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Dots for Windows version 2.0 Copyright (c) 1991,1992,1993 by Ralph W. Whitfield, Jr. All Rights Reserved.

*************** Introduction *************** "Dots for Windows" version 2.0 is a simple but addicting game for Windows that allows for three sizes of playing fields. This game functions just like the pencil and paper game that you played when you were young. You play the computer in a territory collection game. The computer is not that smart, but it is tough to beat if you're not careful. This version (version 2.0) is an update to version 1.0 which was circulating around in 1992 and the beginning of 1993. See the section later on changes from version 1.0 to version 2.0. Please take the time to read the comments on shareware located elsewhere in this document. If you enjoy this game and find it useful, just drop me a line at the address shown later. I do accept money, but let's be real, how much would someone pay for this! I am issuing this as shareware in order to find out how far it will roam. Just drop me a line and let me know what you think. I do accept source code for those who wish to share. I will trade the source for "Dots" when you contact me. **************** Requirements **************** Microsoft Windows 3.0 or higher. Any Windows supported monitor. **************** Installation **************** Copy DOTS.EXE and DOTS.TXT into your Windows directory or anywhere you like. Setup an application for "Dots" through Program Manager and your ready to play. **************** Overview **************** "Dots for Windows" plays just like the pencil and paper game. You take turns with the computer in selecting sides of boxes on the playing field. When one of the boxes is completed, the person (human or computer) that completed it will gain possession of that box and get another turn. That players initial is automatically entered in the box. Play continues until all of the boxes are filled and the game is over. ****************

and you then have a chance to try again.This brings up a Pop-up with three choices: Player 1. "Dots" will tell you so. and Random means that the computer selects who gets to go first. **************** Menu choices **************** FILE ABOUT . . Player 2 is either the computer or the other human opponent. Player 1 is always you. but not the diagonals. COMPUTER . P layer. PLAYER PLAYER VS.Whether you get a Message Box if you make an invalid m .Starts a new game with the current options. Player 2.What else? . (You can only select one. de-selects t he other. another person or the compu ter.) MESSAGE ON ERROR BEEP ON ERROR ove. NEW GAME . Valid moves are any side of the box.Opens a dialog box allowing to restore a previoulsy saved game. . SAVE OPEN EXIT OPTIONS BOARD SIZE . Selecting one. If it is not a valid move. Avoid if at all possible boxes with two sides complete. and 15X15. PLAYER VS. 10X10. (Like Player Vs.About screen for "Dots for Windows" displaying copyright information.) WHO STARTS FIRST . Random.Playing the game **************** You select a side of a box by clicking on one corner then clicking on the other. .Opens a dialog box allowing you to save the current game.Who you are going to play.Opens a Pop-up offering you three choices for the playing field size: 5X5. these can only be selected one at a time. **************** Hints **************** Keep an eye open for boxes with three complete sides. or the computer just beeps at you.

e. ************* Differences between Version 1.0 and Version 2. Added switches that toggle between showing a message box and a beep or only a be ep when you make an invalid move.Changes the player's names. Added switches for selecting whether the player 2 moves (regardless of whether it is human or the computer) are shown in blue or just the last move is shown in blue. HELP HOW TO PLAY .. ************* Trademarks ************* .0 ************* The computer opponent is smarter (not much. Changed the score line from "Player 1. all of Player 2's moves are in BL UE (if you have a color monitor) and all of your moves ar e in BLACK. (i. Added code to "shrink" or "grow" the window based on the board size.INI in the program directory. PLAYER VS. If this is not selected then only Player 2' s last move is in BLUE. Added ability to save games and restore them.If this is selected. PLAYER VS PLAYER) then there are place s for two names. Added switches for two player or one player game.SHOW OPPONENT MOVES . The second player defaults to HUMAN2. If there is only one human.Player 2" to the players names. If there are two players.e. PLAYERS CHANGE PLAYERS NAMES .This saves to the DOTS.INI your current settings. Added code to save configuration information to the file DOTS. but it is smarter). COMPUTER) then the dialog box will only have a place for one name. SAVE CONFIGURATION NOW .This file is displayed in NOTEPAD.. (i.

Jr.1993 by Ralph W. is Copyright (c) 1991.1992. To register your copy of "Dots for Windows". Whitfield. "Dots for Windows". All rights reserved. Borland C++ for Windows is a trademark of Borland International. send a post card or E-MAIL to: Ralph W. written or implied are provided for. ************* Legal Stuff ************* This program. No warranties. Jr. Whitfield. AL 35906 Compuserve: 73540. Whitfield. No liabilities concerning the use of this software are to be assumed by the author due to the result of using this software. Jr. 130 Nottingham Rd. and any associated files.Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp. Rainbow City.2276 Thank you for examining "Dots for Windows". 05/10/93 . Ralph W.