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:Test On Animals- Cosmetics Brands

17 Almay- Owned By Revlon Axe Avon Aveeno Anna Sui Aussie Benefit Burt's Bees Biore Blinc Bobbi Brown Batiste Burberry Bioderma Biotherm Bieresdorf Boots Home Brand Bare inerls!"ssentials Blistex C#S home brand Chanel Ceta$hil Cover%irl Clean & Clear Calvin 'lein Clarins Caudalie Clini(ue Chrisitina A%uilera )erfumes *ior *ove *'+, *olce & -abbana *iesel "stee .auder- Sold in China "li/abeth Arden "lvive "ssie -arnier -ivenchy -ucci -ior%io Armani -uerlain

Helena Rubenstein Herbal "ssence 'iehl's 'erastase 'at #on * .'oreal- Sold in China and -enereally test .orac .ioele .'Occitain .a Roche )osay .acoste .ancome .aura ercier- Owned by -urwich .ioele .a er .abello a0eu$ 1orever arc 2acobs mor cosmetics AC-Owned by "stee .auder3 Sold in China aybelline ar0s & S$encer issha ax 1actor ary '- Sold in China +ivea +eutro%ena +ars +45"- Sold in China +o67 +,C Old S$ice Ori%ins Olay O)8 )hiloso$hy )almolive )u$a Ponds Roc Revlon- Sell in China Rimmel Ral$h .auren Suave Sally Hanson Se$hora Home Brand Shiseido

Shu 4emura $olishes sally's beauty su$$ly Smashbox Syoss Sothy9s Stila Thierry u%ler Tresemme The Body Sho$- Owned By .'oreal Tom 1ord 4lta Brand 4rban *ecay #ichy #ersace :ella ,S. ,ves Roche Celebrity )erfumes need to be chec0ed individually -

:Random Cate%ories- Test On Animals :tooth$aste

A(uafresh3 entadent3 meridol3 S"+SO*,+"3 1ixodent3 )lax3 A*#A+C" :H8T"3 Oral B3 elmex3 Crest3 Col%ate3 Com$lete :hite3 )e$sodent3 )arodontax

:feminine hy%iene
Always3 Alldays3 Tam$ax3 'otex

)rin%les3 ars

:%eneral hy%iene
Carex3 -illette3 Head n' Shoulders3 S$eed Stic03 #eet3 old s$ice3 2ohnson & 2ohnson

:cleanin% $roducts
Ariel 1inish

:(Cruelty 1ree ;*on't Test On Animals

#- #e%an or mostly ve%an
Anastasia Beverly Hills Abercrombie & 1itch Ama/in% Cosmetics Ardell Ahava

Alima )ure # After -low Cosmetics # Avalon Or%anics # Aubrey Or%anics # Alba Botanica Acure Or%anics Arbonne Andalou +aturals # Antonym Blinc Butter .ondon Biscol B<4 Becca Boscia Bulldo% S0in Care # BH Cosmetics Bu0i Style Bite Beauty Body Sho$ Barry Ben +ye By Terry Beauty :ithout Cruelty # Blac0 Radiance Bad%er Com$any Bio-Oil Bri=a Cosmetics Chic Careline Crema China -la/e Coastal Scents Catrice Concrete inerals Cover 15 (Collection ;>??? Conair Cleo Ciate Cinema Secrets Cra/y Rumors # *ecle'or *inair *r6 *ennis -ross *r6 Hausch0a *r6 Schwart/

*r6 Bronner's # *eborah .i$$man *uwo$ *e#ita # *ermalo%ica "co Tools "ssence "ye0o "ssence Of Beauty "veryday minerals # "arth Science "yelure .ashes "6l6f "mbryolisse- only sold in hon% 0on% ;therefore not sub=ected to Chinese (law "dward Bess "mani inerals # 1usion Beauty 1aran front cover 1ace Atelier 1emme Couture -aya -ade -i%i Cosmetics -abriel Cosmetics # -OSH -lamour *oll "yes -ourmet Body Treats -iovanni # Hard Candy Hour%lass Himalaya Herbals Holy .and Cosmetics Hlavin Cosmetics Herita%e Botanicals 8llamas(ua 8t Cosmetics 8t's a @? 8n%lot il ma0ia%e 8nnoxa 2emma 'id 2osie aran 2ason # 2ordana 2ule$

2uice Beauty 2ane 8redale 2ane Cosmetics 'ett Cosmetics 'ryolan 'i0o 'leanColor 'iss .ashes 'iss y 1ace 'evyn Aucoin 'oh -en *o 'amedis 'ir09s +atual )roducts # .A colors .A s$lash .ime Crime .ady Care .aura -eller .ola Cosmetics Le Mtier de Beaut .arenim .ily .olo .ush .avera Cosmetics .oo0 Beauty .uxuria Cosmetics avala 4A ilani eow Cosmetics odel's Own ineral/ ally Beauty a0eu$ -ee0 urad a0eu$ Atelier adina ilano edusa9s ma0eu$ anhattan ehron ememe alu :il/
otives by .auren Ridin%er ychelle *ermaceuticals

+,5 +utra +ail +a0ed Cosmetics

+ails inc +ubar +fu Oh +O: +atio Orly Obsessive Com$ulsive Cosmetics # Ori%inal oxie # Ofra Cosmetics Or%anix )resti%e Cosmetics )ayot )ixi )hyisician's 1ormula )o$ Beauty )aul itchel )um$0in and )o$$y # )ai )ur inerals )aula's Choice Real Techni(ues Red Cherry Rou%e Bunny Rou%e Ren

Sabon Su0i Shwart/ Style Aroma Thera$y Seche #ite Saito Su%ar$ill Sedona .ace Slee0 Sonia 'ashu0 Star -a/er Soft Touch (?) Si%ma Beauty Su$erdru% Home Brand Sainsbury's Home Brand Sil0 +aturals S$a Rituals Shiro Cosmetics Sibu Beauty # Sula Beauty Soa$ And -lory Too 1aced

Tarte TheBalm Twee/erman To0i *o0i Thayer's The All +atural 1ace # 4ltra 1lash #ivoderm #ivo :et n' :ild :O: Cosmetics :eleda :"+ # ,aby ,es To Carrots Aoya AuAu .uxe # )ure 100%

-)nina Rosenblum Beautycare (Anna .otan- ;8nternational -Ta$uah -'eff --iora Shavit " -*r6 1isher *" r6 'adir!*r6Or ! -SeboCalm 7 +e0a 7 -Sha0ed " -.aline ((Sabon 8nternational## "-*r6 elumad -.ife # - onaco (8nternational) -.avido

:Random Cate%ories :tooth$aste

Himalaya Herbals3 *essert "ssence3 Oxyfresh3 Orbitol3 #icco3Tayadent3 Aloe active3 .ife3 -um-#--um3 Aloe*ent

Bfeminine hy%iene
Or%anyc3 +atracare3 .ife

Bcleanin% $roducts


:hair dyes
natural formula3 # Herbatint3 +aturtint 3.a Riche3 $%&'( )%&'(

:+ot sure either way

Tarina Tarantino *uo %lue )rada Sisley 2ohn 1rida 1lexitol Avene Bath and Body :or0s #ictoria's Secret )eter Thomas Roth To$ Sho$ Bour=ois- Affiliated with Chanel but not owned by them3 only sold in hon% (0on% ;therefore not sub=ected to Chinese law Cuo 'orres Art *eco flormar

:-eneral .ists to Chec0 Out

htt$BDDwww6$eta6or%Dlivin%Dbeauty-and-$ersonalcareDcom$aniesDdefault6as$x *htt$BDDwww6lea$in%bunny6or% htt$BDDwww6unca%ed6co6u0Dcrueltyfree6htm htt$BDDnottested6co6u0DCosmetics6html

:Bein% chec0ed
iracle S0in )aula *orf Car%o )aul & 2oe a0e 4$ Store artdeco hema *aniel Sandler +ew C8* Cosmetics IJJKL EFGH - Boa/ Stein
arcelle Annabelle .ouis ,oun% 2ouer Cosmetics 8O+8 cosmetics -raftobian

ario Badescu +uance by Salma Haye0 *r Brandt Saucebox Cosmetics academia Classic Cosmetics 4ni( One Anny
Standard Inquiry: Hello3 8 would li0e to as0 about your animal testin% $olicyB @6 *o you test your final $roducts on animalsM ;you or a third $artyN >6 *o you test your in%redients on animalsM ;you or a third $artyN O6 Are you owned by any com$anyM 8f so what is their animal testin% $olicyM <6 Are you mar0eted in china ;excludin% hon% 0on%N where animal testin% is re(uired by lawM Than0 you6