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The real way to get happiness is by giving out happiness

to other people. Try to leave this world a little better than
you found it and when your turn comes to die, you can
die happy in feeling that, at any rate, you have not wasted
your time, but have done your best.
Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell

A message from the
Suk-Won Kim

"I am sure that all members of
our worldwide Scout Movement
join me in extending deep and
sincere sympathy to everyone
that was struck by the
catastrophe of September 11th
that shattered or changed so
many lives in the United States
and around the world…"

With these warm words, our
Honorary President, His
Majesty, Carl XVI Gustaf, King
of Sweden addressed the 44th
Baden-Powell Fellowship Event
which was rescheduled
following the tragic events
which changed the world.
Scouts throughout the world have been struck by these events, and
have taken time to refocus on the core values on which their
Movement is based – international friendship and understanding,
community service, and a spirit of confidence in the face of an
even more difficult challenge.
The World Scout Foundation, faced with plummeting world
markets, which have brought pension funds, private investments
and endowment funds down with them, has also taken stock of its
Working closely with the McKinsey Corporation, the Foundation
Board has reassessed its strategy for the funding of Scouting,
based on measurable results at the "sharp end" (in the effectiveness
of National Scout Organisations), a greater accountability to its
donors, and a more comprehensive approach to funding of Scout
Income from the Government of Japan and advance payments from
the postponed New York Baden-Powell Fellowship Event brought
income into line with previous years. Despite this however, by the
close of the financial year, the market value of the Foundation’s
portfolio had dropped significantly. A "bottom line" which might
make the reader depressed! But the real "bottom Line" for the
Foundation has been "how effectively are we helping Scouting
become more effective in this changing situation?"
So, this annual report of the World Scout Foundation focuses on
facing both these challenges – with these essential core values of
Scouting, what is the future strategy in a world which has changed
I firmly believe that the world needs Scouting more than ever. It is
our role to enable Scouts throughout the world to maximise their
impact. Our "bottom line" will measure that.
Thank you for your continued support to Scouting!

Alexi promises to change the
Looking forward – Living up to
300 million promises

Alexi is seventeen years old. Her parents look on as she renews
her Scout promise.
Her parents are present for a very special occasion, today – the
presentation of the ExelScout awards by the Russian Scout
"We are so proud of Alexi", says Sasha, her father, a retired
teacher, "she has learned skills through Scouts which we were
never allowed to even dream of in former times … she is proud to
take the lead, she is really self confident, and is prepared to take
initiatives … something which was discouraged in our day ….
With young women and men like Alexi, the world can change!".
ExelScout is an accelerated leadership training programme, run by
the World Scout Movement from its centre in Ukraine. So far, 84
young people from all over the former Soviet Union have come to
the Red Rock Training Centre to learn about leadership, teamwork
and social action, and returned to their home Scout Groups and
communities to put their learning into action.

Like others in the past ...

John F. Kennedy
35th President of the
United States of America
Neil Armstrong
First man to set foot on the moon
Steve Fossett
Adventurer, businessman
H.M. The King Mohamed VI of
H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden surrounded by Scouts.

Alexi is one of the first, in one of Scouting’s newest countries, but
she is not alone. Part of her confidence comes from the knowledge
that before her, close to 300 million other young men and women
stood in her place and took the same promise … and lived up to
their words. Heads of State, community and business leaders along
with millions more whose actions may not have made international
headlines, but which individually and collectively are just as
important to the world. As Scouts grow they become the fathers,
the mothers, the community leaders, and they are of course citizens
of almost every country of the world.
Scouting does not just build individuals, it also has a real impact
on the communities in which its members live.
Our "Bottom Line" is what happens when young people are
energised through Scouting.
Scouting takes a boy or a girl and helps them develop their own
self-image, their personal leadership skills, their sense of social
responsibility in a safe but challenging environment.
Scouting doesn’t TELL young people what to do; young people in
Scouting take that responsibility for themselves – they make a
promise … for themselves.
And 300 million promises have been successful because Scouting
is not a rigid, top-down organisation. It is a Movement, comprising
at least one million local groups, supported through district and
national networks with simple communication lines between nations
and regions of the world.

Changing the world:

•Peace work for Bosnia
•Bringing hope to street kids
in Kenya
•Immunising 3 million families
in Angola
•Tackling child labour issues in
•Caring for the disabled in

Bottom Line - Scouts make a
Today’s 28 million young members are inspired by a simple idea:
that they - young people - can take responsibility for their own
development, and when they do, they grow and learn and change
THEIR world.
And it works, because people keep their promises, for life!
As any former Scout will tell you, the moment you take your
promise, is a moment you will never forget. That moment is moving
and personal, you are the centre of the universe, you are the most
important person in the world. Your word is as important at that
moment, as at any time in your life. Indeed, it is the most solid of
foundations on which you can build the rest of your life.
You promise to “do your best”. At that instant, you truly believe
you can overcome any challenge the world throws at you - that
your dreams can come true.
Adventurer Steve Fossett has met more than his fair share of
challenges and realised many of his dreams. He was the first to fly
around the world single-handed in a hot air balloon, he’s slashed
transatlantic sailing records, and he has taken part in the grueling
“Iron Man” competition – and, he has found time for a career and
become a very successful businessman.
“When asked how I started in adventures, “says Steve,” I say it
was mountain climbing with Boy Scouts at age 11. I believe we
need to inspire young people to see life as an adventure, and to
make their dreams a reality!”

In the past 10 years...

• One million young people have joined Scouting in 39 new
• Five million leaders have been trained worldwide
• Nine billion USD worth of volunteer time has been spent within
the community …
And all this is resourced from voluntary efforts and funded 80%
from Scouting’s own funds – from fees raised by those young
people themselves,
And 20% comes from external contributions generated through the
World Scout Foundation.
And this 20% comes from people just like … you!

Thinking about the future

Scouts in Africa commit
themselves to a Ten Year
World Scout News
Round-up 2001/2002

Scouting Sets its agenda for action
• Libreville – Leaders of African Scouting, meeting in Libreville,
Gabon, agreed an ambitious ten year strategy, committing to
measurable outcomes in HIV/AIDS; work with Children at risk;
and post-conflict reconciliation and reconstruction.
• Riyadh - Arab Scout leaders meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,
set an ambitious agenda addressing social issues, health
programmes and work with children at risk. They were
challenged by His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Abdullah to
work for greater peace and international understanding in the
• Delhi – Scout leadership in the Asia/Pacific region, meeting in
Delhi, India, highlighted equal opportunities; human rights;
peace and family, as targets for action in the coming three
• Cochabamba – Leaders of Scouting in the Inter-America
region, meeting in Cochabamba, Bolivia, committed themselves
to more effective community level action,
• Prague - European Scouts, at their regional conference in
Prague, Czech Republic, emphasised the need for greater
cooperation with other regions; initiatives for building peace
and understanding; environmental education; and reaching out
to marginalised groups within society.
• Belarus - Scouts in Eurasia, meeting in Minsk, Belarus,
committed themselves to building democracy through their
community actions; to work with young people at risk of social
exclusion and building leadership.

Doreen Taillens, Executive
Board Members:
Fredrik Gottlieb
Lars Kolind
John R. Donnell, Jr.
World Scout Foundation News 2001/2002

43rd Baden-Powell Fellowship Event, Tokyo
Over 300 Fellows and friends attended the Gala Dinner for the
spectacular Event in Tokyo. Twenty-two new Baden-Powell Fellows
were recognised by His Majesty the King of Sweden and
Chairman Suk Won Kim. And seven new members of the Honours
Programme were recognised.
Former Prime Minister Hashimoto was thanked for his efforts to
secure a USD1 million grant to World Scouting. A special award
was presented by His Majesty to Chief Scout Akira Watanabe in
celebration of his 100th birthday, and his energetic support to
44th Baden-Powell Fellowship Event, New York
Scheduled for late September, this event was postponed following
the tragic events of September 11th. Scouts in New York excelled in
their efforts to support victims of the tragedy, and in their assistance
to the emergency crews in the days which followed.
Board Meeting Stockholm, 6th November 2001
Doreen Taillens, Executive Secretary, retired from the World Scout
Foundation on 31st December 2001. Having led the small but
energetic team in the Geneva office for five years, through one of
the most successful periods of the Foundation’s history, she has
taken-up residence in a beautiful corner of France, not too far from
Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration, Doreen!

Presentations to new Baden-
Powell Fellows and Members of
the Honours Programme.
The Board of the Foundation, at its meeting in Stockholm, Sweden,
in December 2001 acknowledged the ambitious strategic plans
adopted in the various regional conferences and, taking into
account the difficulties caused by falling worldmarkets, set out an
equally ambitious agenda:
• Reinforcement of fundraising for the Capital Endowment Fund
through a concerted effort to recruit more Baden Powell Fellows;
• Encourage more BP Fellows to upgrade their contributions within
the "Honour’s Programme" and “Bequest Programme”;
• Seek co-funding opportunities with other Foundations and
donors, thus increasing the impact of funds committed by the
World Scout Foundation to activities at a local level;
• Raise the profile of Scouting in areas of greatest public concern,
such as child safety; world peace, and the development of civil
society; to lay the ground for future sponsorship and branding
John R. Donnell, Jr. stepped down as Board Member after many
years of service to the Foundation.
The Board also appointed a new Executive Director, John
Geoghegan, to oversee this strategy and restructure the
organisation so that it becomes more responsive to the funding
needs of Scouting. This will entail forging stronger links with the
operational staff of World Scouting to ensure more effective
communications between funding agencies and implementing

Financial Summary

Accounts in Switzerland
The Foundation raised and invested new capital donations
amounting to CHF 1,902,727 as against CHF 2,197’051 during
the previous year (a reduction of CHF 294,324 –15.47%).
It decreased its total assets at book value to CHF 50,005,369
compared to CHF 50,979,190 the previous year (minus CHF
973,821 or –1.65%)
It enrolled 124 new members of the Baden-Powell World
Fellowship, as against 30 the previous year.
The Honours Programme received new pledges from 15 Baden-
Powell Fellows to make additional contributions to the capital
(endowment) fund.
Accounts in other countries
The Foundation received new capital donations through accounts
held abroad amounting to CHF 25,813 compared to CHF 53,050
the previous year (less CHF 27,237 or –51.34%)
Overall Results (Switzerland and other countries)
The Foundation raised capital donations totalling CHF 1,928,540
compared with CHF 2,250,101 in 2000/2001 (less CHF
321,561 or minus 14.3%)
It decreased its total assets world-wide to CHF 52,119,928
(including CHF 2,114,559 in overseas accounts) compared to CHF
52,996,707 the previous year (less CHF 876,779 or minus

World Scout Foundation - Total Assets in Swiss Francs


















Results obtained from the investment of the capital (endowment)
fund in Switzerland and other countries allowed the Foundation to
again for 6th successive years increase its basic grant to the World
Organisation of the Scout Movement to CHF 2,100,000 (an
increase of 5% over 2000 - 2001).

Grants to the World Organization of the Scout Movement



























Summary of
Financial Information

The Foundation Board

Honorary President H.M. The King of Sweden

Chairman ■ Suk-Won Kim (Korea)
Chairman elect &
Chairman, Fund-Raising Committee ■ Eberhard von Koerber (Germany)
Past Chairman &
Chairman, Investment Committee ■ Howard E. Kilroy (Ireland)
Treasurer ■ Sven Erik Ragnar (Sweden)
Secretary &
Chairman, Audit Committee ■ F.O. Ogunlana (Nigeria)

Ex-Officio Members
World Scout Committee ■ Garnet de la Hunt (South Africa)
Secretary General,
World Organization of
the Scout Movement ■ Jacques Moreillon (Switzerland)

Life Members Bruce H. Garnsey (Australia)
Farid Karam (Lebanon)
Laszlo Nagy (Switzerland)
Gustavo J. Vollmer (Venezuela)

Members Hans Beck-Friis (Sweden)
Margot Bogert (USA)
Fredrik Gottlieb (Sweden)
David B. Huestis (Canada)
Klaus J. Jacobs (Switzerland)
Lars Kolind (Denmark)
Abdullah O. Nasseef (Saudi Arabia)
Shoichi Saba (Japan)
Thamnoon Wanglee (Thailand)
Milton H. Ward (USA)
Neil M. Westaway (Australia)
Ko Yoshida (Japan)

( ■ Members of the Executive Committee)