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District Five Dispatch

Turning Our District into a Community
Volume 1, Issue 1 January 2013

New Era of Freedom and Responsibility
The Unification Church of America has now entered a new age where the representation of our members and Blessed Families will be chosen by our tithing members. This is based on a principled understanding of free will and personal responsibility which extends to our right to choose who represents us. Our elected representatives will be in a complementary, object partner relationship with our national leadership couple in the subject position, representing the spiritual authority of our True Parents. In the case of our church in America, True Mother has decided that the vertical position is to be presently filled by my couple, Hyung Jin Moon and Yeon Ah Lee-Moon. In keeping with this understanding, I made a commitment to establish an electionbased system during the recently completed 12 city “Town Hall Tour”. To make an initial and foundational commitment in this direction, we will first hold an election to create a District Council in each of our twelve Districts. Each District Council will then deliberate and select their choice to be District Pastor. The District Council will also select a representative to a new National Council that will work with our couple to make a more efficient and responsive national office. Furthermore, the District Council, together will the District Pastor, will continue to function as the governnity over the past seven years. This District System will be put in place as an interim step, with the understanding that a more detailed and complete governance-structure plan will be developed over time by the National Council. This is the procedure already used for similar elections in both Japan and Korea. We understand and anticipate that, as the first election of this kind, this voting procedure may seem foreign. Also, the administration of the election and the speed at which it is taking place may seem to be unfamiliar and different in relation to our traditional culture. However it is a normal Principled development for the expansion of Cheon Il Guk as the Kingdom of God on earth in which our True Parents stand forever as our King and Queen. This democratic process fosters human freedom and responsibility where church members take initiative through their local Council to build their local community.

 New Era of Elections in American Church  Preparing for Foundation Day  Meet Our New District Pastor  Report and Testimonies from the 2012 Southeast Winter Dear Principle Dear Principle, I have been asking myself: "What is the purpose of life". Do you know?-John Dear John, Yes. Many people say that it is to create joy. True to an extent, but the reality is a bit more comprehensive; God gives us the ability to raise HIS children as our own. In that process we follow the three blessings; Be fruitful, multiply and have dominion. 1st Birth to 24yrs. (last few years are "landing in the world"-do it right), Then parentism (25-48), where we finally digest what we did as we grew up in the first stage- and learn to love more perfectly. The third stage; (49-72) Grandparentism is where we see the whole course of learning to love in a complete formONLY THIS is a perfection of love. (Mathew 5:48 "be ye perfect as your Heavenly father is perfect). -Dave Tranberg Send your questions to

Rev. Hyung jin nim Moon and his wife, Yeon Ah Nim Moon

ing team for the District. This approach to governance, featuring a local District Council, is based on the experience of the “West Rock” (Belvedere area, NY) Unification Commu-

Rev. Hyung jin Moon

Meet our New District Pastor
Rev Gary Chidester was born on a U. S. Air Force military base in the rural area of Louisiana on September 27, 1954 to a devout Catholic couple. His parents were from Arkansas. He was the second son, of a second son, of a second son. He had three brothers and two sisters. At a young age he had many spiritual experiences and was an altar boy for seven years. He went to high school in Japan, at a U. S. Air Force installation, and graduated in June 1972. His experiences there with Buddhism and oriental philosophy became harmonized with his Roman Catholic views and gave him a larger world view. Rev. Chidester met the church when he was 18 years old on January 14, 1973 while attending a small college in Arkansas. He became the first member to join in Arkansas. He was blessed at Madison Square Garden in 1982 with a Japanese sister who he had been matched to by photo two years earlier. A year later she left the church before they started family life. He was rematched and re-blessed in 1986 to Maria Pia Salvati of Italy. They now have three children and reside in Miami, Florida.

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Council Chairperson meets with SC Members
Thursday, Dec. 20th, 2012, as a side-trip to attending her daughterin-law’s graduation from Clemson University in SC, Margret Orr, District Council Chairperson, had the chance to meet with members in Columbia. During the discussion after dinner topics included, “How the district elections will be handled in the future” and how to have districtwide family camps and other events that will help build bonds amongst all the members in District Five.

Preparing for Foundation Day
Foundation Day is fast approaching. The conditions necessary to be able to participate in Foundation Day are as follows: clude: The meaning of the # 13: Jesus and the 12 apostles as the foundation for tribal messiahship. Devotion based on the number 12. 430 autobiographies is 430 years as national level tribal messiahship. Substantialize DP as the Word becoming "Flesh" so God (via True Father) can dwell amongst us. By accomplishing 84 spiritual children (1-1-1 for 7 years) means liberation of our ancestors, 12 apostles and 72 disciples adds up to 84 making substantial the tribal messiahship). All are based upon us becoming Tribal Messiahs. It is not running around talking to people about coming to just another "event". It is for bringing the children of God home to the bosom of Blessed Families who are entrenched in the Divine People Tradition in the lineage of True Parents. Hyung Jin Nim said to the District Pastors on Tuesday, December 11, 2012, that these conditions did not have to be COMPLETED by Foundation Day, but they do have to be STARTED by then. Foundation Day is "D-Day", not "VE-Day". The successful landing into the world Satan had claimed will be declared, and the advancement toward the expelling of Satan completely will have begun. The world will ultimately be claimed back to God, substantially, no matter how long it takes! In each community let us work toward that end together by having a wonderful Foundation Day program, centered upon the local pastors. May God Bless you all, In the Name of the King and Queen of Heaven and Earth, our True Parents.

Message From True Mother September 23, 2012 (the 21st day after True Father’s Ascension.) “We will now make our Unification Church a living and breathing church, as it was in the early days. We will develop it into a spontaneous, creative and dynamic church, unrestricted by numbers or systems. We will make it into a church centered on the Divine Principle and on love, which will be like a nest with the warmth of a mother’s embrace that will make us wish to go there and always remain there. As in the beginning time, we will make it so that the sound of Divine Principle lectures is constantly heard in our churches.”

* $13,000 ($130) * 120 day Jeung Seoung of 120 bows and 1 hour Hoon Dok Hae daily (with lit candle) * Distribute 430 autobiographies * Attend DP workshop program of 7-day content * Liberate 210 generations of your ancestors * Witness to 12 spiritual children * Bring 3 couples to the blessing on Foundation Day The internal meaning of some of these conditions can be found in the Blessing and Ideal Family (Gathering for Reading and Learning Series) Volume 1, Part 2 on pages 37-43., under the chapter "The meaning of witnessing to one person a month." Some of these meanings in-

Rev. Gary Chidester

District Five Dispatch Volume 1, Issue 1

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Meet our New District Pastor (cont. from p. 1)
Over the years, Rev. Chidester served as State leader in Mississippi, and later in Delaware and Alabama. While doing Home Church in Connecticut he attended Southern Connecticut State College and started CARP there. (He started CARP on five other campuses throughout his mission life). After Seminary he served in the Philippines under the ReliIn January 1986, he was called by True Father to be in the special political mission of ACC. He served in Florida as ACC State Director, then AFC State Director. Next he was called to be Vice Regional Director under Rev Dae Hee Hong. Rev. Chidester became the new acting Regional Director after Rev Hong left, until the two southern regions (Atlanta and Miami) were put together as the new District 5.

Important Dates God’s Day: February 10 Foundation Day: February 22

He went to the Unification Theological Seminary and was hand- Rev. Gary Chidester, Maria Pia, Marc, Jessica, Valerie picked by True Father (while he was at Danbury) to gious Youth Service (RYS). He He remained as State Leader, attend the special third year was later assigned to be State then State Pastor until August 12, 2012. Divinity program. Leader of Alabama.

Links of Interest Wongu University UTS Unification News Rev. D. Michael Hentrich's Website Completed Testament TV UTS Alumni Talks About Leadership

Southeast Winter Workshop 2012
From December 29 2012 to January 1st, 2013, about 30 middle and high-school youth of North Carolina, Alabama and Georgia attended a workshop at the “Lodge at George T. Bagby State Park” near Fort Gaines, Georgia. State pastors, Tiffanie and Cliff Gaines, and youth leaders from North Carolina and Georgia organized the camp. Th e wo rksho p w as planned later than desired and the vision shifted drastically, however, the workshop was a great success, and participants reported high satisfaction with the facility, the quality of the lectures, and the activities. Though this workshop was only three days, it was a very harmonious and thought-provoking workshop. First generation parents, David Tranberg and Jack Whedbee, taught the Divine Principle in a non-traditional manner, focusing on the practical application of the Principle and how to create a Princ iple -c e n te re d c u ltu re . Though the program and activities were created by Second-generation college students, there was great cooperation and respect between First and Second generations. The manager of the facility was incredibly receptive to our group. He assisted us wholeheartedly throughout our time there. And he was especially helpful with the van: As one of the NC vans started to break down, he insisted on fixing the van without any charge, helping ensure we had a safe trip back. Based on our staff's limited mechanical knowledge, we almost drove a dysfunctional van that could've broken down on the road. It really was a miracle that he noticed the problem and offered his knowledge and efforts to spare us from a dangerous situation. Through the content of the lectures, the heart of the parents delivering the lectures, and the excellent programs and location, many of the participants felt at the least that they learned something, if not became inspired to improve their spiritual life in some way. Issues from family, to faith and matching/blessing were discussed in a Q&A panel, moving testimonies from staff were offered and the activities were designed specifically for the participants to take ownership of their life of faith and discover the core of their relationship with God and True Parents. Jomi Hirata (See Testimonies on p. 4)

Testimonies from Winter Workshop 2012

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The workshop was great. I loved it and I’m very glad I came. It was something I really learned from, and I learned to be more loving with everyone and how to connect and be understanding of everyone and got closer to God and True Parents. I understand God and True Parents and their heart and hard work that they’ve invested into everything they’ve done. I just really hope we have another workshop next year. I learned to understand what faith means and that I can go to my older brothers and sister if I need help in my life of faith because they’re really great older brothers and sisters. I love them so much and wish them the best.” – Myoga Tossa

“In the Workshop, I mostly enjoyed the lecture by Dave Tranberg who talked about how God is love and we are his children. In the workshop, I felt happy because I met people who love God as much as me.” – Wade Roque

Distric Five Dispatch is Your Newsletter
The goal of District Five Dispatch is turn our District of six states into a community. In order to do that we need input from every state and every Unification community in these states. Please send us stories, testimonies, pictures, ideas and anything that would be relevant to creating true unity in our District. Send your submissions to a member of the District Council or to David Doose, Editor, at

“I really appreciated being able to attend this workshop. Hearing and feeling the passion of the lecturers really made me realize, even more, why this movement is so significant. Us young Unificationists can help God change the world.” – Aleah Licht "I was very impressed with what was accomplished in less than three days. The lectures, discussions, and the Q/A panel answered many of the questions that I had been contemplating, and provided me with new knowledge with which to move forward." - Michael Crawford

District Council Members
Rev. Gary Chidester (District Pastor) - (305-984-0435) Margret Orr (Council Chairperson) (864-590-4870) Michael Hempowicz (Council Secretary) - (251-382-8320) Wesley Samuel - (561-827-1718) Richard Sapp - (904-859-5396) Haruki Kimura - (678-357-4779) David Tranberg - (678-488-6742) Jack Whedbee - (404-217-8208) Jeddie King - (407-873-2364)