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Body, form, looks, complexion Social class, birth circumstances Strengths, weakness, tastes Joys and sorrows Nature arising from self Dhana: Wealth, capital Dhanya: Corns and grains Kutumba: Family, gotra Mrtyu: Death Jala: Bonds and bondages Amitra: Not a friend or friendless, lonely Dhatu Ratnadi: Gems and jewellery Vikrama step, stride, pace, motion (from Krama) course, valour, courage, heroism, power, strength, stability, duration Bhrtya servant like, supporter with wages, juniors, right hand Bhratradi siblings, co-borns, including cousins Upadesa Spiritual advice and direction from guru Prayana Starting journey, onward; departure, death Pitrovai marana death of parents Vijna knowing, intelligent, wise clever Duscikya from duscit (evil thoughts) duscitta (melancholoy) Vahana Vehicles, travel comforts Bhandu Relatives Matr Mother Saukhay + adi Happiness, affections, care, trust, maid servants, guards Kanya Luxuries, comforts Nidhi Treasure, store, hoard Ksetra Property, land, region, place or country Grha House, building, built-up place Yantra Amulet, mystic diagrams, equipment Mantra Mystic syllables and prayers Vidya Para vidya (spiritual knowledge), apara vidya (mundane) Buddhi Acumen Prabandha Connection (uninterrupted), composition, the umbilicus connection Putra Children Rajya Kingdom, authority (over subject) Apabhramsa+adi Falling down, corruption Pasyat Seeing beholding

4th Bhava MATR BHAVA

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7th Bhava JAYA BHAVA

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Matula Uncle Antaka Yama, death like suffering, fears Sanka Apprehension, alarm, fear, distrust, doubt, suspicion Satru Enemy caused by panca makara Vrana+adi Boils, cuts, wounds, ulcers Sapatnimatara Step-mother Jaya Spouse (Jay instead means winning over sadripu, enemies etc. indicated by 6th house; 7H is maraca (2H) from 6H Advan a journey, course, distance measured as time, means or method to accomplish anything; resource; the zodiac; vayu Prayana Starting journey, onward; departure, death Vanijya Business, trade Nasta viksana Loss of sight, blindness The 7H is 6H reckoned from 2H which rules 6H deals with diseases 7H deals with diseases of the eye, particularly loss of sight, eye power and focus Another version of BPHS reads (hrtaviksana) instead of Nasta meaning vanished from sight This interpretation is correct as the 7H refers to setting Sun which vanishes from sight. Refers to people of things lost foever 7th lord in lagna indicates will get back lost item or person Affliction to sight is due to excessive loss of vitality Marana Death, death like suffering [Maraka Bhava] Ayu Longevity [opposite to death but can cause death like battery dying out] Rana Battles [debts] Ripu Sadripu as the six internal enemies Durga Fort [Chaturasra that which shelters the house or home= city, town, fort] Mrtadhana Inheritance, insurance, wealth from dead Gatyankadikam Knowledge of past and future lives Bhagya Fortune Syala Wifes brother [3H from 7H] Dharma Religion, duty [Father] Bhratpatnyadi Brothers spouse [7H from 3H] Tirtha-yatra-adi Piligrimages, shrines and spiritual masters (considered as pilgrimages in themselves)

10th Bhava KARMA BHAVA

11th Bhava AYA BHAVA

12th Bhava VYAYA BHAVA

1. Rajya Kingdom, authority from king (leader) 2. Akasa Sky (Throne) 3. Vritti Mode of life or conduct, course of action, behavior, moral conduct, kind or respectful behavior or treatment . being, existing, occurring or appearing in . practice, business, devotion or addiction to, occupation . profession, maintenance, subsistence, livelihood . working, activity, function . mood (of the mind) 4. Mana Mind [focus, attention] 5. Pitu Source of nourishment and food 6. Pravasa Dwelling abroad, foreign residence, to go abroad 7. Rna Debts 8. Vyoma sthana Akasa Lagna [Bhima Rudra] 1. Nana Various + vastu: valuable or worthy object, goods, wealth, property 2. Putra-jaya: Spouse of son [11H = 7H from 5H] 3. Aya Income gain 4. Vrddhi Interest, Increase, prosperity 5. Pasu Animal (animal vehicle) 6. Bhava sthana Place where one - Comes into existence, birth, production, origin - Worldly existence, samsara - Well-being, prosperity, welfare, excellence - Obtaining, acquisition - Bhava-Rudra 1. Vyaya expenses, losses, sacrifice, passing away 2. Vairi-vrtta-anta Vairi (enemy), Vrtta (turn around, finish, study and master, transform, Anta (end, finish, complete) 3. Rihpha 12th house Ripu (8H, 6H), + h(expiration, pi) + phat(astra, weapon) 4. Antya+adi last moment (karma) of Life = death, Day = sleep, Attention = spouse, Object = bed, Meal = supper, word = Letter