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January 2013 | Minneapolis, Minnesota






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¡Pura Vida!

kahlhamer@mail.northcentral. and drink lots of coffee. because that’s where the Lord wants us Assistant Photographer/ Jenny Scott ART DIRECTION AND DESIGN.wright@mail. Scan this to read the full-color digital edition on your mobile device 02 | ncunortherner.schott@mail.almarza@mail. I don’t know where I would Assistant Videographer/ Sofia Almarza Paul Brunner Mark Cronk Michael Dahlager Elexa Feldman Jacqueline Gauthier Crystal Goutierez Erica Hillard Tika Jones Andrew Kinney Anna Koch Jordan Lofthus Alexander Marum Blake Mayes Ben Pirie Kayla Trulsen Alyssa Wallace WRITERS. I was ADVERTISING. And that’s what I did. and in that short period of time I’ve already grown so much. and a whole new world of journalism set its course before me. but I was afraid of leading the entire Head of Videography/ Amy Lambert amy. a journalist. I’m also the new editor-in-chief for The Northerner.northcentral. photo.Editor-in-Chief/ Rebekah Jacobson rebekah.northcentral. It wasn’t until 11th grade when I imagined being a writer – more Assistant Art Director/ Chrissie Parker Copy Editor/ Meghan Smith Sports Editor/ Dan Erickson EDITORIAL. I like to bake desserts in my dorm room. Online Editor/ Camden McAfee camden.parker@mail.northcentral. Not only have my writing skills been Assistant Videographer/ Brian Jones brian. I’m reminded of the Pevensie kids in Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion.jacobson@mail. I remember when I was a little girl. Fast forward four years. Once I started attending North Central. my name is Rebekah Jacobson.messmer@mail. I would dance around the living room in my pink Barbie tutu. Knocking on the door of fear can bring countless new opportunities before Head of Photography/ Nathan Almquist Assistant Online Editor/ Sydney Messmer sydney. So.northcentral. I had the passion for the newspaper.northcentral. From ballerina to teacher to astronaut to an actress. The past two-and-a-half years on staff have been a huge learning experience for Assistant Photographer/ Paisley Bennett paisley. I work with an incredible team of talented writers and editors. Then it hit me. and that was it. caption and headline.northcentral. My vision is to make it a relevant news source on campus that appeals to all students and staff. Sometimes we need to follow the footsteps of our . smile from ear-to-ear. but I have learned how to work diligently with a team through many different circumstances. screaming. my childhood aspirations were far and wide. I aspired to be like Lucy.northcentral.northcentral. the Witch and the DIGITAL MEDIA. they wouldn’t have discovered Narnia. When applying for editor-in-chief this semester. I had found the platform for the rest of my life’s journey. I took a journalism class at my high school. “Daddy. Daddy. Oh.erickson@mail.northcentral. I was the eager and shy freshman that nobody knew.northcentral. here I am. I am so excited to refuel The Northerner this Assistant Online Editor/ Joshua Gregory Art Director/ Loren Wright Feature Editor/ Joy Yerrick ruth.terhark@mail. If Lucy didn’t crack open the door into the dark and mysterious wardrobe while playing hide-and-go-seek with her siblings. fearless and adventurous for whatever opportunity presented itself before her. Chronicles of Narnia was probably my favorite book in my middle school years. Hi. and if it hadn’t been for their continuous encouragement and the Lord’s Assistant Art Director/ Andy Fischer awfisch@me. Business Manager/ Bailey Schott bailey. I jumped onto The Northerner staff as a Reviews Editor/ Katelyn Terhark katelyn. editorial News Editor/ Amanda Breister amanda.lambert@mail. I opened the wardrobe door. I never would have imagined being in this role growing up. Dear Readers.northcentral. watch me dance!” I wanted to be a ballerina when I grew up. It’s been three weeks since classes began. while giving the glory to God through every story. Rebekah Jacobson Editor-in-Chief rebekah.northcentral.

and although it was a male speaking to women on such a sensitive topic.M.05 02. a student-led organization under the umbrella of IMPACT.” said freshman elementary education major Megan Meyers.News Steps to Beauty hosts women’s conference SpEAkERS TIM AND kIM BERNDT fROM LOVELINES ADDRESS WOMEN’S STRuGGLE WITh SExuAL ADDICTION.07 because it’s not just a struggle for guys. was a way to show women who struggle that they are not alone. tea parties and sleepovers for young girls from K-12 to show them inner beauty through the use of all arts. presented by Steps to Beauty. Church leaders shouldn’t shy away from bringing up the topic. 02. “We [girls] shouldn’t be ashamed of it By ElExa FEldman & Crystal GoutiErEz + “The Week” Events 02. a husband and wife team and executive directors of the ministry LoveLines. On Jan. Over the years the couple has served as counselors at various churches in the Minneapolis area. 27.06 02.M. GAME NIGhT. 7 p. January 2013 | 03 . 02. Steps to Beauty is a group that “host[s] conferences. 7-9:30 p. one of the women in attendance. Tim Berndt spoke for the majority of the time. and He will make it a testimony. presented their story to the women in attendance.08 ENCOuNTER. Photo by Jenny Scott 02.M. TALENT ShOW 7 p. human struggles and the need for accountability.” said Kim Berndt. Putting the Purity Campaign together. and LoveLines offers both in-person and phone counseling. according to its hosts. The speakers shared the platform as they talked about God’s love.” said Kim Berndt. Tim and Kim Berndt. 9:30 p. The Berndt team and Steps to Beauty suggested that women are often overlooked in the area of sexual purity.M.04 ThIS MEANS WAR IN SMALL ChApEL. “We as a society and as a church label our sin…and yet God sees it all the same. Tim Berndt opened the event with a prayer repenting for the church’s silence and ignorance regarding sexual issues.” said Tim Berndt Kim Berndt voiced her belief that talking about sexual addictions can bring a positive outcome. 7 p. pRESIDENTIAL fORuM. “God will take your trial. “It’s not what you’ve done…it’s what you choose to do next.” said junior evangelism and church planting major and organization leader Alayna Morgan.M ALL NIGhT pRAyER. Those involved in Steps to Beauty believe that the topic is generally just geared toward men because they are the ones who are stereotypically visually stimulated. the girls stayed afterwards to ask questions and respond to the message. women from the North Central community gathered in the small chapel to attend the Purity Campaign.08 fEED My STARVING ChIILDREN 2-5 p.M.

“You only live once. and events.” “Any time there was an awkward silence. They will do just about anything for a friend. Photo by Sofia Almarza Photo by Sofia Almarza Photo by Sofia Almarza sinG sinG sinG North Central Chorale members take a picture on there recent Costa Rica trip. “We had very long days. money and personal space don’t really matter to people in Costa Rica as much as building relationships. We didn’t need to sing in a language they understood in order to get a point across. someone would just yell. On Jan. Fun in tHE sun Chorale members give there vocal chords a rest and take a dip. Chorale learned a phrase that became a well-known expression among the group. served them. Throughout their trip in the Spanish-speaking country. 04 | ncunortherner. a crowd of people would gather. This phrase is similar to people in the United States saying. North Central’s Chorale sang to the people of Costa Rica. but Photo by Sofia Almarza they also grew closer as a team throughout the business of performing and serving alongside one another. “The culture is much more relational than in the United States. which taught us to have patience with one another. and the main bulk of their ministry happened during conversations while mingling with the crowd after the performance. but I was so blessed to have the opportunity to get to know the people in Chorale on a much deeper level.” said sophomore undeclared major Veronica Parks. Things like time. malls and a public park during their 10day trip. “The biggest thing I took from the trip is that music is universal. North Central’s Chorale members flew south to Costa Rica where they performed songs in churches. built relationships with them and grew closer to one another in the light of Jesus’ name.” said senior music major Mariah Simonson. bringing the beauty of God through the talents He has given them. concerts. Not only did Chorale build relationships with citizens of Costa Rica. 4. The phrase was “pura vida.” said Simonson.“¡Pura Vida!” By Brian JonEs & alyssa WallaCE news ONE Of NORTh CENTRAL’S ENSEMBLE GROupS LEARNS LESSONS fROM ThE COSTA RICAN CuLTuRE WhILE MINISTERING ThROuGh MuSIC. ‘pura vida!’ and a bunch of people would join in. jam-packed with traveling. While Chorale sang in a public .” which is literally translated to mean pure life.” said Simonson.

“We are excited about the social work program at North Central and are committed to its continued development.” said Nelson. Follow The Northerner on Twitter! Follow Tweets The Northerner @ncunortherner 2 Feb Are those crows I hear? They’re probably back for the @NCUWWS Live Worship recording! (Psalm 104:12) The Northerner @ncunortherner 2 Feb Scholar’s Symposium On April 13.m. Each site visit essentially helps move the program forward until accreditation status is earned. email address.” said senior social work major Katie Detloff. and academic discipline of the or Dr. Papers will be presented in the afternoon and followed by a dinner and keynote address by Dr. For North Central. but opportunities for accreditation with national agencies such as the Council of Social Work Education are available. Currently. “I was really disappointed when I found out that Donna and Karen resigned.00. the school’s vice president.” said Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Dan Nelson.” said Nelson. and faculty members inside and outside the college of arts and sciences are in charge of the process for hiring full-time professors. and the CSWE has strongly encouraged North Central to continue moving forward with the process. university/college affiliation.00. Students who are interested in submitting their work may email a 150-250 word abstract of the presentation to scholarssymposium@northcentral. If you are on the NCU meal plan. upon graduation. the social work curriculum will remain the same. Roger Sorbo. this could potentially happen within the next two years. The cost for students who are accepted to present is $ They are both passionate about their field. which in Minnesota means that our graduates can immediately. and it really seems they truly care about impacting the lives of the social work students here at NCU.” said Nelson. Having Donna as a teacher made a huge impact on my decision to continue with the social work program. contact Prof. The event will be held at North Central and begin at 1 p. “I have classes with Nick and Kevin. The social work program is currently accredited with the Higher Learning Commission. This past year the social work program has gone through major changes. Nick Zeime and Jennifer Finstad. “As a result of our site visit last year. Desiree Libengood (dslibeng@ northcentral. Leslie Crabtree (lacrabtr@northcentral. the cost is $5. we were granted candidacy status. phone number. “We are able to offer this spring each of the social work courses that had been on the schedule. By PaislEy BEnnEt & Kayla trulsEn Despite all of the changes in the program. The presentations will last 8-10 minutes and can be on any topic. students from North Central and other private colleges in the area will showcase their best academic work at the Scholars’ Symposium. which includes the cost of the dinner. ThE SOCIAL WORk pROGRAM CONTINuES TO MOVE fORWARD. The second major change in the program revolved around the accreditation process. three adjunct professors are in place for the semester until a final decision in the hiring process is made. and they’re both great. one being the loss of the program’s only two professors. please include your name. Donna McElveen and Karen Harrington. Congratulations to MOE on winning the @NCU_Intramurals Basketball tournament this year! #NewChampsInTown The Northerner @ncunortherner 28 Jan Reggie Dabbs bringing the Word to a packed chapel at NCU! January 2013 | 05 . On the abstract. apply for licensure as social workers and be eligible for advance standing in many social work master’s degree programs. For more information. who resigned at the end of the fall 2012 semester.” said freshman social work major Lauren Ringwald. Those professors are Kevin by March 1. A committee composed of two social work students. “The goal is to have made decisions regarding who to hire by late April.Social work program undergoes season of change ThROuGh LOSSES AND GAINS. and are very pleased with the adjunct faculty selected.

” said sophomore pastoral studies major Austin Hall.HIS STORY LIVES ON By rEBEKaH JaCoBson news A MEMORIAL Of NORTh CENTRAL STuDENT. and he’s happy. death or life. “Hearing about his story and not losing his faith really lifted me up. Reed was a freshman studying pastoral studies and lived on Carlson Hall 2 East during his one year as a student. he started writing a blog called “The Pilgrim 06 | ncunortherner.” Reed was first diagnosed with cancer in his knee when he was 14 years old. he left a huge impact on several students and faculty. 31. Reed’s strong faith and hope in the Lord was evident through the words of his blog. he was still the same “goofy. Reed’s friends described him as a very studious. Reed went in for a knee replacement where the doctors found cancer all over his body. The verse that stands as the tagline on his blog is Psalm 118:17: “I will not die but live and proclaim what the Lord has done. academic faithfulness. In November 2011. Shortly afterwards. his story still lives on. he’s healthy.” Although Reed endured much pain. and a willingness to serve others. on Jan. Although the end came.” Reed will be remembered by his family.” The blog tracks his journey from November to early January. a student at North Central from 2011-2012. he recorded that “whatever happens. “He taught me how to worship Christ on a deeper level. Reed wasn’t able to do many activities with his friends. loving” guy to everyone he met. “[He] embodied honorable character. and then healed a few years later on a missions trip. 31 in Akron’s Children Hospital. caring and friendly individual. And this is where I find solace and peace. He loved Christ with all of his heart. and in September.” said Short. with Short and his family close by. He also had a fascination for Germany and playing the trumpet. He died peacefully on Jan. and this was the only place he was going to reach people at the time. Ohio. Reed’s knee began hurting again. As a freshman at North Central.” “Nick’s legacy at NCU is significant. His blog web address is: thepilgrimman.” During the last week of January. and it would have been really easy for him to not under the circumstances. and was a platform for him to share his story with others. He continued going in for treatment. passed away in Akron. his right leg was amputated. During Reed’s short time at North Central. resident director of Carlson Hall. Short and friends. I hold a truth that nothing can take way from me.” said Chris Woelfle. In one of his blogs. things started going downhill when he had kidney failure. “Every time I walked in his room he was reading. “God called him to ministry.m. and eventually he moved to crutches and finally a wheelchair.” said his girlfriend and sophomore worship arts major Jessica Short. “He started walking with a cane.” said Hall. At 6:10 p. “He’s in a better place.wordpress. During the . NIChOLAS REED. Nicholas Reed.” said Hall. “He loved to read.

Theory Hazit. It is nearly impossible to suffer boredom while listening to Polarize. For more than a decade. The album lacks imagination. If you are looking for expressive. The sound of this EP is most similar to a roller coaster in the way that it makes a person feel. and with the exception of a few songs. Following this. he gives glory to God and raps about life change. 2012. He combines his words. then this EP is something worth checking out. Nearly all of the drops within the tracks provide the audience with fervent thrill. seldom do they think of the word. If you are looking for a good country album. linking them with a smooth approach and flow as he raps over beats that have an old school flavor to them. producer Jeff Mantalvo.” punches the ear with a harmonious Middle Eastern sound supported by a heavy syncopated beat. that has stood the test of time in reaching a lost group of people through this form of media: Thousand Foot Krutch. progressive dubstep EP called Polarize. the album sounds more like an old Linkin Park recreation instead of the Thousand Foot Krutch we have grown up listening to. When most people think about country music. The opening track. Relax and turn up your speakers. was released April 17. this is definitely a great one to check out. In his album. Josh Turner – Punching Bag sets the bar for country By BEnJamin PiriE Thousand Foot Krutch – The End Is Where We Begin recreates with original flavor Christian rock music has seen many bands come and go in the past 10 years. and being faithful to one woman for all of your life are themes that can be seen throughout this album. Their newest album. Theory also references illegal drug use. He chooses excellent words and tells several graphic stories. Mantalvo switches things up and keeps his listeners on their toes. . Mantalvo functions in emotional highs and lows and gives the listener a wild ride. It is evident that Theory is a lyrical genius. This album is for a unique and thirsty ear. Living for God. Josh Turner sings about how a true countryman should be. this may also be their downfall. One song. and they have proven that Christian music can be made in a way that even the secular community can enjoy. also known as Seven Lions. “I Need You More Than Ever.Picture a Change of Heart with Theory Hazit – Thr3e By andrEW KinnEy Reviews Seven Lions – Polarize EP steals the listening audience In 2012. “Isis. Theory paints a distinct picture of his past. “Christian. This EP is full of high-energy sounds and soothing melodies. named by Billboard magazine in December 2012. released his album Thr3e. a low key Christian hip-hop artist. Although newer. Last year. Thousand Foot Krutch has created Christ-centered music with a rock ‘n’ roll twist. Within Thr3e. His hit single “Time is Love” was the number one country song of the year. high quality electronic music. Unfortunately. Only time will tell if this reinvention will prove successful.” Many people believe that country music only appeals to those who grew up in the south or on a farm. however. This standardized view of what it is to be “country” is something that Josh Turner does a great job of steering far away from in his new album Punching Bag. never giving up when the job gets hard. or if we have already seen the best of what Thousand Foot Krutch has to offer. There is one band. The End Is Where We Begin. chasing girls and reckless behavior from his past. dropped a heart-stopping.” tells of a father that is separating from his wife and young daughter. While listening to the album it is easy for an individual to visualize what Theory is saying and what his message is. this album has an old school feel due to the fact that the band left Tooth and Nail Records at the end of 2011 and began producing their own music.

Overall. kELLOGG BLVD. including $28 million on opening weekend.. His novel later transformed into a Broadway 08 | ncunortherner. By marK CronK & EriCa Hillard “Les Mis had grossed $138 million overall..Photo by Jonny Jackson reviews Les Miserables STuNNING ThE MASS AuDIENCE. according to Internet Movie Data Base.15 musical and has now evolved into the major motion picture critics are praising today. is best supporting actress nominee Anne Hathaway. The story follows Valjean as he repeatedly makes new chapters in his life in order to avoid Javert’s sentence. MINNEApOLIS GEORGE STRAIT & MARTINA MCBRIDE AT 199 W. who plays the main character Jean Valjean. MINNEApOLIS MOuSE ON MARS AT 701 fIRST + Upcoming Events 02.. Toward the beginning of the story. including nearly $28 million on opening weekend. Les Mis paints the portrait of one man’s journey to redemption during post-French Revolution. Valjean finds himself as a cause of injustice when he meets Fantine (Anne Hathaway). the motion picture is true to the chronology of Hugo’s book and is also accurate in the small scenery details in the text. including the French Revolution.” Les Miserables. Les Mis is presented in a more operatic form. MINNEApOLIS 02.. according to the Internet Movie Data Base. Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman) plays the thief who finds redemption and love through caring for a child but is continuously in hiding and on the run from Javert (Russell Crowe). BLOOMINGTON ALLSTAR WEEkEND & CuTE IS WhAT WE AIM fOR AT 130 SE 4Th ST. Just shy of two months in theaters.25 . Who would have known that a 19th century novel would eventually be recognized on a global level in the entertainment industry? That’s right. Les Miserables was first a novel written by Victor Hugo in 1862.. ST. as well as learning how to love and how to give mercy to those who may not deserve it. This operatic presentation gives Les Mis the unique ability to connect with the audience through instrumentals and a variety of musical dialogue. 02. The story is a beautiful presentation of finding redemption and grace. Hugh Jackman. Alongside Jackman. Les Mis has grossed $138 million overall.. pAuL NICk OffERMAN AT 111 5Th ST. especially for those who have read Hugo’s novel. a poor single mother who works for Valjean and sends all her wages to her child. MINNEApOLIS DADA LIfE AT 917 CEDAR AVE. Les Mis has received a total of eight Oscar nominations this year. Les Mis is a must see. The chase between Valjean and Javert unfolds across the map of France with twists and turns along the way. Les MiserabLes VENTuRES TO DO ThE uNExpECTED.08 02. N. the movie. has received quite a lot of attention since its release in December 2012. a man who is committed to finding Valjean in order to bring honor to the law. Most recently.M.18 02. where singing is the main dialogue.07 SANCTuS REAL AT MOA fOR fREE AT 7 p. starring as Fantine. The beautiful singing is understandable and true to the emotions of the story. including a nomination for best actor.06 02.

Many of the above stipulations are not an issue on secular campuses and appear to be unappreciated by some students at North Central. dancing is against North Central policy. There are many rules by which the students must abide. they were implemented to benefit the community and promote the well-being of all students. infamously known to students as “North Central Bridal College. When alumna Christine Wefel attended North Central in the early 1980s. and prohibited items such as R-rated movies. and mature-rated video games. It made bonding so much easier.” said Riley.J. petitioned the policy. Brittany Wipf. curfew. North Central is a faith-based school. After all. “I understand why the curfew is in place.Feature A change of policies By JaCKiE GautHiEr A LOOk AT hOW ThE pOLICIES AT NORTh CENTRAL hAVE ChANGED OVER TIME. “When I lived in Phillipps. a good handful of which concern dorm life. there are also many positive aspects to the existing housing regulations. Senior business administration major Grace Riley explains her appreciation of the gender-separated dorms. but I think we’re at college because we’re old enough to decide how late we should be out. Although some of North Central’s policies may seem strict to some students. the rules of the present are nothing compared to those of the past. that’s why we were such a close-knit community. director of T. assures that each rule is in place to ensure the well-being of the students.” said Rosenbush. January 2013 | 09 . I was grateful for the closed-dorm policy. Want to have a dance party? Unless it’s choreographed. It was comforting to know that I could just hang out with my girls. women were required to wear dresses to school. wife of the university’s president. In retrospect. Jones Library. laughed as she explained how she found an old Guns and Roses CD. And until Dianne Anderson.m. Sophomore business administration major Kaitlyn Rosenbush commented on the subject of the 1:30 a. Melody Reedy. Even if some of the present rules also seem obsolete and obnoxious. curfew. Ever since North Central’s beginning in 1930. among other items. Current guidelines pertaining to the dormitories are: gender-separated dorms. in a room of confiscated objects in the upper level of the building. residence director of Phillipps Hall. incense. Despite the downsides of North Central policy. VCRs were forbidden in student housing.” policies have been enforced that have caused some dispute among students.

students should be able “to observe and interpret human behavior within the richness of social and cultural diversity. “There is more [diversity] here than other places.” “[Diversity] gives you a taste of real life. You can get caught in your own friend groups in high school. but we all have different stories. but is this commitment being fulfilled within the student body? In response to diversity at North Central. “You hear people saying that we are not very diverse here and we are all a bunch of Christians.” .” said freshman psychology major Kaylee Burgett.” said Burgett. but in an urban college in downtown Minneapolis. Burgett has a similar philosophy: she believes that North Central can already be considered a diverse school. Some students may feel uncomfortable or alienated because their voices are not represented. I wasn’t expecting that. “What is really cool is the fact that the students here are Christians. so for the most part they are extremely including and loving. I’ve seen that this has been able to overcome that feeling of alienation. which focuses on encouraging the student body to work with others within and outside of the North Central community. Various backgrounds can give new perspectives and broaden the chance for the student body to learn something new. but the average student is white. “The leadership theme this year is Integrated. but I was surprised at how little there was. Capehart believes that diversity goes beyond ethnicity and applies to each person’s background. I guess I was expecting more because we are here in Minneapolis. but I think it is very diverse.” The North Central leadership staff has been working hard the past couple of years to promote diversity within the student body. freshman undeclared major Joseph Capehart said. As stated on North Central’s website. “NCU Bubble. Photo by Nathan Almquist feature By miCHaEl daHlaGEr & sydnEy mEssmEr 10 | ncunortherner.Diversity takes an unexpected turn at NCU BLACk hISTORy MONTh CALLS ATTENTION TO ThE TOpIC Of DIVERSITy AT NORTh CENTRAL. we are surrounded by a bunch of different people and different North Central is known for its emphasis on enabling students to better understand diversity in the world around them.” said Capehart. Diversity at North Central has the potential to build the student body into a stronger community that is able to interact with life outside of the so-called.” said sophomore intercultural studies major and Miller Hall DL Michelle McKinley. One of the goals of North Central is to equip students to interact with various people groups. but North Central tries to offer a unique community-oriented atmosphere. We are all a bunch of Christians.

“I decided to set 12 goals – one for each month. “I want to ‘Eat Clean.’ which means eating food in its natural state (unprocessed). I want to ‘Speak Clean. I want to ‘Think Clean. she chose to make long-term goals to see her plans come to fruition. save more money. “I love making goals. but changing.’ to think pure. People feel they can be more successful by setting long-term goals. However. so I felt like a failure.’ which means lifting others up and speaking truth.” said Genca. “I have made resolutions. It is new and fresh. the amount of people making resolutions seems to be decreasing. and they want to make a difference.” said Genca. Developing goals is one thing – being successful is another.” said Genca. I think it’s so important to reflect and then project. The tradition of making resolutions is not dying. it made each month exciting and new and helped me to be less overwhelmed when thinking about achieving those goals. etc. kind and Christ-like thoughts about myself and others. AS 2013 BEGINS. Keophannga sees nothing wrong with making resolutions for the New Year but creates long-term life goals for herself. “Other people get super excited about the upcoming year. STuDENTS AND fACuLTy ALIkE ARE pLANNING WAyS TO MAkE ThIS yEAR BETTER ThAN LAST. then project into what you want your future to be like. With long-term goals. Reflect on what your past year or years have been like and what you liked or disliked about them. you’ve thought about them and you have a plan of action. By soFia almarza & anna KoCH Senior psychology major Melissa Genca chose to make New Year’s resolutions using the word “clean” as a basis for them. Common resolutions are: eat healthier. spend more time with family. but they don’t have a game plan and they just jump right in. In doing so. Photo by Nathan Almquist VidEo Scan this code or go to to watch a video on resolutions other students have set in place for this new year.” said Keophannga. I could never reach my goals by mid-January. holy. Sophomore English major Anna Keophannga chose not to make a New Year’s resolution. Instead.New Year’s resolutions The ball drops and fireworks explode – people all around the globe joyfully welcome in a new year! 2013 is here. but they have always been about weight and wanting to look better.” said Keophannga. January 2013 | 11 .

including senior psychology major and lifelong hockey fan Ryan Nelson. owners. 19. A major concern for teams after the lockout was whether fans would return and support the league after it had deprived them of hockey for so long. the lockout was declared by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. By Paul BrunnEr sports Rams team updates By BlaKE mayEs & alEx marum Men’s Basketball Teams dropped the puck on Jan. and 1-7 in conference play. It was unfair to the fans and truly showed the selfishness of all those involved. As a result of the lockout. and the players have great personalities both on and off the court. fun atmosphere.” Roeder attributed the team’s recent winning streak to learning how to win tight games. which put the game on hold for more than three months of debate.Sports NHL Unlocked ThE 2012-13 NATIONAL hOCkEy LEAGuE (NhL) SEASON hAS OffICIALLy BEGuN. upon the signing of the two most sought-after free agents on the market: forward Zach Parise and defenseman Ryan Suter. The excitement started in the off-season as the team made a memorable splash. “It’s a big blessing. just 13 days after a new collective bargaining agreement was reached between the players’ association and the league North Central’s men’s basketball has been on a tear recently. 2012. the lockout has left a bad taste that cannot be easily removed. “Early in the season we would lose the close games.” said Nelson.” said Roeder. 11. Around North Central. Overall. “It’s a great season so far.D and purchase a lower level ticket for $35. This recent hot streak pushed the team’s record to 11-7 at the end of January. For some. The Lady Rams hope that knowing how the teams have played recently will help them form new techniques to beat them. One of the team’s biggest contributors is team co-captain Nate Roeder. There may be no fans more excited than those of the Minnesota Wild. and the league. and I can’t wait to be in the second half of the conference play. though the crux of the labor strife was a disagreement on revenue sharing among teams. students’ reactions were varied. “The shortened schedule makes the season more exciting because now there are games every night. and players will not take nights off since they know every game matters that much more. But for some. the lockout was ironically seen as a positive thing. This is the third lockout under Bettman’s 19-year tenure as commissioner. specifically toward conference matchups. “It is a tough conference right now. .” The team is looking forward to the second half of the season. the 2012-13 season has been reduced from 82 to 48 games. Women’s Basketball Though the season may not be going the way they hoped it would. Though the season was originally scheduled to begin on Oct. a senior youth development major who broke the school’s single game scoring record by scoring 51 points in a thrilling 99-92 victory at Crown College on Jan.” said freshman secondary education major Jamie High. “I was really bummed about all of the games that were cancelled. I could not have done it without my teammates and my coach. In an effort to attract college students into attendance. 19. the Wild are hosting ‘College Nights’ where students can present their school I. We are learning to win games down the stretch. the team has a good. “God is good. “but the team has the talent that they need to play better together. The Rams are 4-13 overall. There are many reasons that contributed to the lockout. which is almost a 42 percent reduction.” said Roeder. In UMAC conference play.” said High. The team is looking forward to the rest of the season while owning second place in the UMAC conference at the time of this printing.” said junior elementary education major and hockey enthusiast Michael Linder. the players on the women’s basketball team take solace in the fact that they are winning the games that they know they should. each team will play every other UMAC team twice. winning six out of the nine games played in January. 12 | ncunortherner. Winning the game makes breaking the record even sweeter.