The 1997 Workplace Employee Relations Survey

Employee questionnaire
This is a national survey of people at work. We are interested in your views about your job and your workplace. Your name was selected randomly from a list of people who work here. Some other people here have also been picked at random. We’ve chosen people in this way so that we cover the full range of employees - from management to the most junior. There is no special reason why you were picked to fill in the survey or why others you work with were not picked. However, now that your name has come up, we would like you to fill in the questionnaire. Please do not pass it to someone else. Everything that you say in the questionnaire will remain confidential. The questionnaire has a serial number on it simply so that we know who has replied and do not send out reminders unnecessarily. After the answers have been entered into a computer, the questionnaire will be destroyed. The questionnaire should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. It can be done either at work or at home. It would be helpful if you could return the completed questionnaire within the next two weeks. If you need any help or want to know more about the survey, phone Andrew O’Reilly at the DTI on freephone 0800 0680707. Please use a black pen to complete the questionnaire and try to answer every question. Many thanks for your help.


Head Office: 35 Northampton Square, London EC1V 0AX Tel: 0171 250 1866 Fax: 0171 250 1524

A About your job A6 If you do work overtime or extra hours. what would you say is the one main reason you do so? 18 Tick one box only I never work overtime or extra hours I enjoy my work I need the money I don’t want to let down the people I work with So that I can get all my work done It’s required as part of my job Some other reason 1 2 3 A1 How many years in total have you been working at this workplace? By workplace we mean the site or location at. including any overtime or extra hours? Hours per week 12-14 A8 Do you agree.. with the following statements about your job? Tick one box in each row Neither agree nor dis agree 3 20-23 A4 How many overtime or extra hours do you usually work each week. or disagree. which you work. whether paid or unpaid? 15-16 If you do not usually work overtime or extra hours. or is it temporary or for a fixed-term? Permanent Temporary Fixed-term 1 Only by men 11 1 2 3 4 5 Mainly by men Equally by men and women 2 Mainly by women 3 Only by women A3 How many hours do you usually work each week. 10 Less than 1 year 1 to less than 2 years 2 to less than 5 years 5 to less than 10 years 10 years or more 1 2 4 5 6 7 3 4 A7 5 Thinking about the type of work you personally do. 19 Tick one box only A2 Is your job permanent. is it done at this workplace. or from. . write 0 Overtime/extra hours per week Strongly agree My job requires that I work very hard I never seem to have enough time to get my job done I feel my job is secure in this workplace I worry a lot about my work outside working hours 1 Agree 2 Disagree 4 Strongly dis agree 5 Don’t know 6 A5 Are you normally paid or given time off later when you work overtime or extra hours? Tick one box only I never work overtime or extra hours I am normally paid I normally take time off later I am sometimes paid and sometimes take time off later None of these 1 17 2 3 4 5 2 .

Tick one box only None Less than 1 day 1 to less than 2 days 2 to less than 5 days 5 to less than 10 days 10 days or more 1 2 3 4 5 6 B3 If you personally needed any of these arrangements.A9 In general. either paid for or organised by your employer? 36 Include only training away from your normal place of work. but it could be on or off the premises. how much influence do you have about the following? 24-26 Tick one box in each row A lot The range of tasks you do in your job The pace at which you work How you do your work 1 B About working here Some 2 A little 3 None 4 Don’t know 5 B1 During the last 12 months. how much training have you had. have you discussed any of these with your supervisor/line manager? 31-35 Tick all that apply How you are getting on with your job 1 A10 How satisfied are you with the following aspects of your job? Tick one box in each row Neither satisfied nor Satisdisfied satisfied 2 3 Your chances of promotion 27-30 2 Your training needs Your pay 3 4 Very satisfied The amount of influence you have over your job The amount of pay you receive The sense of achievement you get from your work The respect you get from supervisors/ line managers 1 Dissatis fied 4 Very dissatis fied 5 None of these Don’t know 6 5 B2 During the last 12 months. would they be available at this workplace? 37-42 Tick all that apply Flexible working hours (flexi-time) Job sharing (sharing a full-time job with someone else) Parental leave Working at or from home in normal working hours Workplace nursery or help with the cost of child care None of these 1 2 3 4 5 6 3 .

B4 If you needed to take a day off work at short notice. with the following statements about working here? 44-48 Tick one box in each row Neither agree nor disagree 3 B8 How good would you say managers here are at the following? Tick one box in each row 58-62 Strongly agree Agree I share many of the values of my organisation Managers here are understanding about employees having to meet family responsibilities People working here are encouraged to develop their skills I feel loyal to my organisation I am proud to tell people who I work for 1 2 Disagree 4 Strongly dis agree 5 Don’t know 6 Very good 1 Good 2 Neither good nor poor 3 Poor 4 Very Poor 5 Don’t know 6 Keeping everyone up to date about proposed changes Providing everyone with the chance to comment on proposed changes Responding to suggestions from employees Dealing with work problems you or others may have Treating employees fairly B6 How helpful do you find the following in keeping up-to-date about this workplace ? Tick one box in each row 49-52 B9 In general. how would you usually do it? 43 Tick one box only Use paid leave Take time off and make it up later Go on leave without pay Couldn’t take time off Some other way Doesn’t apply to me 1 2 3 4 5 6 B7 How often are you and others working here asked by managers for your views on any of the following? 53-57 Tick one box in each row Frequently 1 Never 2 Sometimes 3 Hardly ever 4 Future plans for the workplace Staffing issues. or disagree. how would you describe relations between managers and employees here? Tick one box only 63 Very helpful 1 Helpful 2 Not very helpful 3 Not at all helpful 4 Not used her e 5 Very good Good Neither good nor poor Poor Very poor Don’t know 1 2 3 4 5 6 Notice boards E-mail Workplace newsletter or magazine Meetings of managers and employees 4 . for example to look after a sick family member. including redundancy Changes to work practices Pay issues Health and safety at work B5 Do you agree.

......are neutral about trade unions .are not in favour of trade unions 1 2 3 69 C1 Are you a member of a trade union or staff association? 64 Tick one box only Yes No.take notice of members’ problems and complaints ..C Representation at work C4 How would you rate the attitude of managers here towards trade unions? Tick one box only Managers here. ... or disagree. have never been a member 1 C5 Is there a trade union or staff association at this workplace? Yes 1 2 70 2 3 No Please go to D1 C6 C2 Ideally... with the following statements about unions or staff associations at this workplace? 71-73 Tick one box in each row Neither agree nor Strongly disagree Agree agree 1 2 3 Myself 1 Trade union 2 Another employee 3 Disagree 4 Strongly disagree 5 Don’t know 6 Getting increases in my pay If I wanted to make a complaint about working here If a manager wanted to discipline me Unions/staff associations here.make a difference to what it is like to work here C3 How much contact do you have with trade union or other worker representatives about workplace matters? 68 Tick one box only I am frequently in contact with worker representatives I am occasionally in contact with worker representatives I am never in contact with worker representatives I am a worker representative I do not know any worker representatives 1 2 3 4 5 5 ... but have been in the past No.are taken seriously by management . who do you think would best represent you in dealing with managers here about the following issues? 65-67 Tick one box in each row Somebody else 4 Do you agree.are in favour of trade unions .....

at home or in your leisure time? 83 Yes No 1 2 D3 Do you have any dependent children in the following age groups? 76-79 Tick all that apply Children aged 0-4 Children aged 5-11 Children aged 12-18 No dependent children 1 D8 2 3 To which of these groups do you consider you belong? 84-85 Tick one box only White 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 4 Black Caribbean D4 Which of the following describes your current status? 80 Tick one box only Black African Black other Indian Single Widowed Divorced/Separated Living with spouse or partner 1 Pakistani 2 Bangladeshi 3 Chinese 4 Another ethnic group 6 . or a City and Guilds Certificate? Yes No 1 2 82 D7 Do you have any long-standing health problems or disabilities which limit what you can do at work. such as a trade apprenticeship.D Finally. about yourself D5 What is the highest educational qualification you hold? 81 Tick one box only CSE or equivalent/ GCSE (grades D-G) O level or equivalent/ GCSE (grades A-C) 1 2 A level or equivalent 3 D1 Are you male or female? Male Female 1 2 74 Degree or equivalent 4 Postgraduate degree or equivalent None of these 5 D2 How old are you? Less than 20 years 20-24 25-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60 or more 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 75 6 D6 Do you hold any recognised vocational qualifications. NVQs.

postal clerk.£680 per week £28. fire fighter.721 .£13.441 .civil service and local government clerical officer.720 per year 7 8 6 £361 . hairdresser. lecturer.£360 per week £16.£16. bank clerk Craft & skilled service eg tool maker.121 . taxi or bus driver Other occupations eg cleaner. sewing machinist.520 per year 5 4 4 5 6 £261 .361 . 88-89 7 . director of nursing. kitchenhand. printer. Less than £50 per week Less than £2.360 per year £431 . petrol pump attendant Operative and assembly eg assembly line worker. works manager.160 per year £81 .£11. insurance underwriter Clerical & secretarial eg typist.£35.360 per year £181 .361 or more per year 12 9 D12 Do you have any final comments you would like to make about your workplace. sales assistant. nurse. postal worker.£4.360 per year 8 9 7 10 11 £681 or more per week £35.080 per year £541 .£540 per week £22.£430 per week £18. librarian. engineer. bank manager Professional eg teacher. sales representative.£9. or because you work different hours each week. fitter. packer.521 . waiter Sales eg till operator. marketing/ sales manager. child carer.£22.£180 per week £7. bar staff. building inspector.£260 per week £11. porter.281 .£28. doctor. secretary. think about what you earn on average.£310 per week £13. accountant.440 per year £221 .081 .D9 Which of the following occupation groups best describes your job at present? Tick one box only Managers & senior administrators eg general manager.600 per year 1 2 £51 . architect.161 .£80 per week £2.£140 per week £4. befor e tax and other deductions are taken out? 90-91 If your pay changes before tax from week to week because of over time.120 per year £311 . shelf filler. electrician.£220 per week £9. social worker Associate professional & technical eg technician. builders labourer 1 86-87 D11 How much do you get paid for your job here.361 . computer operator. lawyer. baker Personal & protective service eg police officer.601 . carpenter. or about this questionnaire? 92-93 D10 What are the main work tasks you do in your job? Please describe as fully as possible. truck driver.£18.280 per year 2 3 3 £141 . musician. motor mechanic. computer programmer.£7. undertaker.

post it directly yourself. 8 . either leave it at the workplace collection point. It would be helpful if you could return the completed questionnaire within the next two weeks. or if you prefer.Thank you for your help Please now seal the questionnaire in the freepost envelope provided and.

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