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Dubai Will Be Home To The World’s Largest Fountain

Published by Global Construction Watch on July 7, 2008 in global construction . 7 Comments

Set to become the largest fountain ever been seen in the world is Dubai’s next master project. The project which is estimated to cost $218 million and is going to be 25% larger than the iconic fountains at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Continue reading ‘Dubai Will Be Home To The World’s Largest Fountain’

Is this the Shape of Skyscrapers of Tomorrow?
Published by Global Construction Watch on June 1, 2008 in eco friendly developments and green developments . 5 Comments

.000 people every day.The ‘SkyFarm’ is a concept green building and brainchild of Toronto based scientist Gordon Graff. The building would cover 2.7 million square feet of human-habitable floor space and cover a massive 8 million square feet of arable farm space that could provide enough food for 35. the 58-storey building would grow crops in Toronto’s downtown theatre district.

Built on the infamous Cotai strip in Macau. 2008 in china and global construction .August 2008 the Venetian is part of an 8 part development that isn’t matched anywhere else on this planet. All owned by the same company.Via: • • The Independent Tree Hugger Venetian Macau . . Sheldon Adelson. Officially opened on 28. It is also the third largest building in the world right now.The Largest Casino In The World Published by Global Construction Watch on May 6. Owned by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation (NYSE: LVS) and belonging to one of the richest men in the world. the casino is the currently biggest in the world and a feat to human architecture. 4 Comments The Venetian Macau is right now one of the most impressive and jaw dropping buildings on earth. the Venetian Macau was modeled after it’s little sister in Las Vegas.

Some of the projects are speculative. 0 Comments Architectural Record have just featured their annual ‘Unbuilt Houses‘ series showcasing some very interesting concept designs of green & sustainable residential single-family dwellings. Continue reading ‘Green Concept Homes’ Eye Candy . 2008 . green developments and usa .Waterfront Museum of Liverpool Published by Global Construction Watch on April 23.The Largest Casino In The World’ Green Concept Homes Published by Global Construction Watch on April 24. 2008 in concept designs. Here is a showcase of all 8 projects. eco friendly developments. whilst others are set to be erect this year. Browse through the designs and tell us your favourite.Continue reading ‘Venetian Macau . design.

0 Comments . Studio 3XN and Manchester-based design. 2008 in concept designs and russia . several aspects of its original design. Continue reading ‘Eye Candy . like it’s signature X-wing design have been “meddled” with by AEW. Petersburg Published by Global Construction Watch on April 22. liverpool and uk .Waterfront Museum of Liverpool’ Many Visions of Gazprom City St. AEW we can’t help but step back and appreciate it’s original design in awe. This is because according to the Studio 3XN. 0 Comments Amidst the current controversy surrounding the construction of the Waterfront Museum of Liverpool between it’s ingenious Danish Designers.

Although this is old news for some of our industry savvy readers. the Russian state owned oil and gas company . 2008 in global construction . This 300 metre (985 feet) building would controversially tower above the historic 18th century Smolny Cathedral on the Neva River which would be on the opposite side of the river. Petersburg’ Empire Island Tower Abu Dhabi Published by Global Construction Watch on April 21. 1 Comment . we have still decided to reignite our design flare by showcasing all 6 very striking design proposals for the St. The wining design (pictured above) was submited by London based studio RMJM. Petersburg headquarters of Gazprom. Continue reading ‘Many Visions of Gazprom City St.back in 2006.

Here is what the designers’ have to say about their ingenious work The building bends back away from the street across from a large commercial tower allowing for an enlarged view corridor between the central park of the community and the sea. Aedas.this time it’s the Empire Island Tower designed by Liverpool based design studio. one block away.Abu Dhabi scores it for us again . The splayed vertical layers converge while rising up before bending forward together as the 230meter tower rises toward the sky and maximizing its views between the park and sea. . This striking piece of architecture is bound to add another spark to the Abu Dhabi’s central district skyline.

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