December/January Newsletter 2012/13

From Peaceful to Full Blast...

2013 started off at the speed of sound. January barely got a chance to settle in and February was already on us. After arriving in Pretoria on the 31st of December 2012 I had quiet a busy schedule. Some of the things that filled my daily calendar was: Going to Witbank for New Years, Starting the big move to my new (old) house, The big 13thFLOOR move from Mooiplaats to Lynnwood Ridge and the most important of all the start of a very long and healthy relationship with my new girlfriend. Kirsten has really taken me and lifted me up in what I do and for that I thank her.

Past Holiday Update:
Being able to go to the beach almost every other day has really been a blessing. Early morning beach visits to watch the sun rising over the ocean, suppers on the beach and some very out of the blue beach walks have set the pace for my past holiday. Doing some Bible study on the beach, walking to the shops and back and even doing some casual work for CUM Books again has really brought back all the old memories. Some Good and even some bad, but hey, now looking at them from a different point of view and in a new time frame...I feel comfortable for moving on.

From Room to Room…
As I mentioned in previous newsletter I moved in with one of my friends Granny`s. Well I did and lived there happily for a month. I found a Garden Flat through a sponsor and have now moved into that already to. This time to stay for at least a year. Pictures will follow in the mid month update. I have high expectation for this year so please pray with me and for me. Hope you have a blessed year and month to come. Blessings and till next time Brenden

Volume 4, Issue 1 December/January 2012/13
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Some Pictures of my past holiday in the Western Cape.


Picture of the holiday on Sedgefield beach

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