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African Americans Chapter 4

February 16, 2005 Psyc-626 Social & Cultural Diversity

Submitted By: Sheena Miles

All that was included in the laws that distinguished black from white servants and the black codes has been banned but. in fact. among others. These laws were later outlawed by the Civil Rights Act of 1875. testifying against whites. The Fourteenth Amendment overruled these black codes. education. protesters. which were the African Americans. Because of this important aftermath. laws had been distinguished from a number of colonies between black and white servants. among others contributed greatly to the freedom of slaves. During the early eighteenth century. and housing. such as the NAACP. handling fire arms. serving on juries. Such laws included blacks being slaves for life. during the eighteenth century. children inheriting their parent’s status as a slave. slaves labeled as property and persons with their title held by whites. including. SNCC. to me. Rosa Parks. the most significant passage of this chapter. by the long struggles of African American civil rights leaders. and abolitionists. among many others. abolitionists petitioned for “humane rights” of the “inferior race”. the most significant event of the African American history. Martin Luther King Jr. which excluded African Americans from access to jobs. and blacks not being ale to acquire property. interracial marriages being prohibited. which opposed the Jim Crow laws of the South. and entering specific occupations. . the south revolted by enacting black codes that prohibited blacks from voting. This was. Harriet Tubman..Institutionalized Discrimination against African Americans Legal Discrimination under Slavery and in Slavery’s Aftermath As slavery has existed for over 200 years for African Americans. but not limited to. Honorable African American organizations.Also. the Thirteenth Amendment formally abolished slavery.

2. the execution of black slaves provided statistics of how African Americans were killed in the United States with hanging being the most popular among the deep South states.In box 4. located in Jackson Mississippi in the year of 2002. While attending Jackson State University. It was devastating and shocking for the entire African American community to know that this type of hatred still exists within the United State. There was an article about a killing held just down the block from this university about an African American male being hung from a tree. I perceived that this type of execution still existed among the African American society. .