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French For Beginners Duration: 21 minutes
G g g g grammar time...
Track Listing TRACK 1: My annoying advert (sorry!) TRACK 2: Introduction... TRACK 3: Correction of quiz 4 TRACK 4: More numbers... (apparently,

More first words

Bonjour (Hello) Comment allez-vous? (How are you? - the formal way) Aujourd’hui c’est lundi 6 mars 2006 (Today it is Monday 6th March 2006) Quelle est la date aujourd’hui? (What is the date today?) Est-ce que c’est…? (Is it…?) Quel temps fait-il? (What is the weather like?) Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire? (What is the date of your birthday?) Anniversaire (Birthday or anniversary) Mon anniversaire est le 17 mai et le votre? (My birthday is on the 17th of May, and yours?) S’il vous plaît? (Please - the formal way) S’il te plaît? (Please – the less formal way)

they go on forever...)


Correction of Quiz 4

TRACK 5: Conjugation revision of avoir TRACK 6: Making sentences/describing

1) How do you say ‘he has’ in French ? 1) Answer = (b) Il a 2) What does ‘vous avez’ mean? 2) Answer = (c) You have (formal and/or plural) 3) How do you spell November in French? 3) Answer = N O V E M B R E


More numbers

TRACK 7: Quiz 5 (translation exercise) TRACK 8: Au revoir TRACK 9: Song: Marinette, elle est jolie mais elle est bête

Vingt (Twenty) Trente (Thirty)

brown eyes and a moustache!) 7 Quiz 5 (Translation Exercise) Translate into English: 1.LESSON 5 French For Beginners Duration: 21 minutes 5 Conjugation revision: to have J’ai (I have) Tu as (you have) Il a (he has) Elle a (she has) Nous avons (we have) Vous avez (you have) Ils ont (they have) elles ont (they have) 6 Making sentences / describing yourself Adjectives Blond(s) (blonde) Noir(s) (black) Châtain(s)(chestnut) Gris (gray) Blanc(s) (white) Marron(s) (brown) Bleu(s) (blue) Vert(s) (green) Court(s) (short) long(s) (long) Nouns Des cheveux (hair) Des yeux (eyes) Une moustache (moustache) Une barbe (beard) Il a des cheveux blonds.. S 8 9 Au revoir (+ messages) Song (by lo polidoro) • Marinette. elle est jolie mais elle est bête . 2. Je suis petite et j’ai les cheveux marrons. We also d bobs.. des yeux marrons et une moustache! (I have black hair. 3.-) ee you then. des yeux bleus et une barbe (he has blonde hair. Il a une barbe et il a les cheveux noirs. Nous avons des cheveux châtains et des yeux verts. n usual bits a Alexa . lesson we In the next ther very very o conjugate anant verb: Être (to rt VERY impo do all the other be). blue eyes and a beard) J’ai des cheveux noirs.