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Jos Rizal University Preliminary Examination ITC 46 4011

Second Semester 2012-2013 General Instructions: 1. December 4-6, 2012 Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday Strictly NO ID - NO PERMIT - NO EXAM

Instructor: Cortes, Meljun P.

2. Write legibly and neatly as possible and read the instruction. 3. All answers must be written on the JRU Test Booklet. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I Identification(Identify the following statement of E-commerce) 15 points

1.) ___Businesses trading with other businesses and internal processes. 2.) ___Term used interchangeably with e-commerce. 3.) ___An exchange of value. 4.) ___The group of logical, related, and sequential activities and transactions in which businesses engage. 5.) ___Employee logs in to a company computer through the Internet instead of traveling to the office. 6.) ___Electronic transmissions of account exchange information over private communications networks. 7.) ___Transmitting computer-readable data in a standard format to another business. 8.) ___Businesses that engage in EDI with each other. 9.) ___Offers connection and transaction-forwarding services to buyers and sellers engaged in EDI. 10.) ___A set of processes that combine to yield a profit. 11.) ___Used to Identify customers and market to those customers, generate sales to those customers. 12.) ___Combination of store design, layout, and product display knowledge. 13.) ___Hard to distinguish from the same products or services provided by other sellers. 14.) ___Collection of attributes that affect how easily a product can be packaged and delivered. 15.) ___Can make overall shipping cost a small fraction of the selling price.

II True /False

10 points

(Write TRUE if the statement is correct otherwise, write FALSE if the statement is wrong)

1.)___Protocol suite used to create and transport information packets across the Internet is http. 2.)___Protocols that help manage e-mail is TCP/IP. 3.)___Any technology that allows people to connect computers to each other is known as computer chain. 4.)___A large system of interconnected computer networks spanning the globe is internet. 5.)___A subset of computers on the Internet is computer. 6.)___Electronic commerce can increase sales and decrease costs 7.) ___If advertising is done well on the Web, it can get a firms promotional message out to potential customers in every country . 8.)___Using e-commerce sales support and order-taking processes, a business can reduce costs of handling sales inquiries. 9.) ___Future of electronic commerce will be international in scope. 10.)__As more people or organizations participate in a network, the value of the network to each participant increases.

III Enumeration (List down the following)

A.) 5 General e-commerce categories B.) 3 Elements of Electronic Commerce C.) 2 Model of Electronic Commerce D.) 2 Conditions of a Market

10 points


Define Electronic Commerce 15 points

****************************************End of Examination**************************************** Prepared by: MELJUN P. CORTES