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Invoking the Power of Love: a simple technique from the teachings of Hilda Charlton
Posted on Thursday, July 14, 2011 in Divine Mother by Cassia Berman published in Tantra: The Magazine, 1993 I learned what love is from the late teacher Hilda Charlton. I knew Hilda when she was in her seventies and eighties and giving the weekly classes she called “Lessons of Life” at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York City. She never advertised or charged money for her classes, and in the eighteen years she taught in New York, thousands of people passed through her classes, everyone from movie stars to prostitutes and drug addicts who had changed their lives after a taste of Hilda’s grace, doctors, lawyers, hippies ‑‑ people of every variety and spiritual orientation. I had prayed for a female teacher, and she was the one I got. A former dancer with a great sense of humor and stage presence, she used to seem to me like a cross between a Walt Disney fairy godmother and the sternest spiritual master. Shortly after she passed on, I saw Disney’s Cinderella again for the first time since childhood, and the blue-cloaked fairy godmother in it who sings “Bibbity Bobbity Boo” indeed bears a close resemblance to Hilda. Hilda had been born spiritually gifted. When she was a young woman in her twenties and thirties, a dancer in California, her spiritual path began unfolding, initially under the guidance of an Indian yogi, and then richly from the inner plane. Her early adventures are chronicled in her autobiography, Hellbent for Heaven, available from Golden Quest Books. As soon as World War II ended, she left for India as a dancer, and wound up staying there for eighteen years, studying with various masters and living the life of a sadhu. The last three years of her stay were spent with Sathya Sai Baba, who took her into his inner circle, and urged her to stay at his ashram. But as she began to see a new breed of young people thronging to India, “dressed in bedspreads,” as she put it, and seeking God, she felt a strong calling to return to the United States to teach meditation and offer her help. Sai Baba had once promised her siddhis, or powers. She wondered what sorts of powers these would be ‑‑ whether she would manifest objects or holy ash as he did, or what. When she was leaving, she reminded him of his promise and asked him wasn’t he going to give her any siddhis. He laughed and said she already had the highest one ‑‑ unconditional love. When I first came to Hilda’s class I was a tough, streetwise New York City bohemian type in my late twenties, who had brought myself up on nineteenth century romantic poetry and thought angst and the suffering of the artist was where it was at. I came into her class to find several hundred adults jumping up and down with silly smiles on their faces, singing, “Happiness, happiness, happiness is me.” I was pretty disgusted, especially with myself for coming to such a place looking for something, but I had paid my subway token to get there so decided to stay. I listened to her talk with a super-critical mind, closed my eyes unwillingly for the meditation, and as she led us through it and let the power flow, to my surprise it seemed as though I shot up out the top of my head and hovered there. By the end of the class, I felt as though thousands of
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http://cassiaberman. as if there were no more room inside for anything that would veil that radiance. It was an indescribable experience to be in the presence of such love. to clear ourselves of the concerns and subway rides which still stuck to us from the day. she said.. When the overflowing bags were brought to Hilda and she saw not only how much had been given.. but very easily accessed by pure intention. breathe in Love. as worldly desire would have us believe. a flood of joy and love was unleashed in me. It can have very practical applications. This was divine Love. always within us. on a different vibratory level than the one on which we usually live. “I wish I could tell you how much I love you. and just for a moment. As I said. Relax your heart area. of course. I became a happy person. In those first weeks. and imagine breathing Love into that person’s heart. feel the power of this Love to push away anything that isn’t Love. always available when we invoke it with an open heart. but it’s always with us. with tears too. she never charged money for her classes. but the love and gratitude with which it was given. So once or twice a year. and I understood that Love really is in the air. Imagine you can breathe through your heart the way you breathe through your nose. There. just waiting to be taken. I learned that real Love indeed does “make the world go round.com/?p=124 the top of my head and hovered there. almost like cotton candy fluff.” At that moment. hold it inside you. not the physical heart but the area around your heart chakra in the center of your chest. Breathing Love in and out gives Love an entrance into our reality and transforms the breather. but always surrounding us. I saw pink stuff in the air. let it fill you. from my contact with Hilda’s love. and people would give what they felt to give. As soon as I’d come into her presence. and then breathe Love out. In the years that followed. and as I opened to the power Hilda carried as a result of a lifetime of giving herself to live by Truth. as well as money she sometimes gave to help people in crisis. By the end of the class. quite suddenly. tears started flowing through me too. and breathe Love out. I’d feel as though everything I’d always been searching for was inside my own heart. feel that you’re filling all the space around you with gentle. because it is what we are. as you breathe out Love. less fearful sense of who we are and the very immensity of being. that didn’t honor life.” and is the very substance of Creation ‑‑ a substance not elusive or dependent on a certain kind of relationship with another person. It spiritualizes our physical. The following is a practice Hilda taught us and would often have us do ‑‑ to clear the room where we met. Let it fill your whole body. and breathe in Love. healing. feel that all that surrounds you is Love. Addictions and harmful habits fell off me without any effort on my part. Breathe in Love. it was always easy. heals the environment. but there were the expenses of renting the hall where we met. to send healing energy to those in our lives and the world. while the whole group would softly sing the songs that were a regular part of the meetings. I became aware that Love is an actual substance during one of Hilda’s meetings. everywhere. to be acknowledged. nurturing Love. In the following weeks I was drawn back to the weekly classes. When the bag came to me and I put in my donation. As you breathe Love in. That night the bag hadn’t yet come to me when I noticed alot of people were crying. emotional and mental bodies. makes it possible for us to live from our highest intentions. through which our energy loosened up so we could receive the higher vibrations we were being given. that was nothing like the familial or romantic love that had left me so disappointed and wounded. soothing. or anything of a negative nature. If there’s somebody you’re not at peace with. and opens us to a more expansive. 2 de 6 20/04/2012 15:15 . which had been used by other groups and from whose windows we often heard police sirens screeching their way to nearby Harlem. If there’s discord around you. As you breathe Love out. a state of being I had never even thought to attain. brown paper bags would be passed through the rows.» Invoking the Power of Love: a simple technique from the teachings of . I felt as though thousands of pounds of darkness that I hadn’t even known were there had been lifted off my shoulders. and I knew it was the love she was expressing that I was getting just a glimpse of. It is very simple and yields very immediate and powerful effects.

Go to the sparkling waters of the source. It touches your love and it comes back to me. I would do my meditation and practices in the morning. Marriage is an example which can be easily observed. Once I was talking on the phone to someone I knew who was a single mother. \ The following is an excerpt from Saints Alive. “I will never forgive So-and-so because…. deep in my heart I really love him. and breathe it out. we must learn to live together in harmony and love. all persons are interlocked in some way. 3 de 6 20/04/2012 15:15 . not to the tributary which has been polluted by humankind. to town.com/?p=124 When I first learned how to breathe Love in and out. “Love is not as described in the dictionary. I was living in a rural area without a car. and we never had that conversation again. back and forth. both the giver and the recipient benefit. I was standing in her kitchen one day and she said. held it inside me. So instead. I would think to myself. About once a month she would say to me. older people would be talking about their multiple ailments and unfortunate lives. We in the world are interlocked through vibratory forces. As such. focused on the center of her chest. and her son was missing his father and she was getting overwhelmed with mothering him.. breathe it in. she called me back. it was like having a new toy. After I started playing with Love. and so incredible to see how easy it was to bring a beautiful vibration into the air and bring out the best in people. Within moments. “This carries through to all walks of life. and would sometimes take a yellow school bus. yet all those living have close relationships. friendship would never have despair if each one would be trying to give to the other one. when you love someone enough. saying he would take their son for the weekend. I saw this happen over and over. http://cassiaberman. ready to flow outward toward the other. imagined a thread of light going from my heart to hers. The source of love has always been within you. she’ll say what she usually says. I’ve told this technique to so many people. We are one great body of God. And in flowing outward. The one who gives would receive also.” and I thought to myself. “I’ll never forgive So-and-so because…. and we would have the same conversation each time. and breathed it into her heart. You are all atoms in the One Being. A little while later. We are interlocked by the forces of life not only with individuals but also with countries and planets in the solar system. that on off-hours did runs for poor people. and get on the bus. a collection of transcriptions of some of Hilda’s lessons. if I say what I usually say. too. and I breathed in Love. I let her talk. available from Golden Quest: “The answer is within and always was. and she was crying because the father of her son was not taking the responsibility he had promised. I don’t want to listen to this for a half hour. You think you are separate? I do not think you are separate. “But you know. filling the bus with Love. A selfish act brings reactions from those around. After two or three breaths.” and I would defend him.. Those descriptions are the outcome of the misuse of the great love source.” and I would picture the Divine Love that I knew was hovering somewhere on some higher plane. people would start talking about miracles that had happened in their families. because automatically. and the phone rang and it was him. she interrupted herself and said. From persons passing each other on the streete to the closest relationships. By then. I told her about breathing Love. At that time I had a friend who was extremely angry at a mutual friend of ours because of something he’d done. Marriage would never have despair. fill myself with it.” That afternoon she called him up and apologized. It was so much fun. and she would attack him.» Invoking the Power of Love: a simple technique from the teachings of . and we got off the phone. “Oh dear. unemployed men would be cursing out the government. love comes your way. Welfare mothers would be cursing out their ex-husbands. Why do I have so many people loving me? Because I love everybody and so my love flows out. She said she had been breathing Love in and out of her heart to this fellow.

One understanding after another will come to you. What you have always been seeking. and while the endless seeking and searching outside went on. When it comes down to us. Jesus taught it. to everyone’s problems. http://cassiaberman. person to person. The answer in all times is the same: it is L-O-V-E. say ‘My soul is glorious. love. kids. making all Earth life joyful. is this love that flows down and into you from the source that needs no other person. How simple! To turn about. Find the true source of love and it flows on all existence.’ 4 de 6 20/04/2012 15:15 . It means that they will be glorious and wonderful as intended and life will be happy. Why drink of the polluted dregs. one cannot know the omnipresent power lying dormant in all. ‘Let’s get together for the world’s sake so that the world will continue to exist and human children will retain their bodies and children yet to be born will live in peace. in the right plane of existence. “Love down here has been polluted. All truth is mine already.’ Until one can recognize this dormant power within others. there will always be a slap. Of course I can. “It does not mean you cannot marry. “The search was and is for God’s love. Homes will be harmonious. like the river flowing from the untainted snows of the Himalayas. then say. and all turns to golden fulfillment down here. That which I do not like in the person is only the shadow around them. If the countries of the world weren’t so immersed in themselves. Turn self-love into unselfishness. when the fresh source is available? Why settle for less? When the pure source is dammed by the debris of pettiness and selfishness and hate and desire and greed. Of course you can. to the Earth’s problems. All is unrequited because the search is not being made in the right places. the ultimate God within you slumbered and waited and waited to be awakened through love ‑‑ your love for yourself. The love I feel needs no one in this world. I do not care about that shadow outside. they could look out to the world and say. “These teachings have come down through the ages from teacher to teacher. your love for God which is yourself. “If you seek here below for life’s fulfillment. for perfection is within me. and you will feel glorious. my children. and life will be one unfoldment of spiritual understanding. It was always waiting to be acknowledged within. leading to wisdom and self-realization and not to the self-centered narrowness that prevents the soul’s realization of its own glory. one has not learned to love and cannot feel the glory of love in its fullest force. Ramakrishna taught it. Why cannot I be magnanimous and love this person. All love is mine. only the times change. and cannot be found in earthly sources. is what everyone is unknowingly seeking. “All you really want is your own soul’s realization of its own glory. “Love is the answer to all your problems. All wisdom is mine. But give love. Why cannot I be forgiving? Of course I can. What should be an inner search goes on outside until a dawning of realization takes place. what happens to love then? “Pure flowing love. for that is the one that I love in myself. Sai Baba teaches it. “Until one can love others..» Invoking the Power of Love: a simple technique from the teachings of . The one I love is the one inside.’ “The ultimate God quietly waits within until love opens its floodgates and that which was sought through Earth’s desires is found at last. am wonderful. my true Self. It comes to you and you give it to another person and share it. If you cannot see it in another. it gets into selfishness and desire..com/?p=124 polluted by humankind. All teachers have taught love. for the source of existence. and yet it shines on everyone. Just turn the mind about. ‘I know it is there whether I see it or not. the omnipresent power lying dormant in all. The teachings have always been the same. The real person is inside. that you cannot have relationships. I. It is this that makes for restlessness in life and the ever changing of scenes from job to job.

See what fun it is. I saw these tiny people. to love life. This is what must be developed. scrambled and disintegrated. love in the midst of hate and see the miraculous results. causing great suffering for the lover and loved. Standing naively and innocently there. meeting evil with force. Love.. unmoved by my counteractive force. I merely stood there tall and firm and used the greatest weapon of all ‑‑ love. I knew. http://cassiaberman. was my shield against the battle of life from then on. What a lesson! It would last a lifetime. No longer will you be flotsam on the sea of life. blessing all.’ “The Master continued: ‘Meditate on the heart center as a great white light sending forth rays of divine love to the world.com/?p=124 “Everyone seeks love. The horror overpowered me. visualize the whole universe overflowing with divine 5 de 6 20/04/2012 15:15 . True love gives.” As you exhale the breath. Evil cannot stand against love. Find our how many ways you can be unselfish this week and love.” I went back into the fray again and again. They just stood there. Grabbing it. The answer is love. my whole body trembling with fear. who at first looked innocuous. With every inhaled breath. and describes an experience Hilda had as a young woman during a period when she was being taught and tested on the inner plane: “One night the Masters took me on the inner plane and had me face evil forces in the form of small people on a lower plane of consciousness. you will be the captain of your own ship and sail it into still waters. but let it not be written in your golden book that you did not love during your sojourn upon this planet Earth. Their force was ineradicable. Love and be a lighthouse for all. foolishly allowing them to come closer. “Go in again. I held it in my hand and began to chase them to protect myself. and sent. affirm strongly. Let the world try to knock you down. I saw a bottle. believe sincerely and feel intensely: “I am filled and thrilled with the power of love. clinging to nothing ‑‑ just loving for the pure joy of love for love’s sake. “Go back.” \ The following is an excerpt from Hell-Bent for Heaven: The Autobiography of Hilda Charlton.” \ The following is another excerpt from Hellbent for Heaven: The Autobiography of Hilda Charlton. and I came down into my physical body and found it drenched with perspiration. breathed into my heart center. to beam all safely into the harbor of God’s peace. asking nothing. but it was to no avail. I plead with you. Start today to love. suddenly I realized they were not what they were pretending to be ‑‑ they were an evil force. As you retain the breath for a few moments. In one case. When this attachment begins to wane.” I found myself in a dilemma. on an outgoing breath. A feeling of triumph ending in peace came over me. only to hear. Attachment of any sort brings fear and sorrow. but rather everyone should seek to give love. The Master commanded. “The Earth itself is troubled by lack of human loving and humans are troubled by lack of love ‑‑ an endless cycle of lack. On the inner plane I desperately picked up objects to fend off the evil. available from Golden Quest. the affection usually turns to hate. available from Golden Quest Books. Start here and now today to love. a wave of love. They ran. what joy it is. What most people experience in the place of divine love is a selfish attachment. It is sad to find today so many human beings with their heart centers atrophied. strongly will that a mighty current of love may fill your heart from the Divine Source itself. Daughter. The world will be yours. It will do your bidding. I stood and looked at these evil people. Gratefulness filled me as I thought how patient my teacher was..» Invoking the Power of Love: a simple technique from the teachings of . and life will reward you. and recreates the words of a teaching on the inner plane Hilda received as a young woman: “‘Develop love by training the mind to think loving thoughts. until at last I caught on. I came back into Earth awareness.

She can be reached at cassiaberman@verizon. The Master’s face appeared and he smiled his approval. ‘This time love was to remain. is available from Divine Mother Communications) and editor who lives in Woodstock. but controlled myself.com Cassia Berman is a writer. I thought. I loved the world and all in it. I breathed in love and breathed out love for months on end as the teacher had explained. to all. I breathed out this bliss to the air. she also teaches weekly classes in these arts. He was pleased. Bless all whom you contact and continually feel the outflow of love to all alike. Her books can also be ordered through your local bookstore. can be obtained by calling Golden Quest. I hugged a tree. A long time practitioner of T’ai Chi Chu’an and Qi Gong. ‘Why did I do that?’ I glanced back over my shoulder and I saw that they had stopped and were staring at me. (914) 679-6461. Love is the controlling force of the universe. as well as over 300 tapes. ‘What a farce ‑‑ love in and love out! More like nothing in and nothing out! What is the use of going on with this pretense?’ I closed my eyes and took a breath and wham! My heart center in the middle of my chest seemed to open up and love poured like a torrential stream…. I walked back quietly through the park. as if to say. Strangers smiled at me and said.» Invoking the Power of Love: a simple technique from the teachings of .com/?p=124 power of love.. 6 de 6 20/04/2012 15:15 . poet (her book. NY. The pendulum came to a stop and remained balanced. Divine Mother Within Me. Obeying.’ “I started this exercise. http://cassiaberman. to the world. doing it religiously. Check out her website.” As you exhale the breath. I closed my eyes. practice this meditation as many times as possible during the day. “‘Please. the evil. ‘It is true.hildacharlton.’” Information on books of Hilda Charlton’s teachings. One day I was out for a walk in the woods and sat down thinking. visualize the whole universe overflowing with divine love from your purified heart. I felt like dancing. ‘Hello. the heart center remained open. the good.. where she teaches workshops in poetry and feminine spirituality. www. I kept on and on.net. I felt nothing.It was so wonderful to feel free again. Nothing happened.’ then stopped and looked embarrassed.

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