At the end of 20-60 minute period of time, pupils in Grade V are expected to do the following activities with 75% mastery level of proficiency.

D. Generalizations: Some groups of plants are seed- bearing – may develop their fruits 1. Objective: Classifying plants into groups as one seed and two seeds as monocot and of according to their seeds and venation as dicot –
monocot and dicot plants II. Subject Matter: A. Topic: Plants and their Classification. B. Concept: Plants classified to their seedmonocot and dicot seeds for reproduction. C. Process – Comparing, Classifying D. Materials- Samples plants of school garden , Activity 1.1 -1.2 Seed – Spore E. Reference: BEC (PELC) V.III 2.1- 4.4 Value: Caring of Plants III. Learning Activities: A. Pre-Activities: 1. Science Song: 2. Weather News. 3. Health Check. 4. Brief Case Word embryo; seed coat; cotyledons ; seed reproduction. 1. Developmental Activities: 1. Motivation: 1. Exploring the seed parts/ spores/ flower illustrations? b. Naming of plants having seeds 2. Activity: a. Grouping of Pupils b. Setting of Standards c. Activity Tasks: 2, Activity Proper Activity 1.1- 1.2 Classifying Plants to their 1.1 Seeds – Vascular 1.2 Spores Non Vascular Monocot Dicot Angiospers 2 seeds – Plants flowers– netted veins Palmera corn inside cogon coconut Gymnosperm bamboo fortune s as seedssnake plants outside Guiava mango One seed – chico apple parallel veins rambutan lanzones mango

E. Application: How these plants do are being classified? Why classifying plants are important ?What are the uses of other plants having fruitsseeds- How seeds for- reproduction? What will you do if you saw plants that are NOT known to you? Why? How / Why do you dispersal seeds of the plants? IV. Evaluation: Identify the group of plants that classified as if SEED - FRUIT BEARING : SPORES BEARING. ___1. Sunflowers suntans rose tamarind,.avocado .papaya , santol ___2. Corn coconut maize palmera banana fortune ___3. Mongo, peanuts. Cashew beans mango chico ___4.- What are the ways of classifying the plants as they produced their seeds –fruits ___5.How do we classify these plants like – narra acacia molave mahogany? V. Assignments: Cut 2-5 pictures of the plants that are classified seed – fruit / spores bearing plants .Make as portfolio.

3.Group Report: C. Discussions: Where can we find plants most of their fruits? seeds? spores? How do we describe the plants ?How can we take care of these plants? Why do we need to plant the trees?
MASTERY LEVEL: V-5- (___) 54321___% Instructional decision.

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