomed the proposal and it was decided to explore the common theme to be depicted on the joint stamp to commemorate the excellent relations between the two countries. The Philately Exhibition is a part of the ongoing year-long celebrations of Days of India in Germany under the themes of Connecting Cultures, Connecting Ideas, Connecting Capabilities and Connecting Minds. The Days of India are being celebrated in Germany to commemorate establishment of 60 years of diplomatic relations between India and the Federal Republic of Germany.

Pictorial cancellation on Chakra at Berlin During the exhibition DAYS OF INDIA in Berlin, Germany, one pictorial cancellation featuring a CHAKIRA was provided on December 6th 2012 at Berlin. Wolfgang Beyer : email :

2013 International letter-writing competition for young people

"Write someone a letter explaining why water is a precious resource"

The 2013 theme ties in with the International Decade for Action "Water for Life" 20052015. Water serves a multitude of different purposes, and it is vital that we preserve this precious natural resource. Access to water is essential to ensuring the health and well-being of humans and the protection of nature. The United Nations recently announced that the world had achieved the Millennium Development Goal of halving the proportion of the population without sustainable access to safe drinking water. Eighty-nine percent of the world population, or 6.1 billion people, now has access to an improved drinking water source. But 11% still does not. Participation

Young people up to the age of 15 years may take part in the competition. For details contact Postmaster of General Post Office or Head Post Office of your city. Read More

INPEX 2013

A National Philatelic Exhibition INPEX 2013 will be held at the World Trade Centre, (Expo Center), Cuffe Parade, Mumbai-400 005 from 21st February to 25th February, 2013.

The exhibition is being held by The Philatelic Society of India with the patronage of PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF INDIA, the apex body of Philately in India, and the active support of the Department of Post and other Philatelic Societies to celebrate the 115 years of the Societys active existence. The exhibition will provide an opportunity to philatelists residing in India to enter their outstanding philatelic collection in the Competitive Class.The exhibition will consist of INVITEE AND COMPETITIVE classes. In the Invitee section collections of eminent individuals and national institutions will be exhibited. The Competitive section will also include a championship class and will be open only to those collections which have won at least a Gold Medal in a previous National or International World Philatelic Exhibition. For details contact email : Website :

All Communications, Registered letters or Remittances to be sent to: Mrs. D. M. Pittie, The Secretary, Inpex 2013,Philatelic Bureau,G.P.O., Mumbai-400 001. Co-ordinators: Dhirubhai Mehta, President,Philatelic Society of India, Mobile No.: 09892786222 Email: Mrs. Damayanti M. Pittie, Secretary, Philatelic Society of India, Mobile No.09930367660 Email:


Exhibitors desirous of participating in the exhibition should apply in the prescribed form in duplicate. The entry forms duly filled in and signed should reach the Secretary Inpex 2013, latest by 30th December, 2012. Introductory page and synopsis of the exhibit should be sent with each application. Such forms will be available from the Secretary, Inpex 2013, Philatelic Bureau, G.P.O., Mumbai-400 001, or on web site

Read More

Online Directory of Philatelists

Indian Philatelists Forum has come out with an innovative idea of creating online directory of Philatelists. This directory is intended to facilitate networking among philatelists and members of forum. The Directory of philatelists will be divided in to two categories. (i) Philatelists residing in India (ii) Philatelists residing abroad and collecting on any aspect of Indian Philately. An online directory of Indian Philatelists and Overseas philatelists interested in Indian Philately with their complete profile will be available on forums website. Indian Philatelists Forum respects privacy of its members and thats why all data will be available only to the registered members. Philatelists interested in India and across the world will welcome this new innovative idea of making online directory. A web based data form is now

available on forums official website and registration is now open.

The Philatelic Journalists Forum

A new Blog of Philatelic Journalists The Philatelic Jounalists has been created .It can be viewed at : Informative, interesting & honest philatelic journalism is the base stone for real development of Philately. The Philatelic Journalists Forum is organised to promote Spread of Time Sensitive News - Spread of Important Philatelic News - Philatelic Writing in General - Philatelic Research Reporting of Happenings in Philately - Reporting of National / individual achievements in Philately - Promoting Local coverage of Philatelic Events & Achievements.

International Exhibitions

THAILAND2013 - Word Stamp Exhibition

THAILAND 2013, International Philatelic exhibition will be held in Thailand from 2 to 14 August 2013 in Bangkok, under the patronage of FIP. The World Philatelic Exhibition will take place

from 2 - 14 August 2013 at the Royal Paragon Hall 1-3, 5th floor, Siam Paragon, Bangkok. Mr. R D Binani as Commissioner for India, his address :33-B Rowland Road, Kolkata 700 020 E mail : Mob:9830073058 AUSTRALIA 2013 Melbourne / Australia 10.-15.05.13 Mrs Damyanti Pittie is the national commissioner . For details contact :

WORLD STAMP EXHIBITION Brasiliana 2013 will be held at PIER MAU in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from November 19 to 25, 2013 organized by the Brazilian Federation of Philately (FEBRAF) and Brazilian philatelists under the Patronage of Brazilian Enterprise of Posts and Telegraphs (ECT), in accordance with the F.I.P. General Regulations for Exhibitions.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Bagari is National Commissioner- India for BRAZIL 2013. Address for communication Rajesh Kumar Bagri National Commissioner India C/o Computer Management Centre, 33A, Chowringhee Road, 5th Flr, Room-13 . Calcutta - 700071. PHONE : +91 33 22265722. Email : BRASILIANA-2013 Individual Regulations



Europa 2013 Theme : "The postman van"

The theme for EUROPA 2013 stamps is The Postman Van. The issues celebrate PostEurop's 20th anniversary - 1993-2013. Read More.

Postal History of Kedah stamps from Malaysia

Earliest known prepaid items from Kedah

Pos Malaysia has issued a commemorative stamp collection on the postal history of Kedah in conjunction with the centenary issuance of the first Kedah stamps. Not many people know that Kedah pioneered the use of postal service in Malaysia 125 years ago. Pos Malaysia Berhad chief executive officer Datuk Khalid Abdol Rahman said it started when Siamese stamps and postcards were sent to Penang in 1887. "That is why Kedah is so special in philately history. The state had been producing its own stamps since 1912." "We are honoured to issue this historic collection and we want to share and create awareness among the public on the uniqueness of philatelic items that were issued in the old days," Khalid said.

The three designs in the collection are "Padi Sheaf", "Malay Farmer Ploughing" and "Balai Besar", which will be in denominations of 90sen each. The miniature sheet contains stamps in denomination of RM3, featuring the earliest known prepaid items from Kedah. The highlights of this collection are the use of the stamp on stamp printed design and the elliptical perforation methods rarely used in the stamp printing process in Malaysia.

Book Review
Read Book REVIEW by noted philatelist Mr Anil Nawlakhe of Bhandara ( Maharashtra) Science Communication through Philately of Nautilids and Ammonites Worldwide: The World of Cephalopods and Their Reflection in Philately. By Hans Ulrich Ernst and Christian Klug. 2011. The review is Published in The American Biology Teacher , Vol. 75, No. 1 (January 2013) (pp. 65-66), And is available online with following link : The review reveals how philatelic books on science are useful in science communication and the role of postage stamps in public understanding of science is underlined. This enlightens the value of postage stamps.

ITS Postal Auction No.59 Last Date: 5 January 2013 Scans of some lots are available at

Indian Thematic Society MIG # 3464, Phase Two, Dugri Rd, Ludhiana 141 013 Phone: +91 161 2521244 Mobile: +91 98728 51244 OR Emails: OR

Mr. Ambesh Upmanyu is senior officer of Indian Postal Service. At present he is Director, Postal Services Hq Shimla. Mr Upmanyu had served at Jaipur, Chennai, Calcutta and Port Blair. With a keen interest in philately, he has promoted Philately at different levels by organizing various philatelic exhibitions. Mr Upmanyu has a nice philatelic collection on Mahatma Gandhi and Postal history of British India. It is a great pleasure to publish here his interview in which he answers to some of our questions related with stamps and the services provided by Deptt. of Posts. - Editor

Interview with Ambesh Upmanyu, Director Postal Services, HQ Shimla

1. Being a senior officer of India Post, you have been associated with many stamp exhibitions in past at Shimla, Jaipur, Chennai, Port Blair and Kolkata. In your opinion what is the main aim behind organizing stamp shows by the department of Posts : Is it to make people aware of the value of stamps, promote the hobby of stamp collecting among common people or it is only a publicity part of the department ? Departments effort to organize stamp exhibition is to promote stamp not only as a mail carrier but as a repository of immense knowledge and beauty of art. It is an

effort to provide a forum to various philatelists at one place and show their work on philately before people. 2. You have always promoted philately at all the places of your posting and in Shimla, stamp exhibitions are organized time to time. But any state level stamp exhibition has not been organized in Himachal Pradesh so far. Do you have any plans to organize a state level exhibition in future? This year, we are organizing district level exhibitions at five places in Himachal Pradesh namely Chamba, Kangra, Mandi, Solan and Shimla. I am sure if show at district level impresses it will justify a State level Exhibition in Himachal Pradesh. I would appeal all the philatelists and other associated persons to participate fully in these district exhibitions.

3. Shimla has a small Philatelic Bureau but it provides best services to the stamp collectors in India for which we congratulate you. Would you please tell about what type of regular activities are being organized by HP Postal Circle to promote philately. It is true that Shimla philately bureau is providing very good services and for this credit goes to Shri Prem Lal Verma, In-charge Philately Bureau and other staff members associated with it. Philatelic Bureau of Shimla is today because of its members and account holders who give continuous support to it and promote philately. 4. Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful place with several tourist spots. As I know only two permanent cancellations are given regularly one from Shimla (on Monal) and other from Manali (on Hidimba Devi Temple). Do you have any plans to issue some more permanent pictorial cancellations related with Himachal tourism, culture , flora and fauna since pictorial cancellations play an important role in the publicity of special feature of a particular place?.

There is one more permanent pictorial cancellation of Jwalamukhi temple. Many areas in India are full of such subjects which can be used in pictorial cancellations. When I was at Port Blair, we issued a permanent pictorial cancellation of Cellular Jail and made it a rule that all outgoing mail from Port Blair will have this permanent cancellation. For this, we made eight different kind of permanent pictorial cancellations to be used in different branches i.e. Speed Post, registration and MO etc. Himachal Pradesh also has lot of potential of such pictorial cancellations. We have approached State Government to send a proposal of pictorial cancellation on Himachal Tourism insignia (Trimurti).

5. The design of permanent cancellations given in HP are very big in size as compared to the permanent pictorial cancellations being given at other places and we can say rather it is a bit inappropriate in size for cancellation on Postcard or envelope. Cant these cancellations be re designed by the department and new better fine pictorial cancellations be introduced?

Yes, these cancellations are bigger in size and your suggestion is well taken. I would request you to redesign all three existing cancellations and send it to us. 6. The newly introduced product of DOP popularly known as MY STAMP. This is gaining popularity. Recently at some places this has proved to be very collectable and revenue generator. Shimla being tourist place will have an added advantage. Is some planning going on to introduce this in Shimla H.O.? Yes, it is being considered. 7. India Post is trying its best to promote philately at grass root level as a good number of philatelic shows have been conducted at Distt. Level in the past two years. Do you think that only conducting shows will help. What more do you feel should done to get better results in this direction?

A full fledged participation by the schools and students is must to promote philately. Here I have felt that it is lacking in Himachal Pradesh. Schools do not have a designated teacher for philately. 8. Philatelic Bureaus are undoubtedly playing a big role in promotion on Indian Philately. Philatelic counters are too actively working. But it is felt that at various bureaus the dealing staff is not well trained both in terms of philatelic knowledge and public behavior. Do you profess proper training to them?? Yes, staff associated with Philately bureau and counters need to be trained and they should interact well with philatelists and learn from them. 9. It is felt that DOP should increase the staff in its philatelic wing so that regular workshops and other philatelic activities are performed to help promotion of philately. Is some work is being done in this direction? I feel there is enough staff and promotion is by philatelists rather than number of staff. 10. Your comments on DOPs association with various philatelic societies and clubs. How the stamp clubs can help promotion of philately in co-ordination with DOP? Philatelic Societies and clubs promote philately. In HP, I have not seen any such active society. I would request philatelists to come forward. We will benefit and promote philately together. 11. Last but not the least You are closely associated with colorful postage stampsDo you love to collect stamps.? How do you see the pleasures of Stamp collecting as a hobby. Please share your views with the readers.

Yes. I collect stamps and enjoy them. My small collection is on Mahatma Gandhi. Presently I am making an exhibit on the history of envelope from British India to modern times. I always promote good proposal of stamp release. At Port Blair, a proposal from Prof. T.C. Khatri on rare endemic butterflies of Andaman was sent and a set of four stamps was released in INDIPEX in Chennai in 2008. I would welcome any such proposal from Himachal Pradesh. Interview : Naresh Agarwal - J.Jyoti

Beginners Section


This fascinating animal appeared hundreds of millions years ago to dominate life on earth for 160 million years only to abruptly go extinct.In the year 1935 Sinclair Oil Company ran an Ad Campaign using the Meter franking illustrated above. This is the first commercial stamp depicting pre historic animals.

India Post issued on 13th January 1951 the first ever reconstruction of a pre historic animal on commemoration of centenary of Indian Geological survey. However the first stamp of dinosaur is from China, issued in the year 1958. The set of 3 stamps shows Lufengosaurus, a trilobite and the giant deer of China.

Since then more than 170 countries have issued stamps with Dinosaurs as theme, but there are few innovative stamps. In the year 2009 South Africa issued the First Three Dimensional Stamp with Dinosaur as a Theme. The South African Post combined Pre History with Modern Technology by using the anaglyph method to create a three dimensional effect.

An anaglyph is a stereo image that requires special glasses with red and green ( or blue) lenses for three dimensional viewing. To achieve the effect two views of a picture are printed in two colours , usually red for the left eye and blue for the right eye .This set of stamps was the first ever with a 3D effect issued by the South African Post Office. It was also the first time that a pair of viewing glasses were supplied with each stamp sheet .

In the year 2010 South Korea commenced issuing the Three part Age of Dinosaurs series with perforations in the shape of a Dinosaurs.

2010 Issue of Age Of Dinosaurs

During the next three years, dinosaurs of each epochal period , the Triassic period, the Jurassic period and the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era, was proposed to be introduced. The period when Dinosaurs first appeared-Triassic period-lasted from 245 million years to 208 million years ago. At that time approximately all the continents were together and dry and rivers and sea sides were laced with ferns and coniferous trees. The Dinosaurs that existed during this period were: Coelophysics -3 meters long and weighing 15 Kgs, Homosaurus - 4 meters long and weighing 250Kgs,Platosaurs-9 meters long and weighing 4 tonnes,Riojasaurus11metres long and weighing 4.5tonnes

2011 Issue of Age of Dinosaurs

The second issue in the year 2011 also had dinosaurs perforations and pertain to Jurassic period spanning 50 million years from 199.6 million years ago to 145.5 million years ago. In this period giant reptiles appeared on the land and ammonites in the sea. Birds also started making appearance. The Dinosaurs that appeared during this period were: Scelidosaurus- 4 meters long and weighing 250 Kgs, Steogosaurus-9 meters long and weighing 2 tons, Allosaurus-14 meters long and weighing 3.6 tonnes and Dilophosaurus-6metres long and weighing 330Kgs.

2012 Issue Of Age Of Dinosaurs

The last issue in the year 2012 in the series Age of Dinosaurs depicted Cretaceous dinosaurs of Mesozoic era. This period spanned 80 million years from 145.5 million years ago to 65 million years ago. This period saw development of animals and birds. The Dinosaurs that lived during this period were Pachycephalosaurus-8 meters long and weighing 1 ton. Tyranosaurus14 meters long and weighing 4.5 tons. Oviraptor-1.5 meter long and weighing 25 Kgs Protocerotops-1.8 meter long and weighing 150 Kgs

The latest is the Booklet issued by Turkey Post in 2012 with Dinosaurs as a theme. The booklet contains Dinosaurs printed with Motion Print Technology-a specialised printing process that can show depth, motion ,film or a combination thereof. Dinosaurs have captured the imagination and fascination of Scientists and Common man for centuries and it is no wonder that postal administration vie with one another in bringing out stamps with dinosaurs as theme. Let us hope that more stamps of unusual kind appear in times to come in this theme.


Specialized Section
Some remarkable Cancellations and Postmarks - 4

- Dr. Avinash B. Jagtap

Out-dated obliterators used in cancellation of postage stamps

In the last issue I have reproduced a cover in my collection, which was a subject of comment as regards the use of current cancellation type, which was employed by the post office in Cuddalore. In this the cancellation Renouf type 17 in duplex form was deleted by a cross and lines in red ink and the newly introduced cancellation was applied. Now I have two more covers which were also the subject of comment in India Post. These show that although the British-Indian post offices were strict in their observation of rules for cancellations of stamps, there were always some stray-going examples of late cancellations, although rare, were observed. These will be of interest to the students of postal history. As I happen to go through the old issues of India Post, I shall like to present this time two of such examples to the readers.

(Registerd Cover from Jhinjhuwada to Liluwada (?) in Kathiawar

The first cover was sent by registered post in 1912 from Jhinjhuwada in Kathiawar (Gujarat), franked with K.Ed.VII 1/2a, 1a, and 2as obliterated by 15/B-2/3 in a square of bars (Renouf T.17b), back-stamped dispatch cds. and receipt mark of Jhinjhuwada Branch Office. Those who are familiar with Renouf Types of cancellations know that Renouf Type 17b was introduced in 1873 and continued till 1884. So it will be clear that this out-dated stamp was still employed in 1912, i.e. even after 28 years! Perhaps the post office at Jhinjhuwada was not equipped with a new obliterator for cancellation of stamps and so the old one was still used in its place. This example shows that not all post offices were well informed or were not supplied with proper obliterators. Such stray examples must be scare.

(Regd. Envelope from Basirhat to Rajapur in 24 Paraganas)

I shall like to reproduce a copy of one modern postal stationery envelope (Jain E42) bearing in addition to two Annas embossed stamp-imprint, 6As and 1 Anna stamps. The registered envelope was sent from Basirhat to Rajapur in 24 Paraganas. The 6 As. Stamp and the embossed 2As stamp-imprint were defaced by a modern double-ring cancellation reading BASIRHAT /11 NOV. 54; but the One Anna stamp was obliterated by Renouf T. 19 cancellation, showing C in small circle of bars! It should be mentioned that the Renouf Type 19 cancellation was used from 1880 to 1910. This type of late use of an obliterator must be extremely unusual. This cover and information were reported by Mr.D.W. Drummond in India Post (Vol. 22/2, N0.2 April/June 1988, page 76).

- Dr. Avinash Jagtap - email :

Birth of Playing Cards : Pt. III

Dr.Satyendra Kumar Agrawal Games For centuries, card games have been a popular way for passing leisure time in almost all countries in the world.

Popular way for passing leisure time

Many Founding Fathers of USA, including Washington, Jefferson and Franklin were enthusiastic card players.

Washington Jefferson Franklin

Countless card games exist, including families of related games.

Canasta Pinochle Blackjack

A small number of card games played with traditional decks have formally standardized rules, but most are folk games whose rules vary by region, culture, and person. Rules for Bridge, Skat, French Tarot, Poker etc. are largely traditional, but enforced by the World organizations which sponsor tournament play.

Bridge Skat Poker

Any specific card game imposes restrictions on the number of players. The most significant dividing lines run between one-player games and two-player games, and between two-player games and multi-player games.

Card games for one player are known as solitaire or patience card games.

Where as multi players game may be of various types e.g. Trick-taking, Matching, Shedding, Accumulating, Fishing, Comparing, Drinking etc.

Few universally popular two or multi players games are Bridge, Rummy, Poker, and Skat for which even International Tournaments are organized regularly.

World Bridge Championship Bridge Olympiad

Playing cards in India is a very old tradition but still playing the game is not seen as a very good symbol in various parts of the country often due to its association with gambling . However, the game is still popular in every nook and corner of the country. Popular Indian card games are Twenty-nine, twenty- eight, fifty-six, literature, sip, rummy and teen patti, black queen etc.

Rummy Bridge Teen Patti Types of Shuffling

The players of a card game normally form a circle around a table or other space that can hold cards. For most games, the cards are assembled into a deck, and their order is randomized by shuffling. Few popular technique for shuffling s are known as Riffle shuffling, a method in which the deck is divided into two roughly equal-sized halves that are bended and then released, so that the cards interlace.

Ways of shuffling
Another one is known as Overhand Shuffling that work by taking batches of cards from the top of the deck and reassembling them in the opposite order. A method suitable for small children is also been used in which cards are spread on a large surface and moving them around before picking up the deck again.

Abuse of Gambaling
Playing cards are of an ancient tradition and have always been an important part in the culture of various countries but its association with gambling comes on the way of getting it recognized as a game. Town ordinances of Paris (1377) and St. Gallen (1379) working classes leaving it available for a high society. outlawed card playing but only for

By the early 15th century cards spread through most of Europe. Their popularity grew so big it provoked a reaction from Church. Monk Bernardine of Sienna preached against the evil of gambling at Bologna in 1423 so passionately, a big part of the population of the city burnt their cards in public fires. That was repeated by John Capistran in Nuremberg in 1452 and tens of thousands of dice, cards and backgammon boards were thrown into the fire.

Against the evil of gambling cards burnt in public fires

In the 17th century, when the Puritan regime was its peak, countless decks and card packs had been destroyed since gambling was looked down upon in those days. Manufacturing of these cards was permitted; however, those who played cards were thought to be immoral.

In USA, according to a Plymouth Colony record of 1633 few persons were fined for playing cards. In 1656 Pilgrims enacted the Law, which fined adults for playing cards and even subjected children to a public whipping for a second offence. The biggest fine for students in Harvard University was not for fighting or drinking but for playing cards.

(Note: Most of the illustrated cards are Chinese Postal Stationery Cards and stamps are prepared by under license from US Post). Part IV : Other uses of Playing Cards, Myths and Legends, House making and Card Magic : Dr Satyendra Agrawal email :


- Prabir Datta
In the recent time Indian philatelists had been in the lime light in the competitive world of growing philately. Many Indian collections and work had been acknowledged and few had been even designed stamps for different countries.

Recently I have acquired few proofs of Republic of Nauru a Commonwealth country in the Central Pacific formerly known as Pleasant Island and worlds smallest republic. The island, a German possession, was captured by Australian forces in 1914 and, following World War I, was mandate to the British Empire. It was administered jointly by Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand and on January 31, 1968 Nauru became a republic.

These proofs relates to the Definitive Flower issued on July 15, 1991, having values from 15 cents to Dollar 3 with a total of 12 values. This was an expanding set. These stamps were photographed and designed by Mr. Rajesh Varma from Dehradun, India. The flowers are all found in Nauru and it was approved by the Hon. Kinza Clodumar, Minister of Finance at that time and he liked the idea of promoting the beautiful flowers from Nauru. The interesting facts about these stamps was that the proofs submitted had black designs on the outer rim which came to the notice of Mr. Varma and he advised that black should be removed from the stamp design and his advise was appreciated by the Minister. When I saw that these proofs on sale by a reputed auctioneer from Australia I notices a small initial of Mr. Varma which made me feel that it is design which had not been approved. I called Mr. Varma if the proofs are genuine and he recalled that the printer had provided with the design in black in the first place. This is presumed to be the first and only proof submitted to Nauru Authorities for the approval before the final printing was carried on. Had he not noticed the black border on the stamps it would had been a big blunder.

I have shown the actual stamp and the proofs for the readers: 15c Oleander, 20c Lily, 40c Clerodendron (issued - horizontal, proof vertical), $1 Bindweed (proof with a different flower named as Caesalpinia which was again an error well detected by Mr. Varma before being printed). I am however not aware the reason the 40c stamp was issued in horizontal as the proof was vertical, maybe to keep the stamps of low value symmetrical. Hope the readers can bring more work done by Indians abroad.

- Prabir Datta 171 Rouge River DriveToronto, OntarioM1B 6G7 CANADA Email :

New Issues from other countries

Belgium 11 February 2013 : Europa 2013 Theme : Mail Van

UNESCO stamps from France

The France Post in cooperation with UNESCO issued two stamps dedicated to the species and sights protected by UNESCO. Particularly they illustrate African elephants and Stonehenge.

Two species of African elephants co-exist, Loxodonta africana or Savanna elephant and Loxodonta cyclotis or Forest elephant. The African elephant, recognizable by the bigger ears in comparison with its Asian cousin, is the largest land animal in the world. It can weigh up to 7 tons and measure up to 4 meters high. Its life expectancy is from 60 to 70 years. It eats more than 200 kg of vegetables per day. Despite the efforts to protect them, these large animals, whose population is about 600,000 units, thus half less than 30 years ago, are still endangered species.

Stonehenge is the sanctuary located in the County of Wiltshire in southern England. Stonehenge together with its neighbor of Avebury set the most famous megaliths in the world. They consist of circles of menhirs arranged according to astronomical references still unexplained by this day. These sacred places are incomparable witnesses of the prehistory. They could reveal architectural and technological practices as well as ceremonial and mortuary acts of Neolithic and Bronze Age. Stonehenge, which name means "suspended rocks", attracts over one million visitors each year. Colour in Nature stamps from Falkland Islands The theme Colour in Nature looks at the wide range of colours found in nature and more specifically, the colours found in plants, birds and invertebrates that are found in the Falklands environment. In this issue of four designs two species of bird and two plants have been selected to show a small sample of the range and intensity of colour found in the natural world of the Falkland Islands.

30p. Immature Night Heron Nycticorax n. cyanocephalus: widely distributed on most coasts where the birds are able to feed in tidal reaches on small fish and marine life. The design shows a first year immature with the typical "tear" drop feather markings but was chosen for the eye colouring and the green facial skin at the base of the bill.

30p. Diddle-dee or Red Crowberry Empetrum rubrum: very common ground hugging species which dominates much of the Islands coastal heaths. In the late summer and autumn the berries of this shrub produce a vivid splash of colour to the landscape.

75p. Short-eared Owl Asio flammeus sanfordi: intricately and beautifully marked with dark brown to buff feathers, it is the intense yellow eyes with the jet black pupil set against the masklike facial feathers that is perhaps the most striking colour feature of this bird. 75p. Scurvy Grass or Vinaigrette Oxalis enneaphylla: a widespread species found growing in coastal heath-land often appearing through the cover of more robust species such as Diddledee berry. The flowers display a range of delicate whites, pinks, mauve to quite deep violet, making it one the Islands' most showy species.

The Lighter Side

A Philatelic Christmas movie..

Christmas Mail
Sparks fly during the holidays when Postman Matt (A.J. Buckley: 'CSI: NY') meets mysterious new coworker Kristi (Ashley Scott: 'Jericho'). As an official 'Santa Writer', Kristi is buried in children's letters to Santa. Her job-to respond to every letter addressed to St. Nick. Their petty boss is suspicious of this new employee and enlists a reluctant Matt to spy on her. The more Matt gets to know Kristi, the more he falls for her. After learning of Matt's forced betrayal, Kristi is devastated and leaves the post office. Will the magic of the Christmas season be enough to bring them back together? Christmas Mail is an endearing Christmas tale that will appeal to the entire family this holiday season. Starring, Ashley Scott, A.J. Buckley, and Rolonda Watts

Read More..

Movie Hyde Park on Hudson Promotes Stamp Collecting

In a new film Hyde Park on Hudson . Bill Murray portrays Franklin Roosevelt . However Murray does never collected stamps but Franklin Roosevelt certainly did and the film uses stamp collecting as part of the story line. Hyde Park on Hudson is a 2012 British biographical comedy-drama film directed by Roger Michell. The film stars Bill Murray and Laura Linney as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Margaret Suckley, respectively. It was based on Margaret Suckleys private journals and diaries discovered after Suckley's death, about her love affair with and intimate details about President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The film takes place during the summer of 1939 at Hyde Park in New York during a weekend visit of the King and Queen of England. In one of the opening scenes, Roosevelt asks his cousin, Daisy, if she would like to see his "some of his stamps." As she looks through one of the albums filled with pictures of world leaders on stamps, she comments, "You must have met them all." Roosevelt replies, "Not all of them," as the camera cuts to a close up of a stamp with Hitler on it. Later in the film he asks the visiting King George VI if he collected stamps. He responds, "I used to." Roosevelt then advises King George to find a past time where he will not be disturbed. "People know not to disturb me when I'm working on my stamps, " Roosevelt says.

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