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Acrobatics (Qu) Balance, Fighting (Vi) Reduce Falling Damage Tumbling Appraise (Lo) Appraise an Object Barter (Ch)

Detect Forgery Arcanum (Varies) Sense Magic (In) Artisan (Lo) Detect a Forgery (In) Athletics (Mi) Balance, Fighting (Vi) Climbing Feat of Strength Jumping Swimming Battle (Lo) Set up Ambush Spot Ambush (In) Operate Siege Weapon (Pr) Beast Lore (Ch) Command Animal Heal Animal (Lo) Train Animal Deceit (Ch) Telling a Lie Recall a Lie (Lo) Seduction Empathy (In) Read Someone Convey Emotions (Ch) Etiquette (Lo) Know your Place (Ch/Lo) Heraldry and Nobility Reputation Heal (Lo) First Aid Back on your Feet Extended Card Stabilize Intimidate (Ch) Threatening Knowledge (Lo) Assessing a Threat Recall Facts Research Larceny (Qu) Disable Device Pick Locks Pick Pockets (vs. Perception) Sleight of Hand (vs. Perception) Linguistics (Lo) Understand Language (In) Decipher Unknown Language Melee (Pr) Study Opponent (In) Appraise Weapon (Lo) Mettle (Re) Stand Firm Perseverance Perception (In) Reading Lips (Lo) Search Spot (vs. Stealth)

Perform (Ch) Performance Persuasion (Ch) Defuse a Situation Seduction Ranged (Pr) Snipers Eye (Lo) Appraise Weapon (Lo) Ride (Re) Stay in Saddle (Qu) Spur Steed Fast Mount / Dismount (Qu) Control Mount in Combat Seamanship (In) Piloting Navigator (Lo) Stealth (Qu) Hide Hiding Small Objects (In) Scanning the Area (Lo) Streetwise (In) Gathering Information Gossip (Ch) Know your Way Around (Lo) Black Market (Lo) Tracking (In) Track Read Tracks Cover Tracks (Lo) Wilderness Lore (Lo) Survival Navigation Tracking (In)

Deceit Empathy Etiquette Intimidate Persuasion

Manipulate Negotiations Lies, Misdirection, Omissions, Subterfuge Discern Intentions Intuition, Emotional State, Disposition Understand Negotiations What to say, Whom to say it to, How to say it Aggressive Negotiations Bullying, Fear, Horror, Threats Negotiations Compromise, Friendly, Rapport, Seduction, Trust

Affectionate Friendly Responsive Indifference Dislike Enmity Malice Afraid Fearful Terrified Will assist you even if it puts them in danger Will assist you without putting themselves in danger Will listen and may share advice, but will not aid you Doesnt care about you, but might assist if it is profitable for them Not willing to go out of their way to harm you without opportunity Will interfere or harm you without putting themselves in danger Will interfere or harm you even if it puts them in danger Will put distance between you and them Physical fear evidenced by trembling and lack of muscle control Abject terror and will do whatever you request

+9 +6 +3 0 -3 -6 -9 +3 +6 +9

Favorable Unfavorable Reputation Roleplaying

Something the other wants; Clear advantage with agreement; Politically expedient to agree; Hero fits in and is respectful Has a lot to lose; Clear position of power; Politically expedient to disagree; Hero disregards customs; Seems ignorant or disrespectful Granted to Hero or Target dependent on greater reputation Chroniclers discretion

+3 to +6 -3 to 6 +1 +6*

DIFFICULTY Trivial Easy Routine Challenging Daunting Amazing Improbable Astounding TN 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 KNOWLEDGE: DIFFICULTY TNS Rudimentary facts Basic facts Tough facts Obscure facts Sage-like facts LARCENY: PERCEPTION: SUCCESSES OUT OF PLACE DIFFICULTY / EXAMPLES 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 Clearly Obvious: opened, moved, death smells Obvious: chair sat in, fire recently set Hastily Concealed: hurriedly fixed, tastes odd Concealed: closed door but disturbed mat Minutia: amateur lockpicker, smell old blood CONDITION Carrying Load Circumstances Cooperation Exhausted Interruptible, Free Strikes Focused EFFECT Bulk penalty to all Action Rolls +3 bonus to 3 penalty from Chronicler +2 skill bonus / Assistant (Max: 3) 2 penalty to all Action Rolls One addition Action Die; discard lowest RIDE: MANEUVER TNS Enter unlit cave Fallen log, enter river Leap narrow crevice, fast river Enter fire, enter blizzard Leap wide crevice Ride under fiery demon

SURVIVAL: TERRAIN TNS Vibrant forests, Farmlands Forests, Foothills Steppes, Plains Badlands, Tundra High Alpine, Desert TRACKING: READ TRACKS TNS Number; size Species; injured Favoring leg; heavy load Weight; humanoid; handed Actively tracking, tracks source Age

Trace Evidence: expert lockpicker, trace scents

ACTION TYPE None Trivial Simple Complex Demanding SPEED * 1 2 4 7 EFFECT Reaction


Lighting (Shadowy) Tools (Makeshift) Tools (None) 2 penalty to Insight-based vision Action Rolls 3 penalty to Action Rolls 6 penalty to Action Rolls

Combined with Actions Combined with Actions

Lighting (Darkness) 6 penalty to Insight-based vision Action Rolls

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Cautious Advance Dash Double Time Run Stand Up Drop Prone 5 / 10 Incidental

Tactical Edge Prone Concealment Standard Total Cover Partial Standard Superior Lighting Bright Shadowy Darkness Wounds -2 -5 -1 / Wound All Attack Rolls All Attack Rolls; Move at one-half Pace (ft.) -2 -4 -6 Slight obscured; Intervening creatures Halfway obscured; Firing into melee -6

+2 -3


4 3 4 4 2 Trivial +1 / +2 Move up to Pace (ft.) Move up to Pace (ft.); Provoke Free Strikes Move up to 2x Pace (ft.); Provoke Free Strikes Move up to 3x Pace (ft.); Provoke Free Strikes; Avoidance 12 Provoke Free Strikes Provoke Free Strikes Before, during, or after another Action

Higher ground; Multiple attackers; Prone Grant Tactical Edge; Standard Cover vs. Ranged; Crawl 5 (Speed: 4) Combine with Cautious Advance for free Permits Stealth Action Skill Rolls with no modifiers Permits Stealth Action Skill Rolls at +2; Tactical Edge vs. opponents

Assist Ally Delay Ready Weapon Sheath Weapon Pick up Object Use Skill Use Talent Use Magic Item


Weapon 1 2 Weapon 2 See skill See talent See item Provoke Free Strikes Demanding actions are interruptible Demanding actions are interruptible Demanding actions are interruptible Ally gains Prowess Passive Value to Avoidance or next melee attack Advance Clock 1 Tick; May interrupt with single Action Combine with Cautious Advance for free

Nearly total obscured; Arrow slits; Grants Standard Concealment

Penalties are cumulative and apply to Vigor / Resolve Action Rolls

Physical Blinded Deafened Exhausted Flanked Helpless Immobilized Prone Stunned Clock Push

Grant a Tactical Edge. Opponents have Total Concealment. Automatically fail all sound-based Perception Action Skill Rolls. Suffer a -2 penalty to all Action Rolls. Enemies on more than one side. Grant a Tactical Edge to all enemies. Avoidance of 11. Successful melee attacks against are Critical Successes. Attackers may withhold Wound damage to reduce its Stamina to 0. Cannot take move actions. Cannot perform Incidental Movement. Grant a Tactical Edge to adjacent enemies. Gain Cover against Ranged Attacks. Crawl 5 (Speed: 4). Gain Recovery of 6. Grant a Tactical Edge to all enemies. May not perform Free Strikes. Advance Clock by a number of Ticks equal to the duration of the Push. A character can only be subject to one Push effect at a time, though the longest such period will always apply. Duration of Ticks in which the character may not make a Combat Maneuver. Once the Master Clock matches the characters Clock, each Tick that passes reduces Recovery by 1. Duration of Ticks in which spells cannot be safely cast. Spells cast within Strain cause double the remaining Strain in Stamina damage. Once the Master Clock matches the characters Clock, each Tick that passes without casting a spell reduces Strain by 1. Push Clock by 3. Shaken. Move away at highest safe speed. Avoid Free Strikes. Fight if cornered or trapped. Suffer a -2 penalty to Discipline and Combat Action Rolls or Action Rolls that require steady hands and calm focus. Shaken. Frightened. Move away at highest speed without safety concerns. Avoid Free Strikes if possible. Fight using Wild Assault if cornered or trapped. Suffer a -2 penalty to Discipline and Combat Action Rolls. Cannot perform Action Rolls that require steady hands and calm focus.


Basic Attack Guarded Attack Unarmed Attack Grab


Weapon Weapon 3 (Unarmed) 3 (Unarmed) Ranged attacks provoke Free Strikes Subtract Prowess Die; Add Prowess Passive to Avoidance Provoke Free Strikes if untrained Provoke Free Strikes if untrained

Charge Disarm Feint Grapple Escape Pin Punish Reverse Shove Trip Total Defense Two-Weapon Wild Assault


+3 (+2) +3 (2) +2 (2) Unarmed Move 2x Pace (ft.); +2 Damage Roll; Avoidance 12; Provoke Free Strikes from enemies other than Target Must be armed or trained in Melee: (Unarmed); Attack Roll -6 vs. Passive Melee; Provoke Free Strike from Target (Fails if hit) Deceit (Pr) Attack Roll vs. Discipline; Basic Attack +4 Must be Grabbed Athletics (Mi) or Melee: (Unarmed) (Pr) Action Roll vs. Passive Melee: (Unarmed) (Mi); Success ends grapple Melee: (Unarmed) (Pr) Action Roll vs. Passive Melee: (Unarmed) (Mi); Success makes Target Immobilized Damage with light balanced weapon, Unarmed Attack, or Natural Weapon Melee: (Unarmed) (Pr) Action Roll -6 vs. Passive Melee: (Unarmed) (Pr) Weapon (3) +3 (2) +0 (4) 2 / +2 (2) +0 (3) Melee: (Unarmed) or Melee: (Unbalanced) Attack Roll vs. Fortitude; Push 5 and move up; Untrained provokes Free Strikes (Fails if hit) Melee Attack Roll vs. Fortitude, Passive Acrobatics (Qu), or Passive Athletics (Qu); Provoke Free Strikes from enemies (Fails if hit) Delay; Add Prowess Value to Avoidance Basic Attack -3 (2 Ticks); Basic Attack -4 Melee Attack Roll +2; Avoidance -3


Strain Fear Shaken Frightened


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Perfect 100 %

Optimal conditions, Good roads, Steady breeze Unmaintained road, Trail, Choppy sea Overgrown trails, Hills or Forest, Rough Seas Game trails, Mountains, Dead calm Extreme weather (Hurricane, Blizzard), Extreme conditions (Dense rain forest)

Breaking and Throwing

Combat Start: Roll Initiative as normal; Grant Tactical Edge to opponents Aware of Combat: Set Clock to Master Clock and advance Ticks equal to the Initiative result

Mettle: Stand Firm (Re) Action Skill Roll vs. Horror Rating (Attempt every 12 Ticks if failed) Success: +2 cumulative bonus in the same battle

Failed by 1-3 Failed by 4-6 Failed by 7-9 Failed by 10+

Shaken Frightened Terrified Helpless Challenging 50 % Moderate 75 %

Break with Might Attribute Die vs. TN (5x Hardness + Armor Rating), with cumulative 1 penalty. Throw up to 5 + 5 / Might over minimum needed.

Suffer d6 Stamina per 10 height up to 60, then Challenging (TN: 20) Athletics (Vi) Action Skill Roll plus +5 TN per 10 over 60 or suffer d4 Wounds. Over 100, suffer 2 Wounds plus Action Skill Roll. In water, ignore first 10 and Athletics (Qu) Action Skill Roll to subtract result from distance fallen.

Combat Start: Roll d10s equal to Initiative Score; Set Clock to lowest result Ties (Tick): Act by Initiative Score; Roll d10s to determine Initiative order if still tied

Walk Fly (Perfect)

Pace (ft.) Stay Aloft: Hover; Backwards Turn: 360-degrees (unlimited) Altitude: Climb Pace Stay Aloft: Move one-half Pace Turn: 180-degrees each action Altitude: Climb 5 per 5 forward Stay Aloft: Move Pace Turn: 90-degrees each action Altitude: Climb 5 per 10 forward Move on walls and ceilings Otherwise use Athletics: (Climb)

Difficult Daunting

25 % 10 %


Hunger and Thirst

Food and water each day and full meal and water every 3 days or suffer d8 Stamina. Negate food damage with Challenging (TN: 20) Athletics (Re) or Mettle (Re) Action Skill Roll. Repeat each day with +2 TN, until three days of food and water.

Attackers Damage: Weapon Damage Dice, plus Attribute Die, plus Talents and modifiers Defenders Armor Rating: Subtract applicable Armor Rating (AR)

Fly (Agile)

Walk March Forced March Average: 8 Vigor Passive value 1 Vigor Passive Value Suffer 5 Stamina / hour Exhausted for 12 hours


Stamina: Helpless; Will awaken through Recovery unless murdered Wounds: Routine (TN: 15) Vigor or Resolve Action Roll or Die Fly (Clumsy)

6 hours per 24-hour period, or 4 hours per 36 hours. Challenging (TN: 20) Mettle (Re) Action Skill Roll or become Exhausted, recovered with 6 hours of sleep. Repeat every 6 hours with +5 TN until asleep.

Stamina: Recovery lowest Attribute in Stamina (each hour) Wounds: Challenging (TN: 20) Vigor or Resolve Action Roll (each day)


Suffocation and Drowning

Hold breath for 10x Vigor Score Ticks plus 12 Ticks with Challenging (TN: 20) Athletics (Vi) or Mettle (Re) Action Skill Roll. Repeat every 12 Ticks with +5 TN While drowning, suffer 15 Stamina every 6 Ticks then 1 Wound every 12 Ticks until dead.

Burrow (Loose) Loose soil and gravel Burrow (Solid) Earth and stone; Leave tunnel Burrow (Glide) Earth and stone; No sign of passage Swim Normal or turbulent waters Otherwise use Athletics: (Swim)

Mounted Forced Trot

Mounts Vigor Passive value Over Mounts Vigor Passive value Ride (Re) Action Roll vs. TN of hours traveled + 12 (every hour) Failure: Suffer 10 Stamina / hour Critical Failure: Suffer Wound

Success Failed by 1-4 Failed by 5-10 Failed by 11+

Recover 1 Wound No recovery No recovery; Permanent loss of 1 from random Attribute Suffer 1 Wound; Die at 0 Wounds


Enemies: Three size categories difference (Free Strikes) Cannot end movement unless two size categories difference Advance Action only No Charge Combat Maneuver No Maneuvers greater than Pace Speed 4 for low obstacles Athletics or Acrobatics otherwise 1 size smaller: Grant Tactical Edge -2 penalty to attacks 2 size categories: Avoidance 11 -6 penalty to attacks

Candle Torch Lamp Lantern Campfire, Small Campfire, Large Fireplace Brazier, Small Brazier, Large

5 10 30 40 20 40 20 20 30

Glass Paper / Cloth Leather / Hide Wood / Ice Stone Iron / Steel Special Metal

1 0 5 10 15 15 20

10 40 60 60 40 120 30 50 60

1 1 1 1 / inch 2 / inch 3 / inch 3 / inch

Diminutive Tiny

Swarms ignore occupied space rules Area: 2 ft. x 2 ft. Melee Range: Occupy opponents space to attack (Max: 2 Tiny) No Free Strikes for entering Area: 5 ft. x 5 ft. Melee Range: Adjacent squares Area: 5 ft. x 5 ft. Melee Range: Adjacent squares Area: 10 ft. x 5 ft. Melee Range: Adjacent squares Considered large for interactions Area: 10 ft. x 10 ft. Melee Range: Within 10 ft. Area: 15+ ft. x 15+ ft. Melee Range: Within 15+ ft. Difficult Ground Obstacle Inadequate Space

Small Medium Long

Poor Common Fine Exceptional Legendary Magic Items Runes

-1 (Min: 1) +3 +6 +9 +2 / Tier

-1 (Min: 1) +1 +1 +2 +1 / Rune

Bright Shadowy Darkness

-2 -6

Light Moderate Heavy Overloaded

Fortitude or Less x1.5 Fortitude x2 Fortitude x3 Fortitude

-2 -6

Half Pace

1 2 4

Large Huge and Gargantuan

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