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which are also quite important. It's where we first want to enjoy life for ourself. the nodes. but also about the happiness of all people and cultures. • Jupiter changes signs. our social obligations to each other. Rahu Ketu in Libra .the social contract.but to be happy for "no reason. In this shift Rahu will join Saturn in Libra. Eventually we realize that it's not only about personal happiness. valuing others. and valuing ourself. so we then t ry to balance our own happiness with another's. This happens in early January. and. These have to do with: • The solar and lunar eclipses (two each throughout the year). will change signs. we try to honor another person's wishes . In Libra we see this "happy for no reason" concept appear in themes like gratitude.2013 General Forecast There are several main points to pay attention to in the astrological makeup of the coming year. The truth is that we are here to be happy (the Venus principle. This is why Venus is exalted in Pisces. Balance is a big Libra keyword. Libra is where we are called to balance our desires with the desires of someone else. or even the happiness of only those close to us. • The nodes change signs and join Saturn. 2013. a place where the universal picture comes into play. in May. value. Libra is a sign that has to do with personal relationships -. the entire universe. and will then make some interesting aspects towards the Sun and Saturn. and generally trying to get along with others in balance. moving from the Scorpio-Taurus axis to the Libra-Aries axis. Libra's ruler) -. What tends to happen with the Libra principle is that as we start to grow.End of 2013 On January 14th. we realize that enjoying ourself at another's expense doesn't feel very good. ultimately. 2013 ." as Amma says. Rahu and Ketu. where they will remain for a year and a half. and then as that evolves.January 14.

a romantic relationship. and how much we project a sense of disrespect onto others.January 14. We may find a lot of pressure on our relationships with others and may become aware of how much we respect others. but once intelligence comes it is like a light shining in those dark corners of our psyche. Many times we might start to feel like the other is not respecting us. If you have any .g. We realize this when we later feel mistreated. when actually it was in our own decision to over -compromise that we placed the burden on ourself. we won't feel disrespected by others. We must learn not to pay too high a price for our own happiness. It's a good chance to look at ourselves. the dark corners of our relationship psyche will be illuminated during this conjunction for a year and a half. respect is our own domain. We need to respect ourselves. with Rahu joined Saturn in Libra. through the middle of 2014. and about our own self-respect and respecting others. when actually. we don't notice all of the dirt in the corners. but then we may stop feeling valued and respected. an d realize how we may be selling our own principles short in order to make a connection. as well as how much we respect ourself. but of course. our intelligence often comes in the form of noticing our painful mistakes.above our own. and in doing that. so this conjunction with Rahu will bring a lot of intelligent energy to our process. Saturn / Rahu in Libra . When we're asleep and when we're ignorant of something.End of 2013 This Libra principle will be very magnified in 2013. but sometimes may compromise on things that we really shouldn't. These issues will be magnified starting in January and for th e next year and a half when Rahu and Saturn are transiting Libra together. 2013 . Libra is where we get together into a relationship. It all comes down to our individual effort and capacity to make the choice to be happy. e. This playing out in Libra. Saturn is exalted in Libra. like the other person did something to us. The Venus influence of wanting to feel the nice parts of a relationship caused this. because we want it to work and feel the good stuff (Venus stuff) We compromise.

and whatever house Libra is in your chart.April 25. bringing a lot of that energy into play. but everyone can expect this transit to bring a shift in our relationships. Solar Eclipse in Aries . as that's where the nodes will be. 2013 A big part of what we will be feeling in 2013 has to do with the eclipse cycles. Lunar Eclipse in Libra . Thus we may become aware of this tendency in us. Swati is the part of Libra that wants to be free. This will bring big psychological lessons. which may show us where we're not so connected. beginning in April. which can create some stress. You can expect that around that time. On April 25th there will be a lunar eclipse followed by the solar eclipse on May 10th. brings a lot of pressure into this area of life. but Swati can also help. 2013 . We also may feel a desire to protect ourselves a little more than feels comfortable. and connect with the collective consciousness through ideas. your relationships. The fact th at Saturn is also there being eclipsed (and retrograde at the time). Swati is ruled by Rahu and gives the power to scatter like the wind. then these planets and houses will also get pressured.May 10. all in the nakshatra of Swati. will face a great emotional and psychological awareness of the need to open up your heart and really connect it with a more collective idea and expression. The eclipses take place on the Libra-Aries axis. as it wants to dissolve the boundaries and open them up -all around the time of the eclipse on April 25 th . disperse ideas. On the lunar eclipse Moon will be joined with Saturn and Rahu. thus bringing a big psychological awakening at the end of April.planets there in your own chart.

full of enthusiasm and passion. Bharani literally means "the bearer. The solar eclipse happens when the Sun and Moon come together with Ketu. we will see an enormous amount of creative seed potential. will all be in Aries in the nakshatra of Bharani. The deity of Swati is Hanuman. showed the power to scatter like the wind. 2013. The yoni symbolism of this nakshatra points to where we penetrate life and produce a result. The eclipse on May 10th will initiate a new cycle around the Aries principle. the female sexual organ. which is about honoring our own independence without becoming a dictator or tyrant. The lunar eclipse two weeks prior. and initiate a new cycle of growth. 2012. with an energy that compels us to rush headlong into life. "the bearer" is where we bear the result of our actions. Bharani is where we bear the brunt of that decision. Mercury. in Swati (ruled by Rahu). Bharani lies in the middle of Aries. That's the energy of this eclipse. Ketu. was in Libra.A solar eclipse in Aries follows a couple of weeks later. on May 10 th . Sun will be exalted. Its deity is Yama. This nakshatra of Bharani brings a contrasting energy. the God of restraint. With all of these planets in this nakshatra during the eclipse. as Aries is about acting through our own initiation and spirit. and the reproductive tract. It's ruled by Mars and is the beginning of the zodiac. Energy we've set in motion comes back to us and gives birth to something. bringing a lot of concentrated energy here. and the Sun." and the symbol is the yoni. on the new moon. and noticing the results of our actions and the need to honor time and preserve our energy. Mars in its own sign. Venus. The previous solar eclipse on November 13. Whatever you've been doing and however your will has been courageously penetrating existence will show results (especially regarding what house Aries . and Bharani's ruler. about restraint. and to be aware of the constraints that are on us. which shows the need to preserve our energy. and is where we honor our own personal strength through a course of courageous action. Here we find a great need to restrain ourselves. Literally the female reproductive organ and system. Mars. in her own sign. the monkey God who is about service and selflessness. a lot of consequences may appear.

because of Jupiter's mystical and abstract nature and Mercury's ability to help gather and organi ze details. and will change signs on May 31st. One of the advantages of this placement though is that it will bring good energy for studying things like astrology and mystical practices.represents for you). From May 2013 until May 2014 will be a good time to study and organize teachings about those things that interest you intellectually. Man and woman contain the same seed principle and the same goal but approach life completely differently. The fact that Venus. Gemini is a sign of the mind. was very much about embodying those practices in your daily routines and rituals. when Jupiter was going through Taurus. It feels quite opposite though because of this placement -. in Bharani nakshatra. literal level. so that you can give a voice to them. and Jupiter is about the really abstract principles. and understanding things on a more practical. and though it is opposite from a sign that Jupiter rules. Jupiter in Gemini is about pursuing them with a certain amount of intelligence. because Gemini is very intellectual. the ruler of Bharani. and inculcating them as values in your life. and realize that your actions and your energy are going to bring a result that you will have to bear. and the intellect. very much about the details of the world. Gemini is not an easy sign for Jupiter. . It's a very fertile time that is good for being realistic about those things. Jupiter Enters Gemini . will be in very good dignity (joined with Jupiter and in its own house of Taurus) plays into this quite nicely.May 31. moving into Gemini. Be realistic about your endeavors and what you bring to life.the way the shadow is the unintegrated part of ourself. there is a common seed principle. This is a big lesson for the next six months with this eclipse in Aries. The previous year. It shows that this energy of Bharani will be operating with a lot of wisdom and intelligence through this time. 2013 Jupiter has been in Taurus since May of 2012.

When you do more than just believe in a scripture. meaning they believe a certain thing-. but when you understand it as well then it can really help to manifest a strong spiritual practice. this is applying Mercury energy to Jupiter. how it works --with Mercury energy-. Jupiter is very philosophical and abstract. When we also understand something. our relationships.July 10th Jupiter's move into Gemini will also be creating some very important aspects -namely on Libra and Aquarius. so Jupiter aspecting Saturn here will bring a lot of wisdom. Take this time to really learn about the things you believe in. the gunas. It is the energy that makes us believe in something. and actually investigate where it came from and how it works in a scientific way. and astronomy. like our religion for example. because if someone asks you to explain it and you can't off er an intellectual explanation. The Indian sciences are amazing because they are not just beliefs or religion. You may even be working against your cause. Astrology is all about this incredible science. but are actually rooted in science--including the five elements. Libra is about understanding the social contract.For example.June 30th . and things that we do with other people. and a major eclipse taking place there. As we will have Rahu and Saturn stationed in Libra. Jupiter is God's grace. From June 30th until July 10th Jupiter will be placing a heavy aspect on exalted Saturn here. then belief can become very dogmatic. as we will see with Jupiter in Gemini. It's okay if you don't understand something and just believe in it. So this will be a great time to apply this principle and study things like astrology as Jupiter moves through Gemini and gets closer to its exaltation point in Cancer. this aspect is very important. Trusting in an idea is Jupiter energy. because if you can't explain them well. It's the marriage of the abstract with the literal. which will be very powerful. they may not take it seriously. where we can see how spirit takes form.Jupiter energy. the . and don't understand the scientific logic behind a philosophy well.then it becomes spiritual as well. Jupiter / Saturn Aspect . but being able to actually understand it and have it make sense to you intellectually is Mercury energy. People may think that they are "spiritual" when actually they are religious.

Remarkable luck and spiritual teachings can show up when Jupiter aspects. This time will be a great opportunity to get deeper insight into your Saturn questions. Ashwini is the first Nakshatra. Look for some great inspiration to be coming into your commitments. especial around the social contract and the things that we're learning right now. regardless of in what sign this happens. until the end of 2014 (when Saturn leaves Libra). The Sun is barely in Libra then. in the nakshatra of Ashwini. at one degree Libra. and wisdom. Jupiter aspecting Saturn in general. and the fact that he's exalted here in this aspect makes a great chance for you to pursue your long-term passions in the next several years. how much we respect others. since Jupiter is inspiration and commitments are Saturn. and the Moon is at the beginning of Aries in Ashwini Nakshatra. We will hopefully see the subtle things that we do in relationships. because of this aspect and because Rahu will be bringing pressure here (joined exalted Saturn). This lunar eclipse in Aries brings a lot of enthusiasm and passion. and in general. and how we may be compromising our principles down the drain in order to have a connection. Saturn is our long-term commitments. but that energy of the two horses may pull us . It will be pressure that makes us face the truth about how we're compromising. Lunar Eclipse in Aries . and will bring specific meaning and expression depending upon what house Libra is in your chart. 2013 The next eclipse cycle comes in October and early November. On October 18th the lunar eclipse will take place in Aries. so Jupiter aspecting Saturn will bring a great opportunity for insig ht into those things. This applies to everyone as a whole.guru's grace. where we are full of vitality.October 18. brings great inspiration into your commitments. but also in our relationship with culture and the world in general. placed at th e head of the Ram. As the planets elevate. we elevate in the same ways. how much respect we feel. not just personal relationships and romantic ones.

dignity. In the Ramayana Hanuman was the General of . not being pulled in many directions at on ce. Be careful not to be too pushy. which happens two weeks later. The lunar eclipse on the full moon can feel very polarizing. the Sun (our confidence) may feel very pushed down. This will be very much like the earlier solar eclipse that we had. and the Moon in Aries may make you really want to assert your own emotional self-will. and power. and having the emotional courage to assert ourselves. Be aware of this and know the deeper principle that we're working on this year with Saturn and Rahu in Libra. 2013. which is ruled by Rahu. and Rahu. Solar Eclipse in Libra . and this nakshatra is really about the power to scatter like the wind. Moon. and the planets will be concentrated again in the nakshatra of Swati. the opposite. and not to feel aggravated by this. This is a tricky eclipse as well because the Sun is debilitated at this time. it will be important to yoke those two horses. which are quite volatile forces. and instead come from a place of personal strength. The deity of Swati is Hanuman. but this time with those same planets opposite in Swati. 2013 Finally. Sun and Saturn will all be in Swati as well. which brings a lack of confidence. so you are being pulled quickly to your goals. with the Sun and Moon opposite and joined the nodes. the hero of the Ramayana and the son of Vayu (the wind). Whereas the last lunar eclipse in Libra was about our social obligations and noticing how we need to disperse energy and be less personal about our own pursuit of pleasure. and with the Moon in fiery Aries there is a lot of potential psychological and emotional aggravation. Aries is about honoring our individual strength. the second solar eclipse will happen on November 3rd. with many planets in Bharani nakshatra in Aries.in opposite directions. The solar eclipses can feel quite concentrated around action and insight then when the Sun and Moon are joined together and with the nodes. Mercury will be retrograde. Because this lunar eclipse on October 18th has the Sun debilitated in Libra and joined Saturn.November 3.

It shows the supernatural potential of the mind. you can expect to feel a lack of energy. Sun is quite debilitated. It will be a heavy time for Sun stuff -. beginning in the middle of November. and to move mountains. because the digestive fire. your bones. Bharani and Swati being the big-energy nakshatras for the year. Lord Rama. eclipsed. at 17 degrees. Watch your stomach and what you eat around this time. becoming enormously powerful. as well as Rahu. when all of that wind and mental power becomes concentrated on a worthy goal. Both of the solar eclipses this year will be very intense. related to the Sun. where we feel like our most inspired self. A lot of grace will be flowing at this time. so is quite weak. and Mercury is retrograde. because of the Sun being debilitated. while the Sun and Moon are working through this nodal axis. This story of Hanuman should be pondered deeply on this eclipse. because so many planets are in Swati. thus represents things like servi ce and devotion. clarity and vitality. and joined Saturn. will many planets together in one nakshatra. with the exact exaltation point at 20 degrees). and because Saturn (also representing vata) is deeply exalted now (at 19 degrees 40 seconds. because he is able to marshall all of that vata/vayu (mental activity) and bring it all together. On this solar eclipse in November and for several weeks around it. Hanuman was the great devotee and servant of the Lord. because ou r thoughts are like an army of monkeys running all over the place. This eclipse cycle could feel like a really low time for a couple of weeks.our confidence and fiery nature. Realize tha t you might just need to rejuvenate a little. Concentrating the mind on an uplifting idea like the Lord brought Hanuman the power to fly. The Moon is joined all of these. The other thing that's really important about this eclipse is that it's also strongly aspected by Jupiter from 26 degrees Gemini. can be low. . Watch your heart. and your general vitality. This is a parable for the mind.the Army of Monkeys. Hanuman is like a superhero with this ability. making Swati a very devotional nakshatra. Hanuman is like the king of the monkeys.

Look at the way this really works. ruled by Indra and Agni. Jupiter-Sun aspects are very important. when filtered through the illusion of our ego. Though the Sun is debilitated.but they are all divine powers that are at no time really limited. and still joined exalted Saturn. it will be a great opportunity to perceive the true Sun directly. There is a lot of Shiva energy potential here. During this time there's quite a good opportunity to go deeper into that solar nature that is not necessarily about the limited power of this world. What reflection comes back to us is related to the sun. because the Sun will be in Vishaka nakshatra. tends to be experienced through some sort of limitation -. from November 8th through 15th as the Sun is changing signs and moving from Libra into Scorpio.com . The power of the Sun together with the power of all of these planets. Jupiter will aspect the Sun.November 8 .November 15 The final point to consider is that right after this eclipse. Only our perception is limited because we think that we are only what we can express physically and through the body. and this will occur from November 8th until around the 15th (with the solar eclipse November 3rd).Jupiter / Sun Aspect . and Jupiter will be giving a direct aspect which also brings a lot of Shiva energy. Aum Namah Sivaya Sam Geppi American Academy of Vedic Art andScience http://vedicartandscience. but in a deeper sense is all pure mystical force and power. so with the Sun aspected by Jupiter.

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