Sacred Flames Healing

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Table of Contents
I. INTRODUCING MY WORK………………………….. 1 II. HEALING FROM SPIRIT …………………………….. 3 (i) The Spirit World……………………………………………4 (ii) Energy Healing: The Aura………………………………......9 (iii) Basic Guiding Principles For Healing From Spirit……….... 11 III. THE SACRED FLAMES ……………………………….16 Working With The Celestial Flames…………………………….17 First Triad Of Sacred Flames: 1.1. THE AQUA CLEANSING FLAME………………………21 1.2. THE RUBY ENERGISING FLAME……………………..23 1.3. THE GOLDEN FORTIFYING FLAME…………………24 2. Second Triad Of Sacred Flames: 2. 1. SAPPHIRE RELEASING FLAME………………………...27 2. 2. VIOLET TRANSMUTATION FLAME…………………...28 2. 3. ROSE LOVE FLAME……………………………………...29 3. Third Triad Of Sacred Flames: 3.1. EMERALD SOUL CONNECTION FLAME………………31 3.2. PINK SOUL DETOX FLAME……………………………..32 3.3. SILVER SOUL EXPANSION FLAME……………………..37 4. Additional Flames 4.1. WHITE PROTECTION FLAME…………………………..40 4.2. ORANGE OBSTACLE BUSTER FLAME………………....41 4.3. LEMON MANIFESTATION FLAME……………………..42 4.4. PEACH TWIN FLAME…………………………………….42 4.5. NEON GREEN COMPASSION FLAME……………….. .43 IV. SOME LAST COMMENTS: Resource Material……………………………………………….45

Welcome to my world of healing from spirit. I invite you to join me in my journey of energy healing and spiritual development. I have been providing service as a light worker for many years as a reiki master, spiritual counselor and crystal healer. I started on this journey of spiritual healing when I learnt about the tarot some twenty years ago. I took to readings naturally and found the rich symbolism intriguing. I wanted to understand how that was possible that I could read and interpret a stranger’s energy through factory-manufactured cards. It enticed me into learning about energy. I found myself in a confusing conflict between me as a human operating in an aggressive material world which supports and rewards my logical intellect, and the stirrings of my soul that needed to be gentle, caring and believing in things unseen. It took me a long time realize that unexplained, unseen things were the reason I could enjoy my material, logical world. It is my soul and my spirit guides and angels that had led me into unexplained illogical choices that have made my world rich and abundant. So I have finally got it: we are spirits learning about human experience. It was my soul that had driven me to learn about crystals, reiki and energy medicine. My logical self would never have been drawn to this world.

So, here I am. What I have learned from all my questions and conflicts is that each of us need a guiding vision and belief and this is what I have come up with: Live in a state of grace and gratitude. Seek understanding to show compassion.
Sacred Flames Healing

Always give and receive love.

My interest and devotion to healing from spirit has led me to develop an intense aspiration to share some of experiences with others. Throughout my work, I speak of healing from spirit, rather than spiritual healing.

In my understanding, spiritual healing relates to circumstances where the soul requires and receives a healing, for example, to deal with past karmic blockages or past life healing. I am talking about healing the soul. When I talk about healing from spirit, I am talking about approaching the healing (of myself and others) from the depths of my spirit and with the assistance of the spirit world.

Sarah Seger


The source of the healing power comes directly from the inherent and undeniable capacity of all souls to give and receive love. HEALING FROM SPIRIT Healing from spirit is based on the idea of two concepts: (a) that the healer’s soul has a deep desire and commitment to share the gift and power of healing with other souls. observations and healing techniques in love and hope that something I share with assists you on your path and that you. in turn will help others. despite my apparent altruistic agenda to share healing power with others. Before you explore these topics.II. That is my thinking. 3 Sacred Flames Healing . is love. I offer you my thoughts. mind and spirit to function as it best for its highest good. to healing from spirit. I also do it to feed my own need and yearning to be healed. The secret. therefore. All forms of dis-ease in the human state are essentially negative energy that can be removed or transformed. I have also found that the healing of others has a natural spin-off healing to myself. I suggest you read through my healing guidelines. and (b) that the spirit world has the same deep desire and commitment to help earth souls in their quest for health and healing. Healing from spirit is about shifting and transforming energy to allow the body. That is my mantra. So. That is my belief. which will give you some ideas on how I facilitate healing for myself and others. This deep desire and commitment emanates from love.

they do not choose to help some groups and not others. Because of their pure form. but they are often referred to as he or she. They love to help and certainly enjoy healing from spirit. Some useful thoughts to remember about angels:(1) They are spirit beings of light whose function is to help us on Earth. (4) Angels are neither male nor female.Healing Method: (i) The Spirit World Angels are benevolent celestial beings of pure love energy who exist to serve humanity in our quest of the human experience. they have different categories of angels which perform different functions. Their purpose is to act as a medium (or messenger) between ourselves and the Creator. (3) Angels have no religion. Within the angelic realm. they often project themselves to us in a form we expect and are most comfortable with. The Archangels are often described as the senior/ supervisors of angels. However. love and light. They only require that you ask them for help. (2) Angels are a gift given to us by God (the Creator/Higher Power) for our safety. They do not have a human form because they are made up of energy. protection and guidance. Each archangel is assigned to specific tasks and can be called Sarah Seger 4 .

Raziel is associated with knowledge and understanding. office. He works mostly through dreams. including your home. guidance and protection valuables and general good fortune. religions and civilizations. He works with children mostly but can be called upon to help with the spiritual gifts. and you may ask him a question before you go to bed so you can get the answer in your dreams. children’s issues and he is the keeper of the Akashic records. Call upon him to assist you to understand spiritual truths and to help with you spiritual awakening. Call upon him to heal you or assist you in any healing work. Raphael: is associated with healing the earth and all its occupants. Michael: is associated with helping humans with spiritual and physical protection and helping us focus our intentions to manifest our dreams into reality. 5 Sacred Flames Healing . In this work we will refer to the following Archangels: Metatron: is associated with getting organized. Call upon her to help alleviate your financial concerns. Here are some of the Ascended Masters referred to in this work: Abundantia helps with attracting abundance. mind and heart. Uriel is associated with claircognizance.upon for that purpose. They come from all cultures. He is called upon to remove negative energy and thoughts from any space. financial investments. The Ascended Masters are the great healers. All healing facilities and healers are guided and helped by Raphael. the ability to know things. teachers or prophets who previously lived on Earth and who now help us from the spirit world.

dragons. guide and helper. The Guardian Angels are angels assigned to stand by us throughout our lifetime. Lakshmi is associate abundance. Epona is one of the bearers of the silver flame and was worshiped as the protector of horses and animals. done or thought from birth and are available to help you whenever you ask. unicorns. Quan Yin is also a bearer of the violet flame and is associated with compassion towards ourselves and others and understanding our needs and those of others. Here is short meditation to help you connect with your guardian angel:(1) Sit quietly and relax. etc). lasting happiness. divine magic.Apollo helps to create light and laughter in your life and to help you understand issues through visions. Sarah Seger 6 . Everyone has a guardian angel and should be seen as your spiritual friend. pixies. guiding and helping make the right choices. prophecy and divination and healing. manifesting home supplies and food and space clearing. Call upon him when you feel depressed and need some energy. beauty. and if you want answers to any questions. Merlin is associated with alchemy. St Germain is one of the bearer of the violet flame and manifestation of goals and desires. Guardian Angels know everything you've said. She is also the protector and guardian of the elementals (fairies. crystals. and also for fertility. with your eyes closed.

Expect a physical sensation. (6) Thank your Guardian Angel. (3) Mentally ask your Guardian Angel to step into your aura and touch you. Accept the first name that comes to you. The Spirit Guides are additional angels that assist us on our spiritual journey and advise us along the way. (4) Ask your Guardian Angel’s name. remember that they come to you in Love and Light and really want to help you. 7 Sacred Flames Healing . They simply want to help you in a loving way. (2) Try to relax. so you're able to discuss anything with them. They have no judgment of you. (5) Calmly ask for any help you need. or a fragrance or feeling of great love. It is easier for them to establish contact when you are relaxed. They see everything. rather than anxious and afraid.(2) Take a few minutes to breathe the color gold around you. Try to remember that:(1) You must be honest with them. Spirit Guides are spiritual beings who have chosen to aid others on the path to spiritual enlightenment as we are about to ascend to higher light. Connecting To Angels When connecting to the angels.

(6) Listen to the advice.(3) You must ask. The Angels always help us. (4) Surrender the problem to them. Remember that the God. Angels are not permitted to interfere in your life unless specifically asked (unless there is an emergency and a possibility of you dying before your time). Release you worries to them and give them a chance to help you. (9) You can call out to any Angel for assistance and one will come. They can help with small problems (like finding a parking) to bigger issues like helping your relationships or your spiritual awakening. Don’t just ask them to find you a parking. Angels do not Sarah Seger 8 . the Creator/ the Universe does not want you to suffer. (7) The angels love to help you. feelings and emotion that come to you once you have surrendered the problem. There is no limit to how many times you can call on them. It is through communication and contact that you may discover which Angels are best for you. Your lack of faith in success blocks the positive energy the angels are trying to give you. Trust that they are going to help you. but we often do not notice their help. (5) Have Faith. (8) Be clear about what you are asking for. just to help you release yourself from pain and suffering if you want to. ask for a parking close to the building you want to go to.

Just talk to them and you will receive help. In this way. psychological and spiritual well-being of every person. Lastly. Do not forget to thank them for their help. For healing purposes. and stand (behind them) about 10 to 20 centimeters away. (ii) Healing Energy: The Aura The aura is an energy field that surrounds the human body which appears as an egg-shaped area of light and color that extends beyond the skin. ask someone to stand with their back to you. If you doubt that you are communicating with the angels. If you want to practice on how to feel the energy field. All you need to do is call them. Make sure before you go to bed that you have paper and pen at your bed side so you can write down your dreams. Go to bed asking your guides to come to you in your dreams and then ask that they assist you to remember your dreams when you wake up. it acts as a barometer of disease long before the onset of actual symptoms in the physical body. it is very simple to contact your Angels. It is an energy field of seven layers that reflects the body’s life force. The angels are available to you all the time and can hear you. It is made up seven major layers which vary in color and intensity depending on the person. Simply talk to them as you would one of your friends. Push your hands forward and backwards 9 Sacred Flames Healing . you can ask them to talk to you in your dreams. you can run an open hand about 5-10 cm above a person’s skin and you should feel a light layer of energy or movement. It reflects the physical.want to be worshipped. You do not need to speak aloud as they can hear your request in your thoughts. All they need is your thanks when they help you.

A healthy aura when seen reflects strong interdependent layers of light that appear as solid light with clear. bright colors as shown in this figure. Sarah Seger 10 . Tears generally occur when the person has been subject to emotional. Leaks usually occur when the physical body has suffered undue strain or trauma. Be gentle in your movement or the person might fall over. mental or spiritual stresses. An unhealthy aura usually will show evidence of leaks. tears and or impurities as indicated in this figure.and you will notice that the person will move either backwards or forwards involuntarily in accordance with your hand movements.

Visualize a white/gold light surrounding you like a cocoon before you even engage in any healing work. healthy way to start your healing session. (2) The foremost aspect of a successful healing is having the clear. This is why so many healers feel drained after a healing or feel they cannot shake off the emotions of the person they have been healing. I do this even when I meditate or heal myself. it goes to the next body of energy (you). As you draw out (diffuse) the energy from the person. I have developed some core techniques that have aided me greatly in my healing. depressed or jealous.Impurities are associated with vulnerability in the aura. Please feel free to add others and share with me. If you are 11 Sacred Flames Healing . For example. wish to prescribe to any person how they may decide to behave as a healer. for a moment. This may occur where the person spends time around a person who is angry. the situation or person. which allows negative. I offer a few guidelines that have never failed me. So. over the years. you might be dealing with a client who is slightly depressed. However. (iii) Basic Guiding Principles For Healing From Spirit I do not. here goes:- (1) Protection is a crucial. surrounding energy to seep into it. They would feel `heavy’ or deflated later on. The reason is that it prevents you from allowing negative energy from latching onto you. Decide it to be so. positive intent to heal the condition. You have simply transferred the energy from them to you. embrace it and do it.

You will see the theme of the power of three a frequently in my healing methods. I start every healing with a request from the angel to assist and guide me through the healing for the highest good of both the person receiving the healing and myself. I have long learnt that healings are amplified by affirming your intent or symbols three times. Healing from spirit has been an awesome experience for me. I often work with Archangel Raphael for help in matters relating to healing or Mother Mary. Archangel Raphael helps me immensely with distant healings. You do not need to know them by name and you can simply ask the angels generally to assist and guide you in the healing process. ask. I once asked Archangel Raziel what was Sarah Seger 12 . His quick.feel `out of sorts’ or just a little lazy. largely because I have never failed to ask for help from the angels. At the end of each session. Thank the angels who attended the healing. Ask. (3) Ask for help from above. ascended masters and other spirit beings of light. I seal the session three times. who often appears in healing related to mothers and children. ask the angels to help you strengthen your resolve to heal yourself or that person. archangels. quiet energy is a great source of comfort and power to me. Be gracious to the wonderful gift of celestial beings who ask only to help us. (5) The power of three. I draw the symbol of my hand and say its name three times or I invoke the flame by saying its name three times. ask! (4) Give thanks for the help given.

powerful dream. (7) My healing method usually involves a three-phase process of shifting energy. At that stage. flame or method. happy and filled with love. For example. etc). It works for me. but the secret lies in the power of three. how so many powerful systems and order operated on the basis of three (holy trinity. I had learnt so many different reiki and healing systems that I wondered which was the most powerful. (6) Positive affirmations of the desired result in a healing expedite the healing process greatly. Use any symbol. He told me that all the healings could help. if a person feels pain. I ask them to affirm that they are healthy now or that they release the pain from their body and all the causes of the pain. Louise Hay does some wonderful work on healing affirmations. pyramids. I noticed thereafter. I was convinced and I thank Archangel Raziel for the wonderful insight.the best healing method to use. (a) Diffusing energy – here I release negative patterns and blockages from the affected area or aura. I personally like to affirm that I am healthy. It is worth your while to peruse her work. The general idea here is to couch the affirmation in positive language in the present tense. It is like my rubbish bin of negative Sacred Flames Healing 13 . I have a standing violet flame which I visualize while doing a healing and I mentally transfer this diffused energy into the flame. so try it. but invoke it three-fold. It was a simple. The idea here is simply to remove the `problem’ or the causes of the problem.

I empower all my clients with at least one healing tip that they can use at home. because the violet flame is the celestial flame that transmutes negative energy into positive energy.. As a rule. Sarah Seger 14 . I would never spend time writing something on my computer and not saving the file! So too with healings. (b) Infusing energy – I work on the understanding that the removed/released energy must be replaced with positive energy to prevent the recurrence of the negative pattern. The sacred flames are the easiest for most non-healers to grasp and I teach it with persistence. Once the energy is removed from the body or aura. it leaves a vacuum. I do this my visualizing a gentle white light separating myself from the person who was healed. I feel depleted and they develop an ongoing dependency on me for more…. When I have neglected to do this. Protect the positive energy by sealing it. I think of it as saving work that I have done. (c) Sealing energy – I seal in the positive energy as a way to end my healing session. (9) Release the person being healed from your energy sphere. I have found that the person remains within my So I literally flood with positive energy. I almost always get positive feedback. (8) Empower the person healed with simple healing tips and advice. I find this phase of the healing process helps to retain the positive energy for a longer period and prevents fresh negative energy from seeping back in.

See the person coping and helping themselves. 15 Sacred Flames Healing .Cut the ties in love and empowerment.

I have received guidance in healings to use these flames in various scenarios and now present them in an order of a triad. Over a long period. Apollo has been a great help to me in helping me identifying the different flames and their uses and Ascended Master Merlin has suggested the use of three by three flames in this fashion. they resembled the three pyramids of Giza. mostly on an auric level. THE SACRED FLAMES Celestial (sacred) flames are a gift from heaven to help us heal our energy system. When I meditated on these flames for clarity. the celestial healing flames are present in this fashion. I have separated them into three categories. each with three flames. It also appears that there are quite a wide range of flames available. Based on this information. It appears that they regularly provide us information about different flames at different places and times in our experience as humans. mind and soul. In this system of sacred healing flames. Explore the possibilities and share more celestial energy if you can. mind and soul healing. but I have only worked with these healing flames. Examples are the violet flame. representing the harmony of body. angels have been guiding us to use the celestial flames in healing ourselves and healing the earth. The Celestial Healing Flames Triad is this healing system of 9 celestial flames designed to create harmonious healing in spheres of body.III. lavender flame and silver flame of St Germain and Quan Yin that have been shared for a long time by the celestial carriers of the flames. In my way of thinking (I like structure and Sarah Seger 16 .

For self-healing. Pyramids are also used in healing to speed up the healing process and to cleanse negative energy from other healing tools. It does not have to be yours. This system of healing founded on the principle of the three-phase healing process for each of these spheres. and amplify the powerful energy of the celestial flames. such as crystals. I often use the flame by visualizing myself stepping into the flame. WORKING WITH THE SACRED FLAMES The flames can be invoked simply by calling on them and visualizing them working on the aura or affected area.logic in my healings) the triad of celestial flames creates a wholesome healing because it accounts for healing the three core energy spheres for the healthy functioning of humans which drive of living experience. I have separated the flames into categories. This is my method of working. surprise) with the apex above my crown chakra. invoking the symbolic power of the pyramid to direct. It always takes the shape of a pyramid (surprise. but use them in whatever order or form that makes intuitive sense in your healing. Sacred Flames Healing 17 . There is no reason why you cannot use one flame from the first triad with another from the 2nd or 3rd triad. When healing others: I often see the flame coming through one of my hands and I direct it over the aura of the person.

. intending that it releases (diffuses) the `problem’. (2) Say ……….color. Call upon any of the angels to help in the healing. When you feel the `problem’ has been diffused. (b) Aura clearing (1) All the flames can be easily `downloaded’ over the whole body. infuse positive energy to fill the vacuum caused by the release of the cause of the problem. (2) Call its name three times and visualize it flowing from the top of your head to the bottom of the feet. (3) Hold the flame with your third eye.(name) flame three times and wait as the pyramid turns a bright …….I use a symbol of a pyramid (in its simplest form it is a triangle) for all the flames and says its name three times once I have drawn it over the aura or over a particular affected area. Here are some suggestions on how to use it: (a) Over an area of dis-ease (1) Draw the triangle (pyramid) over the area affected. (4) Seal the infused energy of the flame by visualizing that it is sealed. The apex of the pyramid forms at the feet is diffusing (releasing) or at the top of the head if infusing and or sealing the aura. Sarah Seger 18 .

Diffusing Negative Energy Infusing Positive Energy 19 Sacred Flames Healing .(3) Feel as it clears the whole aura with it.

(2) Allow the flame to flow from your crown through to the hand. (d) Using Meditation Meditate with any flame by going to a sacred place and imagining yourself stepping into the flame and feeling its glow over your aura. golden. With the help of the angels. (3) Place the hand about 10 -20 cm above the body or affected area. I have suggested some meditations for the aqua flame.(c) Celestial Flame Aura Massage This is a method of performing the healing over the auric layers of energy. saying its name three times. (4) Make circular movements with your hand over the affected are or over the whole body. Anti-clockwise movements are generally used to diffuse (release) energy and a clockwise motion is used to infuse energy. you can’t possibly go wrong. violet. (1) Draw the symbol on the palm of your hand. Use whatever works for you. Sarah Seger 20 . cerise and silver flames.

I draw the symbol with the apex pointing down to diffuse the block energy causing the pain. the three flames are the aqua releasing flame. When used it provides the causal reason for disease. In this triad. It was shared by Ascended Master Merlin. Ruby and Golden Flame) This triad of celestial flames focuses on the physical body and the removal of negative energy from the aura. THE AQUA CLEANSING FLAME This was the first flame that I encountered in a healing session. I have become aware of the reason for the condition of the person needing a healing. Most of the negative energy will appear as pain on a particular area or a general lethargy or physical weakness. 1. FIRST TRIAD OF CELESTIAL FLAMES: HEALING THE BODY ENERGIES (Aqua.1. who indicated that it may be invoked heal the physical manifestation of dis-ease in the aura.1. if a person has a knee injury. I personally find the energy of flame to have a strong cleansing effect and I associated it with sea energy. I have used of many occasions and while directing to the point of pain or a tear or leak in the aura. the ruby energizing flame and the golden fortifying flame. For example. I then drew it again with the apex facing upwards to infuse 21 Sacred Flames Healing .

and seal the flame energy. with the apex at your crown and allow fill your aura. release the flame. and allow it to flow from your crown chakra through your body. (3) Invoke the aqua flame by saying its name three times. Sarah Seger 22 . If you like to use crystals in your healings. slow breathes to release all negative energy. (6) Invoke it again. blue topaz. blue or clear quartz. (7) Now see the flame sealing itself around you in a protective cocoon. aqua aura. I also find it very calming to use in meditation. You are most likely to feel a tingling sensation on your arms or legs. with the apex at your feet. (8) Release the flame and thank the angels if you call upon them for help. Here is s suggested meditation for working with the aqua flame:(1) Ask the angels to guide your meditation. here are some suggested crystals you might use: aquamarine. (4) Feel how it cleanses your body and breathe long. (5) When you feel free of the negative energy. (2) Imagine that you are new or in the sea or in a cave close to the sea.

you might do the healing in this manner over the root and sacral chakra. The associated crystals are: red jasper. It also helps to release rage. anger and jealousy. so be patient. ruby. When infusing positive energy. 23 Sacred Flames Healing . I find this can take quite a long time. so I ask them to mentally affirm that they are strong. firstly diffusing with the apex pointing downwards. where someone has a problem with the libido. inflammations and break out of some sort. For example. you might want to ask the person to affirm positive words about themselves. it is a great to help with the libido. It is great to energize the tired. Most men don’t respond well to verbalizing their affirmations. I usually write down an affirmation for them to take home. When infusing. red tiger’s eye and carnelian. THE RUBY ENERGISING FLAME This dark red flame is associated with healing low energy levels. passion and general creativity. It is used to help remove the `burdens’ that cause tiredness and lethargy and to infuse strong vitality and boost the creative will to actively participate in life.1. which often manifest in the body as boils. garnet. So I gather that it helps identify the cause of lethargy (when diffusing). the person receiving the healing often tells me afterwards that they need to shed some work load or responsibility. Use in the same way as the aqua flame. When I use this flame.2. disinterested person. powerful and in control of their lives.

(3) Stay there until you can feel fortified or the flecks of the flame become a solid flame surrounding. Feel the strong flame of fulfillment and abundance. THE GOLDEN FORTIFYING FLAME This celestial flame is excellent for sealing and protection. It immediately coats my aura and I feel less afraid or unsure of myself. Golden Flame of Abundance Meditation You may try this abundance meditation with this flame. I use it all the time when I am in any situation where I feel unsure of myself or my abilities or when I feel unsafe. To me. I also use it when I am feeling depleted (empty) and `under the weather’ or feeling that `something is missing’ or that my needs are not being met. Invert it to draw out that negative feeling from the aura and use it upright to fill gaps.3. (2) Step under the waterfall and feel the golden flame of abundance on you as flecks of gold fall upon you. I love it because it always makes me feel abundant in my life. Use it also to seal where a healing has been done with the other flames. (1) Walk through forest until you see a waterfall. tears and leaks in the aura.1. I call upon Abundatia or Lakshmi when I do this meditation:-. It is like a gentle bandage on a wound that has been healed. Sarah Seger 24 . it is the fortifying flame because it strengthens and protects the aura.

pyrite. deserving abundance of love. gold tiger’s eye. money.  I accept all the abundance I receive.  I have the power of abundance in love.  I am open to receiving the abundance of the universe now. 25 Sacred Flames Healing .(1) Start off by cleansing the negative energy with the aqua flame. beauty.  I am grateful for the abundance I always receive. Once you are done. The associated crystals are: citrine.(4) Open your arms to receive the glory and abundance of the universe. peace. amber USING THE FLAMES OF THE FIRST TRIAD TOGETHER You might opt to use all three flames together for a harmonious healing. (6) Seal the aura with the golden light. touch someone to pass on the power of the flame of abundance. time success and understanding Use any or all these affirmations if you wish:  I graciously receive abundance from the universe now. (5) Feel yourself deep down in the pit of your stomach.

release it and invoke the next one.(2) Energize with the ruby flame. (3) When I do this. Sarah Seger 26 . I use each flame. and seal with the golden flame.

alcohol. 27 Sacred Flames Healing . The essence of working with this celestial flame is to choose to fill the empty emotional spaces with positive behavior. SAPPHIRE RELEASING FLAME This bright blue flame is extremely powerful to use where the person needs to diffuse negative patterns in thinking. 2. etc. body and soul.2. Violet and Rose Flame) These are the flames associated with healing negative emotional states. These may arise from poor self –image. Use it for addictions to television. They consist of the sapphire releasing flame. feeling and behavior. cellphones. loneliness and boredom or past traumas. SECOND TRIAD OF CELESTIAL FLAMES: HEALING THOUGHT AND EMOTION ENERGIES (Sapphire. computers. the violet transmutation flame and the rose love flame. The sapphire flame helps to release the causes of additive and compulsive behavior that we all use to provide instant gratification. smoking. The possibilities are endless. You use it to close the door of obsession or destructive behavior and open the door to positive. inspiring behavior that fuels passion of the mind. 1.

Use to infuse once the diffusing phase is over to encourage passionate thoughts and emotions. that night I would dream of some other person or situation I had forgotten about that needs healing. 2. I have found that it is really great to release anger and unforgiveness. Call upon St Germain or Quan Yin to help you work with the flame. without exception. I have also found that. It is also the flame of compassion. it may be used to fuel positive emotional passion. It has long being associated its ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy. Step into the flame and allow its warm glow to release the negative energy and feel as it infuses new warm emotions to help new patterns of positive feelings. Whenever I have used it for deal with my anger with someone. Sarah Seger 28 . It is good for letting go of negative emotions.For infusing. VIOLET TRANSMUTATION FLAME This violet celestial flame is excellent to heal the emotional aura. sodalite. Associated crystals are: blue sapphire. which inspire and encourage the healthy pursuits and interests in hobbies and interests. Seal your aura with it to limit the seeping of new negative emotions into your aura. when I am done I start to understand and feel where the other person is coming from. lapis lazuli and blue lace agate 2. or past hurts. Here is suggested meditation for forgiveness:(1) Imagine you are in a garden filled with beautiful flowers. St Germain and Quan Yin have always helped when I have used this flame. It prompts a full recovery of painful experiences and transmutes the energy quickly and gently.

29 Sacred Flames Healing .. I affirm that I am loved. chariote sugilite. ROSE LOVE FLAME This is the flame of love. especially where I have been restless or feeling miserable. It moves very gently over the aura and appears as a soft pink glow. You remain in the flame for a while. seal your aura with the flame. When you are done. For example. Step out of the flame and thank St Germain or Quan Yin for their assistance. Take deep breathe to release the negative energy. unloved. ametrine. you may say I release my anger and disappointment at ……. Release them from the flame. 3. I always have a peaceful sleep.’ (3) Imagine the other person stepping into the flame with you. Infuse feelings of self-love and a desire to focus on your strengths. Use affirmations of love to reinforce it. Give the person a hug and thank them for lessons they have taught you in the experience.(2) See the flame rising from the ground and step into it. Use it to diffuse feelings of being alone. 2. I use the rose flame as a cocoon around my body when I go to sleep. and that I love and approve of myself. or invite any other person into the flame for a further healing. undeserving and unlovable. Affirm your intention to release. Feel the flame healing your anger. Associated crystals are amethyst.

Associated crystals are rose quartz. Sarah Seger 30 . release it and invoke the next one. pink sapphire. (1) Start off by releasing the negative emotions with the sapphire flame. USING ALL THREE FLAMES OF THE SECOND TRIAD You might opt to use all three flames together for a harmonious healing. (2) Energize with the violet flame and seal with the rose flame. (3) When I do this. rhodonite and rhodochrosite. I use each flame.

THIRD TRIAD OF CELESTIAL FLAMES: HEALING THE SOUL ENERGIES (Emerald.1. the Universe and other people. Use it to diffuse the energy in your aura when you feel disconnected to God. EMERALD SOUL CONNECTION FLAME This is flame for lost soul connections and the blockages which prevent you from connecting. the Pink Soul Detox Flame and the Silver Soul Expansion Flame. 3. It works well when you are experiencing a loss in faith and trust.3. pink and Silver Flames) This third triad of healing flames may be used to deal with all spiritual matters and for healing soul issues such as past lives and karma or to gain insight into your life’s purpose or soul mate healing. It comprises the Emerald Soul Connection Flame. 31 Sacred Flames Healing . or when you feel you don’t really know or understand who you are.

I remember activities that feed my soul. It helps affirm that I AM a significant person in the Universe. So. Stand in the flame. I see the miracles of life in nature and see God’s love in activities around me. When I use this flame to infuse.Infuse positive connections with heaven and your soul. like music. It infuses the souls desire for peace and pleasure and encourages activities which do this.2. green aventurine. Associated crystal: emerald. No doubt with further work. This flame washes out. and invite your soul mate into the flame to share in the beauty of you. 3. because I had such difficulty working with it. Use it to infuse passion for the soul. we can all add to understanding its full purpose. you can use this flame to flush Sarah Seger 32 . accumulated bad karma or the effects of psychic attack or negative experiences (like being cheated on by a partner). PINK SOUL DETOX FLAME This flame is special to me. if you have a phobia or fear that is unexplained in terms of your experiences in this life time. cleanses and flushes the soul of spiritual toxins. Once I have used the flame. It detoxes the soul aura of these ill-effects in all directions of time. and I present here the sketchy introduction of this flame. I see the apex of the pyramid flame opening up into the vastness of the Universe above me. dancing and art. I see love in everyone and everything. These could be past live contracts. This flame also helps with soul mate relationships. I start to see God in people around me. I battled to figure out the messages around it. green jade.

draining energy. You can also use to clear your room or home of negative. Of course.the soul aura of the effects of these past life experiences. try the akashic records meditation first to find out what you need to deal with. They are not actual books or scrolls. just our understanding of it. This record is essentially the past. containing all relevant actions and choice you have made or that you need to make. It leaves a lovely glowing feeling when done. with the benefits of the lessons learnt from the negative experiences. It can also be used to remove negative entities that may have crept into your aura. making you irritable. If you are unsure what spiritual energy you need to flush out. Call upon Archangel Michael to help you remove the negative entities or energies. the Cosmic Mind. the collective subconscious and the Soul Records. Akashic Records The Akashic records have been referred to by different names such as The Book of Life. It is like a large book. past hurts and regrets that we bring into this life with us. and watch how it melts the negative energies in your aura. 33 Sacred Flames Healing . It is like a universal filing system which records all thoughts. It serves the same purpose as soul retrieval in shamanic terms. you can use it to infuse positive cerise energy when you are done. It allows you to shed the burden. the Universal Mind. words and action. irrational or even `out of character’ mean and difficult. Visualize the bright pink flame filling each room or area. where you aim to make the soul function in a wholesome state. Flood your aura with its bright pink flame. the collective unconscious. present and future knowledge of all things in your life. to attract positive lessons into your life. It does not eliminate the experiences.

Next. With the growth of movement I become conscious of sounds. The houses are left behind. every person can access their own records and gain insight about our choices or life’s purpose. close his eyes in sleep and answer questions. As I move along this path of light I gradually become conscious of various levels upon which there is movement. which translates into images. As I pass on. symbols. the colors become very beautiful. known as the sleeping prophet. It is a hall without walls. there is more light and movement in what appear to be normal cities and towns.but are energetic vibrations containing information. because he would lie down. Then the direction changes and these forms move upward and the color of the robes grows rapidly lighter. grotesque forms such as one sees in nightmares. then music. I find myself oppressed by darkness and there is a feeling of terrific loneliness. ahead there is only a blending of sound and color. Again there is change and I become conscious of gray-hooded forms moving downward. imagery and language that the mind can understand. Most of us see a hall with books when doing this meditation. these become lighter in color. Suddenly. at first indistinct rumblings. there begin to appear on either side misshapen forms of human beings with some part of the body magnified. These are symbolic records. Edgar Cayce. Passing on. As this tiny dot. and there is the sound of wonderful music. forms. which lies inert before me. There is more and more light. trees. without Sarah Seger 34 . but everything is motionless. Upon the first levels there are vague. etc. knowing that I must follow it or be lost. horrible shapes. and singing of birds. there begin to appear on either side vague outlines of houses. I am conscious of a white beam of light. I move upward following the light.. dealt with questions on the Akashic Records and described his journey to records: `I see myself as a tiny dot out of my physical body. walls. laughter. Gradually. Quite suddenly I come upon a hall of records. To help us on our spiritual quest.

and breathe deeply. so the good choices do not erase the bad. Walk slowly down the path. As you breathe. when you see someone you can help. (3) You see the path leading you to an entry into a garden.ceiling. These will be dealt with on judgment day. I record the choices you have made. good or bad. but I am conscious of seeing an old man who hands me a large book. You see a large doorway and walk to the door. Breathe and feel your body relax. For each lifetime. affirm to yourself that you intent to access your akashic records for your highest good.’ The goal of reading the Akashic Records is to provide valuable information to assist you in having a better life. A bad choice would be. You see light 35 Sacred Flames Healing . but you choose not to. When you access the records. for example. Here is a suggested script to follow: (1) Close your eyes. It is a factual record. (2) You find yourself walking down a path in a forest. and push it opened. There is no tippex for this book. there is a new record for you.’ (Reading 294-19 Report File) Archangel Metatron stated in a channeled session that: ` not everything gets recorded. enjoying the beautiful plants and the sweet smell of the flowers. a record of the individual for whom I seek information. Enter the garden and look around. These are the things that you will want to be addressed first. you will normally see those events with the greatest amount of energy around them.

streaming in from high windows and realize that you are in a large hall. (6) Walk through the rows of books until you find the one you are looking for. just step up and take the book that feels right. (7) Open it and read any text or images or messages you receive. Leave the hall and find your way back into the garden and down the pathway. (4) Look around and see the angels waving to you to come in further. Some Suggested Questions to Ask:(1) What is my Soul’s Purpose in this lifetime? (2) Why am I always ill? (3) What is the correct career path for me? (4) Am I on the right path? (5) Am I in the right relationship? (6) What is physically wrong with me? (7) What emotional scars am I carrying around? Sarah Seger 36 . (5) Think about the question to wish to ask and ask the angels to help you find the answer. with rows of old books. (8) Close the book when done and thank the angels for their help. Don’t worry. Take your time and ask any other questions for clarity. (9) Breathe in the fresh air and count from 1 to 10 to allow yourself to return from the meditative state.

Archangel Uriel. 37 Sacred Flames Healing . Here is suggested meditation you might want to try:(1) Take 4 deep breathes and feel your body relax. 3rd dimension vision. 3.(8) What Karmic debts do I need to pay? (9) Where will I find happiness? (10) Who is my soul mate? Associated crystals: pink tourmaline. Remember to ask Raziel to show you the answer your questions in your dreams. helps with claircognizisance (the ability to know things). you will see a door. I often use it to seal the aura after a spiritual healing. Any angel of being of light can be called to assist. smoky quartz and clear quartz. and count down from 10 to 1. appreciating our connection to others and the universe and expanding our energy beyond our narrow. It is also useful if you want to follow the path of ascension or to uncover your spiritual gifts and it often used to protect the aura from negative influences or entities. Close your eyes. but you may call upon the Archangels for help to enhance or discover your spiritual gifts. Open the door. SILVER SOUL EXPANSION FLAME It may be invoked for clearing issues around inner wisdom. It helps to remove spiritual fears. Call upon Archangel Raziel to help you with any questions of spiritual understanding. for example. blockages and confusions. as you find yourself walking down stairs. At the bottom of the stairs.3.

The sliver flame continues to fill the space around you. Enter the pyramid and ask Epona for help. and filling the auric field around you. (4) Feel the silver flame coming in through the crown chakra (top of your head). (5) Ask any questions about spiritual matters. etc… now. Listen to any messages/ images you see. (3) Sit down on the floor and invite the silver flame into you aura.’ Sarah Seger 38 . You may say: `I call upon the warriors of the silver flame to remove all negative spiritual entities from my life. Epona or other angels are there to greet you. house. You body feels lighter and clearer. Look around and decide which one to go to. Say: I invite the power of the silver flame into my being. I invite the silver flame to clear all my blockages I invite the silver flame to help me see and understand the path that is intended for me. (7) Thank the silver flame and/or the angels and release the flame. You see angels holding swords flaming silver. You may also use this meditation to cut unhealthy spiritual cords or negative attachments. Wait for the answers. (6) You know the healing is complete when it forms a shape of silver pyramid around the aura.(2) You see three crystal pyramids. Enter the pyramid.

Associated crystals are selenite. (2) Energize with the pink flame and seal with the silver flame. (3) When I do this. 39 Sacred Flames Healing . Of course lapis lazuli and rutile are perfect for meditation on spiritual matters. I use each flame. You will know that the negative energy will not return.See the angels with silver flame emitting from the swords cutting all the cords. blue tiger’s eyes. They also cut cords attached to your house. Thank the warriors of the silver flame. milky/phantom quartz. USING ALL THREE FLAMES OF THE THIRD TRIAD You might opt to use all three flames together for a harmonious healing:(1) Start off by releasing the negative emotions with the emerald flame. release it and invoke the next one.

cluttered or in any way negative. 4. I often use this flame when I am about to deal with a difficult person or situation. making you feel at peace. THE WHITE FLAME OF PROTECTION This is the universal flame often referred to in protection rituals. It should feel like a cocoon around you. If you were to imagine it. It can also be used to clear the energy in a room before a meeting or confrontation. Sarah Seger 40 . imagine your aura bathed in a strong white light. I will present you will a few more flames that have been a great help to me.1. you might like to work with the sacred flames to improve matters in your life. I this section. It lifts a tired or dark mood.IV. ADDITIONAL FLAMES If you are not interested in healing. it looks like a large cloud. I also use this flame to protect myself every time before I do any energy work. from your crown down to under your feet. clear-sighted and safe. and to clear my house and rooms with this energy. You can use it to protect your car. It can be used in the most general way to clear negative energy. family or anything that requires some purification. If you are feeling a little nervous. and infuses a general feeling of goodwill.

It serves to remove obstacles in your path. obstacles or burn. the situation is resolved in the best possible way for me and my friend. It can also be used to get out of a difficult situation that you might have agreed on impulse.’. or `I am free of the obligation to…. You might. you have deadline to complete a task but you find yourself overwhelmed by other people or issues. annoying.. `I have plenty of time to complete…. orange candle. limited time concerns.’. 41 Sacred Flames Healing . Use this flame liberally to relieve you of unnecessary burdens. You can also write down the concern. mostly on a physical level.2. For example. for example. etc. have agreed to do something for a friend which you later regret because you now realize the full implications to yourself. Affirm that you are free to complete the task. and it seems impossible at that time to get out of it. You can use it to clear financial obstacles. powerful flame looks to me like the bright orange of an orange peel.4.. ORANGE OBSTACLE BUSTER FLAME This bright. and burn the paper in a bright. stating that it is resolved or removed. and that you will do so efficiently and quickly.. or obstructive individuals. See the flame surround you and see the obstacles being removed from your path. You could write something like: `I am free of the burden of ….’. When I use this flame.

’ to bring success in your life. lemon-colored flame is used to manifest new situations in your life. and to generate wealth and material well-being. It generates a feeling of success and high self-esteem..3. you will love using this flame. PEACH TWIN FLAME The peach flame is the flame of balance. For a stronger manifestation of material things. knowing that you are successful in your quest or outcome. It can be used to bring your dreams to reality. If you have been having problems with Sarah Seger 42 . you can add the golden abundance flame over it to create two layers over your aura. life or success. It is the flame to use for creating healthy partnerships. If you do a lot of manifestation work. as you visualize your dream car. Use the strongest affirmation of `I am. of the balance of two opposing forces to merge into completeness. Surround your body with this flame. of yin and yang. When you use it. Remember to affirm positive thoughts ad feelings within you. LEMON MANIFESTATION FLAME This soft. You might like to light a yellow candle and write down the things you wish to achieve. 4. Again burn the paper in the candle. It also helps you to see new options that are available to you. holiday. you know you can do it.4. and increasing family love and support.4.

and their fears and obstacles. You can also use to do dream work. As a healer. It allows you to view others with love and compassion. I find I see things from their perspective. you can `wear’ this flame to attract the partner to you. you can imagine this flame surrounding all of you in a state of happiness and love. 4. I have found it very useful when I have been arguing or disagreeing with someone.5. Imagine yourself happy in a relationship. you can place it in your aura. and what they need. 43 Sacred Flames Healing . Place your body in a cocoon for the neon green flame and ask the question about the person who are concerned about. with both of you within the lemon flame. It will show you their dreams and aspirations. If you are looking for a suitable partner. and to see their point of view. NEON GREEN COMPASSION FLAME Use this flame if you are a healer and want to understand what your client really needs. It is a great way to help others.your partner or family. asking the question: `what does …need at this time?’ You will find it relatively easy to establish what the person needs.

I see flashes of the relevant color and trust that that sacred flame is best suited for the person. I have allowed my guides to show me which flame is best for the person I am working with. I have. As a healer. I have found that the angels always support my work when I call upon them. since writing about these flames. CONCLUDING REMARKS I hope that you have enjoyed working with the sacred flames. and I urge to work with this energy. Sarah Seger 44 .IV. discovered that there are other flames for a range of purposes. I have also included a summarized table to help to identify the flames in a hurry. I have included some resource here for those who need to increase their literary knowledge in a concise logical manner. I am still working on them and will share them as soon as it all makes sense to me. I thank you in love and peace.

com .com/ 45 Sacred Flames Healing .com On the Body’s energy systems B Brennan Light Emerging The journey of personal healing (Bantam Books) J Collins The Colour of Life (Geddes & Grosset) www. www.htm On Akashic Records Four Complete Books: Edgar Cayce –Modern Prophet (Random House) http://home. .angel-guide.greatdreams. .sarahsangels.RESOURCE MATERIAL On the Spirit world Cooper Diana Angel inspiration (Hodder Stoughthon) Cooper Diana A little light on angels (Findhorn press) Cortens Theolyn Working with your guardian angel (Piatkus) Eason Cassandra Touched by an Angel (Foulsham) Virtue Doreen Angel therapy (Hayhouse) Virtue Doreen Archangels & Ascended Masters (Hayhouse) Virtue Doreen Healing with angels (Hayhouse) www.angelzone.craig/Akashic_script.

EMERALD SOUL CONNECTION FLAME 3. SILVER SOUL EXPANSION FLAME 46 .2. SAPPHIRE RELEASING FLAME PURPOSE Physical Healing . past live issues and general cleansing of soul blockages Spiritual Healing – enhances understanding of soul’s purpose and one’s spiritual gifts Sarah Seger COLOUR 2. AQUA CLEANSING FLAME 1. feeling and behavior Emotional Healing – transmutes negative thoughts and emotions into positive energy Emotional Healing – creating feelings of loving and being loved Spiritual Healing . ROSE LOVE FLAME 3. 2. 1.provides soul connections and communications Spiritual Healing – clears karmic debt. 3. PINK SOUL DETOX FLAME 3. VIOLET TRANSMUTATION FLAME 2.2. GOLDEN FORTIFYING FLAME 2.1.provides the causal reason for dis-ease and cleanse Physical Healing –provides for energy boost when feeling depressed or uninspired Physical Healing strengthens and protects the aura to create abundance Emotional Healing . RUBY ENERGISING FLAME diffuse negative patterns in thinking.1.QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE TO THE SACRED ANGEL FLAMES HEALING FLAMES: NAME OF FLAME 1.

and success on a physical level Generation of happy family relationships. NEON GREEN COMPASSION FLAME PURPOSE General protection.4. Creation of understanding and compassion when dealing with others.2. LEMON MANIFESTATION FLAME 4.3. PEACH TWIN FLAME 4.WHITE PROTECTION FLAME 4.ADDITIONAL FLAMES NAME OF FLAME 4. COLOUR 47 Sacred Flames Healing . purification of negative energy Removal of obstacles and burdens in material world Manifestation of dreams.5. ORANGE OBSTACLE BUSTER FLAME 4.1.

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