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Interfaith leadership
For the first time Bay Area’s prominent Muslim interfaith leaders meet to discuss Islam in US and Ahmadiyya persecution.

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Fiji PM's New Year Message
tance to help their fellow Fijians back on their feet. All of these people deserve our grateful thanks. Vinaka vakalevu to you all. As I toured the affected areas, I was deeply impressed with the spirit of our people as we pulled together as a nation to confront this crisis. We are all thankful that our careful preparations before Hurricane Evan struck meant that there was no loss of life. My fellow Fijians. For all of our challenges and setbacks, I look to the New Year firmly believing that Fiji’s future has never been brighter. We are a building a more equal society, a safer society, a prosperous society. For the first time, we are all Fijians and can truly celebrate our common identity. We all have a great deal to look forward to. As 2012 ends, more than half a million Fijians have registered by electronic means to cast their vote in 2014. As 2013 begins, that process continues as we reach out to register Fijians living overseas. The new year heralds great promise for all Fijians. Our economy is comparatively buoyant and a steady growth is forecast. We are investing more in the education of our young people to help secure their futures and increase the country’s skills base. And we are doing a lot more for poorer families, such as raising the tax threshold, and for the elderly, by providing pensions to the most vulnerable of them for the first time. And in 2013, we will begin fixing our biggest infrastructure problem – the state of our roads. As a nation, we want to instill more pride in our identity as Fijians. We will soon begin using new notes and coins that feature our flora and fauna. We should have a new, modern and enduring constitution by the end of the first quarter of 2013. And I will be making further announcements this year about revamping our flag. All of this is to reflect a sense of national renewal, to reinforce a new Fijian identity and a new confidence in being Fijian on the global stage. Certainly, Fiji’s standing in the world has never been higher.In two week’s time, I will travel to New York to formally assume Fiji’s chairmanship of the G77 Plus China. This links 132 developing countries with the world’s most populous nation to form the biggest voting bloc at the United Nations. Later in the year, we will host some of the G77leaders here in Fiji in what promises to be the biggest gathering ever of foreign leaders to our shores. Recently, I assumed the Chairmanship of the governing committee of the International Sugar Organisation and it too will be meeting in Fiji in the coming year. We are determined also through this forum to keep sugar a viable and sustainable industry for the 200-thousand Fijians who depend on it for a living. Fiji has also received international acclaim endorsing our reforms of the FNPF. These reforms, as I’ve stated before, will ensure that all FNPF members will have their pensions secured. These are great honours bestowed on us by the international community and we should all be proud because the honour belongs to all of us – our country – our Fiji. The world is recognising how far we have already come, our contributions to the global community, and the promise that lies ahead. This is a time when many people make New Year resolutions so let’s also make some as a nation. Let’s be more considerate of our fellow citizens and honest in our dealings with each other. Let’s be more mindful of our neighbours, those beyond our families and friends, and take responsibility for them as well. Let’s focus on our commonalities. Let’s be more patriotic and proud to be Fijian, to commit ourselves to working together as one nation. My Fellow Fijians. 2013 will be the year that we set the scene for one of the most momentous events in our country’s history - the 2014 election under a new constitution… A constitution that must ensure common and equal citizenry…A constitution that must ensure that any representatives of the people in the new parliament must be elected and under the principle of one person, one vote, one value. I appeal to everyone to contribute positively to this process. We owe it to ourselves and our future generations. I wish all a Happy New Year.

California budget plan has surprise: a surplus


y Fellow Fijians,. Once again we are at the dawn of another year. It’s a time to reflect on the year that has passed and to contemplate what the future holds for ourselves and our families. And it’s also a time to reflect on our nation’s progress over the past 12 months and the hopes of all of us for the year ahead. Together, we have weathered three separate natural disasters in 2012 - the two floods and then Hurricane Evan. Our thoughts this evening are with our fellow Fijians who are still suffering because of Hurricane Evan, and especially those made homeless by the destruction of hundreds of dwellings in the hurricane’s path. As your Prime Minister, I again pledge that your Government will do everything in its power to assist you to rebuild your homes and your lives. I want to pay tribute to every worker, citizen, civil servant and business owner who worked tirelessly in the affected areas or provided assis-

California Governor Jerry Brown speaks at a news conference in Los Angeles, California in this file photo taken August 28, 2012. California's economy is on the mend, but Governor Brown is …more expected to take a cautious approach to spending when he unveils his state budget plan on Thursday.

SACRAMENTO, California - California's budget deficit is gone after years of financial troubles, Governor Jerry Brown said on Thursday, proposing a state budget plan that would raise spending on education and healthcare, boosting total expenditures by 5 percent with a surplus remaining. But Brown vowed to push back at legislators eager to increase spending even more by restoring the billions of dollars to social services and other state programs cut in lean years. "I am determined to avoid the fiscal mess that the last few governors had to deal with," Brown told reporters as he introduced his budget plan for the 2013-14 fiscal year beginning in July. Leading Democratic legislators agree with his plan. California's economy melted down with the housing market, slashing the state's revenue, but it is finally on the mend. For years the state's leaders have tackled

budget deficits with a combination of deep cuts and accounting gimmicks. The projected surplus is now the latest surprise. Businesses are hiring again and voters in November approved temporary hikes to the state sales tax and income tax rates on wealthy taxpayers. California's job growth tops the national average, unemployment has fallen to below doubledigit levels for the first time in nearly four years and more money is expected to flow into state coffers from the voter-approved tax increases. The state Department of Finance projected unemployment will fall to 9.6 percent this year and 8.7 percent in 2014. Brown's budget plan projects $98.5 billion in revenues and transfers and plans spending of $97.7 billion, according to the proposal published on the state Department of Finance website.

ATTORNEY AT LAW Tandoor’s catering services at holiday season









ast month I wrote about the taxi industry and provided readers with some insights into the business that they may have not been aware of. This week a real life incident happened to one of my colleagues that I would like to share with you. On Friday morning, at approximately 7 am, one of our taxi drivers picked up two young males at the North Berkeley bart station. There was nothing “suspicious” about

On Saving Tomorrow
them. They asked him to drive them to an address in Richmond; again nothing “suspicious” about that. When he arrived at the destination, one of the men pulled a handgun, pointed it at his head, and asked him for his wallet. The taxi driver had $400 in his wallet. It was Friday and on Friday drivers have to pay the “weekly gate” to the taxi owners for the right to “lease the taxi for a week”. He was from Nepal and is in America as a student. He is driving a taxi to make ends meet and pay for his tuition. In his wallet was also his id and his “green card”. Our driver was very cool in this life-threatening situation. He could have panicked. He could have tried to reason with the criminals. Instead, he chose the right path. He calmly told the thieves that they could have his wallet and go on their way. He didn't want any trouble for anybody. The robbers took his wallet and fled the scene of the crime. Our driver correctly reasoned that his life was

worth a lot more than risking it over $400 and some id that could be replaced. It is a life lesson we should all remember and should any of us ever find ourselves in a similar situation we should follow the same principle: “Life is too precious a gift from God to risk losing over anything material.” This man did the right thing. He thought rationally under great duress. He was cool under pressure. He has my respect and admiration!

H. Koya (PhD)


Oh, yah! Now, I want you to concentrate on the letter S. I will use it profusely as you read on.
each team score up to 100 or more points. In football punting & field goal kicking are the only two things related to soccer. The only relation to track is speed and more speed. SOLID SOCCER Truly the most played game in the entire universe. Actually I thought I saw soccer ball soaring thru some clouds one day. Perhaps since I got bopped on the bean with a soccer ball I also saw stars but I must not quibble on details. SOLD ON SOCCER You can play it almost anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. All you need is a round ball – preferably leather or rubber and you are on, brothers & sisters. Yups, as you can surmise with the import information you now have, there ain’t no other game to compare. RIGHT? Right.

Robbie Michelson
Contributing writer

o…Who likes soccer? You, you,you, and you. WOW! That’s pretty unanimous Seriously soccer is the world’s favorite sport. WHY? You ask. Let me start with our earliest soccer players – CAVE MEN. One day, cave man Egor found himself stumbling over some rocks, so he hailed his friend Ligos to catch with his feet and lo & behold, Egor and Ligors were kicking rocks toward each other’s cave (net). In between the pain they suffered they laughed and cheered each time they made a cave goal. They started keeping score with little ol’ sticks. Pretty soon family & friends joined in and it became a big sport. Prove it you say? If you’ve read enough cave carvings as I have, you would fully realize the honest to goodness truth in what I say unto you. Oh, yah! Now, I want you to concentrate on the letter S. I will use it profusely as you read on.

news for this space

Dr. M. Sanchez
gauge the distance & the curve of the ball. Man-oman! That takes a lot of skill. SUPER SOCCER Now you’re talking my language. You’ve got to be fast, clever, deceptive and most of all how to give the thumbs up signal on your daring and beautiful plan toward making a goal. STUNNING SOCCER Ok, yes – one point in the whole kicking, smashing, crashing and running is enough to make the crowd go bananas. SANCHEZ SOCCER In case you didn’t know, soccer is my baby. However I did and still do play a lot of basketball, football, & track included. In basketball

Nisha Nigar
Community News editor

SILLY SOCCER If you use “that” word to describe soccer, you are out of your living guard. You need to know what part of your foot must contact the ball and


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Inspiration to write
H. Koya (PhD) Famous Bay Area columnist Ray Orrock says he drew his inspiration from the fact he had to keep in mind that if he did not write he didn't get paid, NO WRITEE , NO CHECKEE. The second source of his inspiration Ray says came from progression. The newspaper had given him an office, type writer and enough time to write. At the end of the day his editor expected his write up. So he had to write not having to say, “I do not have anything.” Ray agrees though that his sources of inspiration were pretty crass and silly that others may have loftier sources of inspiration. Some of the top writers say inspiration does not mean anything. It is the deadline that impelled them to write. So there is an element of fear and urgency to write. Is that enough to impel you to do some quality writing that could entertain your readers? I guess it varies and depends who you work for coupled with the prestige and pay check that motivate you to write. For my own publication, I am generally very callous and hardly re-read my stuff. However, noticeably, I am different when I write for another publication. My writing quality is much better and perhaps more


effective. There are times when you are not really short of knowledge but the zest to write is not there resulting perhaps from a lot preoccupation and mental fatigue. Writing a column is different from writing on a given subject or putting together and investigative report both of which I have had the pleasure of writing as crime investigator and report writer. Editorials and columns perhaps have the same requirement, kind of spontaneity and no advance notice of what to write on. You might have to pick an usual everyday

thing that perhaps others tend to overlook. But readers love to read the unusual stuff. It is not a news item and it is not story telling either. It is your take on something where you construct and present your thoughts in a very personal every day tone and style. To warm up myself and get into the mood of writing when it is not there, I sometimes read on something fresh to get into the mood. Soon I come out of a sluggish writing attitude to something zestful. That’s perhaps how I get inspired to write.











At Honda of Hayward Showroom

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(Above) Top salesman Roger Praveen with annual award certificate


Fiji Travel Services reserving your flights
travel months down the road early booking is done on today’s rate which changes periodically based on the traffic seasons.

t is easy to reserve you flights with FIJI SUN TRAVEL SERVICES. Call us Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 7 PM anytime. You can leave a voice message and will return your calls promptly. Saturday and Sunday we take calls from 10 AM to 6 PM. The best way to do your reservation is by sending us an email at Our phone contact is

Mike Sweeny (Mayor of Hayward City) leads Spectrum
By Dr. M A Sanchez SPECTRUM last year celebrated its 4oth Anniversary at the St. Rose Hospital fairground attended by over thousand guests.

Those who travel from SFO, the airfare from SFO/LOS ANGELES /NADI is included. Please be sure that you want a reservation when calling FIJI TRAVEL SERVICES

Staff Development Facilitate Organizational Development Identify Organizational Behavior Performance Goals


KEEP IN MIND If you are planning to



he growing need for those who do not have an office to operate from, has prompted us to

establish FIJI PROFESSIONAL CENTER Opened to approved Fiji business professionals, FPC provides office use and its

equipment for short term, hourly, daily and monthly basis. There is also an investment opportunity available. Interested parties are welcome to contact us at 510-673-8511

Key result areas The gaps to fill Legal Analysis


Dr. Arun Chauhan, is he going to write a book?
about my work. It’s not money, it’s not partying and it’s not designing my pages that matters. It’s those elderly advise coming from someone who has no vested interested that matters most to me. Dr. Arun Chauhan has been power of motivation and a very kind critic as well.


ell we got him committed to compile tons of articles he has written over the years and we will help get published for pennies on the dollar. The famous Bay Area Hindi Radio host of SAAZ O AWAAZ – Arun Chauhan - has written extensively on his traveled and is a published writer meaning that his write ups have been published by several leading magazines including SILICONAIR. It’s our way of thanking Dr. Arun Chauhan for he has been our well-wisher from day one. He was the first person to call and congratulate me when I launched FIJI SUN 20 years ago with only 4 pages. He did not leave there. He called me up to ensure that I published the next issue and to give it up. Dr.

Individual Partner Love / Spousal Relation

Metaphysics Spiritual healing Tapping into your spirituality for SUCCESS

Chauhan also suggested to add color so I went two color with a red mast and reverse FIJI SUN insert. It is very pleasing and very humbling to note that when I launched (briefly) RADIO FIJI SUN, Dr. Arun’s wife Roshni Chauhan was the first caller to dial our number and congratulate me. Dr. Arun also joined to congratulate and encourage me for the show. Despite being celebrities in the Radio Show Biz and having several national awards, the Chauhans have been my best well-wishers.

Every time I felt like closing down, somehow from the unknown, Dr. Arun will call me some times late at night and impress upon me not to give up. He is single most person in my life who seems to have cared







nations and was declared elected unopposed. Gadkari was among the first ones to wish the new party president soon after the announcement by election officer Thawar Chand Gehlot in the presence of top party leaders including L K Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley and Venkaiah Naidu. Gadkari, whose candidature was being pushed strongly by RSS, suddenly quit the race in the midst of allegations of impropriety by his company Purti Group. After taking over, Rajnath Singh said, "I accept this not as


Rajnath Singh elected unopposed as BJP president
NEW DELHI: Rajnath Singh was unanimously elected president of BJP on Wednesday, capping last minute dramatic turn of events which saw Nitin Gadkari being forced out of the race for the second term. The 61-year-old senior party leader from Uttar Pradesh takes the baton back from Nitin Gadkari whom he handed over the post in 2009. Singh, who emerged as the consensus candidate on Tuesday night after Gadkari dramatically opted out of the race for a second term, was the only candidate to file the nomito power. He said he was taking over in not very conducive conditions in the wake of allegations levelled against the outgoing chief Nitin Gadkari. Singh said though the party wanted Gadkari to continue as party president for a second term, but he took a moral high by deciding not to contest for a second term till his name was cleared of all charges. The new chief exuded confidence of steering the party in the forthcoming assembly elections in various states later this year and expressed the hope to see formation of an NDA regime led by BJP in the next general elections. "I firmly believe that the NDA will form the government in 2014," said Singh, adding that only BJP can tackle the country's problems and people expected it to rid the country of its troubles. Congratulating Gadkari for frustrating the party's political opponents, BJP veteran L K Advani said, "Rajnath Singh's biggest responsibility will be to ensure that there is no compromise with any immoral act in BJP."

Rajnath Singh receives a turban from his supporters after his appointment at the party headquarters in New Delhi.

a post, but as a responsibility" and said he would

take the battle to a decisive end by bringing BJP

At least 15 killed in road accident in Gaya
GAYA, BIHAR: At least 15 people were killed and ten others injured on Wednesday when a speeding bus rammed into thick iron bars at a revenue checkpost amid heavy fog at Dobhi in Bihar's Gaya district. The accident happened at Dobhi integrated revenue checkpost under Barachatti Police Station early Wednesday morning. The bus was going from Kalipahari in Gurwa Police Station area to Rajrappa Temple in neighbouring Jharkhand's Ramgarh district when the driver lost

Uddhav Thackeray takes charge as Shiv Sena president
MUMBAI: Shiv Sena executive president Uddhav Thackeray formally took charge as the party president on Wednesday. Even as the decision was on expected lines, the timing of the event was symbolic as the party observed the birth anniversary of Bal Thackeray, who passed away on November 17 last year at the age of 86. The decision was officially announced after the party's national executive meet on Wednesday where the members anointed Uddhav, 52, as the new party president.

Want to reduce negative politics : Rahul tells party leaders
NEW DELHI: Newlyappointed Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi Wednesday said he wanted to try and reduce the "negative politics" and get into "positive politics", which would take the country forward. Addressing party leaders at the 24, Akbar Road party office here, Gandhi said he wanted to make the Congress party "accessible to as many people... this is my sentiment". He said political discussions tended to be negative politics, want to get into positive politics as that is what will take the country forward". "We are a dynamic country and this country can do wonders... Lately I feel a lot of the discussion is negative... there is a lot Congress vice president Rahul of positive things happenGandhi hugs his mother and party ing everyday... Many president Sonia Gandhi after his youngsters are transformspeech at AICC session in Jaipur. ing things." He was elevated "extremely acrimonious, fighting with each other Saturday to the post of over small reasons... party vice president at the want to try and reduce Congress Chintan Shivir that, don't want to get into in Jaipur.

control over the vehicle due to fog and hit the iron bars of the checkpost, Superintendent of Police Akhtar Hossain said. He said a police rescue team has reached the spot and the injured people are being rushed to local hospitals.

With dad and brother in jail, Abhay takes INLD centrestage
CHANDIGARH: The sentencing of former Haryana chief minister O P Chautala and his elder son Ajay in the teachers' recruitment scam has now suddenly pitchforked Abhay into the centre of INLD politics. With his father and elder brother in jail, it is now up to Abhay, the senior Chautala's younger son, to shoulder the responsibility of the party, keep the flock together and make crucial political calls. Not that Abhay is a novice in politics. The two-time MLA from Ellanabad, a constituency process the IOC refused to ratify. More colourful than his sibling - he likes to flaunt his Bolywood connection and for years has been getting film stars like Sanjay Dutt and Suneil Shetty for functions and rallies - Abhay has often been in the eye of various storms. His decision, for instance, to field cricketer Yuvraj Singh's father Yograj from the Panchkula seat as the INLD candidate in the state polls of 2010 had stumped everyone. Then, his wife's death in the 1980s due to bullet injury had led to an uproar in Haryana.

Akbar Owaisi's judicial custody extended
HYDERABAD: An Andhra Pradesh court on Tuesday extended MIM leader Akbaruddin Owaisi's judicial custody till Feb 5 in a hate speech case. As the Majlis-eIttehadul Muslimeen (MIM) legislator's 14-day custody was ending on Tuesday, the police produced him in the Munsif magistrate's court in Nirmal, about 200 km from here. The court extended his judicial remand by another two weeks. The MIM leader was later shifted back to district jail in Adilabad town, about 90 km from Nirmal.

Asaduddin Owaisi's bail plea rejected in 2005 case
SANGAREDDY: A local court today dismissed the bail petition of MIM chief and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi in connection with a 2005 case against him for allegedly obstructing the then collector and other officials from discharging their duties. Asaduddin, who was yesterday sent to judicial remand till February 2 in the case by the judicial first class magistrate and prohibition and excise special court in Sangareddy town, had filed a bail application. After hearing the arguments and counter-arguments from the defence and prosecution, the court in Sangareddy town of Medak district dismissed Asaduddin's bail plea, a senior police officer said. Asaduddin had yesterday filed a 'recall petition' in the court seeking cancellation of a non-bailable warrant.

in the INLD's stronghold of Sirsa, has also headed various sports organisations, sometimes controversially, though he has never himself been a sportsman. Just last year he was elected president of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) in a

NEW DELHI: Even as Pakistan used a debate on peacekeeping at the United Nations (UN) to push for a Line of Control (LoC) monitoring role for UNMOGIP, Islamabad said it has conveyed a request to New Delhi to start formal talks at the foreign minister level on the recent LoC firing. External affairs minister, Salman Khurshid, said in response that the bilateral process had been "reaffirmed". "We did hear

India, Pak clash over UN role on LoC

Congress distances from Shinde's 'Hindu terror' remark
NEW DELHI: Congress distanced itself from the home minister's remark on "Hindu terror" even as it kept up pressure on RSS for involvement in terror acts and also accused BJP of targeting Sushilkumar Shinde because he was a Dalit. Amid the BJP aggression over Shinde's comment at Congress's chintan shivir (brainstorming session), AICC general secretary Janardan Dwivedi said, "Congress never uses words like Hindu terror or saffron terror". He added, "Terrorism should not be linked to any religion. Congress does not see any connect between terrorism and any religion or colour."Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh echoed the view that no religion could be linked with terror. "There is no such thing as Hindu terror or Muslim terror. It is religious fundamentalist ideology of RSS which breeds terror activities." However, Singh said Shinde was being targeted with malafide intent because he had only said what was well-known and has been repeatedly articulated by various home ministers, including Sardar Patel after Independence. "BJP is attacking Shinde because he is a Dalit," he alleged. He said the core of Shinde's allegation was based on facts since RSS members had been found to be involved in terror acts across the country.He, instead, asked BJP bigwigs L K Advani and Rajnath Singh to respond why they had backed RSS-linked individuals arrested for terror acts. "When RSS members were arrested, Advani led a delegation to PM to seek the release of Colonel Purohit, Pragya Thakur and Dayanidhi Pandey. Rajnath visited Pragya in jail. The country wants an answer from Advani why he pleaded the case of RSS activists involved in terror acts," Singh said.

some statements about giving access to third parties in this affair. I think we have moved away from that... I think that the contacts between the DGMOs of both sides have indicated that the bilateral process remains in a sustained and steady manner," he said. Meanwhile, Pakistani officials told reporters in Islamabad that it had made a formal request for foreign minister talks.

SHIMLA: The heavy snow that pounded much of the north-western Himalayan belt on Thursday and Friday disrupted normal life and brought traffic to a standstill, uprooting big trees and electric poles, snapping power lines, freezing piped water lines and damaging several houses and cars. In Lahaul-Spiti, Kinnaur and Chamba districts, it triggered avalanches at many places and cut off many villages. In Kinnaur district, seven houses were buried under snow and two people, including a girl, went missing after an avalanche hit Runang village. According to sources, seven houses

Life halts as snow pounds Himachal
were buried under snow, and hundreds of apple trees damaged or uprooted. Seven people from Jammu, staying in the house of one Budhi Ram, were buried under snow. While villagers managed to rescue five of them, they could not find one Ashok and his daughter. Given the poor weather conditions, an alert has been sounded in Kinnaur district. In LahaulSpiti district, dozens of villages remained completely isolated due to heavy snow, while 20 panchayats of Chhota Bhangal in Kangra district had no power supply. Restoring traffic has become a challenge as the heavy snow has brought the public transport system to a halt in snowbound areas. According to Manmohan Singh, director meteorological office, "Shimla recorded 39cm of snow in last 24 hours. The last time it snowed so heavily in January 2004.'' Shimla DC Dinesh Mahlotra said the intense cold wave claimed a person's life at Kufri and a pregnant tourist was rescued from Mashobra and admitted to hospital. He said traffic on the ShimlaKalka road had been restored by noon, but it remained disrupted on the Shimla-Rampur highway as heavy machinery had been pressed into service to open the road at Kufri and Narkanda.





Slight respite from cold conditions in Kashmir Valley

SRINAGAR: Residents of Kashmir got a slight respite from the bitter cold conditions as the night temperatures across the Valley registered an increase of several degrees. The weather has remained dry even as the met department predicted light rainfall or snowfall for Wednesday and Thursday. Most of the water bodies across the Valley, including the world famous Dal Lake, continued to be partially frozen. The summer capital Srinagar, which recorded A man looks at a vehicle which skidded off the road during snowfall. a low of minus 5.3 degrees highway town of Qazigund in degrees Celsius. The night temCelsius on Tuesday, was south Kashmir registered an perature in Kokernag settled at a warmer by two notches at minus increase of over six notches in the low of minus 8.2 degrees Celsius of 3.2 degrees Celsius during night temperature to settle at as compared to minus 8.7 the night, a met department minus 4.0 degrees Celsius as degrees Celsius on Tuesday, the spokesman said. He said the against Tuesday's minus of 10.3 spokesman said.

Robbers clean out 40 lockers at Jalandhar bank
JALANDHAR: Jewellery and cash were stolen from 40 lockers in a daring break-in at the Punjab and Sind Bank branch on Pathankot road. Robbers broke into the strongroom by cutting through the thick iron gate with a gas cutter and opened the lockers the same way. Notes of 1,000 rupee denomination were found lying burnt on the floor. The loss is estimated to run into several crores. Customers started queuing up at the branch on hearing the news. Apart from gold and cash, several NRI customers lost their passports and property papers. Police found evidence hard to come by as the bank did not have CCTV cameras. The robbers scaled the low boundary wall of the adjacent plots lying vacant. Police sources said it could be possible that robbers entered the bank on Thursday night, taking advantage of Friday being a holiday. "It would have taken several hours to melt the entire thick plate around the lock system to open the iron gate, and they broke locks of two doors," said ADCP 1 Naresh Dogra. The break-in came to light when the bank sweeper arrived at 9.45am on Saturday and found the locks of the shutter broken. Bank manager Ashwani Kapoor said that out of the 40 lockers broken, three were empty and one was yet to be allotted. Major Singh Kler of Nurpur village said his family had kept around 750gm of gold for the the marriage of their daughter, but had lost all of it. Dr Sandeep Sharma said he had hired the locker just three months back and stored around 5gm gold. Kuldeep Kaur, an NRI from US, said she had kept three passports, green card, 25 tola gold and some cash in the locker.

Naga sadhus leave from their camp for a dip at Sangam in Allahabad.

Naga sadhus lead Maha Kumbh, thousands take dip
The world's largest gathering of people, the 55-day Kumbh congregation, began in this north India town on Monday with tens of thousands of devotees, led by ashsmeared Naga ascetics, taking a dip at the Sangam - the confluence of the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers. Held in Allahabad after every 12 years, the first day of the Maha Kumbh is likely to see more than 50 lakh people taking a holy dip on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, senior official BP Singh said. Elaborate arrangements were made on the VIP ghat, where the 13 sects of sadhus lead bathers in a mutually agreed sequence. The fraternity was led by Maha Nirvani Akhada and was followed by Niranjani, Anand, Juna and Bairagi akahadas, among others. As the clock struck five on Monday morning, heavily decked-up chariots, some in silver and gold, wound their way to the Sangam, with hundreds following in procession on foot, beating drums and blowing conch shells. There was a mad frenzy in the foreign and national media, with photographers rushing to get winner shots of the naked, ash-smeared 'Naga' sadhus jumping into the chilly waters of the Ganges. Before they did so, the sadhus danced and threw garlands at the press gallery in gay abandon, waving to hundreds of followers on the other side.

Shinde has become the darling of LeT, JuD: RSS
NEW DELHI: RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav said on Monday that Union home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde's comment on Hindu terror have made "real terrorists" like the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and the Jamaat-udDawa (JuD) very happy, and added that they have welcomed it. "Today, Jamaat ud Dawa etc. congratulated Shinde. Now, he has become the darling of real terrorists. It is Shinde who is helping our enemies by such statements. Now, even the LeT has welcomed his statement I am told," Madhav tweeted.

British police said on Wednesday they do not believe an Indian student whose body was found in a canal was attacked. Souvik Pal, an 18-year-old student at Manchester Metropolitan University in northwest England, had been missing since New Year's Eve after celebrating with friends at a nightclub in the city. Police said his body was found in a canal in the Old Trafford area of the city, which is home to the stadium of Manchester United Football Club. Detective

Indian student found dead in UK 'wasn't attacked'

Chief Inspector Colin Larkin of Greater Manchester Police said: "Our thoughts and condolences are with Souvik's family at this devastating time and our officers are doing all they can to support them. "We do not believe there are any suspicious circumstances surrounding Souvik's death and a file will be submitted to the coroner in due course." Pal's father Santanu had flown from the family's home in Bangalore to help with the police search.

SGPC lauds gurudwara for refusing to hold prayers for 1965 war hero
CHANDIGARH: The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee lauded the management of a Panchkula-based gurudwara in Haryana for refusing to hold prayers for 1965 war hero Lt Gen RS Dyal on Monday because he participated in Operation Bluestar. Dyal's widow, Barinder Kaur Dyal, was refused permission to hold prayers in memory of the war hero because of his participation in 1984 military action to flush out militants holed up in Golden Temple, sources said. Lt Gen Dyal died on January 29 last year. SGPC president Avtar Singh Makkar said on Monday that there was nothing wrong in refusing to hold prayers on the death anniversary of Lt Gen Dyal since he had "attacked the Golden Temple". Lt Gen Dyal was awarded Maha Vir Chakra for the capture of Haji Pir Pass in J&K during the 1965 Indo-Pak war and decision reflects the Sikhs' annoyance and anguish against Bluestar," said Makkar. Dyal should have refused to attack Sikhs' holiest shrine as he is a Sikh, Makkar added. However, the head granthi of Panchkula gurudwara Palvinder Singh said that nobody contacted him for holding prayers. "We never refused anyone wishing to hold prayers. There could have been a problem with availability of dates," Palvinder claimed. Asked whether SGPC would take the same stand if the family of a Bluestar soldier came to the Golden Temple for a similar function, Makkar said, "We cannot stop anyone from coming to Golden Temple. We will decide if and when we face such a situation." Sources said Barinder had approached the gurudwara for performing 'bhog' ceremony in December on the first death anniversary, according to the Sikh calendar. Though she has refused to comment, those close to the family said she was refused permission. Barinder finally held the ceremony at her house and the langar (community kitchen) was organized at the Khetrapal Officers' Institute inside the Chandimandir cantonment in Panchkula, said sources. Sources said that the management of the gurudwara had allowed the family to hold prayers after his death last year.

was chief of staff, Western Command, at the time of Bluestar. "The gurudwara management committee's



fiji neWs


Fiji strengthens

iji is boosting its military relations with China. A highpowered military delegation from China has met with Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama to discuss increasing defence cooperation between the two countries. Fiji's Information Ministry say there will be increased assistance in vehicles, uniforms and stationery equipment as well as training opportunities for Fiji's defence personnel. Two years ago the Fiji military received road construction and maintenance vehicles from China.


China military ties

PM meets high-powered Chinese military delegation
THe fiji Military is set to receive more assistance from their Chinese counterparts after a meeting between top brass of the two armed forces took place yesterday. A highpowered Chinese Military delegation led by Chief of the Foreign Affairs Office in China's Ministry of Defence Major General Qian Lihua was hosted by Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama. A Ministry of Information statement said Commodore Bainimarama expressed to Maj-Gen Lihua his appreciation for China's continued support to Fiji in terms of nation building and defence assistance. "This latest development will also see an increased assistance in vehicles, uniforms and stationery equipment as well as training opportunities for defence personnel," the statement said. "China's support towards Fiji's military saw the deployment of machinery towards infrastructure developments across the country to support rural development projects," the statement said. Maj-Gen Lihua was accompanied by Chinese accorded a full traditional ceremony of welcome at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua, Suva. In 2011, the military forces received road construction and maintenance vehicles from the Peoples Republic of China which is assisting government with its rural development projects. The projects are being implemented by the Fiji Military Forces. China's partnership and bilateral relations with Major General Qian Lihua is received by the Commander of the Fiji Fiji were strengthened folMilitary Forces and Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama lowing smart sanctions at the RFMF Camp yesterday. imposed by Australia and ambassador to Fiji, Huang Yong and was New Zealand in 2007.

Namotu hosts surf meet
SOME of the country's top surfers including Aca Raculo and Isei Tokovou will descend on Namotu Island tomorrow to participate in the third annual Craig McElrath Memorial competition. A total of 25 surfers are expected to enter the one-day event. Fiji Surfing Association secretary Edward Lovell said there would be many junior surfers. "The surfing competition will have a series of longboard events in the open and junior divisions," Lovell said. "We are grateful to Namotu Island Resort to host the event and to McDonalds Nadi to sponsor the prizes. "The competition is being held in the memory of Craig McElrath who was a director of McDonalds as well as an enthusiastic surfer and longboard competitors." "He was secretary of the FSA prior to his untimely death in 2010 due to cancer." Veteran Ian Muller will participate in the competition.

New jail
A NEW corrections facility has been built in Taveuni to accommodate the increasing number of inmates in the area. Confirming this the Corrections Service's Northern supervisor, ASP Penisoni Tuapati, said the centre would accommodate 60 inmates including those from Tunuloa and Buca Bay. ASP Tuapati said minor works such as the completion of the dining hall was still in progress. "This is a well-structured centre and can house a total of 60 inmates," he said. "Now, inmates in the area will not be transferred to the Vaturekuka Corrections Centre, instead they will serve their jail term at the Taveuni centre. "This is also a relief for their families and relatives because they don't have to fork out extra money to visit their loved ones at the centre in Labasa."

Commissioner: Focus on reducing crimes against women, children
POLICE Commissioner Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua says the
police force should focus more on the reduction of crimes against women and children in Fiji. BrigGen Naivalurua made the remark at the fourth quarter police parade at Nasova in Suva yesterday. He said crime against women increased by 89 per cent compared to the fourth quarter of 2011 and increase by 11 per cent compared to the third quarter of 2012. He said crime against children increased by 89 per cent compared to the fourth quarter of 2011 and by 74 per cent compared to the third quarter of 2012. The commissioner said strategies should focus on the two groups. "This can only be possible if you are committed and focus ahead. "There is a dire need for the commu-

Police Commissioner Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua inspects his officers during the Commissioner of Police 4th quarter parade at Nasova grounds in Nasese, Suva yesterday.

nity to play a more inclusive and participatory role in fighting crime as the force can no longer do the work alone." Brig-Gen Naivalurua said all crimes boiled down to the issue of morality. Since 2010, he said the police had carefully planned its path to improve and transform the force. He admitted it has been a tough battle with

so many challenges along the way both internally and externally. The end of January marks the end of the 2012 policing calendar, one that has been described as "challenging". Offences such as rape, attempted rape, defilement and sexual offence were also of great concern throughout the fourth quarter of operations.

$4 bribe lands man in jail for a year
A MAN who asked the court for forgiveness yesterday was warned against using his children as an excuse because his actions were clear that he did not care about anyone but himself. Joeli Vunisa was convicted with one count of bribery and one of drunk driving and jailed for one year. In court, he said his actions were completely out of character and begged the court to consider a lenient sentence. On November last year, Vunisa was driving a taxi when he was stopped by police officer Gyaneshwar Pillay. After Mr Pillay learned the accused was drunk, he (Vunisa) took out $4 from his wallet and offered it to the officer.


Election guide for youths
A YOUTH-BASED non government organisation has launched a civic education campaign to guide youths to the 2014 election. The 'Want My Vote in 2014?' campaign, launched on Wednesday, focuses on educating young people to vote along political party policy lines. Aspire Network executive director Kaajal Kumar said the campaign featured young people from around Fiji and cross cutting issues that affected the young. The youth-based NGO is a multiracial and apolitical NGO that was formed out of a movement of young people who came from middle and poor families but became successful in life. "The NGO aims to improve living standards of disadvantaged and rural young people. The NGO believes this can only be achieved if Fiji has a stable government which focuses on the needs of its people," Ms Kumar said.



Police talk to kill suspect
CHARGES are expected to be laid today against a man who is alleged to have stabbed a 33-yearold woman to death in Tailevu two weeks ago. When this edition went to press last night, the man was still being interrogated at the Nausori Police Station. Police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri said Sailasa Mociu was escorted by police from Nadi to Nausori yesterday morning. He said the 43-year-old suspect, who had been on the run for 14 days, was arrested when he presented himself to a law firm in Lautoka on Wednesday. "They are still questioning him at the moment and no charges have been laid yet," Insp Sokomuri said. Kasaya Veisei died after she was allegedly stabbed at Naisaumua Village on January 9. Meanwhile, the family of the deceased have taken the woman's four children into their care. The deceased's uncle Jone Luvenitoga has taken the youngest daughter into his care while her three elder siblings are with an aunt. Mr Luvenitoga said they were grateful to police officers in Korovou for providing books and stationery to prepare the children for the new school year. He said on Tuesday, the youngest child looked around for her mother to take her to school as she did daily while attending kindergarten. He said the new addition to their family was a blessi


For a brighter future
If it's true that education is a life-long process, then we're all still supposed to be actively engaged in it. Shoppers looking for uniforms the weekend before school started.

HE final draft of the country's constitution will be ready by March. This was revealed by Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola during a courtesy call to Solomon Islands Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo on Monday. Ministry spokesman Peni Namotu said Ratu Inoke updated Mr Lilo on a number of issues. Mr Namotu said the minister specified that while the merits of such a draft constitution were being acknowledged, there were certain critical elements that required further discourse and analysis. "This is such as the size of Parliament relative to the size of Fiji's population, and the notion of a largely

Draft constitution ready by March T
unelected national people's assembly comprised principally of nongovernment organisations sitting alongside the elected Parliament," he said. Ratu Inoke told Mr Lilo the possible amendments that the Constituent Assembly would be considering, to the draft constitution, as opposed to what activists are deliberately interpreting to be 'a new draft constitution'. "Minister Kubuabola assured PM Lilo that the new constitution would be ready by March this year." He conveyed his confidence that Fiji would be meticulously monitoring the undertakings of the Constituent Assembly over the next month to ensure that the crux of the new constitution enshrines issues that are fundamental to democracy, and reiterated his support and the support of the government of the Solomon Islands to Fiji's efforts towards Parliamentary Elections in 2014. Ratu Inoke also provided an outline of the recent developments on Fiji's new Constitution, confirming that following the successful completion of national consultations, a draft constitution had been tabled to the President of Fiji. Mr Lilo thanked Ratu Inoke on recent political developments in Fiji, commending the manner in which Fiji has meanwhile conducted herself on the international front.

URING a trip to Suva as a Fiji Sugar Corporation apprentice to study at the then Fiji Institute of Technology, Derek Mar who was from FSC Labasa, invited me for a few bowls of yaqona at his cousin's place at Votua Rd in Samabula North. As the evening progressed, one of the participants at that yaqona-drinking session told us of two young brothers. For the purpose of this story, the older of the two shall be Jerry and the younger John. Jerry had just started school and according to the storyteller had been very excited about the whole thing and all that went with it, the shopping, the choices to make for this and that and what not. He had risen early for his first day of school and had come back enthusiasm undiminished. So they were somewhat surprised when he did not rise as early for his second day at school. When awoken, he said he did not want to go to school as he had already gone yesterday. That day he said was John's turn to go in his stead. Without a doubt, almost all of us will have some funny or even hilarious story connected to our days as a student; at primary, secondary and even

tertiary level. And there would have been days when it seemed it wasn't worth looking forward to tomorrow. With the passing of the years, some of those not-so-good moments would have through the lens of time lost some of the jagged edges and acquired some laughable aspects. But no matter how far ago one sat behind a desk, it is safe to say you were sent there by a parent or guardian so you could have a brighter future. It was an investment. Having mentioned investment, it brings back a story of some cousins from Cakaudrove in Vanua Levu who were all in university at the same time. And for some reason or the other, they were taking longer than usual to finish their

respective programs. During one of their gatherings, another cousin an engineer who was at that time based in Labasa, made his views of their lethargic progress known to them. He said to the slowmotion undergraduates that if they were to be treated strictly as investments, then they would have been insolvent and declared bankrupt. The commercial analogy may not entirely be that accurate, but the message was clear enough. To their credit, they are now graduates. I believe one is in New Zealand. Another is back at university after having completed some postgraduate studies. So for at least one of them the investment in classroom education had continued.

Donors are entitled for Income tax exemption order as per rules under section 80 G (5) (VI) of the Income Tax 1961

WORK AREA- ALL INDIA Established- 6 years back on 24th Jan. 2006. Registered by Registrar of Societies, Govt. of NCT of Delhi Under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, vide Registration no. 54738 of 2006 and Approved by Ministry Home Affairs, Govt. of India under Foreign Contribution Act

House of refuge Salaseini Moceiwai
EOPLE of Bua can breathe a sigh of relief with the completion of a rest house at the Nabouwalu Hospital. Immediate relatives of patients at the district hospital will worry no more about hiring vehicles to visit them on a daily basis. The rest house was an initiative of the Health Ministry through a privatepublic partnership. In a statement, Health Minister Doctor Neil Sharma said immediate relatives of patients, who lived some distance from the hospital, could stay at the rest house instead of forking out extra money on transportation. "This basically means relatives can save money and time because they will be closer to their loved ones at the hospital," Dr Sharma said. "The house has improved facilities such as a toilet, bathroom and a kitchen." Meanwhile, the Bua Nursing Station has been relocated to Wainunu so those living in the area can have easy access to medical treatment. It was earlier reported that about $10,000 was set aside by the government to relocate the station. Dr Sharma will tour hospitals and health centres in the Northern Division next week. The relocation and upgrade of facilities is part of government's overall plan to improve health service delivery to the people of Fiji.

ANZ donates to Fiji Red Cross
Fiji Red Cross efforts to assist victims of Cyclone Evan received a further boost this morning with a donation of $30,000 from the ANZ Bank. ANZ chief executive, Pacific and Fiji,Vishnu Mohan says the donation is part of $100,000 that the bank will be distributing to selected charity organizations in the next few days. While receiving the donation, Fiji Red Cross Society director Filipe Nainoca says it’s a timely assistance and will go towards rehabilitation works in the West. “With your generous donation today, we will be able to see how we can best help those who are unable to step-up and help themselves.” The western parts of Fiji suffered the most damage in Cyclone Evan last month.

Bank details for donation
Donors are entitled for Income tax exemption order as per rules under section 80 G (5) (VI) of the Income Tax 1961

Axis Bank Ltd., Greater Kailash II, Delhi (DL), S-266, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi-110048. Aditya Vocational & Health Care Society Account Label- FCRA, Customer ID no. 835343160 And Account no. 910010023784119, IFS Code- UTIB0000268, Swift Code: AXISSINBB268

We serve people (particularly patients) below poverty line on Preventive & Curative front of Health Care such as

We also impart Vocational Training to make them self dependent. We also help them financially as well as through medicines and cloths etc. Free of cost
We have team of dedicated Doctors, Specialists, Psychologist, Surgeons, Gynecologists, Radiologists and Social workers on the panel of our NGO to serve the needy free of cost. We organize medical camps for the diagnosis/warning of Cancer, AIDS/HIV & Eye check up. We also organize specially designed lectures for students as preventive measure against HIV/AIDS, Cancer & Cataract

ContaCt: 650-303-3468



LAHORE: Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari should "quit political activities" and give up the post of the chief of the ruling PPP in line with a judgement issued last year, the Lahore high court has said. The Chief Justice of the high court, Umar Ata Bandial, asked Wasim Sajjad, the counsel for the federal government, to present a clear point of view on behalf of the president about implementing the court's order of May 12, 2011 that had said Zardari was expected to quit as the chief of the PPP. Bandial, who is heading a five-judge bench that is hearing a petition seeking action against Zardari under the contempt of court law, gave Sajjad time till February 6 to file the president's reply. He said the court would decide the matter without any further delay. Sajjad argued there was no such urgency in the matter and considerable time should be granted to seek the president's view. He said the president enjoyed immunity under Article 248 of the Constitution.


‘My children select best option Bilawal’
LAHORE: Governor Punjab Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood said on Monday that Maryam Nawaz, Hamza Shahbaz, Bilawal Bhutto and Moonis Elahi were the options available to his children for their future but they selected the best option Bilawal Bhutto, Geo News reported. Talking to mediamen in Lahore, Ahmed Mehmood said, Southern Punjab is getting poor while Lahore is becoming rich.

Zardari should give up post of PPP chief: Lahore high court
asked Sajjad whether punishment under Article 204 of the Constitution fell under the ambit of criminal proceedings. Sajjad said the president was not above the law but the procedure to punish him was defined in Article 47 of the Constitution, which relates to impeachment. He said the President had not violated any law or order of the high court. "The case is a consequence of misinterpretation and misunderstanding as the court has not issued any direct order to the president. The president is a symbol of all authorities and he is the face of Pakistan and he cannot be dragged to courts like ordinary citizens," Sajjad said. Bandial said the court had no intention to summon the president until the offence was proved. He asked Sajjad to present the personal views of the president about his political activities so that the court could stop hearing the case or decide the matter with no further delay.

The Chief Justice remarked: "Contempt proceeding is not launched to bring punishment only but to get the contemnor to realise his offence." He

Investigating officer probing Pakistan PM Raja Pervez Ashraf graft case found dead
ISLAMABAD: A senior Pakistani investigator probing graft charges involving Premier Raja Pervez Ashraf was found dead in mysterious circumstances at his official accommodation here on Friday, police said, amid reports that he was "under pressure" due to the high-profile case. Kamran Faisal, an assistant director of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), was found hanging from a fan in his room at the Federal Lodges in Islamabad, police officials said. Preliminary investigations suggested he had committed suicide, the offi-

Canada asks Qadri: Why asylum oath violated?
ISLAMABAD: Firebrand cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri, who led a massive protest against the government here, has been summoned by Canadian authorities to explain a violation of the oath he had taken while seeking asylum there, under which he had stated that he was not allowed to enter Pakistan. The Royal Canadian Mounted police summoned Qadri, the head of the Tehrik Minhaj-ulQuran, to appear on February 5, Express News channel reported on Friday. The Canadian authorities said Qadri had violated an oath stating that he was not allowed to enter Pakistan.

Pakistan's nukes face threat from army insiders'
LONDON: The threat to Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is from within the Pakistani army and there's no way external powers can destroy or seize these as long as Islamabad doesn't make the mistake of attacking India, writes MIT-educated Pakistani nuclear scientist Pervez Hoodbhoy in his book, "Confronting the Bomb" . Hoodbhoy writes that Pakistani army insiders in collusion with an external Islamic group could be plotting to appropriate nuclear assets, unknown to authorities entrusted with protecting these. In February 2000, Pervez Musharraf, then chief of army staff and head of Pakistan government, created a nuclear command, which included a strategic plans division (SPD), which has physical custody of the weapons. Hoodbhoy argues, "Whatever the procedures and equipment Pakistan may adopt, they can only be as good as the men who operate them. Mindsets and intentions matter more than anything else." He adds, "The fear of loose weapons comes from the fact that Pakistan's armed forces harbour a hidden enemy within their ranks. Those wearing the cloak of religion freely walk in and out of top security nuclear installations every day." He emphasizes, "The fear of the insider is ubiquitous and well-founded," and describes the Pakistani army as "a heavily Islamicised rank-and-file brimming with seditious thoughts." There are two Pakistani armies, he maintains. One led by General Pervez Ashraf Kayani and the other by Allah. "It is difficult to find another example where the defence apparatus of a modern state has been rendered so vulnerable by the threat posed by military insiders."

KARACHI: South Asians for Human Rights (SAHR) has lauded the decision of Pakistan to release all Indian fishermen under detention in Pakistani prisons. In a statement issued today, SAHR said More than 200 Indian fishermen are in Pakistan's jail while around 100 Pakistani fishermen are in Indian prisons. "We welcome the decision of Pakistan government to release the Indian fishermen and appeal them to also release their boats," the statement said. It said around 300 Indian boats are in the custody of Pakistan. "These

SAHR lauds decision to release fishermen Pak legislator, 3 others
KARACHI: A Muttahida Qaumi Movement leader and three others, including two policemen, were shot dead by unidentified gunmen in this southern Pakistani port city today, triggering protests by the party's workers. Manzar Imam, a member of the Sindh Assembly, and a bodyguard were killed instantly in Orangi Town area of Karachi. Two policemen assigned to protect Imam died later in hospital, police officials said. The attackers, who were riding motorcycles, escaped after the shoot-

cials said. Islamabad Police chief Bin Yamin told reporters the cause of death would be established by an autopsy. Faisal, whose body was sent to the state-run Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences for autopsy, was one of two investigation officers probing allegations of graft in rental power projects.

gunned down in Karachi
ing. No group claimed responsibility for the incident. MQM leaders said Imam may have been targeted for speaking out against attacks on the minority Shia community. Immediately after the killing, protests by MQM workers erupted at several places across Pakistan's largest city. The MQM is a member of the Pakistan People's Party-led governments at the centre and in southern Sindh province. Karachi has for long been troubled by political and sectarian violence.

boats are the sources of livelihood for poor fishermen." SAHR also appealed to the Indian government to release all Pakistani fishermen from

Indian jails. It said both India and Pakistan need to move forward and work for a 'No Arrest Policy'. SAHR called for implementation of the

new visa agreement from 15 March. Earlier, Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik, ordered immediate release of the Indian fishermen.

Elections to be held on time: PM
ISLAMABAD: Prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf Tuesday said that the elections will be held on time under an aindependent Election Commission (ECP). He said during his address at the National Defense University that the government was committed to hold free and fair elections. The PM was of the view that terrorism has had an impact on our life style and there was a national consensus to bring an end to it.

Karachi violence devours 13 lives
KARACHI: At least 13 people, including a Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz officer bearer along with his son, were shot dead in the latest spate of violence in the port city, Geo News reported in the early hours of Wednesday. Senior Police Superintendent Nasir Aftab said unknown armed men opened fire on a vehicle in Denfence Phase VI area, killing two people. He said that the slain were identified as Mian Arbab and his son Mian Taimur. He said Mian Tamur was a the city. Police said that Hasan Alam, a senior doctor at Sindh Government Hospital New Karachi, was killed when unknown assailants riding motorcycle opened fire on his vehicle near Power House. A police inspector was shot dead in Nagan Chowrangi. Unidentified motorcyclists sprayed a man with bullets and managed to flee in Muhajir Camp locality of the Baldia Town. Identity of the deceased was yet to be known. A man was gunned down in Musa Lane area of Lyari.

local leader of the PML-N. The PML-N also confirmed that Arbab was associated with the party. Till midnight at least 11 people fell vic-

tim to targeted killings in different parts of the city. According to reports, four bodies were also recovered from different parts of

Kamran Faisal was killed: Brother-in-Law




Eight killed in Karachi
KARACHI: Five people were killed in firing incidents, while two bodies of men and strangled body of a woman were found in different areas of the city on Tuesday. Thirty-five-years-old Shahzed S/o Ghulam Hussain, resident of Golimar was gunned down by unidentified armed men near Golimar Number-1 in the Limit of Rizvia Police Station. The body was moved to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for autopsy. Medico-Legal Officer said the victim received one bullet in face and another in chest and died on spot. Twenty-two year old Nadeem S/o Waqar was killed in firing by two pital. Similarly, a man, aged around 25 was killed by unidentified armed men near a garbage dumping point in Old Hajji Camp area in the jurisdiction of Napier police station. The body was taken to Civil Hospital Karachi Hospital for postmortem. A 22-years-old, Javaid s/o Allah Wasaya was gunned down by unidentified armed men in Ibrahim Goth, Maripur area in the limits of Maripur Police Station. The body was moved to CHK for autopsy. Meanwhile, two dead bodies with their hands and legs tied up with ropes were found from Baldia Town in the limits of SITE B Police Station. The bodies were shifted to CHK for medico-legal formalities. The identity of both victims could not be ascertained. One of the bodies had been beheaded and the head was found from Shershah area. The strangled body of 25-years-old woman Latifa w/o Bilal was found from her home in Mubarak village Mauripur area in the limits of Mauripur Police Station. It was moved to CHK for medico-legal formalities. A 35-year-old, Muhammad Ramzan S/o Bahadur was injured in firing of unidentified attackers near Liaquatabad Number-4. He was rushed to ASH for treatment.

ISLAMABAD: Brother-in-law of slain National Accountability Bureau (NAB) investigation officer Kamran Faisal has said that he is 100 percent sure that Kamran Faisal got killed, requesting Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto notice on the issue, Geo News reported. According to details, Hamid Muneer, brother-in-law of Kamran Faisal, Wednesday reached Supreme Court to submit a plea from his sister seeking suo moto notice on this case. SC Registrar directed Hamid Muneer to submit regular petition and bring the petitioner to court.

unidentified men riding a motorcycle in MalirKhokhrapar Number 2/12 area in the precinct of Malir-Khokhrapar Police Station. The body was moved to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre for postmortem. Separately, 50-yearsold Muhammad Jamil

was killed in firing of unknown attackers near Northern Bypass, Khairabad area in the limits of Manghopir police station. The body was moved to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for autopsy. The victims received three bullets and died on way to hos-

'India minister admits terror mongering'
LAHORE: Chief of Jamat-ud-Dawah Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said on Monday that Indian Home Minister confessed that few Indian parties are involved in carrying out terrorism in Pakistan, demanding to declare the neighbouring country a 'terrorist state'. Talking to press conference here on Monday, Hafiz Saeed said India tries to hide its terrorism on the basis of incidents like Mumbai attack. There is no advantage in trade agreement between the two countries until India

Govt firm, says polls by May 15
ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan government said it is determined to complete its five-year term and to hold the polls by May 15. "All the parties and real stakeholders have agreed that assemblies will complete their term on March 16," information minister Qamar Zaman Kaira said. Earlier, oppposition parties had demanded that government should announce the schedule for the polls.

Only UN can find the truth, says Pakistani daily
ISLAMABAD: Only the UN can find the real truth behind the India-Pakistan clashes on the Jammu and Kashmir border, a Pakistani daily said on Sunday. There was "no better forum" than a UN observer group for this task, the Dawn said in an editorial. New Delhi cannot bypass the UN Military Observer Group for India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) although it keeps referring to the 1972 Shimla pact to keep away third parties in India-Pakistan conflicts. The Simla agreement, it said, aims to settle differences between India and Pakistan "by peaceful means through bilateral negotiations or by any other peaceful means mutually agreed upon". The UNMOGIP's role was one of an observer to "monitor developments pertaining to the strict observance of the ceasefire of 17 Dec 1971", the day the last major IndiaPakistan war ended, the daily said. "Mercifully, the two governments have decided not to exacerbate matters," it said. Pakistani foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar said the border clashes should not be allowed to derail the India-Pakistan peace process. "But that doesn't mean that the facts regarding these recent LoC (Line of Control) incidents should not be established," the daily said. "If Pakistan and India cannot establish the truth themselves through cooperation and in an impartial manner, then there is no better forum than the UNMOGIP to do so," it said.

changed its behaviour towards Pakistan, he added. 'America and India have evil eyes on Pakistan's atomic and missile programs', said Hafeez Saeed. He said that rulers should come up with a solid reply over protection of its atomic reactors and 'Indian terrorism'.

Pakistan supreme court admits petition against Sherry Rehman on blasphemy
ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan supreme court on Thursday admitted a businessman's petition seeking action against Sherry Rehman, Pakistan's ambassador to the US, for allegedly committing blasphemy over two years ago. The petition filed by Fahim Akhtar Gill, a trader from Multan in Punjab province, was heard by a two-judge bench.

Kidnapped Sikh man beheaded in Pakistan's tribal belt
ISLAMABAD: A militant group in Pakistan's lawless tribal belt beheaded a Sikh man kidnapped over a month ago after accusing him of acting as a "spy" for a rival outfit, media reports said today. Mohinder Singh, 40, was kidnapped from his shop in Tabbai village of Khyber Agency by unidentified armed men on November 20. Singh was a seller of herbal medicines, a trade that is common among Sikhs in northwest Pakistan. Singh was beheaded yesterday and his body was mutilated before it was packed in a sack and dumped at Zakhakhel Bazaar in Khyber Agency, unnamed officials were quoted as saying by the Dawn newspaper. The officials said Tawheedul Islam, a militant group, had claimed responsibility for killing Singh. A note left with the body said Singh had been killed for spying for a rival militant group, the Lashkar-e-Islam. The body was identified by the slain man's brother Daswant Singh. He said his brother's killing was a "cruel act" against members of the minority Sikh community. "We have no enmity with anyone and have lived peacefully in Khyber Agency for more than six decades," he said. Daswant told The News daily that his family had earlier approached the Tauheedul Islam, a pro-government militia of Zakhakhel tribesmen, but it had claimed it did not know the whereabouts of Singh. "After we tried and used all tribal channels and sources for the recovery of my brother, we sent an application to Mutahir Zeb, Political Agent of the Khyber Agency, on December 13 to seek his support," Daswant said.

Army role on borders commendable: Nisar
ISLAMABAD: Leader of the opposition Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan praised the efforts of the Pakistan Army in defending the borders. Addressing the National Assembly session, he said that the whole nation is right behind our Army for protecting every nook and corner of the country. He also said that the head of our soldier that was beheaded at the border must be returned.

Pakistan has world's fastest growing nuclear stockpile
LONDON: Pakistan has the fastest growing nuclear arsenal with around 115 warheads, MIT-educated Pakistani scientist Pervez Hoodbhoy says in a book Confronting the Bomb published by Oxford University Press, which is to be launched in London next week. Hoodbhoy also maintains Pakistan has made "phenomenal progress in missile making" and that over the next 5-10 years missiles will replace aircraft as far as its delivery of weapons infrastructure is concerned. Ghauri, of course, is virtually imported from North Korea with China's assistance. Of the five kinds of missiles deployed so far, Babur, with a 500700km range, is a nuclear-capable cruise missile comparable to the American Tomahawk. This has been developed to try and avoid radar detection. Besides, a 1,000km version is reported to be in the making. However, Hoodbhoy argues there are "various constraints that might limit a still larger increase" in the Pakistani nuclear stockpile, which is considered to be the world's fifth largest. At the same time, as per an estimate projected by the Federation of American Scientists in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists and quoted by him, this could reach 150200 in a decade. Hoodbhoy points out: "Pakistan has not denied The Bulletin's report." Based on satellite images of reactors, the author goes on to say: "Pakistan almost certainly has a handful of plutoniumbased warheads (the majority still emanating from uranium-enrichment) whose smaller weight makes them more suitable for delivery by missiles over longer ranges." According to an American assessment: "Pakistan's construction of these new reactors at the Khushab site will result in a dramatic increase in plutonium production capability. Combined, the three new reactors will be able to produce enough plutonium for over 12 nuclear weapons per year, depending on the reactors' size and operating efficiencies." Pakistan is building a fourth plutonium processing plant, which could increase the number of weapons manufactured per annum to between 19 and 26. However, since India is believed to possess fusion weapons (or hydrogen bombs, which are many times more powerful), which were tested in May 1998, Pakistan is said to be anxious to match this capability





We don’t believe in using police as political weapon: Hasina
Dhaka: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Tuesday said that her government does not believe in using the police force as a political weapon. “We don’t believe in using the police force as a political weapon,” she said and directed the members of Bangladesh Police to bring the criminals under the purview of law disregarding whoever he or she might be. Inaugurating the Police Week 2013 at a function at Rajarbagh Police Lines, Hasina said: “Whoever the law breaker, it is the responsibility of the police to bring them under the purview of the law.” She mentioned that the police will have to act as per the law to ensure public security and this is the task of the force. The Prime Minister asked the police to increase the use of technology in identifying the criminals and gathering intelligence, cutting down dependence on traditional “source” system. Assuring all out government support in preventing regional and international crimes, unearthing facts and collecting evidence and information on high tech crimes, she asked the police force to acquire special skill for implementing E-policing through increasing use of ICT. Hasina said police should be time-befitting in identifying and combating the transnational crimes Termed the Bangladesh Police as a traditional organisation, she said it is engaged in establishing peace, justice and discipline in the society. The Prime Minister said the present government has adopted the threeyear strategic plan for the police force. Besides, industrial police has already been introduced and establishment of Tourist Police, Campus Police and Marine Police is nearing completion. She praised the police force for their responsible role in containing militancy, terrorism and extremism, and in the investigation of Bangabandhu murder case and BDR killing case. Hasina said the government has taken steps to reach the services of police to the door steps of the people. “Nowadays, due to the proper discharge of duties by the police, peace and confidence have returned among the people.” Recalling the sacrifices of the members of police force on the dark night of 25 March 1971, she said that in recognition of their huge sacrifice, her government for the first time awarded the force with Swadhinata Award 2011. The Prime Minister said that after assuming office this time, her government has undertaken measures to turn the police force into a modern, dynamic and time-befitting “pro-people service.”

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina adorn a female polie with PPM and BPM medals at Rajarbagh Police Line on Tuesday for her heroic activities marking Annual Police Week-2013.

like terrorism, cyber crime, money laundering, drugs and human trafficking, and illegal arms trade. She mentioned that the role of police force is of

vital importance in ensuring internal security, improving law and order, curbing crimes, upholding human rights and establishing rule of law.

Women need more adaptation funding, activists charge
DHAKA : Despite being disproportionately affected by climate change, women and girls are getting relatively little attention and money in Bangladesh’s climate adaptation initiatives, activists and negotiators say. The Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund, financed with Tk 25 billion ($305 million) from the national budget, has financed only one project focused on women out of 109 climate adaptation and mitigation projects, they say. Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, coordinator of the Bangladesh climate negotiation team and a trustee of the trust fund, told AlertNet that women are just one of many groups still receiving relatively little funding. We have to tackle many aspects in fighting climate change,” he said. So far, women have not received much funding but “we will definitely finance such projects if the government bodies or NGOs submit proposals,” he said. One problem, Ahmad said, is that “we received very few project proposals in this field from government bodies” and the fund is yet to support NGO projects. Another climate change fund, the donor-supported Bangladesh Climate Change Resilience Fund, has so far funded seven projects; none of those funded so far are focused on women. Among the approved projects 41 percent are construction of embankments and dykes, 25 percent for environment protection, 12 percent for river engineering work, 12 percent for research, 4 percent for awareness building and 2 percent for water and sanitation. The lone project focused on women’s issues - “Water Supply and Social Protection of Vulnerable Women and Children in Ecologically Fragile Areas” - is under implementation in Bhola, a southern Bangladesh district.

International Trade Union Confederation and Bangladesh Council formed a human chain in front of the Jatiya Press Club on Tuesday demanding arrest of owner of Tazreen Fashions and punishment to rapists and acid throwers.

No facility to India till signing of Teesta treaty: Minister
DHAKA : Members of the Indo-Bangladesh Joint Rivers Commission (JRC) are going to take up some of the long standing thorny issues like the implementation of the Ganges treaty, joint study on the Tipaimukh dam and other water-related issues, water resources minister Ramesh Chandra Sen told The Independent on Tuesday. The members of the JRC will meet in Dhaka on January 31, according to sources in the water resources ministry. JRC member Mir Sajjad Hossain said NK Mathur will lead the Indian team. “It is a routine meeting. Implementation of the Ganges treaty and joint study on the proposed Tipaimukh dam will be discussed,” he added. He, however, did not elaborate on the issues. The date of a minister-level JRC meeting is yet to be fixed, he said. The 37th JRC meeting had taken place in New Delhi in March 2010, while the next was supposed to

DHAKA: A fire broke out in a multi-storied readymade garments factory in Gazipur Sadar upazila on Wednesday. Gazipur Fire Service Deputy-Assistant Director Mohammad Akhtaru-zzaman said the fire broke out at Polygon Fashion Limited around 11:00am. “No casualties took place.” According to him some cast-off clothes were gutted in the fire. Akhtaruzzaman said the fire soon engulfed the entire eighth floor.

have been held in Dhaka in 2011. Sen said the Indian government was reluctant to hold the next JRC meeting, despite repeated reminders from Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina and her Indian counterpart, Dr Manmohan Singh, had asked their ministers to hold a JRC meeting three months before the Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Dhaka in September 2011. But the Indian side did not fix any date for the meeting. The minister said a

Zia Orphanage Case: Hearing on admissibility March 31
DHAKA: The Chamber Judge of the Appellate Division on Wednesday set March 31 for hearing on the leave to appeal petition filed by BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia against the High Court verdict over the Zia Orphanage Trust corruption case against her. Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain on Wednesday fixed the date following a prayer made by Barrister Mahbub Uddin Khokan. Earlier on December 14, 2011, HC bench of Justice Khandaker Musa Khaled and Justice SH Md Nurul Huda Jaigirdar rejected Khaleda Zia's petition for scrapping the proceedings of the case. Khaleda filed the leave to appeal petition on March 6 last year with the SC through her lawyers challenging the HC verdict. Anti Corruption Commission filed the case at the Ramna Police

DHAKA: The High Court summoned a forensic doctor of Sir Salimullah Medical College to appear before it on January 24 to explain autopsy report of Bishwajit Das. Maksudur Rahman, who conducted the autopsy, has to appear before the HC bench of Justice AHM Shamsuddin Choudhury and Justice

HC summons doctor over Bishwajit killing
Mahmudul Hoque following its directive. It also summoned Zahidul Haque, a sub-inspector of Sutrapur Police Station, who conducted inquest of Bishwajit, to appear before it on the same day. The HC came up with the summon orders after it has received the post mortem and inquest reports submitted by the Deputy Attorney General Amit Talukder before the HC bench as per its earlier directive. The HC bench also directed the authorities concerned of ATN News, a private television channel, and the police to supply the court with the video footage of the killing of Bishwajit by Thursday. According to the HC sources, the autopsy report stated that

Bishwajit suffered one stab injury -- three and a half inches long and one and a half inches deep. Bishwajit Das, a 24year-old tailor, was beaten and hacked to death by a group of Chhatra League activists of Jagannath University on the morning of December 9 last year in Old Dhaka, police and witnesses said.

Station on July 3, 2008 accusing seven including Khaleda of misappropriating over Tk 21.17 million sent for the orphans through a foreign bank. ACC submitted charge sheet against Khaleda, her elder son and senior BNP Vice-Chairman Tarique Rahman and four others on Aug 5, 2010. The other accused in the case are Khaleda's former Principal Secretary Dr Kamal Uddin Siddique, former BNP MP Kazi Saleemul Haq Kamal, businessman Sharfuddin Ahmed and late President Ziaur Rahman's nephew Momenur Rahman.





When Spirituality Meets with Violence
By Imam Mubashir Ahmad An Interfaith Discussion with Representatives of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism & Spiritual Living On Sunday January 27, 2013, the Silicon Valley jamaat co-hosted an Interfaith Event at Center for Spiritual Living under the title “When Spirituality Meets with Violence”. A brief introduction to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was given by the Vice President of the Silicon Valley jamaat, Aftab Jamil sahib. Welcoming the audience of some 120 people (comprising 60 members of the local jamaat and about 60 members of the congregation at Center for Spiritual Living) on behalf of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Aftab Sahib mentioned that we live in a world that has shrunk and one in which we are all connected. As such, we have a growing responsibility to each other as we all face common dangers. Representatives of each religion as well as the Center of Spiritual Living presented their respective prayers seeking peace and tranquility. Ayiza Ahmed and Zohair Ahmed represented AMC and presented the recitation and translation of Sura Al-Fatiha. Rev. Susan Overland introduced each of the speakers below: » Dr. David Bruner, Center for Spiritual Living » Sardar Bhupinder Singh Dhillon, Sikh Gurdawara of San Jose » Father Thomas Massaro, Dean – Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University » Rabbi Melanie Aron, Congregation of Shir Hadash, Los Gatos » Imam Mubasher Ahmad, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Each speaker presented the perspective of his /her faith based community regarding the intersection of Violence and Spirituality and how the adherents of such faith based system are expected to manage their lives in a society in which there are various examples of violence against innocent. Dr. David Bruner emphasized that advocacy for peace in the society begins with one’s own soul and personal behavior. He explained that in a multi-cultural society there is a need to embrace and celebrate diversity instead of merely promoting tolerance. The Sikh presenter stressed that all communities are in search of peace where all can live without fear and how the teachings of the founder of Sikhism emphasized peace and love for all human beings. Father Massaro explained that Christian teachings of based on the premise of “Love Your Enemy”. He conceded that behavior of Christians, now as well as through the middle ages, has not been aligned with such teachings as there have been acts of violence and discrimination and Church’s track record has many blemishes. He emphasized the need for faith based communities to be proactive in combating violence and explained that he has been a proponent of Christian activism in that

regard. Rabbi Melanie emphasized that the message of the Old Testament against violence is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. She reminded everyone that teachings of Torah in many regards were very consistent with those contained in the Bible and the Holy Quran. Imam Mubasher Ahmad highlighted that Islam is the only religion whose name has a meaning which is Peace and submission. He explained that Islam’s core message is Peace through total submission to God. He explained that violence can be in various forms including; physical, emotional or spiritual. It can be committed

by one person or it can be state sanctioned against a group of people. He gave various examples from the life of the Holy Prophet of Islam (SAW) and how he combated violence with patience and forgiveness and throughout his life demonstrated how one should lead a life in his footsteps. Imam Mubasher quoted numerous verses from the Holy Quran in which those who remain steadfast in the face of trials and atrocities have been given glad tidings. Following the speeches, a panel discussion took place where questions from the audience were entertained by the four speakers.















“Love for All Hatred for None”


n these trying times and the storm of negativities about Islam, the approach to go on the defensive produces only negative impact. The wiser approach is to stay positive both in the communication and service to humanity. Any anti-Islamic campaign should not be encountered with a similar reaction. Muslims must stay positive and cause no harm or disorder on earth of any shape or form the likes of which we saw recently on the release of an anti-Islamic video posted on You Tube.


Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
Cordially invites you to join us to celebrate our Annual

Musleh Maud Day
Venue Date Time : Bay Point Darus Salam Mosque : Saturday February 16, 2013 : 11am - 1.30pm Lunch wiLL Be ProViDeD Please mark your calendar and make every effort to attend the function.

ver 95 percent Muslims do not read the Bible or even browse through it despite the fact the Holy Quran makes copious references to previously revealed scriptures. Especially when Islam is rooted in its predecessors Jewish and Christian faiths having the same origin, Muslims cannot avoid looking into Bible as a source of verification and authenticity or the lack of it. In today’s competitive world and the market

Bible study with Muslims o

place of interfaith where Islam is the target of all sorts, Bible study by Muslims is extremely important to position themselves for an improved understanding and to deliver accurate information. With that in mind, I am initiating “Bible Study with Muslims” series and everyone is welcome to join in to appreciate the connectivity and deeper investigations into the three major faiths Judaism, Christianity and Islam. (editor)

Wassalam Mohammed Javed Khan (Amin Khan)



eing a Muslim is no big qualification for there ARE Muslims who are just for show and in practice are among the worst. A true Muslims lives up to the teaching of his religion and is kind, respectful and loving. A Muslim does not have to brag and brandish his faith in the face of others and say, “I am a Muslim” because the natural reaction will be, “So what?” Some will even say up yours. But there is this “pure” Muslim guy who goes around


“I am Muslim” rubbing it in the nose of Hindus

intimidating Fiji Hindus when things do not go his way. A Fiji Hindu (Pundit) family reported that this “pure Muslims who hangs around with his non-Muslim friends and drinks liquor like fish and eats everything threatened the family professing, “ I am a Muslim. I can blast your home, don’t underestimate me.” Surprising old adversary Sanjay is all praises for the guy perhaps to get back in his good books and gain some published popularity. Yes, you might say it stings.



170 Muslims Attend National Leadership Conference At Ahmadiyya Mosque In Chino
Posted by Salma Javid Khan ore than 170 Ahmadi Muslim men age 40-andover gathered from all over the country to attend a three-day Leadership Conference at the BaitulHameed Mosque in Chino. The men are members of an auxiliary within the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community called Ansarullah, which means “Helpers of Allah.” (The men are collectively referred to as Ansars.) The event started Friday morning, Jan. 18th at 8:00 am with meetings by the nationallevel cabinet members of Ansarullah to coordinate and prepare for the weekend slate of discussions and seminars on various topics related to improving leadership abilities and addressing concerns of the Ansars. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were served to all conference attendees beginning on Friday and ending on Sunday, Jan. 20th. The annual conference drew participants from the West to the East coast, including members from California, Washington, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Texas, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, North & South Carolina,


Imam Shamshad addresses the Ansar Leadership Conference on being good role models Maryland and Florida. The event focused on instilling and improving leadership skills in members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community age 40 and above. These members, called Ansars (Arabic for Helpers), have the responsibility to guide and mentor the younger members of the Community. They do this by example and through their religious training, wisdom, and life and work experience. And, since most Ansars have families where many of their children are now married with families of their own, the Ansars are doubly committed to doing all they can to help themselves, their families and their fellow Ansars be the best Muslims and leaders in their mosques, homes and communities. Topics covered at the Chino Mosque over the weekend of Jan. 19-20 included: Moral Training of Children, Correct Recitation of the Holy Quran, How to do Effective Preaching, and Maintaining Good Health. There were also two keynote speeches, the first on Saturday by RizwanAlladin titled: “How to be a Good Leader” and the second on Sunday by Imam Shamshad A. Nasir titled: “How to be Effective Role Models for the Next Generation.” Because it was a leadership conference, the first speech dealt with techniques and methods to motivate others and solve problems to achieve effective and lasting results. The duties and responsibilities of an Ansar in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community often revolve around the training or education of children, young adults and people within their own group. This requires an Ansar to be able to identify problems and arrive at workable solutions for a variety of different situations and age groups within the Community. This was a central element of RizwanAlladin’s speech. Imam Shamshad’s speech stressed the importance of the Ansars being effective role models for future generations. The Imam emphasized this by reminding the audience of men over 40 that the duty of an Ansar was reflected perfectly in the mission of the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi Hadhrat (his Holiness) MirzaGhulam Ahmad of Qadian. Hadhrat Ahmad started the Community under divine command in March of 1889 in the Punjab, northern India, for the purpose of bringing mankind back to a true, spiritual relationship with God. This was only possible through a community of sincere believers who dedicated themselves to self-purification, humility, performing Islam’s five daily prayers with heartfelt devotion, striving to embody righteousness and serve humanity. In this way, the Promised Messiah’s goal to bring people back to God

was mirrored by the actions and devotion of the members of his Community. Imam Shamshad highlighted the points that Ansars should pay attention to in their daily lives. He said Ansars must present a practical example as a role model for the children in everything they do, big or small. Ansars should be kind to their spouses, obedient to the system of authority within the Ahmadiyya Community, from the Khalifa at the top on down to the department heads and those in leadership positions above them. Ansars must also be loyal to the country they live in, as this is a commandment from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from the very beginning of Islam over 1,400 years ago until the Day of Judgment. The Imam further counseled the Ansars to always show respect for each and everyone, no matter if they are younger or older. Adopt a simple life and remember: actions always speak louder than words. Give good moral training to your children, as this is the only means to safeguard the next generation. In closing, Imam Shamshad quoted the Promised Messiah, MirzaGhulam Ahmad (pbuh), who said: “Practice the good to such as extent that it reaches its highest perfection.”





Obama takes the Oath

Beyonce is cheered by first lady michelle Obama as she leaves the stage after singing the national anthem at President Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony at the U.s capitol

U.s. President Barack Obama delivers his inaugural speech during ceremonies on the West front of the U.s capitol in Washington President Barack Obama, first lady michelle Obama and their daughters, sasha and malia, arrive at st. John's church in Washington, dc, hours before Obama participates in a ceremonial swearing in for a second term in office at the U.s. capitol.

President Barack Obama is sworn into office for a second term by supreme court Justice John roberts during the inauguration ceremony at the West Front of the U.s. capitol.

President Barack Obama arrives for his inauguration at the U.s. capitol today.

President Barack Obama hugs daughter malia after being officially sworn-in as the 44th President by chief Justice John roberts Jr., right, in the Blue room of the White House. First lady michelle Obama and daughter, sasha join in the ceremony.

President Barack OBama
Barack H. Obama is the 44th President of the United states
is story is the American story — values from the heartland, a middle-class upbringing in a strong family, hard work and education as the means of getting ahead, and the conviction that a life so blessed should be lived in service to others. With a father from Kenya and a mother from Kansas, President Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961. He was raised with help from his grandfather, who served in Patton's army, and his grandmother, who worked her way up from the secretarial pool to middle management at a bank. After working his way through college with the help of scholarships and student loans, President Obama moved


to Chicago, where he worked with a group of churches to help rebuild communities devastated by the closure of local steel plants. He went on to attend law school, where he became the first AfricanAmerican president of the

Harvard Law Review. Upon graduation, he returned to Chicago to help lead a voter registration drive, teach constitutional law at the University of Chicago, and remain active in his community. President Obama's years of public

service are based around his unwavering belief in the ability to unite people around a politics of purpose. In the Illinois State Senate, he passed the first major ethics reform in 25 years, cut taxes for working families, and expanded health care for

children and their parents. As a United States Senator, he reached across the aisle to pass groundbreaking lobbying reform, lock up the world's most dangerous weapons, and bring transparency to government by putting federal

spending online. He was elected the 44th President of the United States on November 4, 2012, and sworn in on January 20 & 21, 2013. He and his wife, Michelle, are the proud parents of two daughters, Malia, 18, and Sasha, 15.








CAIRO/ISMAILIA: Egypt's armed forces deployed troops in the city of Suez early on Saturday after nine people were shot dead during nationwide protests against President Mohamed Morsi, underlining the country's deep divisions as it marked the second anniversary of the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak. Eight of the dead, including a policeman, were shot dead in Suez, and another was shot and killed in the city of Ismailia, medics said. Another 456 people were injured across Egypt, officials said, in unrest on Friday fuelled by anger at Morsi and his Islamist allies over what the protesters see as their betrayal of the revolution. Morsi said the state would not hesitate in "pursuing the criminals and delivering them to justice". In a statement, he also

Egypt deploys troops in Suez after 9 killed on anniversary of uprising
called on Egyptians to respect the principles of the revolution by expressing their views peacefully. The troops were deployed in Suez after the head of the state security police in the city asked for reinforcements. The army distributed pamphlets to residents assuring them the deployment was temporary and meant to secure the city. "We have asked the armed forces to send reinforcements on the ground until we pass this difficult period," Adel Refaat, head of state security in Suez, told state television. Friday's anniversary laid bare the divide between the Islamists and their secular rivals. The schism is hindering the efforts of Morsi, elected in June, to revive an economy in crisis and reverse a plunge in Egypt's currency by entictry. Street battles erupted in cities including Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and Port Said. Arsonists attacked at least two state-owned buildings. An office used by the Muslim Brotherhood's political party was also torched. "Our revolution is continuing. We reject the domination of any party over this state. We say no to the Brotherhood state," Hamdeen Sabahy, a popular leftist leader, told Reuters. The Brotherhood decided against mobilizing for the anniversary, wary of the scope for more conflict after December's violence, stoked by Morsi's decision to fast-track an Islamisttinged constitution rejected by his opponents. The Brotherhood denies accusations that it is seeking to dominate Egypt, labelling them a smear campaign by its rivals. There were conflict-

ing back investors and tourists. Inspired by the popular uprising in Tunisia, Egypt's revolution spurred further revolts across the Arab world. But the sense of common purpose that united Egyptians two years ago has given way to internal strife that already triggered bloody street battles last month. Thousands of opponents of Morsi massed on

Friday in Cairo's Tahrir Square - the cradle of the revolt against Mubarak - to rekindle the demands of a revolution they say has been hijacked by the Muslim Brotherhood, the group from which Morsi emerged. In Suez, the military deployed armoured vehicles to guard state buildings, witnesses and security sources said, as symbols of government were targeted across the coun-

ing accounts of the lethal shooting in Suez. Some witnesses said security forces had opened fire in response to gunfire from masked men. News of the deaths capped a day of violence that started in the early hours of Friday. Before dawn in Cairo, police battled protesters who threw petrol bombs and firecrackers as they approached a wall blocking access to government buildings near Tahrir Square. Clouds of teargas filled the air. At one point, riot police used one of the incendiaries thrown at them to set ablaze at least two tents erected by youths, a Reuters witness said. Skirmishes between stone-throwing youths and the police continued in streets around the square into the day. Ambulances ferried away a steady stream of casualties.

Militant groups clash in NW Pakistan, 24 killed
PESHAWAR: A Pakistani official says clashes between two Islamic militant groups over control of a prized valley near the Afghan border have killed 24 people. Arshad Khan of the Khyber tribal region said Saturday that the clashes started Friday when the main militant group Tehrik-e-Taliban captured a base of another militant group, Ansarul Islam, in the Tirah valley. Ansarul Islam then tried to retake the base, with fighting continuing into the next day. A military officer speaking on condition of anonymity said most of the dead were militants but some local tribesmen were also killed. The remote and mountainous valley is valued by militant groups as a base. It's difficult for the Pakistani military to enter and allows militants easy access to Afghanistan and other tribal agencies.

Mark Zuckerberg venturing into political arena
SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook' billionaire founder Mark Zuckerberg is making a foray into politics next month by hosting a fundraiser for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, reports have said. The event, to take place in Zuckerberg's home in the California city of Palo Alto in midFebruary, is to support the re-election bid of the high-profile Republican, who is seen as a possible future contender for US president. Buzzfeed. com reported that it confirmed plans for the invitation-only fundraiser with both camps.

At least 50 dead in Venezuela prison riot: Hospital
CARACAS: At least 50 people were killed and 90 others wounded Friday in clashes at a prison in northwest Venezuela, a hospital director who was at the scene said. Most of those injured at the Uribana prison in Lara state suffered gunshot wounds, said the hospital official, Ruy Medina. He called the death toll "alarming," saying it was based solely on bodies brought to the hospital. Medina said the inmates began arriving at the hospital shortly before midday, and that 14 of the injured had wounds severe enough to require surgery. Iris Varela, the government minister responsible for Venezuela's jails and prisons, said the riot was

set off after inmates rebelled when prison authorities launched a sweep of the facility in search of illicit weapons. Varela had said earlier in the day that there was an "undetermined number" of casualties from the melee. Venezuela is infamous

for the lamentable state of its prisons, especially for their overcrowding, which is among the worst in Latin America. While the country's prisons have been built to house 14,000 inmates, there are almost 50,000 prisoners behind bars here.

Images suggest North Korea ready for nuke test
WASHINGTON: North Korea could be almost ready to carry out its threat to conduct a nuclear test, a US research institute said, pointing to recent satellite photos. The images of the Punggye-ri site where nuclear tests were conducted in 2006 and 2009 reveal that over the past month roads have been kept clear of snow and that North Koreans may have been sealing the tunnel into a mountainside where a nuclear device would be detonated. But it remains difficult to discern North Korea's true intentions as a test would be conducted underground. The analysis was provided today to The Associated Press by 38 North, the website of US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. The latest image was taken Wednesday. North Korea's powerful National Defence Commission declared its plans Thursday after the UN Security Council tightened sanctions in response to a December long-range rocket launch. It described it as part of a "new phase" of combat with the United States, which retains 28,000 troops in South Korea and which it blames for leading the UN bid to punish when or where it would take place. 38 North concludes that the Punggye-ri site, in the country's northeast, "appears to continue to be at a state of readiness that would allow the North to move forward with a test in a few weeks or less once the leadership in Pyongyang gives the order." South Korean media have cited intelligence officials as saying technical preparations appear complete and the North could be ready to test within days of making a decision to do so. US officials confirmed today that the US has seen some trucks moving around the site. One official said the US is not ruling out that the test could happen in the near future. But the officials cautioned that, as in previous tests, because it would be done underground, the US may not know much before it actually happens. Officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to discuss intelligence matters publicly. In 2006, North Korea detonated a nuclear device just six days after it announced its plans to do so, and in 2009, 26 days after the announcement. Both tests came weeks after the UN Security Council had condemned it for longrange rocket launches.

Pyongyang. The North said a nuclear test was part of "upcoming" action but did not say exactly





Do you think women are inscrutable? Do you think they are extremely difficult to understand? Are you struggling to find out what she really is thinking and what she is all about? Don't worry, you are not alone.


things women
definitely want
f a healthy life is what you are after, then introduce healthy 10 minute fitness activities to your day and you'll find that you feel fitter, more energetic and healthier. An active lifestyle provides you with a range of health benefits like lower heart disease risk, protection from obesity, and general good moods. Today,ss we're talking about a few 10 minute fitness activities that will enhance your daily workouts and balanced eating. Let's begin... be a kiD Dietitian Eileen Canday says, "Play with your pet or your kid every morning. This requires loads of running around which will help you to lose some quick calories and excess fat." She further says, "Include games wherein you sweat, like football or basketball. Playing with your kid will help you to be fit and healthy."

woman can say a lot with her silence while sometimes a man can talk for hours yet say nothing. You need to listen very carefully to figure out what your girl is trying to say. It is not rocket science, its just that you need to be sensitive to her. Here are a few things that women look for in men. Read on and you will probably understand her better... Honesty is something that is extremely important for a woman. You have to be brave enough to own up everything. If she ever caught you lying she wouldn't forgive you easily. But if you faltered and still confessed to her honestly you can stand a chance. She has to be able to believe you and trust you implicitly. It means a lot to her. A woman looks for a partner who she can rely on. If you are looking for a steady relationship you need to enhance your listening skills. Lend an ear to her problems; you don't need to give solutions all the time. She is not looking for answers; she just needs someone who can listen to her, rants without being judgmental, without being critical of her comments. Allow her to create an emotional bond with you.


Add 10 min

to daily routine
hop a little Remember the nursery rhyme - hop a little, jump a little? This hop, skip exer cise is also a very good 10 minute fitness activity to introduce to your day. Whenever free, take a skipping rope and skip for 10 minutes, this will help ward off lethargy and extra calories. Besides, it is also good for your heart, bones, flexibility and co-ordination. Hence, find an open space, take that rope and get going. Skip the elevator Take the stairs instead of the elevator. You must have heard this a million times by now, but how often do you do it? This activity will help you combat a sedentary lifestyle since urban living involves entering several buildings each day. Dance baby! Everyone likes dancing and it is also one of the best ways to lose excess kilos. All you have to do is put on your headphones, pump up some energetic music and dance like no one's watching. Dancing even for 10 minutes will help. Besides, after a tiring day at work it will also energize you and your mood. Stationery cycle Tired after work, want to watch your favorite seri al but at the same time don't want to lie down and be lethargic? Then park a stationery cycle in front of your TV. Pedal for at least 10 minutes and this is as good as running on the treadmill.


unk food ups asthma, eczema risk in kidsCare for tea made from coffee leaves? Why are complex carbohydrates important? Top 10 fatreleasing foodsBenefits of whole grains used in Indian food While for some, dieting is all about depriving yourself of all the 'good foods', here are a couple of ways you can binge on healthy and tasty food while you are on a diet. Fruit SmoothieS If made properly, fruit smoothies are something that you must indulge in.

Healthy foods
to indulge in

while dieting
bakeD crumbles. chicken It is not possible to survive on greens alone; it is a must that you include some sort of protein. Avoid breaded or fried chicken, instead go for a grilled one with lemon and pepper.

Top 10 fat-releasing foodsBenefits of whole grains used in Indian food While for some, diet ing is all about depriving yourself of all the 'good foods', here are a couple of ways you can binge on healthy and tasty food while you are on a diet.
Whole grain breaD Omitting carbs from your diet is a big No. They are full of fibre and choosing something made out of healthy, hearty whole grains is the best choice you can make. They are tastier, healthier and will also keep you feeling full and satisfied a lot longer than bakeD potatoeS white bread. If you thought that while dieting, potatoes have no space in your kitchen, rethink about it. They are very good for you and you can indulge in one with a little dollop of butter o r sour cream. They're low in calories and contain lots of vitamin C and potassium. Truly a delight for all those dieting.

satisfies SalaDS tooth. your sweet As long as they are not topped with any dressings or seasonings that contain unnecessary fat and calories, salads are definitely something that you can indulge in. Try a salad with chicken, dried fruits or low-cheese

Since they are made with real fruits, they are lowfat and loaded with antioxidants, fibre and protein. It not only keeps you feeling full but also





Subhamoy Das
The Origin of the KumbhMela Festivals The tradition of collective worship gave rise to massive fairs such as the "Kumbh" which means "pitcher" (Sanskrit). Millions of people from around the world congregate at the confluence, also known as Prayag, to bathe in the icy waters of the holy rivers during this mammoth Hindu festival.

Important Bathing Dates for the MahaKumbhMela 2013
• Starts on MakarSankranti January 14 PaushPurnima January 27 MauniAmavasya February 10 BasantPanchami February 15 Ends on MahaShivratri March 10

• • • •


undreds of thou sands of pilgrims began to gather on Monday, January 14, 2013 in the Indian city of Allahabad for the MahaKumbhMela - the world biggest religious festival that occurs every 12 years in this holy place in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. A hundred million people are expected to visit the MahaKumbh during the next 55 days - a number close to visitor count of the previous MahaKumbhMela, which was held in 2001.

Sangam - the confluence of the holy Ganges, the Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati river. The hourly count of bathers was around half a million pilgrims taking the holy bath, an act which is believed to cleanse one of all sins.

Pradesh), Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh) and Nashik (Maharashtra). The planetary positions of the Sun, the Moon and the Jupiter decide the place

ShahiSnan of the 13 'akharas' (religious orders) of Naga Sadhus "a martial order of ascetics who move about

opulence," wrote the Times of India.

Unprecedented Facilities for a City Full of Pilgrims
A temporary township spreading across 20 million square meters divided into 14 sectors has been constructed for this huge fair. The local administration is also responsible for the availability of food grains and essential commodities besides managing the security, traffic, sanitation, electricity, drinking water, sewage and drainage, sanitation and health. In order to protect the pilgrims from possible terrorist attacks, avert stampeded and regulate the rush of the pilgrims over 30,000 security personnel, including commandos of the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) and bomb disposal squads with sniffer dogs have been deployed around the MahaKumbhMela site.

The Origin of the KumbhMela Festivals
The tradition of collective worship gave rise to massive fairs such as the "Kumbh" which means "pitcher" (Sanskrit). Millions of people from around the world congregate at the confluence, also known as Prayag, to bathe in the icy waters of the holy rivers during this mammoth Hindu festival. The Kumbh, ArdhaKumbh, and PoornaKumbh or MahaKumbh are the titles given to the fairs held at in the Indian cities of Haridwar (Uttaranchal), Allahabad (Uttar

The Greatest Show on Earth
The first day of the two-month-long fair, dubbed as the 'greatest show on earth,' saw over 8 to 11 million people gurus, saints, sages, devotees and pilgrims taking the holy dip on first day of MahaKumbh on the auspicious day of MakarSankranti at the

where Kumbh would be held. Read more about the various KumbhMelas - Great Indian Bathing Festivals. The Rush of Naked Ascetics Day one of this year's MahaKumbh was marked by the initial grand bath or the first auspicious

either naked or scantily clad with matted hair and ash smeared bodies, marched to Sangam in processions with their leaders perched atop ornately decorated elephants, horses and chariots and musical bands in attendance in a unique blend of austerity and

Despite all the arrangements, around 1,500 people including women and children were reported missing during the bathing on the first day in the fair. The Indian government has set up 14 medical units, 22,000 street lights, 150 km of temporary roads, 18 bridges, and 35,000 toilets with sewers to cater to the demand of such a huge congregation. A number of special trains and around 7,000 buses have been put in motion to help people arrive at the venue from across the country. The Indian trade body Associated Chambers of Commerce (ASSOCHAM) estimates that the Uttar Pradesh state government would amass a revenue of over USD 25 million from this massive influx of pilgrims, including over one million foreign tourists to Allahabad. From India Travel Guide

he first written evidence of the Kumbha Mela can be found in the accounts of Chinese traveler, Huan Tsang or Xuanzang (602– 664 A.D.) who visited India in 629–645 CE, during the reign of King Harshavardhana.[23][24] However, similar observances date back many centuries, where the river festivals first started getting organised. According to medieval Hindu theolo-


HisTory of maHaKumbH
gy, its origin is found in one of the most popular medieval puranas, the Bhagavata Purana. The Samudra manthan episode (Churning of the ocean of milk), is mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana, Vishnu Purana, the Mahabharata, and the Ramayana. The account goes that the demigods had lost their strength by the curse of Durväsä Muni, and to regain it, they approached Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva. They directed all the demigods to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Vishnu[26] (full story on kumbh mela) and after praying to Lord Vishnu, he instructed them to churn the ocean of milk Ksheera Sagara (primordial ocean of milk) to receive amrita (the nectar of immortality). This required them to make a temporary agreement with their arch enemies, the demons or

Asuras, to work together with a promise of sharing the wealth equally thereafter. However, when the Kumbha (urn) containing the amrita appeared, a fight ensued. For twelve days and twelve nights (equivalent to twelve human years) the gods and demons fought in the sky for the pot of amrita. It is believed that during the battle, Lord Vishnu (incarnated as Mohini-Mürti) flew away with the Kumbha of elixir spilling drops of amrita at four places: PRAYAG (Allahabad), Haridwar, Ujjain and Nashik.[28]

Timing of Kumbh
he Triveni Sangam, or the intersection of Yamuna River and Ganges River and the mythical Sarasvati River, where devotees perform rituals. Kumbh Mela is celebrated at different locations depending on the position of the planet of Bṛhaspati (Jupiter) and the sun. When Jupiter and the sun are in the zodiac sign Leo (Simha Rashi) it is held in Trimbakeshwar, Nashik; when the sun is in Aries (Mesha Rashi) it is celebrated at Haridwar; when Jupiter is in Taurus (Vrishabha Rashi ) and the sun is in Capricorn (Makar Rashi) Kumbha Mela is celebrated at PRAYAG; and Jupiter and the sun are in Scorpio (Vrishchik Rashi) the Mela is celebrated at Ujjain.[20][21] Each site's celebration dates are calculated in advance according to a special combination of zodiacal positions of Sun, Moon, and Jupiter.[22]






ASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama today heaped praise on Hillary Clinton, saying that she would be considered as one of the finest Secretaries of State the country ever had, and he would miss her in the administration. "I think Hillary will go down as one of the finest secretaries of state we've had. It has been a great collaboration over the last four years," Obama told the CBS News in a joint


Hillary Clinton, one of the finest US secretaries of State, Obama says
interview with Clinton, who would soon be leaving the Administration. If confirmed by the Senate, Senator John Kerry would replace her as the Secretary of State. "I'm going to miss her, wish she was sticking around but she has logged in so many miles I can't begrudge her wanting to take it easy for a little bit. I want the country to appreciate what an extraordinary role she's played during the course of my administration. A lot of According to CBS News the joint interview is the only US interview Obama has ever given with anyone other than his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama. The entire interview is scheduled to be telecast tomorrow. "A few years ago it would have been seen as improbable because we had that very long, hard primary campaign," Clinton said, according to the excerpts of the interview. "But, you know, I've gone around the world on behalf of the President and our country, and one of the things that I say to people, because I think it helps them understand, I say look, in politics and in democracy, sometimes you win elections and sometimes you lose elections. And I worked very hard but I lost," she said. "And then President Obama asked me to be secretary of state and I said yes. And why did he ask me and why did I say yes? Because we both love our country," Clinton said.

the successes we've had internationally have been

because of her hard work," Obama said.

WASHINGTON: A Hindu leader from India, who had established a temple in Milwaukee city of the US state of Wisconsin, has been jailed for 37 months for religious visa fraud and would be deported to his native country after serving his sentence. A Milwaukee court gave its sentencing order after it found Sagarsen Haldar, aka Gopal Hari Das, who is the founder, president, CEO and spiritual leader of Gaudiya Vaisnava Society (GVS), guilty of fraudulently obtaining religious worker visas - known as 'R-1' visas - for Indian nationals in exchange for substantial cash payments. 32-year-old Haldar would be deported to India after serving his sentence. According to evidence at trial, Haldar conspired to sponsor more than two dozen Indian nationals to enter the US under R-1 visas.Typically, the R-1

Hindu religious leader jailed in US for visa fraud
applications falsely stated that the individuals were religious workers from India who planned to be priests and perform religious work at the GVS temple in Milwaukee, the court was told. In fact, the Indian nationals had no religious training or experience, and they had no intention of being priests or performing religious work once they arrived in the United States, it was told. Haldar was charged in June 2010 after Homeland Security Investigation (HSI) special agents arrested him at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago as he arrived in the United States from India. A search of Haldar's luggage revealed that he was transporting identification documents - including passports and other Indian identification documents - bearing the names and photographs of other Indian nationals.

Suicide bomber misses Nato, kills 5: Afghanistan police
KABUL, Afghanistan: Afghan Police say a suicide car bomber has killed five civilians and wounded another 25 in a botched attempt to hit a convoy of Nato supply trucks in eastern Afghanistan. Gen. Faziluddin Ayar, who is responsible for the east, says the bomber missed the convoy, which suffered no damage. The attack took place Friday in the Tagab district of eastern Kapisa province. The ministry of interior says in a statement that the bomber instead rammed into a residential home, killing those inside. It says four of the dead were from the same family.

TOKYO: Hawkish Japanese premier Shinzo Abe held out an olive branch to China on Tuesday, sending a letter to Beijing's leader-in-waiting to be hand delivered by a coalition ally. The move comes after months of diplomatic tussles between China and Japan over the sovereignty of a disputed island chain in the East China Sea that have seen repeated maritime encounters. Natsuo Yamaguchi, head of the New Komeito party, was expected to stay in Beijing for four days, during which time he would meet China's incoming president, Xi Jinping, and hand over a letter from Abe, local media reported. "Japan-China relations have been faced with vari-

Japanese PM holds out olive branch to China

ous kinds of friction, and political dialogue has not been held for a long time," Yamaguchi told reporters ahead of his departure. "I would like to make a step toward opening the door to normalising our relations," he said. But Yamaguchi, who has no official government role, said Tokyo has no plan to compromise over the island row."Our stance is that no

territorial problem exists. That's a shared recognition among the government and coalition." China has repeatedly sent ships to waters near the disputed islands since Japan nationalised some of the chain in September, a move that triggered a diplomatic dispute and huge anti-Japan demonstrations across China. Beijing has also sent air patrols near the Tokyocontrolled islands, known as the Senkakus in Japan, but claimed by Beijing as the Diaoyus. On Sunday, Beijing rebuked the United States after secretary of state Hillary Clinton issued a veiled warning to China not to challenge Tokyo's control over the chain, which is believed to sit atop vast mineral reserves.

Prince Harry 'thrilled' to be back in Britain
LONDON: Prince Harry said he was "thrilled to be back" in Britain as he returned home on Wednesday after serving a 20week tour of duty in Afghanistan. The 28-year-old Apache attack helicopter co-pilot arrived back on home turf after spending two days' mandatory postdeployment "decompression" time at a British base in Cyprus. Harry, third in line to the throne, said during his tour that he had killed Taliban fighters, who were taken "out of the game" by his unit if they targeted British soldiers. Saying he was "quite useful" with his thumbs, he light-heartedly compared pressing the trigger to playing video games, provoking an angry reaction from the Taliban. But after landing at Brize Norton airbase in southern England, he moderated his line when asked specifically if he had killed Islamist insurgents. "You get asked to do things that you would expect to do wearing this uniform. That's as simple as that," he told reporters. Captain Wales, as he is known in the Army Air Corps, reflected on returning home in one piece. "It's been great, it's a hell of an experience," he said. "Just thrilled to be back. A bit of blue sky in Cyprus, a bit of decompression, some comedy and back to the snow. "You do get life experiences that you would get nowhere else out there. The best thing about it is to be back. I enjoy being a soldier, I enjoy the guys that I work with. We, together, the guys wearing the uniform, have gone on and done a damn good job. It's been a good effort." The army officer said he was looking forward to seeing Prince William and his pregnant wife Catherine. "I'm longing to see my brother and sister-in-law," he said. "I really am longing to catch up with people behind closed doors. You guys aren't invited," he added, in a trademark dig at the media. Harry said he had not had Afghanistan again before all foreign combat troops withdraw by the end of 2014. He did not know what lay in store for him this year but said he wanted to carry out more royal duties and charitable work. "The army will have an idea, I presume, and what that is, I will do," he said. "Given the opportunity, I'd like to take on some more royal stuff. Hopefully there'll be a few gaps that open up." At Britain's sprawling Camp Bastion base in southern Afghanistan, Harry slept in a tent and a shipping container. In his two-man cockpit, the prince was in charge of the weapons systems as Apache choppers supported allied troops fighting the Taliban at close quarters and accompanied British and US helicopters on missions to evacuate casualties. Harry said he would not want to be saddled with the "normal" life of a nineto-five job. "I'd never want to be stuck behind a computer desk in the city," he said. "I don't know what normal is any more and I never really have done. There's nothing normal about we've been doing for the last four-anda-half months. In the last day that I was there a seven-yearold girl got shot down by the insurgents. So normality is a very ambiguous thing." Harry's helicopter instructor meanwhile revealed that the fun-loving prince had once duped French officials into believing he was on a later plane after they failed to recognise him in his uniform. "The French officer walks up to him — we were taking our immersion suits off and refuelling the aircraft — and the officer walked up to him and asked him when Prince Harry would be arriving," Richard Youngs recalled. "He, quick as a flash, looked back at him and said 'he's on the next aircraft in,' quickly smiled at me, gave me a wink, got back in the cockpit and we flew off," the former Apache squadron commander told ITV television.

time to think about dropping from third to fourth in line to the throne once William and Kate's baby is born in July. The prince is unlikely to get another turn flying in


STAr Age



mArch-21 TO April-20
A favorable new year is ahead. Your creative and artistic talents will get a stage and will be recognized. You will spend a great deal of you time with your family members and relatives. Some tensions at home may come up but will soon get straightened out with the help of the older members of the family. Morale boosting developments may happen. Profits through partnership are indicated. Overspending on general items may need a check. Any changes in the financial arrangements should be undertaken with great care and caution. Your health also need attention as some of you may not feel at par.

SepTember-24 TO OcTOber-22
This is a normal and routine month for you. Persons who have been doing a lot of gadding about over the festive season should try now to spend more time in the company of other embers of the family. During the second half of the month be careful in whom you put your trust. You must be guided by your own intuition while taking final decisions. The last week id the time to make changes in any investments you possess.

April-21 TO mAy-20
The month is positive and optimistic in outlook. You will be in a happier and easygoing mood throughout the month, especially in the first half of the month. The routine will continue and you will push yourself hard as ever to gain the social and financial status. Travel regarding job or business will work out well enough. You must avoid the extravagant and self-indulging tendencies in the second half of the month. By the time the last week of this month will arrive, you will be prepared to shell out a little on a few luxuries and even in having fun. Take it nice and easy.

OcTOber-23 TO NOvember-22
This is a variable month. The first half of the month is rather boring period at work as associates may be unwilling to help you in even small tasks. Superiors will understand you this time. During the second half of the month if you are traveling for business purposes, you may not be too upset about working overtime.

mAy-21 TO JuNe-21
This is a promising month for many of you. A meeting of influential people will have a very favorable impact on your present projects. It is important to stay in the good graces of superiors at the time when they seem to be handling out favors. During the second half of the second half of the month rest your ambitions. The last week may be tedious but there will be time to get some personal matters so you will not feel that the time is wasted.

NOvember-23 TO December-22
The month of January is capable of fulfilling many of your desires. The first week of the new year is favorable for you from all the angles, Be it financial or professional. Some very good opportunities may come your way. The second week of the month requires you to finish your pending work at your place of employment. In the third week, you will be able to impress your superiors or other influential people through your hard work and efforts. Fourth week wants discipline and perseverance on your part. And the end of the month is quite productive and rewarding.

JuNe-22 TO July-23
A mixed month. The new year requires you to present your original ideas and thoughts to your associates and superiors. Changes are indicated during this period. Important decision regarding the future of the family members should be taken in consent with them also. The second half of the month indicates creativity and artistic tendencies, which is capable enough to attract others and appreciate your talents. Do not make a new start in the business field. You will get more pleasure from the simple things in life. Charitable work will be favorable at this point of time. The last week is a bit tricky, so do not rely on your intuitions.

December-23 TO JANuAr-20
This is a helpful month. Your desire to enjoy life will keep you fit and in a positive frame of mind in the first half of the month. No doubt some will go at it too hard in an effort to make the most of time available. Major travel can best be undertaken in the second half of the month. There should be opportunity to combine work with pleasure.

July-24 TO AuguST-23
You will enjoy a happy month. The start of the month will be a sign of relief. You can start to get thing moving again. You will receive some news, which will leave you filed with optimism. Have the sensitivity to realise that the family needs your support. You will find it necessary to make a snap decision before other people make there. During month-end, there may be a god chance for participating in joint study group with like minded people. This will be favorable month for romance, or for meeting some one new.

JANuAry-21 TO FebruAry-19
This is a pleasant month. Some of you cannot afford to beat about the bush. Your should lay your cards on the table. It would seem that you have been keeping certain emotional feelings bottled up inside you. The second half of the month mixed. Be extremely cautious if you are doing business with distant people. Health may be a bit of problem in the last week of the month.

AuguST-24 TO SepTember-23
An important month for you. Your mate or partner is likely to give you all the moral support that your require. This will help you handle both your personal problems and matters connected with your business life. During mid-month members of your family may become a bit demanding. Health of some loved one may need some attention. Some of you will have to face reality and settle for dealing with mundane jobs in the second half of the month. Relax in the month and give yourself a break from the pressure that you have been working under.

FebruAry-20 TO mArch-20
An important and sensitive month of the new year. During the first half of the month quick thinking on your part can lead to all sorts of gains including financial. You can also yield some profit through the information provided you by some older and experienced person at home or at your work place. In the second half of the month your children may need some extra attention from you. New business deals may be signed during this period. Harmony and peace in the home will prevail in the fourth week of the month. You can supplement your income through overtime and extra work in the office.

Vishwaroopam And Freedom of Expression


here is always a hue and cry against those activities that Muslims feel are derogatory to Islam. A recent example is the South Indian film Vishwaroopam. Such behaviour in the name of Islam is nothing but deIslamisation of Islam as it is quite alien to Islamic scriptures. The so-called derogatory activities are not a recent phenomenon. It was very common during the

prophetic and postprophetic periods regarded as the golden era of Islam. What was the response of the Quran or the Prophet of Islam towards this phenomenon? The Quran and the Sunnah or practices of the Prophet tell us that the response was quite positive. Instead of condemning such things, the Prophet always availed of their occurrence as an opportunity. A Quranic verse is

instructive: “Call to the way of your Lord with wisdom and fair exhortation and deal with disputes in the best manner” (16:125). It means Muslims must deal with dispute in the best manner possible. That is, they respond in a positive rather than negative way. Another verse tells us that if Muslims follow this course of action, they will find that what was apparently a disadvantage has turned into an advantage: “Good and

evil deeds are not equal. Repel evil with what is better; then you will see that one who was once your enemy has become your dearest friend” (41:34). It means don’t take dispute as an expression of enmity; take it as a misunderstanding and try to remove that misunderstanding, and the concerned person will reform his opinion. In this way, a dispute is turned into a positive discussion. This kind of culture can

be maintained only when there is freedom of expression. Islam believes in rational discussion for it leads to clarification and consensus. The Quran does not command Muslims to prevent others from speaking against Islam, but instead, commands Muslims not to make any statement that offends others: “And do not abuse those whom they call upon besides God, lest exceeding the limits they

should abuse God out of ignorance” (6:108). It means that Muslims must themselves take the responsibility to maintain normalcy between themselves and others. And, if any controversy arises, then Muslims must deal with it in a wise manner, that is, they must defuse it instead of allowing things to flare up. Freedom of expression is not an evil; it is good for human development.



lions of rupees in call-centre charges and telephone bills. For instance, banks have adopted the missed call to find solutions to most common query of their customers — account balance. ICICI BankBSE 0.76 % customers can give missed call to a particular number and get their account balance status as a text message, instantly. Dial another number, you'll get mini-statements delivered to your inbox. Punjab National BankBSE 2.54 %, Axis BankBSE -0.59 % and Bank of India are a few other banks who are availing the missed call opportunity. The Missed Call Bandwagon include around a 100 large companies including HULBSE 1.37 % and Microsoft besides small businesses, restaurants, ecommerce portals, television channels and even political parties. In rural India, the missed call model is being put to some innovative uses. For instance, a Marathi daily has started a campaign asking its readers to give a missed call to a particular number to renew their subscriptions.


How 'Missed call' has turned into a Rs 500 crore business
NEW DELHI | BANGLORE: That next-door-boy character who gives a missed call to the police to report his stolen car — as popularised by primetime spots — is no more the epitome of miserliness. For, the Great Indian Missed Call — the weapon of choice for perpetually broke pre-paid users like students and migrant labourers — is turning out to be a Rs500crore business opportunity for banks, FMCG majors, even political parties. While individual consumers, especially of the pre-paid variety — 96% of India's 900 million mobile user base — give a missed call to pass on mundane information like 'Have reached destination', or 'Call me back,' companies use this as a kind of Morse Code for customer feedback, saving milfour screens. IMImobile's founder and CEO Vishwanath Alluri tells ET that the company is putting in place a similar setup for Chennai's largest cinema complex —Satyam Cinemas — where customer would even be able find the seat availability on that day across its six theatres. Veerchand Bothra, the chief stratteregy officer of Netcore Solutions, that executed a popular missed-call project for HUL, says that it can also be used as a mobile verification tool and can be a substitute for physical presence or signature. He should know, for Netcore implemented the 'Missed Call Solution for Anna Hazare's Campaign'. In a first for the country, the India Against Corruption campaign used the 'missed call' route to garner the support of 250 lakh people within 180 days. When Anna Hazare kicked off his campaign in April 2011, Indian Against Corruption asked citizens to give a missed call to register their support. The movement, led by Anna Hazare, even used this data to counter government's argument that public support to their initiative was limited. "Dialing is the simplest action that can be executed on the mobile. It is device-agnostic — one does not need a smartphone for dialing a number," points out Sanjay Swamy, who cofounded ZipDial mobile solutions in 2010, the largest player in the missed call business. The company has grown by 600% in last year, charging Rs10 lakh to Rs1,000 to customers such as Procter & Gamble, Forever Diamonds, GilletteBSE 0.97 % and others, for surveys or sales leads. And all that cash has come in from some very personal experience.

Similarly, BMG Cinemas, the first multiplex in Rewari, Haryana, has tied up with IMImobile to use the 'missed call' tool. Rewari residents now give a missed call to a BMG Cinema number and get an instant SMS on the movies that are currently being played across its

‘Corruption not an Indian issue’ Terming corruption and frauds as a worldwide menace, commerce minister and industry minister Anand Sharma has said it was unacceptable to single out India and other developing economies for these issues, as he assured the global investors of New Delhi’s commitment to an institutional mechanism to address these concerns. After meeting about two dozen CEOs of global companies on the sidelines of World Economic Forum Annual Meeting here last night, Sharma Splurging big? Beware, the taxman is watching If you have recently decked up your bathroom with fancy fittings or picked up a swanky plasmascreen television set, then taxmen could be profiling you, part of a new directive to scoop “information on everything about a taxpayer”. The government will launch a compulsory “360 degree related stories Chidambaram hints at taxing super-rich profiling” of income tax assesses, for which income tax officials will

said these companies are looking at India very seriously in the wake of recent policy decisions and initiatives the government has taken. “I can see that there is enthusiasm, there is express desire to engage more with India and invest in India, by believing in the commitment in India and in economic reforms and liberalisation and also to create a regime that is friendly to investors,” Sharma said. Asked whether there is a sense of foreign investors not being very confident about investing in India after the reform process looked halted earlier amid regulatory issues closely watch your lifestyle. Recently, a customer who bought a dapper overcoat worth Rs. 11,000 was randomly asked by the cashier at a city mall to reveal his PAN (permanent account number). Your splurging habits — expensive watches, stylish wardrobe additions, family holidays and even sunglasses — could lead the taxmen to your doorstep, especially if tax payments and returns are not in order. Tax payer profiling refers to information on everything about a tax

India, China to lead 2013 global growth : Report
Emerging economies will lead growth in 2013 as the global economic outlook remains challenged by the eurozone's debt crisis and high unemployment in the United States, according to a report released on Wednesday. Growth rates in and around Europe look weak over the next 12 months with an expected expansion of 0.2% in the eurozone and 1.1% in the United Kingdom, according to Grant Thornton's quarterly International payer including previous returns, expenditure summary and also information about family income. Armed with a survey on “ostentatious display” of wealth, the government is collecting the information from sellers, such as shops and dealers, of expensive consumer items bought by individual customers. Annual information returns (AIR) are being particularly watched. Introduced in 2004, AIR mandates banks and financial institutions to furnish information to the government about highBusiness Report. Economic growth in the United States remains weak and unemployment high, while growth rates in China are expected to pick up to 8.2% in 2013 from 7.8%, while India is expected to quicken to 6.0% and Brazil to grow 4.0%. Business optimism in Brazil, Russia, India and China, also known as BRIC countries, increased in the fourth quarter of last year. value accounts. “A 360 degree profile of all taxpaying individuals and institutions would be created to help decrease tax evasion and tax fraud,” a source said. The government has been working in this direction for some time and has used technology to improve tax collections. The Bangalore tax cell processes 20 million income tax returns a year. These are then analysed using an integrated taxpayer data management system (ITDMS) to The survey of 3,200 business leaders in 44 countries found that optimism in the BRIC economies, all deemed to be at a similar stage of newly advanced economic development, has increased to 39% in the last quarter of 2012 compared with 34% one year earlier. Emerging markets in Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) also saw an uptick in business optimism, check tax evasion. P Chidambaram, in his earlier stint as the finance minister in 2007, had approved an integrated 360 degree mapping of individual tax payers by utilising data collected from various sources like AIRs from banks, credit cards, mutual funds, stock market and property registrars. The data is then analysed to help identify clandestine transactions. "The government has also conducted surveys and enquiries on archiwhile optimism in North America decreased during the same period. It swung from 6% in the fourth quarter of 2011 to 52% in the second quarter of last year, before falling back to just 1% by year-end. What is holding these countries back is the cost of borrowing. More than a third (34%) of businesses in the BRIC economies cite the cost of finance as constraints on their growth prospects, compared with 17% in Group of 7 countects, imported watch dealers, luxury sanitaryware vendors, imported car dealers and vendors of consumer goods, such as plasma TVs and refrigerators." Sources said such clues would be particularly useful to elicit information on cash transactions. "One of the major constraints was the absence of information about spending where cash was the dominant mode of payment," the source said.

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6 Slid (7) 7 Stringed instruments (5) 9 Poke (4) 10 Leather-clad vixen (10) 11 Determined the size or amount (8) 13 March aggressively into another's territory (6) 15 Green seaweed (4) 17 Another name for Norway (5) 18 Gears (4) 19 A blue dye (6) 20 They pull teeth (8) 23 Crushes (10)

Answer of Crossword-10

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26 Nimbus (4) 27 Cloth made from flax (5) 28 The landscape (7)
14 Inoculates (10) 16 Related to language (7) 17 Type of synthetic rubber (8) 21 Imbedded (6) 22 Linger or dally (5) 24 A climbing plant (4) 25 Gusto (4)

1 A form of Hindi (10) 2 Arachnid (6) 3 Type of cheese (4) 4 Sowing (8) 5 Backside (4) 6 Wait on (5) 8 Noisy party (7) 12 Summoned sufficient courage (5)

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Mumbai thrash Saurashtra to clinch Ranji Trophy for 40th time
MUMBAI : A dominant Mumbai lifted their 40th Ranji Trophy title after skipper Ajit Agarkar and Dhawal Kulkarni combined to wreck Saurshtra for an innings and 125-run victory in the five-day final that ended inside three days at the Wankhede Stadium on Monday. Saurashtra, trailing the home team by 207 runs in the first innings, were shot out for a pathetic 82 in less than three hours and 36.3 overs, 41 minutes after tea. Mumbai, thus, clinched their 40th national title in 44 appearances in the summit contest and their first after two blank seasons. Agarkar snapped up four wickets for 15 runs while his younger teammate Kulkarni grabbed 5/32 to complete splendid match figures of nine for 56. The home team pace duo finished off the lop-sided contest with their fiery first spells to help Mumbai regain the crown after a gap of two seasons by sharing six wickets equally. The other wicket-taker ing been bowled out for 148 in 75.3 overs in the first innings on day one to which Mumbai replied with 355. The highest score in a dismal batting display for Saurashtra was 22 off 35 balls by Dharmendra Jadeja. Saurya Sanandiya (16) was the only other player to reach double figures after staying for more than an hour at the crease like another lower-order batsman Jaydev Unadkat (9 in 69 minutes). Among the top seven batsmen dismissed, none reached double figures and three of them -- openers Sitanshu Kotak, Sagar Jogiyani and first innings top scorer Arpit Vasavada -- failed to score. Rahul Dave (5), skipper Jaydev Shah (6), Sheldon Jackson (9) and Kamlesh Makwana (7) were the other top-order batsmen to depart with single digit scores. Agarkar took three for 15 in a fiery first spell of eight overs and Kulkarni claimed as many for same number of runs in his opening spell of nine overs. Makwana was sent back by Nayar at 34. Kulkarni came back to grab the wicket of Sanandiya to leave Saurashtra on the brink of defeat at 53 for 8. The innings was prolonged by Unadkat and Jadeja, who put on 29 runs, before Agarkar returned for his second spell to snap the ninth wicket partnership. Fittingly, Kulkarni came back for his third spell and ended the match by having Jadeja caught behind by Tare who grabbed his fourth victim of the innings to equal the championship season record of 41 by Uday Kaul of Punjab. The tourists were tottering at 20 for 6 after the initial burst by Agarkar and Kulkarni and then managed to get past Saurashtra's lowest-ever score of 25 all out, also against Mumbai at the nearby Brabourne Stadium 60 years ago.

for Mumbai was Abhishek Nayar (1 for 3). Mumbai also earned the right to take on the Rest of India in the Irani Cup tie which is to be held at the same venue here from February 610. The home team also won Rs 2 crore as the prize money while Saurashtra got Rs 1

crore.The visiting team's batsmen showed a distinct lack of application and surrendered on a wicket that provided good pace, bounce and prodigious movement to the swing bowlers even on day three. They capitulated for the second time in the match after hav-

Marion Bartoli wins after Fed Cup recall at Paris Open
PARIS : French number one Marion Bartoli celebrated her recall to the country's Fed Cup team on Wednesday with a battling 7-5, 6-1 second-round win over American Christina McHale at the Paris Open. Earlier in the day captain Amelie Mauresmo ended Bartoli's nine-year exile from the international stage by naming her in a five-player squad to face Germany in next month's World Group II first-round tie in Limoges.The world number 10 will be joined in the French team by Alize Cornet, Kristina Mladenovic, Virginie Razzano and Pauline Parmentier. "I'm very happy to return to Fed Cup," Bartoli said in her post-match news conference, citing her relationship with two-time Grand

Mumbai may not host final if Pakistan play
Mumbai : The uncertainty over Women's World Cup venues is far from over. The final of event could be shifted from Mumbai to Cuttack if Pakistan make it to the summit clash. The Group B games, which include matches featuring Pakistan, were earlier shifted to Cuttack, following threats of disruption by right-wing parties. Pakistan kickoff their campaign against Australia on Friday at the Barabati stadium. Three teams each from the two groups go through to the Super Six stage. The top two teams from Super Six then progress to the final. If Pakistan make it to the final, their game will be staged in Cuttack.

Slam champion Mauresmo as a factor in her return. Bartoli, runner-up to Angelique Kerber in last year's final, was forced to call upon her fighting spirit in the first set in the French capital, fending off four set points on McHale's serve at eventually 4-5 before breaking to level. the second round.

DHARAMSALA: Ian Bell smashed a fine unbeaten century to guide England to victory over India who had already won the five-match Oneday International series here at the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) Stadium on Sunday. Bell remained not out on 113 as England completed their chase on a seven-wicket win note with 16 balls remaining England winning the toss put India into bat and dismissed them for a modest 226. Then they relied on Bell’s third ODI hundred to win the fifth and final ODI at the picturesque HPCA which hosted its first international match. Earlier, Indian batsmen failed to make a big score except Suresh Raina who batting under pressure made an impressive 83

India lose final ODI but win series 3-2

with eight fours and two sixes. Besides him, allrounder Ravindra Jadeja (39) and tail-ender Bhuvneshwar Kumar (31) made significant contributions for

India. For England, pace bowler Tim Bresnan captured four wickets while other pacer Steven Finn and off-spinner James Tredwell claimed two wickets each.

Women's WC : India beat West Indies
MUMBAI : India maintained their unbeaten record against the West Indies with a thumping 105run win in the Women's World Cup opener at the Brabourne Stadium here on Friday. With this victory, India improved their winloss record against the Windies in the World Cup to 5-0. This is India's biggest triumph in the quadrennial event against their Caribbean rivals and overall their third highest in terms of victory by runs. Spurred on by a brilliant maiden century from Chennai girl Thirush Kamini Murugesan and her 175-run opening stand with Poonam Raut (72: 94b, 7x4s), the hosts posted a formidable 284 and bowled out their rivals for 179 in 44.3 overs. India's total was their highest ever in a World Cup tie, their previous best of 275 coming against New Zealand, in Christchurch, in 2000. A late charge by pinch-hitter Jhulan Goswami (36: 21b, 6x4s) and Harmanpreet Kaur (36: 22b, 4x4s, 2x6s) helped them breach the 250-run barrier. With her 146-ball knock, 'player of the match' Kamini also became the highest Indian scorer in the World Cup, surpassing India skipper Mithali Raj's 91 scored against the Kiwis in Pochefstroom in the 2005 Stafanie Taylor (9) tried to check the damage but failed, giving an easy catch to Karuna Jain off Amita Sharma, leaving the visitors reeling at 15-2. Shamaine Campbelle (21) and Kyshona (11) tried to revive the innings but made early exits. The fastest T20 centurion Deandra Dottin (39: 16b, 3x4s, 4x6s) was the only one who added some spice to the dull-looking contest, hitting some long sixes, way beyond the shortened boundary line. One of her sixes, hit above the mid-wicket region, went on to hit the fence the longest in the match. The moment things seemed going the West Indies way, a slower delivery from Niranjana Nagarajan deceived Dottin, who in her attempt to flick the ball saw herself being dismissed leg before. Thereafter, Shanel Daley (28) and skipper Merissa Aguilleira (18) too succumbed in face of some good bowling and tight fielding by the Indians. Niranjana finished with 3-52 in nine overs, the best figures amongst Indians, with Gauher Sultana and Jhulan scalping two wickets apiece. Earlier, the visitors made a huge mistake by opting to field on a pitch which looked a definite belter.

edition. Kamini's hundred was studded with 11 fours and a six, her most effective stroke being the scoop. Faced with a huge target, the visitors made a

disastrous start when a direct hit from Harmanpreet Kaur found one of the Knight twins, Kycia, short of her crease. ODI 'Player of the Year'


Sunday 1/20/13. Presidential inaugration at the Capitol Mall on Monday, and back to work on Tuesday,1/22/13. To top it off SF 49ers win over Atlanta, and they are off to the Super Bowl. Go Niners!






Overseas teams vow to return
UPRISING Fiji International Sevens organisers are hoping to attract more international teams in their bid to make the annual event a "truly world class tournament". Following the success of this year's tournament at Churchill Park in Lautoka over the weekend, organising committee chairman Culden Kamea confirmed all international teams that participated would be returning next year. Kamea added they would work on attracting more overseas teams to improve the level of competition in the fourth edition of the tournament. He said they would continue to host the event two weeks prior to the Wellington 7s every year. "That's our window. We have cemented our position as a world class tournament and we hope to attract some more international teams to make it better," Kamea said." All managers of the international teams that took part in this tournament have confirmed they were coming back." Kamea rated this year's Uprising 7s as the best and hoped it would get better each year. He thanked the sponsors and especially the Lautoka City Council for providing a magnificent playing field. "The international teams loved the ground and they all said it was a world-class ground. I thank Lautoka City Council for the fantastic job they did to turn things around so quickly after Cyclone Evan." The Uprising 7s was won by Digicel Fiji Barbarians which defeated FMF Fiji Warriors 31-12 in the final on Saturday. Meanwhile, organisers are keen to host next year's tournament in Lautoka once again.

Samoa's Lolo Lui on attack against the Aussie Thunderbolts at the Uprising 7s over the weekend. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

Fitness concern
FITNESS will be the only major concern for Fijiana coach Elenoa Kunatuba when she begins preparations for the IRB Women's Sevens World Series later this month. The Fijiana side will participate in the third leg of the series that will be played in Guangzhou, China on March 30 and 31. Kunatuba said she had already identified 22 players she would work with for the series. She said she used last weekend's Uprising Fiji International 7s tournament to find out what improvement was needed in the side. "From what I saw, fitness is the only major concern," Kunatuba said. "But it is understandable because these players have just come through the festive season and will need a few more weeks of training to get their fitness back," she said.

BSAF warns on last-minute entries
Arin Kumar BILLIARDS and Snooker Association of Fiji is hoping to confirm the players that will represent Fiji in the Oceania Championship by early next month. In past years the national body received late entries for the tournament and they want to eliminate the 'last minute application' trend. Association secretary Praveen Maharaj said the deadline to confirm participation was February 4. He believes two weeks is enough time for players to decide whether they want to be part of the national side or no. "In the past we have had cases where players leave it to the last minute to inform us that they want to participate in international competition," Maharaj said. "That makes it hard for the national body to run around trying to arrange entry into the tournament for the players and visas," he said. "So we don't want any of that anymore and players will be given a deadline after which no entries will be accepted by the national body and their participation will depend on themselves." The Oceania Championship will be held in March in Papua New Guinea and BSAF wants to apply for visa and entries way before time so players have enough time to prepare for the event. Fiji's performance in the event in the past year has been poor and Maharaj said they wanted this year to be different. "The only time we did good was in 2010 when Deepak Bala reached the top 16 competition otherwise, all other times, players did not even make it to the top 32. "This time, if Suman Lal decided to participate in the event, I think he would have a very good chance to do well at the tournament. "I say this because recently he did century break (104) which is a pretty good start players would need against opponents in the Oceania Championship," he said.

Fiji duo banned by NZ

Fiji. New Zealand have banned two members of the Fiji Sevens team from competing at the World Series tournament in Wellington next month because of travel sanctions it imposes on Fiji's military regime. Mosese Saunivanua and Emosi Mulevoro are both officers in the Fiji navy and are covered by the sanctions, which prevent members of the Fiji military or their relatives traveling to New Zealand. Fiji: Two players omitted from Sevens squad. New Zealand has imposed sanctions on Fiji since Commodore Frank Bainimarama seized power in a 2006 coup. The Wellington leg of the tournament on February 1-2 is the fourth round of the HSBC World Sevens Series. The All Blacks Sevens lead the world series with 60 points after three rounds, ahead of France (46) and Fiji (44).