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WYPO Vendor Code: WYP

Tip Cleaners and Accessories

Tip Cleaners

WYPO Tip Cleaners are made in the USA, and proven to be the world’s finest tip cleaners. Our complete in-house operation, using highly skilled craftsmen, gives you the highest quality product available today.

Welding Accessories

• recision manufactured with controlled accurate pressure form high P quality stainless steel. • niform ridges wipe and polish the critical orifice wall. U • apered ends allow smooth easy entry without scratching. T • mooth leader pilot guides the cleaner into the tip, preventing damage S to the tip port. • Many sets to choose from. Each guaranteed to be a complete set. • ttractive aluminum case with a contained spool assembly that snaps A out for easy addition of cleaners or spline brush.



Part No. JUMBO

Part No. KING



All the wires available in the World’s most popular kit “The Standard” (sizes #6 - #26) Plus 3 each of our #6, #7, #8 and #10. Part No. 1-PLUS Part No. 1-PLUS


• Used for cutting and alternate fuel tips. • Cleans orifice .030 to 5/16" diameter. Part No. 012-74 Part No. 012-74

Proudly Made in the USA.


The superior alternative to low end tip cleaners. Cleans all pre-heat sizes. 11 cleaners + file (6 thru 26) Part No. 1100S

Part No. 1100S

Total Tip Maintenance-Combo Cards
Everything you need for Total Tip maintenance and more. • Standard tip cleaner set • Tip Resurfacing tool Part No. TTM-1 • Standard tip cleaner set • Tip Resurfacing tool • The Gripper • Free soapstone Part No. TTM-2 • Standard tip cleaner set • Tip resurfacing tool • The Indexable • Free soapstone Part No. TTM-3

Part No. TTM-1

Part No. TTM-2

Part No. TTM-3

Tip Resurfacing Tool

Better alignment, longer and wider for more accurate cleaning. Use before cleaning the orifice. Part No. 2000 Part No. SP-2000- Skin-packed

Part No. 2000


WYPO Vendor Code: WYP

Soapstone Holders
• Quality construction for durability and appearance. • Strengthened pocket clip remains at pocket level. • on-corrosive channel with brass indexing trigger N provides superior sliding action. • ractical design allows for one-handed operation to P ensure easy use. • rass trigger depresses and slides to proper B alignment hole and snaps back to lock in position. • Complete package comes with a 3/16" x 1/2" x 5". • 1 select soapstone. # • vailable skin-packed with four additional soapA stone refills. Part No. 400-1 Part No. SP-400-1- Skin-packed Part No. SP-500-F- Flat carded (without holders) Part No. SP-900-R- Round carded (without holders)

The Indexable

Part No. 400-1

• leek brass case with contrasting cap and pocket S clip enhances appearance. • ocking cap allows accurate adjustments for closer L marking control. • lim design provides better visibility in the S marking area. • nner sleeve collet securely holds the soapstone I and also adjusts to grip uneven and undersized soapstones. • omplete package comes with a 1/4" x 5" #1 select C soapstone. • vailable skin-packed with four additional soapstone A refills. Part No. 800-1 Part No. SP800-1- Skin-packed

The Gripper

Part No. 800-1

Marking and Layout Tools

The brand names you trust when it comes to layout tools.