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Operator Inspection location Date of inspection AOC number Aircraft type Type(s) of Operations Area(s) of Operations Special Authorisations/Approvals Exemptions Management Personnel Nominated Post Holder for Flight Operations Nominated Post Holder for Crew Training Chief Pilot Flight Safety Officer Type Rating Instructor(s) (satisfies
the operator’s experience and knowledge requirements sufficient to instruct on the items specified in paragraphs of Appendix 1to OPS 1.965 & JAR-OPS 3.965)

Synthetic Flight Instructor(s)
(satisfies the operator’s experience and knowledge requirements sufficient to instruct on the items specified in paragraphs of Appendix 1to OPS 1.965 & JAR-OPS 3.965)

Type Rating Examiner(s) Class Rating Examiner(s) Synthetic Flight Examiner(s)
(trained in CRM concepts and the assessment of CRM skills)

Statement that operator’s training and checking programme is established and approved by the CAA Subject Title

Rev: 004 15.07.2010 APP 9.18-1

ILS/DME at threshold. . 200ft DH CAT II-300m RVR. . FAA Qualification to AC 120-40B or later.2010 APP 9.Signage. FMS. considering the following: APPENDIX STD USER APPROVAL CHECKLIST Rev: 004 15.33 KHz Frequency Spacing (Incorporation strongly encouraged) Note Restrictions/Limitations Verify LVTO capability Verify simulation capability of appropriate European weather minima: CAT I.Temperatures in Centigrade Verify that the Instructor operating Station (IOS) indications conform to International Standard (SI) of units of measurement Sample the differences. . GPS. III (as applicable) Instrument Approaches demonstrated at an European Airport Verify availability and correctness of the data for at least one of the European airfield: . . . taxi routes and off-runway prepositions.Layout. For Helicopter devices AC 120-63) Verify Simulator ID Code Verify Simulator Qualification Level (Reference Doc.Appropriate airfield charts.AOD OF CAA OF LATVIA INSPECTING STAFF MANUAL – OPERATIONS Verify validity of Qualification Certificate (STD.Weight in Kilogrammes . .18-2 .LVO including off-runway taxiing Verify applicability of SI units: .ATIS broadcasts in European units. .QFE/QNH in mbs/Hpa .Lighting.RVR in metres.550m RVR. . . .Category C airfields (Special Use Airports).Correct navigation/communication frequencies. .NDB’s. CAT II/III DH) Verify TCAS/ACAS specification Verify 8. . Analogues Cabin Pressurization System or Digital Automatic cabin Pressurization System. . 100ft DH CAT III –as appropriate for aircraft Category I.Fuel Quantity in Litres/kilogrammes . II.) Verify Simulator Qualification Standard Verify Aircraft Type and Variant Verify Engine version(s) simulated Verify Visual System specification Verify Motion System specification Verify Instrument Fit specification Verify Windshear specification Verify additional capabilities (EGPWS. correct European terminology and appropriate local accent. .Visibility in Kilometres.07.

2) Each test reviewed by an appropriate and independent person. normally a kick-out panel in the door.2010 APP 9. content and units Verify that the aircraft configuration conforms to a European Standard Record the simulator first entry into service Review the simulator evaluation data. 5) Trend analysis II QTG Testing: 1) A complete set of QTG tests are run annually. Zero Flight Time Training. TRTO) Location Review Simulator operator Quality System I Presentation of quality performance (reliability figures): 1) Numbers and classification of defects. Evaluation teem. 3) Impact on training. Where Flight Test data is not available the basis of the validation data should be clearly stated. .Instrument layout and units.18-3 . Requirement is part of JAR-STD 1A. Multi-Crew Co-operation course. Type Rating Instructor course.g. This may be a removable installation that is shared in-between a number of devices. . 4) Quality rating from the users. Confirmation of compliance with the JAA/EASA Special Conditions. Synthetic Flight Instructor Course.07. Amendment 3 standard).Performance standards.Specific Modifications e. 2) Defect rate and rectification period. special. Verify the following: Date of evaluation and date of previous evaluation.FMS data base configuration. Check the Secondary Escape Path (In an emergency this can become jammed. . stall protection. Differences training. The incorporation of a secondary exit means.AOD OF CAA OF LATVIA INSPECTING STAFF MANUAL – OPERATIONS FAA/JAA/CAA Standard (Significant differences were defined as Special Conditions). Completed Evaluation report. Check Secure Cockpit Door (Strong recommendation that a representative control panel and representative communication capability (cabin crew voice and chimes) are incorporated) Specify the simulator qualifying Authority Specify the Simulator Operator (FTO. is strongly recommended) Check the installation of the Fifth Seat (Inclusion of a fifth seat is strongly recommended. annual recurrent. . - Review specified training programmes: Type Rating course. Type of evaluation: initial. .Overspeed warnings. 3) Documentation is complete with appropriate sign-offs III Simulator Safety Features: APPENDIX STD USER APPROVAL CHECKLIST Rev: 004 15.

VIII A set of procedures and working practices and the way in which these are maintained and controlled. signed by the Accountable manager. annually. XII Clear definition of the roles and responsibilities of those primarily responsible for the effective implementation of the QS. Escape route properly marked. Appropriate emergency lighting is installed. IX Quality Assurance programme with details of audit procedures and the management support of the programme. including control of training loads. X A Quality Manual applicable to the specific site. broken down into measurable Quality Objectives. V Safety of the installation including the quality of the briefing of safety systems given to users.18-4 .AOD OF CAA OF LATVIA INSPECTING STAFF MANUAL – OPERATIONS 1) Confirmation 2) 3) 4) 5) that Emergency stop operates correctly and is functioned. XI Clear statement of the Quality Policy.07. Fire detection and protection IV An effective Configuration management system for both hardware and software. EXAMINER’S OR INSPECTOR’S REPORT*1 EXAMINER NAME/SIGNATURE DATE POI COMMENTS POI NAME/SIGNATURE DATE INFORMATION TO THE OPERATOR POI NAME/SIGNATURE APPENDIX STD USER APPROVAL CHECKLIST DATE Rev: 004 15. including both FAR/JAR regulations and operator specific requirements. Secondary exit from device. as a minimum.2010 APP 9. updates to visual models and navigation and IOS data bases. VI Training of personnel VII Clear statement of the Technical Standards with which the organization seeks to comply.

APPENDIX STD USER APPROVAL CHECKLIST Rev: 004 15.2010 APP 9.AOD OF CAA OF LATVIA INSPECTING STAFF MANUAL – OPERATIONS *1 Note: The report may be prepared by the operator’s Post Holder Crew Training when he/she is designated and authorised in accordance with JAR-FCL by LV CAA.07.18-5 .