Quinquagesima (1888

Luke 18:31-43 We stand at the door of holy Passiontide. In this time Christendom goes up with Jesus in the Spirit to Jerusalem; as we are witnesses of His suffering. but also our whole life is a going with Jesus to Jerusalem, the Jerusalem above, where we shall behold His glory. Our Christian Life: A Going with Jesus to Jerusalem, 1. with Jesus, our Prophet: a. as such, we need Him; because we are ignorant by nature and never could find the way of life1; b. but He knows all the counsel of God for our salvation, teaches us through Scripture and opens Scripture to us, whose kernel and star, beginning and end and key He Himself is2; 2. with Jesus, our High Priest: a. without Him we have no citizenship in the heavenly Jerusalem; because we are of the same kind as the godless Jews and the unrighteous Gentiles3; b. but He has purchased citizenship of the holy for us through His obedience4, His suffering and 5 death , in our stead, because He is also God's Son, as His omniscience is evidence for it6; and God has acknowledged it as fully valid by His resurrection7; that we are now certainly in Him Who is raised up for the sake of our righteousness8, have the righteousness that avails before God. But in Him, in the Lord, we have not only righteousness, but also strength; we go to Jerusalem 3. with Jesus, our King: a. without Him we would be helpless and would sit along the way like the blind man9; even men could and would not help us along10; what is of the world will and can be a hindrance to us; for Jesus is our only help, and b. He also helps us: α. He knows our miserable infirmity11; β. He has mercy on us and will help us12; γ. He can mightily help us and helps us that we are His subjects and kingdom companions by faith13, hold on to Him in faith and in such faith with Him and "to Him" overcome the world and everything. Therefore our "glory" and praise applies to Him here on our pilgrimage and there in the heavenly Jerusalem.14 A.G.

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