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Introduction The only First Language Portal

for booking print ads in any language of world that supports Unicode. is launched which is going to play a very critical role in advancing Print Ad Booking and Publication space selling along with specializations in providing the Localization Services, Mobile VAS, Language Technology, Enterprise & Web Solutions.

Book My ads is built to cater
direct user as well as agency need, who books Ads for newspaper publications. This system facilitates

Business Situation Ads for various publications are
booked by agencies using conventional methodology which involves lot of manual work, not only this, there is also a problem of geographical distances faced by agencies or direct user, have to visit the user office or they have to fill enquiry form every time they need to book the ad. Direct Advertiser or Customer does not get Prompt Responses. Ad material delivery and prepress work may get delayed or need hectic exercises, results in moving of losses of customer or profits. User may get book ad in multiple Newspaper or different newsgroup Publication in one go. Agencies not have to check rates again and again .

the all kind of customer to book the any kind of ads on internet from their offices/homes removing the vault of geographical distances 24*7*365

. May be used by General User and Agency as In-House booking simultaneously. .Language localization in all languages of world that support UNICODE.(Please note that we have integrated English and 18 Indian languages as default ,rest may be added as per requirement)


 Booking of Ads from any where, no geographic restriction.  Customized pricing logic  Provision for launching/promoting free schemes & packages  More revenue generation by attracting direct user. . Accepting all kinds of Ads in any language is possible, no need of translator etc. . Credit management of agency and corporate clients. . Live Reports . Accessible from anywhere.

MAGIC WEBNET SERVICES PVT LTD 159/2,Second floor,Sarai Jullena,Opp.Escorts Heart Hospital,New Delhi ( India )-110025 Phone +91-11-26923538 /39 / 40 / 41/ 42 (10 a.m. to 6 p.m IST ) 24 *7 Helpline +91-8285211511/611/711 Website – Google Email

Agents which could have helped in boosting the sales. Direct User and agencies to be should be able to use it through internet. (Recommend to See Advance Editor)  MIS Report Solution A system is designed in such a Situation With publishing houses having more than Thousands of Agencies. As it is a manual process.Any user Publication Houses.bookmyads.Sarai Jullena.  Two WYSIWYG editor to compose ads-Basic and Advanced sometimes resulted in revenue Email info@bookmyads. For publishing offices it is burdensome to entertain each and every query of User.. Ads may be composed by a layman too who have basic knowledge of .info Google Talkbookmyadsinfo@gmail. where User use to visit the office. Ad booking involved lot of manual work and also it is time consuming process with Users visiting the offices and booking the Ads.Opp. it is quite prone to errors which way that it work in cloud server . No need of Photoshop and Coral Draw to design ad.No IT infrastructure Require except Computer and Internet. Sometimes vast geographical distances between User office / home and publication office used to create problem of User losing interest in booking ads. With this fully automated system very few chances are left for human errors and with the features like WYSIWYG text editor facilitated agency to view the layout of the Ad on their desktop.Escorts Heart Hospital. Along with this there is no concrete way to promote various schemes and packages launched for Direct User. cancel Ads and if needed reschedule these. to 6 p. With the reporting feature of the system agencies are able to analyze their day to day activities and see the status of MAGIC WEBNET SERVICES PVT LTD 159/2. or fill forms on your website for quotation and book the Ad from there. It also provides facility for Direct User to make payment through Credit or Debit Card or Cash Deposit.m. Agencies sub Agents and Direct User are prompted with various promotional schemes depending on the Ads they booked. With unique feature of custom pricing it ensures that proper charges are applied on the ads booked. . .m IST ) 24 *7 Helpline +91-8285211511/611/711 Website – www.Second floor. This system facilitates user to book the Ads. the Ad booking for Ads is done by using conventional methodology.New Delhi ( India )-110025 Phone +91-11-26923538 /39 / 40 / 41/ 42 (10 a.

Upload Ads and may use Editable Template and view how it would look like when published in paper Reports .Payment for Ads booked . if required. Just see Demo and Use our Advanced Design Studio (highly recommended) So get your very own personal system of ad booking that is going to save your time. Ads Cancellation .info Google Talkbookmyadsinfo@gmail.Opp. to 6 p. System for Administration and Configuration . This application comprises of following modules: . Agency Response Office normally performs following activities on request of agents/ user: .bookmyads. Booking System for Direct User This system work similar to Sub Agent booking.Server Application This application enables agency to in-house booking as well as cancel.Sarai Jullena.Booking System for Sub agents Agents . Booking System for Agency Just be in touch with us to get any clarification you required!!!!!!! MAGIC WEBNET SERVICES PVT LTD 159/2.their Ads booked by sub agents and direct user. energy and off course your money a lot in addition to several way of Profit enhancement Features.Agents This application is cloud server based and facilitates the agent to book the any kind of ads for various publications. Rates Synchronization .In-built Ads Tracking /Delivery and many more. Hence this application is meant only as a fallback mechanism. .m IST ) 24 *7 Helpline +91-8285211511/611/711 Website – . Downloading Ads for printing etc Booking System for Sub. Booking System for In-House Booking . Booking System comprises of following independent applications sharing a common database: .Escorts Heart Hospital.Ad Booking for print media . if the agen/user is unable to do it from his/her system at his/her office. Booking System for Direct User . reschedule or extend an order on request of an agent/User. Reports .A WYSIWYG text editor where Agents can create Ads.m. No separate material Delivery system Required .com Email info@bookmyads.Cancellation and Rescheduling . Rescheduling of Ads . Compose ads in WYSIWYG text editor in some cases.Second floor.New Delhi ( India )-110025 Phone +91-11-26923538 /39 / 40 / 41/ 42 (10 a.

bookmyads. CUSTOMIZED VERSION WITH YOUR LOGO. Payment gateway integration free but payment gateway license fee chargeable. Updates after first year chargeable. MAGIC WEBNET SERVICES PVT LTD 159/2.Second PRICE AND CHARGES 1.Sarai Jullena.1.1.bookmyads.000/ @ Customization completion Email info@bookmyads.Escorts Heart Hospital.00.00. Second year onwards-10%/annum 3. if integrates your own gateway.000/ Two Lakhs only Upfront Charges—Rs. No Hosting Charges.000/(One Lakh Only) Balance –Rs. to 6 p. 6. Annual Maintenance-First Year Free.LIVE DEMO AVAILABLE AT www.m IST ) 24 *7 Helpline +91-8285211511/611/711 Website – www. In-built email messaging Google Talkbookmyadsinfo@gmail. HEADER AND FOOTER Rs. 5.New Delhi ( India )-110025 Phone +91-11-26923538 /39 / 40 / 41/ 42 (10 a. 2. 4. Any Updates in first year Free. .