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Gatorade, Igloo Vendor Code: GAT, GL

Hydrating Drinks / Water Coolers and Accessories

Gatorade® Instant Powder

During the day your body faces 3 problems from heat and physical exertion: • oss of water and electrolytes, which causes L dehydration. • levation of body temperature, which causes E hyperthermia. • epletion of energy reserves, which may D cause muscle exhaustion. Gatorade® is scientifically formulated to help rehydrate your body quickly and help improve performance and productivity. Research done at the University of South Carolina has proven: 1) atorade® is absorbed into the blood stream G as fast as water, helping to provide rapid rehydration. 2) atorade® is superior to plain water for G improving physical performance during prolonged physical activity.

Part No. 03928 03937 33675 33679 33808 33301 03808 03956 03957 33665 33666 33302

Description Lemon Lime Orange Riptide Rush Glacier Freeze Fruit Punch Fierce Grape Fruit Punch Lemon Lime Orange Riptide Rush Glacier Freeze Fierce Grape

Size 2.12 oz Yield 1 Qt.


Part No. 03969 03970 33673 33677 33691 03944 33303

Description Lemon-Lime Orange Riptide Rush Glacier Freeze Fruit Punch Variety Pack Fierce Grape Lemon Lime Orange Riptide Rush Glacier Freeze Fruit Punch Fierce Grape




21 oz Yield 2-1/2 Gal. 32/cs

Other sizes and bottles available… call for details!

8.5 oz Yield 1 Gal. 40/cs

03967 03968 33672 33676 33690 33304

Industrial Accessories

51 oz Yield 6 Gal. 14/cs


400 Series Industrial Water Coolers

Rugged, durable Igloo industrial water coolers keep water cold, clean and available. Built for the real world®, the 400 Series Coolers take the abuse of the roughest job site and the most punishing work crews. • Red & yellow high visibility safety colors. • HDPE hide won’t chip, peel, buckle or rust. • ltraviolet stabilizers prevent fading and U cracking in all exposures. • hite FDA Grade inner liners are easy to W clean and resist stains and odors. • olid construction delivers cold, clean water S to any size crew, on any size equipment, and on any job—on the move or at the site.

Part No. 0421

Part No. 0431

Part No. 0451

Part No. 4101 Description Plastic cup dispenser (for 4 oz. cup) Plastic cup dispenser (for 7 oz. cup) Wire Rack 2-5 gal Metal truck rack for 3 & 5 gal Wire truck rack for 6-15 gal Spigot 2, 3, 5, 10 gallon plastic

Part No. 0421 0431 0451 4101 Volume Capacity Gal. 2 3 5 10 Liters 7.6 11.4 18.9 37.9

Paper Cups
Part No. 25010 Description 4.25 oz. straight edge5000 per box 8 oz. straight edge-5000 per box

Part No. 8242 9534 25041 25042 25043 9590


*Durable metal fits 3 gallon through 10 gallon.