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Subject Class Time Date Enrolment Theme Topic Skills and Specifications : 1.


LESSON PLAN - ENGLISH : English Language : 5 Bestari : 11.45 a.m - 12.45 a.m : 10th Aug 2011 : 35 pupils : World of Knowledge : People

Listen to and repeat accurately the correct pronunciation of words, and the correct 1.2.2 Listen to and repeat correctly phrases and expressions.

intonation and word stress in phrases, expressions, and sentences. 3.2 Acquire keywords at various stages of development. 3.2.1 Recognize complete words in text 1.3 Acquire vocabulary and understand the meaning of words and phrases in context. 1.3.1. Listen to keywords in stories and recounts, and description heard. 4.1 Copy correctly. 4.1.2 Copy words, phrases and sentences in clear, legible cursive writing. 4.3 Complete texts with the missing word, phrase or sentence. 4.3.2 complete simple instructions, recipes, descriptions, rhymes with the missing words and simple phrases. (with guidance) Teaching Points : 1) Vocabulary : produce, mix, discovered, wheat, refused, grew, cereal.

2) Pronoun & copula (be) :I, you, he, she, we, they Present & past am, are, is, was, were. Previous Knowledge Learning Outcomes : Pupils already learnt about present tense copula. : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: i) Use present and past tense of copula (be) with personal pronoun.

refused 5. produce 2. . discovery 4. Teacher discusses keywords. grew Shared Reading 1. mix 3. Let’s hear the story about flakes. Teacher asks pupils to open their textbook.Educational Emphasis 1. and then perform shared reading. Moral value : : Healthy lifestyle. Did you ever eat flakes before? 3. Do you who were first to introduce flakes? 5. hardworking. think positive. Do you know what flakes are? 2. Usually people eat flakes with what? Set Induction (5 minutes) 4. 2. Textbook page 83 Text about Will Keith Kellog Step 1 (15 minutes) Keywords: 1. TEACHING RESOURCES / VALUES STAGE / TIME CONTENT TEACHING / LEARNING ACTIVITIES 1.

Teacher asks pupils to copy and answer the questions on the blackboard. ___ ___ a lady. Expository 3. I was a year 3 student last year. 7. 2. I ___ a mechanic. 8. 8. Flash cards used: 1. Teacher paste manila cards on the blackboard. ___ are my friends. Manila cards 2. He ___my father. They are my English Teachers this semester. 5. Teaching Aids 1. We are tired today. 7. 4. Step 2 (20 minutes) . – past 4. 1. 3. He is in that house now. She was in this house last night. We were very happy yesterday. 2.Enrichment: Fill in the blanks: 1. 1. ___ ___ a boy. You are a number 2 student this year. Teacher asks pupils to 2.___ are my neighbor. 6. 6. Guided Writing. ___ is my mother. You were a number 1 student last year. They were my teachers when I was in the kindergarten. a. 9. I am a year 4 student this year. They ___ my neighbors. 5. 10. copula. 4.___ am a student from SK Kelaboran. Teacher asks the different present & between the sentences. 3. 3. Stickers read sentences. You___ my friend.

Teacher verifies their answers. Step 3 (5 minutes) Teacher summarized moral values from what they have learnt. 2. . Closure ( 5 minutes) When you want to do something you must believe in yourself and work hard to achieve your goal. stickers Teaching Aids 2. Teacher calls the names of pupils to come in front and 1.1. Manila cards answer the questions on the blackboard.