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Date : 18th Sep 2012 To

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Date : 17th Sep 2012 Place : FSTC, Gurgaon Employee(s) involved : Reporting Manager(s) : R Karthigeyan (General Manager) Reference of officers report – Discussion dated 17th Sep 12 between you, Capt PK Sinha (VP (Ops) ) and the undersigned you. Nature of Incidence/Occurrence 1. You were found not following the set procedures in updating the Software Load on Training Configuration of A-320 FFS, in spite of the same being briefed to you by the undersigned and Quality Manager and being well aware of the procedure and further implications of not following the same.

2. Software update had not been verified for its authenticity for more than 25 days, after its update, even though the release notes clearly mentions that few of the changes affects QTGs as specified. 7 Effect of this Incidence / Occurrence Due to neglect in following the procedure, the software load 1.11 had been updated without getting prior approval from GM, as supposed to be, and even without getting the release notes for the software update from SIM-Industries. Even the software load had not been checked for its authenticity by running requisite, affected QTGs. On running the affected QTGs, it was found that 4 QTGs are differing from MQTG and in turn deteriorating the performance of A-320 FFS. 8 Reference Clauses / Communication On the procedure in question you had not performed your work as per the laid down norms. The aforesaid act of yours is serious employment misconduct as provided under Quality Systems & corresponding procedures made there under which reads as follows: Quality Systems Manual - Corresponding clauses :
Section 4 – Technical Services, para, Initial Configuration : “Any

software modification or update on the simulators will be carried out by the manufacturer, only after obtaining prior written

permission from the person designated by the Accountable Manager for this specific purpose. you are hereby required to show cause within 2 days. which would warrant serious disciplinary action against you. as required. The same will be documented in the simulator maintenance logs. form day of the receipt of this notice. Accordingly.FLIGHT SIMULATION TECHNIQUE CENTRE PVT. R Karthigeyan General Manager Encl : DGCA-SIM-Industries Configuration Control CC: Capt PK Sinha (Vice President (Operations)) . as the charges leveled against you are of grave and of serious nature. it will be presumed that you admit the charges and have no explanation to offer and the matter will be disposed of without any further reference to you. why disciplinary action should not be initiated against you. amount to nonadherence to set procedures.” The above act. LTD. as alleged to have been committed by you. The receipt of this letter should be acknowledged. Should you fail to submit your written explanation.