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Eric Smaling

It is a global issue (do not make developing countries the sole problem owner) From 7 - 9 billion in 2050 means an expected food increase of 70% Currently 1 billion hungry, 1 billion obese Causes mentioned: prices up, resources scarce, climatic instability, soil fertility decline, biofuels, speculation

More food hectares (expansion) More food per hectare (return to investment) Less waste (better storage better attitude) Better distribution (surplus deficiency link) Better diets (less, more, healthier)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Collect cases of success and failure (what has (not) worked where and when?) Analyse causes and effects See how legislation may help Cash in on quick wins Make longer-term investments Establish proper demand-supply estimates

Include food security in school curricula Build a global alliance (Food Security Council ?) Build local/national alliances (bottom-up) Be:

Region specific Stakeholder group specific Crop/commodity specific Chain - specific