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NAME: CLASS: Time Allotment Topics : 45 minutes : Forces and motion, Turning effects of forces, Forces and matter,

Energy transformations and energy transfer, Energy resources, Work and power

Section A Multiple-Choice Questions. 1. Below are four statements about the effects of forces on objects. Three of the statements are correct. Which statement is incorrect? A A force can change the length of an object. B A force can change the mass of an object. C A force can change the shape of an object. D A force can change the speed of an object. 2. The table shows the weight in newtons of a10 kg mass on each of four planets. planet weight of 10 kg mass/N Earth 100 Jupiter 250 Mercury 40 Venus 90 The diagram shows a force meter (spring balance) being used. On which planet is the force meter (spring balance) being used? A Earth B Jupiter C Mercury D Venus

3. A spring is suspended from a stand. Loads are added and the extensions are measured

Which graph shows the result of plotting extension against load?

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4. An experiment is carried out to measure the extension of a rubber band for different loads.The results are shown below. load (N) 0 1 2 3 length (cm) 15.2 16.2 18.6 extension (cm) 0 1.0 2.1 3.4 Which figure is missing from the table? A 16.5 B 17.3 C 17.4 D 18.3 5. A student uses a stand and clamp to hold a flask of liquid. Which diagram shows the most stable arrangement?

6. The diagrams show two divers swimming in the sea and two divers swimming in fresh water. Sea water is more dense than fresh water. On which diver is there the greatest pressure?

7. The diagram shows a simple mercury barometer. The barometer reading is h cm of mercury. What is the pressure at S? A approximately zero B atmospheric pressure C atmospheric pressure + h cm of mercury D h cm of mercury

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8. A student places his thumb firmly on the outlet of a bicycle pump, to stop the air coming out.

What happens to the pressure and to the volume of the trapped air as the pump handle is pushed in? pressure volume decreases A decreases decreases remains the same B increases decreases C remains the same D increases 9. A farmer has two carts. The carts have the same weight, but one has four narrow wheels and the other has four wide wheels. In rainy weather, which cart sinks less into soft ground, and why? chart wheel why greater pressure on the ground A narrow less pressure on the ground B narrow greater pressure on the ground C wide less pressure on the ground D wide

10. Four glass tanks contain water. In which tank is the pressure of the water on the base greatest?

11. A manometer is being used to measure the pressure of the gas inside a tank A, B, C and D show the manometer at different times. At which time is the gas pressure inside the tank greatest?

12. Which form of energy is used to generate electrical energy in a tidal power station? A chemical energy C internal energy (thermal energy) B gravitational energy D nuclear energy
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13. Electricity can be obtained from different energy resources. Which energy resource is used to obtain electricity without producing heat to boil water? A coal C hidroelectric B geothermal D nuclear 14. A girl is pushing a load along a ramp, as shown in figure below. The diagram shows the force with which she pushes and the weight of the load. The total work done by her pushing force and the gain in potential energy of the load is ... A 3000 joules 250 N B 4750 joules C 1250 joules D 1750 joules 2.5 m
700 N

15. An electric pump is able to lift 200 kg of water vertically up to a height of 30 m above the ground in 50 s. What is the power of the machine? A 0.12 kW C 6.0 W B 1.2 kW D 300 kW Section B Short Answer Questions. 16. A rocket has a mass of 500 kg. At lift-off the rocket engine exerts an upward force of 25000 N leaving the Earth where g = 10 N/kg. What is its initial acceleration? Answer: a = ... (m/s2) 17. The diagram below shows a 5 m uniform beam AB, pivoted 1.5 m from the end A. The weight of the beam is 200 N.
1.5 m 3.5 m

A third force F presses down on the beam (at end point A). What value of F is needed to balance the beam? Answer: F = ... (newton) 18. On a particular day, the height of the mercury column in a simple barometer is 750 mm. Calculate the atmospheric pressure on this day. (Density of mercury = 13600 kg/m3, g = 10 m/s2) Answer: P0 = ... (N/m2) 19. A car of mass 2000 kg accelerates away from traffic lights. At the end of the first 100 m, its engine provides an average forward force 780 N, and the average force of friction on the car is 240 N. Using the principle of conservation of energy, calculate the final velocity reached by the car during that time. Answer: = ... (m/s) 20. The useful power output of a small d.c. motor is used to raise a load 0.75 kg through a vertical distance of 1.2 m. The time taken is 18.0 s. The power input to the motor 1.8 W. Assuming that the gravitational acceleration is 10 N/kg, what is the percentage of efficiency of the electric motor? Answer: efficiency = ... (%)

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