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LeaderMES Manufacturing Execution System

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes Marcel Proust
LeaderMES is an advanced production management, software/hardware system, specially designed for the plastics industry.

MES what is it?

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is normally placed in the gap between the ERP system and the production floor machinery. MES systems are designed to manage the production process from the stage of placing an order to the stage of completing production. LeaderMES is specially designed to fulfill this task in the plastics industry.

Managing production by numbers: OEE, Material Efficiency

Performance indicators are often used to monitor production efficiency. LeaderMES automatically provides both common industry indicators such as OEE to monitor machine effectiveness and specifically designed ones, such as the ME, which monitors Material Efficiency usage. Continuously managing such indicators is deeply implemented in the system. LeaderMES is designed and implemented to set and achieve efficiency goals.

Constant improvement what is it good for?

High quality requirements, globalization, the increase in material costs and constant competition have created a need for high efficiency levels in the production process. Implementing LeaderMES helps to increase production efficiency and create an atmosphere of constant improvement. There is always something to improve



Machines & communication


LeaderMES Solution Overview

Intelligence recognizes what has happened. Genius recognizes what will happen John Ciardi
LeaderMES enables online production management by providing managers and employees with online information in various formats. From a detailed Gantt view of the work plan, via online machine status overview to in-depth analysis of machine status, and back to detailed graphical and tabular reports - LeaderMES enables high levels of production control.

Plastics manufacturing focus

LeaderMES is designed to meet with the unique needs of the plastics industry. The complexity of working under constant changes in materials, alternative recipes, variable environmental conditions, tools, machines, and employees, is integrated in LeaderMES. LeaderMES places a special focus on material management and process management, while providing solutions to complex production, multi-level production, family-molds, assembly jobs, and much more.


Versatile data collection

LeaderMES uses industry-standard OPC protocols in order to connect to virtually any automation device. The flexible mechanisms integrated in LeaderMES enables customers to collect various types of data from different types of machines to a unified, centralized system. Various types of data are available online and historically, creating a common language between the different parts of the organization.

Scalable system
LeaderMES is built to meet with the changing customer needs. Smaller customers can start with the basic system, adding features, modules and machines to meet with their growing needs.

While the basic system comprises of a large number of modules: Real-Time, Planning & Scheduling, Reports, Material Management, Complex Production (Family Molds), Shift & HR, Jobs, System Manager, and PDA; Advanced modules available include: Injection Process Control (IPC), Traceability, Quality Control, and Maintenance.

Integrated system
The ability to control all production activities in a single, integrated system, provides customers with in-depth control over the production process.

System Structure


WMS Warehouse Management

IPC Injection Process Control



Reports Material Management

Real-Time Process Control

Shift & HR Complex Production

Quality Control

Basic System Advanced Modules

Production Floor Machines


Peripheral systems

Planning & Scheduling



LeaderMES Basic System Online Production Management

If everything seems under control, youre not going fast enough Mario Andretti
LeaderMES provides a set of advanced online management tools for controlling the production process, making quick and informed decisions and increasing production efficiency.

Clear Overview
LeaderMESs Main Machines screen provides a quick overview of the production floor status. While the traffic lights indicate the machine status, the parameters displayed on each machine may vary from one machine type to another, according to the current management focus.

Alarms and Events

Alarms and events are automatically logged. Alarms can trigger voice, SMS or Email messages to specific personnel according to the specific parameter deviated. All alarms are logged in a detailed event-log and can be displayed in the central Alarms and Control screen.

Central Alarms and Control Screens

LeaderMESs Central Alarms and Control screens display the current efficiency levels and switch to display the active alarms when they appear. This important tool encourages employees and helps them increase performance.

Orientation Map

05 System Structure

Personal Control Screens

User-level control screen can be defined in order to answer specific management focus needs. QC can have a different view of the production floor than maintenance, and management can have a different view than operators.

Web and PDA Access

LeaderMES is a web-based system. By simply using Internet Explorer, information is available anywhere, anytime. The PDA Module allows the information to be easily accessed via PDA (Wi-Fi /cellular). Data is literally available at your fingertips.

Shift View
Shift view provides a quick insight of specific shift parameters in order to easily estimate shift performance and create competition between shifts.

Detailed Information
LeaderMES focuses on serving the most important information in an intuitive format. Pyrotechnics are set aside in order to serve information in a more efficient way. The combination of both simplicity and depth provides customers with the tools they need to control production and increase production efficiency.

Worker View
All parameters are available on the operator level. Workers can be evaluated according to their personal performance.

Orientation Map

06 System Structure

LeaderMES Basic System Planning & Scheduling

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven
Ecclesiastes 3, Attributed to King Solomon

LeaderMESs planning & scheduling module enables customers to base planning on actual production information rather than arbitrary standard information. The unique work-flow and specially designed features implemented in the system give the planner a unified tool for quick, accurate, and efficient planning.

LeaderMES gives the planner the ability to handle different scenarios and work-plan drafts, compare them and choose the optimal one to be executed on the production floor.

Learning system
LeaderMES learns the production parameters from the production floor. Setup times are based on actual setup reports, analyzing the changes between two products. LeaderMES will automatically offer the last-mostefficient production configuration.

Well-connected to the production floor, LeaderMES allows the planner to choose between various production configurations, choose family molds and assembly jobs, select alternative recipes, and manage tools and resources, in order to design an accurate work-plan. Material consumption forecasts can be based on actual production data rather than on standard information.

Industry specific features

LeaderMES includes a large amount of features specially designed for the plastics industry. Mold changing shifts, material changing views, family molds, recipes, assembly jobs and more are tightly implemented in the system.
Orientation Map

07 System Structure

Project Management
LeaderMESs Planning & Scheduling module can be used to manage projects that may or may not include actual production. Customers can follow up on the complete process from the initial mold design all the way to the final delivery with the same system. Production information will, of course, be based on actual production data.

LeaderMESs Planning & Scheduling module saves the planners time, makes the work-plan more accurate, prevents production mistakes, and significantly helps increasing production efficiency.

Planning Workflow



Detailed job

Draft workplan

Last most efficient job Production standards Production configuation Product standard

Manual recipe

Release workplan

Monitor Marge & update

Orientation Map

08 System Structure

LeaderMES Basic System Reports

He who controls the past controls the future

George Orwell

LeaderMESs reports module is an advanced, webbased, user configurable reports system.

Web-based reports can be reviewed anywhere, anytime. Graphical reports help visualize information and present data in an intuitive way. MS. Excel integration gives customers the ability to automatically export any report into a custom, predefined Excel template.

Ease of use
User-defined idiot proof reports give each user the ability to personalize the commonly used reports to his/ her personal needs. The most commonly used reports can be saved in the Favorites list for quick, frequent access. LeaderMES includes a large number of predefined system reports. Each system report can be modified and personalized as a user report. Reports are linked to system object for quick drill-down investigation.

Orientation Map

09 System Structure

External database integration

LeaderMESs reports modules flexibility and ease of use are commonly used by customers to integrate external databases, using the report generator for quick and easy access.

Reports and Implementation

LeaderMES reports take an important part in the implementation process. Special reports are used for motivating the workers and putting the system to a higher level of use. The daily report is used for both data validation and workers motivation. Simple, specifically targeted reports are used for common, day to day tasks, and production staffs meetings are based on periodic reports. LeaderMES makes data available for use on a day to day basis in order to achieve efficiency goals.

Orientation Map

10 System Structure

LeaderMES Basic System Material Management

A small leak can sink a great ship

Benjamin Franklin

Rising material costs makes material management more important than ever. LeaderMESs Material Management module introduces innovative tools to manage material consumption and machine performance on the same platform and scale.

Material vs. Machines

Traditionally, material and machine took almost the same portion of a manufacturers yearly overturn. Nowadays, material costs 3-5 times more than machine hours. This change emphasizes the need for online material management and makes it at least as important as managing machine performance. Expensive additives are often used in order to increase yield. In many cases, products are manufactured more densely than needed in order to avoid potential rejects - often losing more money on material than on rejects LeaderMESs Material Management module puts machine performance and material efficiency on the same scale, giving customers the ability to create the appropriate balance.

Standard vs. Actual

On a complex real-life production floor, there are often differences between standard and actual material usage and consumption. Most systems use the flash back method to calculate the material usage, generating large inventory differences. LeaderMES uses several cutting-edge techniques to distinguish between standard and actual material consumption, integrating machine parameters, Quality Control reports, dosing systems communication, and advanced weighing techniques.

Orientation Map

11 System Structure

Dosing systems
LeaderMESs ability to directly connect to dosing systems, download recipes, and monitor material consumption provides full control over material flow. LeaderMESs recipe mechanism correlates material types to specific dosing systems, manages alternative recipes, compares production parameters, and optimizes material usage.

While OEE is used to describe the machines effectiveness level, ME (Material Efficiency), a parameter first introduced in LeaderMES, is used to describe the money equivalent ratio between standard and actual material consumption. EME (Equipment Material Efficiency), another unique index is used to correlate the two. With LeaderMES customers can balance online your material and machine usage, costs, and efficiency levels.

Orientation Map

12 System Structure

LeaderMES Basic System Proccess Control

A danger foreseen is half-avoided

Cheyenne Proverb

Managing production process data can become a complex task. Advanced technology often involves various types of equipment on the same machine / production line, varying by manufacturer, type, model and function. LeaderMES provides a common environment for managing, controlling, and analyzing complex process data.

Data Connectivity
LeaderMES is based on industry-standard OPC DA communication layer. State of the art OPC Servers gives customers the ability to communicate with almost any type of process data sources. Even the oldest PLCs can normally be connected and controlled. Communication can be based on TCP/IP, RS232, RS-485 or any other common communication method, creating a flexible, dynamic communication layer.

Orientation Map

13 System Structure

Process Management
LeaderMES supports versatile online process data monitoring and control, along with historic data management and analysis. In-depth process analysis enables the historic comparison between different machines, molds, material types, environment parameters, and more. Information is easily accessed and served in unique graphical and tabular formats. Process Management creates a language common to all levels of employees, helps increase technical skills, and reduces technicians training time.

Increases Process Stability Reduces Down-Time Reduces Rejects Reduces Setup-Time Increases professional level Reduces maintenance costs forecasted maintenance Reduces production costs

Orientation Map

14 System Structure

LeaderMES Basic System Complex Production Management

Divide each difficulty into as many parts as is feasible and necessary to resolve it Rene Descartes
In a highly competitive market, a single mold welded to one machine is mostly a pleasant dream. Constantly changing molds, assembling parts on the production floor, and manufacturing more than one product at a time on the same machine become necessities for keeping up with the market. LeaderMES provides a wide range of solutions to help control such complex production tasks.

Multilevel production
LeaderMES enables the planning, execution and analysis of multiple production steps. Extrusion -> Printing -> Welding and Packaging can be managed for blown-film producers. Extrusion -> Laminate -> Cast -> Print -> Cut, Weld and Pack are managed on packaging lines. Injection -> Online Assembly -> Offline Assembly -> Packaging for Injection-Molding lines are controlled. LeaderMES enables the usage of Just-In-Time production by implementing advanced industrial engineering techniques.
Orientation Map

15 System Structure

Production Configurations: Family Molds & Parallel Jobs

Executing more than one process at a time on a single machine is not an easy job to plan, monitor, and analyze. LeaderMESs Production Configuration Module enables the design of parallel jobs for Family Molds (sets), inserts, online assembly jobs and more. Production configuration gives customers the ability to calculate production costs for each one of the production steps (parallel jobs). Distributing material consumption, machine time, and rejects between parallel jobs in a precise manner removes the need to base costing calculations on general estimations. LeaderMES provides the ability to find out which products are profitable or not.

Orientation Map

16 System Structure

LeaderMES Basic System Human Resource

Management is nothing more than motivating other people Lee Iacocca

LeaderMES makes it easy to evaluate, motivate and increase the efficiency of operators, shift managers, and other production-floor personnel.

Worker Efficiency
Each operator can easily be evaluated according to production efficiency. The online feedback gives the workers a tool to measure and increase their performance according to specific standards. Designing work-load with LeaderMESs Planning & Scheduling module can save labor and help avoid lack of personnel.

Orientation Map

17 System Structure

Shift Manager Efficiency

LeaderMES helps building up positive competition within the team while maintaining team spirit. Each shift can be evaluated as part of the factory or department according to predefined efficiency parameters.

Spirit of Improvement
Involving the staff in the implementation process, from the very early stages, will help improve their commitment to the organization. Bonuses can be based on efficiency goals, motivating the staff and creating an atmosphere of constant improvement. There is always something to improve, and in many cases the workers know exactly how.

Orientation Map

18 System Structure

LeaderMES Advanced Modules Injection Process Control (IPC)

Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid. Human beings are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant. Together they are powerful beyond imagination
Albert Einstein
LeaderMES introduces a new approach to Injection Molding Process Control.

A New Approach
The IPC Module is a predefined, Hardware Software system, specially designed for the process management of injection molding machines. Cutting-edge Siemens-based PLCs collect a large number of critical process parameters from any type of injection molding machine and its surroundings. Crucial parameters such as pressure, temperature, injection speed, shot-size, and electricity consumption can now be controlled from a central system. The injection moldings black box is opened and the process is professionally managed.

Dive inside a single cycle

LeaderMES presents a unique ability to dive into a single injection cycle, monitor, analyze and control its parameters. Even the slightest changes in the injection parameters can be identified. Problems can be fixed way before they become critical. Motor electric current cycle and injection profile become important tools in maintaining a stable, high quality production process.

Orientation Map

19 System Structure

Central system
Parts of the information managed by LeaderMESs IPC Module are often available on more advanced machines. LeaderMES provides the ability to connect all machines, regardless of manufacturer or model, in order to create a common language for the entire technical staff to use. Old and new, advanced and low-cost machines have the same information available for comparison, analysis, and control. The process manager can control production from a central system without walking from one machine to the other, and with the ability to quickly and efficiently focus, find, and solve problems.

Historic Data
LeaderMESs historical analysis tools makes it easy to find historic information, compare similar jobs, investigate former production set-up parameters, and reference customers online view with relevant historic data.

Material Management
LeaderMES correlates the shot-size with the shotweight, providing an online control over the product weight and quality. Controlling the product weight online helps stabilize production and can significantly reduce raw material consumption and costs. Furthermore, tightly controlling production parameters helps increase the amount of regrind material in the process without increasing reject for further material cost savings.

Orientation Map

20 System Structure

Efficient Maintenance
Managing key parameters such as shot-size, electric current cycle, and injection profiles, gives customers the ability to take a major step towards forecasted maintenance. Common injection molding problems such as hydraulic pump malfunction, motor breakdown, and dirty filters can easily be spotted before causing serious damage, producing rejected parts, or stopping production.

SPC - Online
LeaderMES uses SPC (Statistic Process Control) methods to automatically determine process limits to major production parameters. SPC reduces the need to manually handle control limits, identifying trends and preventing problems before they occur.

Knowledge preservation - Increasing technical skills

Putting the IPC Module to work creates common grounds for the technical staff to investigate and discuss the production process. IPC serves as a knowledge preservation system reducing the need to rely on professional wizards. When hiring new technicians, the ability to learn and use this advanced system will become much more important than long years of experience. Training new members of the technical staff is now faster and more effective.

ROI High savings in a short time

LeaderMESs IPC Module has a record of exceptionally fast ROI. Direct savings come from: Reducing product weight Reducing rejects Reducing material costs Reducing maintenance costs Reducing energy consumption Increasing production efficiency

Orientation Map

21 System Structure

LeaderMES Advanced Modules Advanced Maintenance

Cleanliness and order are not matters of instinct; they are matters of education, and like most great things, you must cultivate a taste for them
Benjamin Disraeli

LeaderMESs Maintenance Module is a highly efficient tool for keeping track of maintenance tasks. Molds and machines are attached with counters counting back for the next planned maintenance. Maintenance actions, reasons, and costs are easily managed.

Integrated system
The integrated system simplifies maintenance procedures. Non Conformance quality tests can result in maintenance actions. Maintenance jobs can be scheduled in the Planning and Scheduling Module. Equipment location and status is available as part of the production planning process.

Forecasted maintenance
Timers, counters, quality tests, and process parameters - all assist in taking a large step towards forecasted maintenance. The ability to take action before major problems appear can significantly reduce maintenance costs and increase production efficiency.
Orientation Map

22 System Structure

LeaderMES Advanced Modules Advanced Quality Control

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort

John Ruskin

LeaderMES Provides an advanced platform for quality control and quality assurance management. The unique connection with the production floor increases production quality and helps reducing rejects.

Automatic vs. Manual

LeaderMES supports both automatic online management of quality parameters and off-line manual quality tests. Whether automatic or manual, any parameter collected is connected to the online control system to provide trends, logs, alarms and events regarding any deviation from production or quality parameters.

Individually defined tests

LeaderMES gives customers the freedom to define different types of quality tests. Test data is reported by PC or using wireless PDAs on the production floor. Quality information is available anywhere, anytime. SPC methods can easily be used to evaluate production quality. Statistical information is only a mouse-click away.

Orientation Map

23 System Structure

NCRs Non Conformance Reports

Tests deviating from control limits can result in an automatic opening of an NCR. NCRs are used to manage derived actions and costs. Customer complaints are managed as off-line NCRs.

Integrated System
Recipes, quality limits, material information and work procedures can all be stored in a centralized system. ISO procedures can easily be followed using LeaderMES. LeaderMESs Quality Control module is a comprehensive tool for maintaining high quality production levels.

Quality test online data entry (PDA/PC)

Log Data

Data qualities with control limits


Online Alarm

Creat Non Manual conformance recipe report Manage NCRs

Orientation Map

24 System Structure

LeaderMES Advanced Modules Traceability & Warehouse Integration

Know from where you came and where you are going and before whom you are destined to give account and reckoning
Mishnah, Pirkei Avot, Akavia Ben Mahalalel...

Growing demand for quality and efficiency makes production traceability more important than ever. LeaderMES equips customers with several levels of traceability tools to help them achieve their business goals.

Labels and Barcodes

LeaderMES includes flexible mechanisms for label production on the production floor. Package, inspection, and pallet labels and more can be printed on the production floor, containing barcode, customer or any other production information. Each label will be traceable by product, shift, operator, mold, machine, material and more. Online labeling reduces mistakes and increases traceability.

Orientation Map

25 System Structure

WMS integration
LeaderMES can easily be integrated with WMS systems by using labels, ERP connectivity or with direct synchronization. Such integration enables customers to take full control over the inventory, help reduce inventory levels and reduce production costs.

Batch Traceability
LeaderMES enables precise management of production and material batches. Each job can be automatically split into sub jobs according to changes in Set-Up, production parameters or material. Such high level of traceability can help customers investigate production problems and compare similar production parameter sets.

BC Advanced Data Tracking

With the advanced BC (Birth Certificate) Module, LeaderMES takes the next level in production traceability. Every single unit coming out of the production line is barcoded and uniquely attached to a set of parameters collected online. Material, production and quality parameters can be attached to a single product. This application can be used for high-tech, medical or other high end products.

Orientation Map

26 System Structure

LeaderMES ERP & External Systems Integration

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

Integrating LeaderMES with ERP systems helps to feed the ERP with more precise production data. Financial decisions based on ERP reports become more reliable.

Inventory Management
LeaderMES can report back to ERP systems on inventory changes. Using barcode labels, printed on the production floor, helps manage warehouse locations and shipments. Reporting back on units produced and material consumed keeps inventory levels up to date.

Accurate product level costing

LeaderMES keeps accurate track of production resources and costs. Reporting back to the ERP system is based on actual production costs, rather than using the flashback mechanism commonly used by ERP systems. Complex production procedures such as Family-Mold production and multi-level production stages are taken into consideration. ERP costing can now be reevaluated, according to

Orders & jobs

LeaderMES can both read customer orders and split them to production jobs according to the Bill Of Material, and read jobs and job recommendations after MRP runs. Releasing the planning and scheduling work plan can update the ERP system on job details and status. Job information can be periodically updated in the ERP system according to accurate, online production information.

actual production data, for each product on its own.

Connecting LeaderMES to customers ERP systems results in much more than just transferring data.

Orientation Map

27 System Structure

LeaderMES In Depth Implementation

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step Mao Tse-Tung

Integrating LeaderMES with ERP systems helps to feed the ERP with more precise production data. Financial decisions based on ERP reports become more reliable.

Structured Workflow
LeaderMES offers a well-defined workflow, deeply integrated in the system, from the stage of customer order added to the ERP system, all the way back to the ERP warehouse inventory report. Work procedures, backed up with security definitions, enforce each employees role in reporting, using, and analyzing the information. The well-defined work flow creates order, reduces mistakes, increases data accuracy and gives more control over the production process.

In-depth Implementation
Fully implementing LeaderMES is essential for achieving the main goal in a project: increasing production efficiency. Well defined implementation procedures are tightly followed in order to ensure the system is put to a high level of use. Experienced implementation engineers with in-depth understanding of the industry, its needs and its nuances, are responsible for the implementation process from the first analysis phase, through training, validating, escorting, setting production efficiency goals and following up on achieving those goals. LeaderMES implementation ensures quick, proven Return On Investment.

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