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Natural Science: Biology – Spring 2013

Instructor: Ashley L. Ramer 330.972.7899 Office Hours and Location: Office: ASEC B214 Lab: ASEC B206 Office Hours: T, R 3-4 p.m. Required Course Materials: Text: What is Life? A Guide to Biology – Phelan (2nd ed.) Lab Manual: Big Picture Biology Lecture Time and Location: Days and Time: T, R 5:10-6:25 p.m. Location: Crouse 207

Course Description and Objectives: This course is designed for non-science majors and does not count toward a biology degree. It is intended to illustrate concepts of living organisms with emphasis on mankind’s position in, and influence on, the environment. My goal is to cover broad topics important in the field of biology (such as scientific investigation, genetics, evolution, and ecology) in enough detail that you will understand the core concepts and appreciate how they relate to your life. We will cover information in your book but will also supplement with additional material. How to Succeed in this Course: 1. Attend class 2. Read the book (focus mainly on information we’ve discussed in class) 3. Reorganize and rewrite your notes 4. Use the book’s resources - 5. Work with Katie McClenahan, our course Learning Assistant (LA) 6. Consult outside resources if you’re still confused 7. Ask questions 8. Study with others in the class 9. Come see me during my office hours or set up an appointment Springboard: Class information and some, but not all, of the lectures will be posted to Springboard. - log in using your UAnet ID and password Class Policies: I expect students to treat one another with the utmost respect. I also hope we can interact in an environment that enhances learning. Distractions not only affect you, but also those around you. In order to minimize distractions, I ask that all electronics be turned off and kept off while you are in class (this includes cell phones, iPods, iPads, etc.). The only exception to this is if you are using a personal laptop to view or take class notes. All electronics must be put away during a test; if I see any electronics in use during a test, I will be forced to assume that you are cheating and you will receive a zero for the test. Please note that there is to be no talking while I lecture. If you have a question at any time, or just want me to slow down, please feel free to raise your hand and ask! I will gladly repeat any material or answer content-specific questions. There have been issues in the past

100% 90% . Final exam scores lower than your lowest semester exam score will be dropped from the overall grade. If you wish to drop your lowest exam score. I will be forced to ask you to leave the class and you will forfeit all in-class points. The three unit exams will be given during the semester and are REQUIRED. No extra work will be accepted for extra credit. but also others within the class.82% 77% . To have your e-mail forwarded log into http://mail. 2 . spelling.92% 87% . Use proper grammar.79% 73% . the final exam will not hurt your grade.86% 80% .66% 60% . Grade Distribution: Points will be distributed as follows: 93% . 3. even if you attempt the final but do not score any higher than you did on your previous three exams.zips. Exam Description (75% of your final grade): Assessments for this course will include three (3) multiple choice unit exams and a comprehensive multiple choice final.89% 83% . the final exam score will replace the lower grade. If you choose to chat with those around you. The final exam is cumulative and not required IF you have taken ALL other lecture exams AND you are happy with your grades. I will ask you to discontinue your conversation.Natural Science: Biology – Spring 2013 with chronic talkers who hold conversations about material that does not pertain to class. Click/Select Settings in the upper right corner Click/Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP Click/Select Forward a copy of incoming mail Enter the forwarding mail address into the email address field When sending emails to me. and capitalization (emails written in textspeak will not get a response).72% 67% . If you do not intend to check your UA e-mail account on a regular basis. Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply. if the problem persists. If your final exam score is higher than your lowest semester exam score.uakron. In other words. 1.76% 70% . please put the class name in the subject line and sign your full name to the email.69% 63% . you may take the optional cumulative final. Course Communication: I may need to contact you with course updates and will do so using your UA e-mail address. Such chatter is not only disrespectful to me.62% 0% . I will not allow any exam to be retaken. you should forward all mail sent to that account to the commercial account you check most often. 4.59% A AB+ B BC+ C CD+ D DF Three Highest Exam Grades = 75% (25% each) Lab Grade = 25% = 100%    I do not curve.

either by calling (330.) and you can provide me with written documentation. please call the Office of Accessibility at 330. This policy also applies if you do not see a score but took the exam during the assigned exam period. Special Accommodations: If you require special accommodations (in-class accommodations or testing accommodations). You must register for a lab section (at UA’s main campus) independent of your lecture. or visit Simmons Hall. The final exam will be given during finals week in CBT.e. Since the question sheets are not graded. so be sure to arrive on time! Lab (25% of your final grade): There is a mandatory lab component that accompanies the lecture portion of this course. but if by chance your scantron is lost or destroyed by Computer Based Testing (CBT) (not likely but possible). You will need to bring a #2 pencil to record answers and your UA Zipcard to show proof of identification. Once an exam is handed in no others will be handed out. You are welcome to write on the question sheets. notify me prior to the time that the exam is scheduled to be taken. you are not required to include your name. Since the final exam will be a CBT-based exam. For each exam. If you choose to not include your name on the question sheets.Natural Science: Biology – Spring 2013 Exams will consist of questions related to text readings with major emphasis on topics covered during lecture. If your absence will be due to a university-approved excuse (i. Lab assignments and point allocations will be discussed by your lab instructor in lab. Since this is an optional final exam.g. I will not have any way to verify that you took the exam. You will instead take the cumulative final exam as your make-up. sports event. If you have specific questions after you have reviewed the material I will be happy to assist you.972. trip as a member of a UA athletic team. 3 . Labs will meet the first week of the semester. etc. room 152. funeral. the open period of the exam cannot be changed and make-ups will not be offered. Exam Policy: If you know before an exam that you will be absent (e.7928. we can arrange for you to take your exam prior to the scheduled exam period. you will be provided with question sheets and a scantron sheet.m. ROTC. Attendance at each and every lab is mandatory.m. the only proof I will have that you took the exam is your name on your question sheets. etc.7899) or e-mailing (aramer@uakron.). Missing Class: It is your responsibility to find out what was discussed if you miss a class. located in Schrank Hall North. and close at 8 p. The date of the final exam is set by the UA Registrar and cannot be There will be no make-up exam opportunities after an exam is given. you will have one week to notify me of any issues or discrepancies with your grade. it will open at 8 a. medical excuse. Once exam scores are posted to Springboard and score sheets are returned. The three unit semester exams will be multiple choice scantron assessments taken in our classroom. room 105. on the date of the scheduled exam. but only answers marked on your scantron will be scored. A common question I often receive is whether you HAVE to include your name on the question sheets.

on 5/2/2013 Chapter 8 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 4 . The use of cell phones and other wireless communication devices during an exam is also prohibited. or exam. No hand-written. I will offer bonus points if you choose to complete any of the LearningCurve modules listed below. Cheating and plagiarism are defined in the Student Academic Integrity Policy found at www. printed. If you cheat. you will receive a zero on the assignment. for a total of 100 possible points. the assignment of a failing grade may be given for the course and expulsion from the University may occur.uakron. Unit #1 LearningCurve modules – due by 5:10 p. In severe cases of academic dishonesty. It includes an ebook. and take-home assessments. but for any day that you do participate.m. If you would like to participate in clicker questions.m. You will receive 10 points for each module completed. Other participation opportunities may include (but are not limited to) Springboard assessments.php) is the student resource package associated with your textbook. Bonus Opportunities: CPS Clickers and Class Participation (+1% Bonus): I will ask multiple choice or true/false questions during class that can be answered using a remote CPS clicker. quizzes. on 2/14/13 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Unit #2 LearningCurve modules – due by 5:10 p. Clicker questions will offer me a way to break-up lecture and check for and assessment features.Natural Science: Biology – Spring 2013 Academic Dishonesty: Any form of cheating or plagiarism of assignments will not be tolerated. BioPortal and LearningCurve Modules BioPortal (http://courses. You will not be required to participate in clicker participation questions. on 3/21/13 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Unit #3 Learning Curve modules – due by 5:10 p. A PowerPoint presentation posted to Springboard outlines how to register a clicker and includes our class key. I’ll record the number of questions you answer correctly and divide by the total possible.bfwpub. you will need to enroll your clicker in our class using a class key. There will be no partial credit awarded for modules that are only partially completed.m. photocopied. Please note that you are not required to use BioPortal. Once you register your student media sources. quiz. in-class group assignments. such as the adaptive quizzing program called LearningCurve. At the end of the semester your average LearningCurve score will be applied to your final grade as a 1% bonus. You cannot just purchase the clicker and expect it to work out of the box. or electronic material may be used during lecture exams. At the end of the semester your average participation score will be applied to your final grade as a 1% bonus. you must purchase a CPS clicker at the bookstore and register it online.

the final grade would be an 89%. Let's look at an example: Exam 1: 90/100 Exam 2: 70/100 Exam 3: 89/100 Final Exam: 84. You can set up the problem as 230/250 = x/100 and quickly cross multiply and divide (x=92).2%. a B+.01) = 0.8)(.8/100 Lab: 92/100 Now weigh your scores and add together: Exam 1: (90)(.95 + 0.6 Add these to the final grade --> 88. For instance.95% Given the example above.25) = 23 88.25) = 22. an A-. I’ll also add the participation bonus (+1%) and the LearningCurve bonus (+1%).25) = 21.65 Let’s say you completed six (6) LearningCurve modules --> 60/100 = (60)(.6 = 90." To do this.5 Exam 2: 70 -->dropped Exam 3: (89)(. 5 . imagine you earned 230/250 points in lab.01) = 0.2 Lab: (92)(. Let's say your participation score was 65/100 = (65)(.Natural Science: Biology – Spring 2013 Final Grade Calculations The first thing you must do when calculating a final weighted score is to put all scores on an "equal playing field.25 Final Exam: (84. calculate all points earned out of 100 possible points (or as a percentage).65 + 0.25) = 22.

material not covered on an exam will be included on the next scheduled exam.m. 6 . 3/21 = Exam #2 Spring Break Evolution and Natural Selection The Origin of Life Population Ecology Ecosystems and Communities Ecosystems and Communities Conservation and Biodiversity Conservation and Biodiversity Thursday. Cellular Respiration. Exam dates may change. 2013 This is a tentative schedule. February 19 DNA and Gene Expression DNA and Gene Expression Biotechnology Chromosomes and Cell Division Mendelian Genetics Mendelian Genetics Thursday. It is your responsibility to attend class and check Springboard regularly for announcements of lecture topics and exam dates. 4. in CBT) Chapter(s) 1 1 2 2 3.-8 p. I reserve the right to make any necessary changes. 2/14 = Exam #1 No class Tuesday. 5 3. and DNA Cells. Also note that since the pace of the lecture delivery may differ from the tentative schedule above. Lecture topics may be covered over a longer or shorter period of time than proposed. May 9 Lecture Topic Introduction and Syllabus The Scientific Method The Scientific Method Chemistry Chemistry Cells. as well. Cellular Respiration.Natural Science: Biology – Spring 2013 Tentative Lecture Topics: Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7* 8 9 10 Dates 1/15-1/17 1/22-1/24 1/29-1/31 2/5-2/7 2/12-2/14 2/19-2/21 2/26-2/28 3/5-3/7 3/12-3/14 3/19-3/21 3/26-3/28 4/2-4/4 4/9-4/11 4/16-4/18 4/23-4/25 4/30-5/2 Thursday . 5 5 5 5 6 7 7 11 12 13 14 15 Final * 8 10 14 15 15 16 16 Last day to withdraw from classes is March 3. 4. 5/2 = Exam #3 (Optional) Final Exam (available 8 a.m. and DNA Thursday.