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Flight Simulation Technique Centre A-320 Aircraft Performance final Test: Pilots Total Marks: 100 Select the

correct answer. Q.1 In the case of refuelling with one engine running A) Point the A/C in to wind where the slope is negligible B) Carry out gravity refuelling. C) Both A & B are correct. 2 Time: 1:30

Q.2 Take-off optimisation is calculated in an airport analysis chart for a given R/W and obstacle for A) Temp., wind, & config. B) Temp., config. & QNH C) Config., QNH, wind, & temprature Q.3 On typical runway performance of twin engine aircraft is generally limited by A) Two engines operative at T/O. B) One engine out at T/O C) Both A & B are correct. 2 2

Q.4 Conservative correction for weight if T/O is performed with full thrust with engine anti-ice is on is A) Subtract 1850 Kgs B) No correction C) Subtract 90 Kgs Q.5 In case flex T/O A) Thrust must not be reduced by more than 35% of full rated thrust B) The flex T/O EPR cannot be lower than max climb EPR at same flight conditions C) Both A & B are correct Q.6 RLD dry is equal to A) ALD dry x 1.15 B) ALD dry x 1.67 C) ALD dry x 0.6 2 2 2

10 In case of without cabin Pressurization rate of descent must be limited to A) 500ft/min. surface wet.7t B) 10. R/W length 3000M without Clearway A) 9. two reverser operative.11 Fuel for flight without cabin pressurisation at flight level 100. air-conditioning off anti-icing off at a ground distance of 579 NM is A) 4350Kgs B) 4340Kgs C) 4400Kgs D) 4040 Kgs Q. C) 1570M 4 Q. config full. CG forward.8 Find RLD for manual landing wt 60t surface dry. with 50kts tailwind.13 Trip fuel for cruise for an air-distance of 700NM from quick determination of flight plan for flight level 310 with landing wt of 64t at 0. head wind 10kts PA 3000ft config full A) 1510M B) 1730M C) 1780M 4 Q.9t C) 11.9 What is the wt. B) 1000ft/min.78 Maunder ISA condition is . PA 2000ft. 2 4 Q. App speed VLS+5. ISA +10deg.config 1+f . A) 1360M B) 1260M.Q. the wt reduction calculated from RTOW charts is A) 22% B) 18% C) No Reduction 2 4 Q.12 For a flight with gear down for second segment gradient conditions in config 1+f.8t Q.7 Find the ALD landing wt 64t. tail wind 5 kts. C) 750ft/min. LRC at wt 65t. penalty to dry R/W T/O wt when taking-off from R/W covered with 5 mm of water.

70 t at ISA+20 is A) 34000 B) 34500 C) 34700 2 4 Q.16 Time fuel & distance to climb from F/L 15 to F/L270 with brew 72t ISA +20 with normal airconditioning and anti-ice off at max.5t flying at .17 Optimum altitude for 0. Air-conditioning on A) 1.. TW 5k.14 Fuel required for alternate planning at destination with a ground distance 240NM wind calm F/L 200 ISA +20. 64t. flap-3.What should be wind at F/L 310 to have same effect. with ref landing wt of 60t is A) 1990 Kgs B) 1830 Kgs C) 1910 Kgs Q. elevation 3000ft CG normal.15 Find T/O EPR when OAT is +30 deg.78M T/O wt. is 62. Climb thrust is A) 19mts 1453Kgs 118NM B) 21mts 1682 Kgs 123NM C) 13mts 1155Kgs 83NM Q.430 B) 1. surface wet with reverser.440 2 4 Q. is A) 2370M B) 2260M .A) 4490 Kgs B) 4590 Kgs C) 4280 Kgs 4 Q. s<1.18 Given winds at F/L 350 are 40Kts headwind wt.19 Find ALD when landing wt. A) 40k TW B) Nil wind C) 17k HW 4 Q.420 C) 1.78M. P A 2000ft.

C) 1470 M D) 2300 M 4 Q.24 Fuel flow in case race track holding on single engine at GD speed for wt 62t. 68t and OAT -41deg is A) 1276 Kgs/hr/eng B) 1240 Kgs/hr/eng C) 1284 Kgs/hr/eng 4 Q. 60t in ISA conditions is A) 1860Kgs B) 1900Kgs C) 1990Kgs Q22 Approach climb limit wt is increased if approach speed is A) Increased B) Decreased C) No effect Q.78M with a wt. A thrust on. wt. F/L 50 ISA +10 is A) 2074kgs B) 2067kgs C) 2129kgs 2 Q. & config for indigo flight will be A) 77. V speed. find flex temp V speeds & config for forward CG. A) config 1+f 59 deg 139k/146k/146k .2hpa MTOW.20 Fuel flow while cruising at F/L 330 with speed of . with calm wind.26 For condition given in Q 25 actual wt is 64t.wt. HW 35k. 64t A) 154k B) 144k C) 146k 4 4 2 Q.21 Fuel required when flying at F/L 200 on single engine at a distance of 350NM.23 Find V App in config full CG more than 25%.64t 146k/158k/159k config1+f B) 73.5t 155k/158k/159k config 3 4 Q.5t 148k/157k/158k config1+f C) 73.25 Airfield Bangalore wind 315/15k OAT +40 deg R/W wet QNH 1003.

27 Flex take-off is not permitted if A) R/W is contaminated B) Flex temp is lower than T Ref or OAT C) Both A & B correct. idle thrust.B) config 3 60 deg 136k/145k/148k C) config 3 58 deg 145k/145k/148k Q.2t B) 81.29 For net take-off flight path associated weight decrement to wt obtained from QRT tables for an air field having an obstacle 400ft ht at a distance of 3000mtrs from the end of runway in config 3 is A) 13.5nm C) 1500ft airconditioning off and other engine at go around thrust is A) 80.5t 2 Q. fuel & distance while descending from flight level 370 to flight level 50 under ISA conditions.5kgs 83. CG 33% wt 60t with one engine.30 Time. normal air-conditioning.9 2 .28 Quick ref.4mts 64.5t B) 16t C) 14. Q.32 Approach climb limiting wt with one engine out in config 2 OAT 30 deg.4mts 87kgs 104nm Q.7mts 79kgs 93.5nm B) 13. table cannot be used if tail wind are more than A) 10k B) 5k C) 0k 2 2 4 Q. is A) 15. AI off.2t C) 79.31 Weight is 70t F/L 300 GD speed A) 230k B) 220k C) 150k 2 4 Q.

35 For a given elevation of 750 ft & QNH 1003hpa.Q. Tyre speed is A) 220k B) 195k C) 200k Q.33 Max.34 Equivalent of wet runway is runway covered with or less than A) 3mm slush B) 3mm water C) Both A & B are correct Q. PA is A) Less than 1000ft B) 1000ft C) more than 1000ft. 2 2 2 .