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Vivel deo soap are high quality ranges of lime soaps for the upper-mid and mid market consumer segments. The products offer a unique value proposition of bringing together ingredients that provide the benefit of nourishment, protection and rough moisturisation through one product, hence providing the ever discerning consumer complete care, which makes you beautiful and confident.


Itc always gives value for money to their consumers. It is
known for its competitive pricing. It has an advantage of quoting a reasonable price due to its economies of scale. ITC also can quote a very competitive price due to its superior technology and optimum utilization of inventory.Its products are categorized as premium and mass products.ITC matches its prices to the competitors. It also gives price offs on its products to reward loyal consumers and also to attract new consumers.  The new variant vivel deo spirit is launched at an introductory price of Rs.15/- foe a 100gm pack.  Vivel Milk, Cream & Glycerine Soap is priced at Rs 18 /100 gm  Vivel Deo Spirit Soap is priced at Rs 18 /100 gm  Vivel shampoos are priced at Rs 89/ 200ml, Rs 49/ 100ml and Rs 2 for sachets