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Visit to IRRAD’s Green Building
The Green Office building of Institute of Rural Research and Development (IRRAD) has been awarded the Platinum Green Building rating by the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) Leadership in Energy De-

building and poly urethane inside walls and the roofs cuts off direct sunlight during summers while allowing the winter sun to enter. New green techniques to improve illumination and cooling saves Lacs month. 6,50,000 liters on-site every year. of for , 2.5 a efficient

and clean technologies 40%-50% of energy savings through an additional investment of 24 solar water-heating panels providing up to 2000 Waste Water Recycling liters of hot water daily. 50-kilowatt Gasifier fed with bio mass acting as the source of power for the building in daytime. Underground earth air tunnels circulating cool PV based Water pump subterranean air throughout the residential block replace the modern Air-conditioners Special designs light up the complex in less than 10 kilowatts. A bed of reed plants (Phragmytes) clarifies 5 cubic metres of water from sanitation every day; the recycled water is used for irrigation. The estimated yearly

and Environ- Shading Devices around building mental sign (LEED) program. Key features:60 KW of roof top photovoltaic installations, serving a total connected daily load of 35 KW enough to cater all building needs except the Air conditioning. The shading devices

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rainwater are harvested


Visit to TERIRetreat Centre
RETREAT is a part of TERI's Gual Pahari campus, about 30 km southern state of northern state of Delhi, in the Haryana. It is a model sustainable habitat based on new








installed around the

CO2 saving is 570 tones.
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⇒ Reliance Power has completed the synchronisation of two units of 2.50% zations included in the CNX Energy Index. if the coal supply issues are not resolved in the next couple of months. 12202 4.500 MW of generation capacity by 2017. In order to stay competitive Indian players need to build capacities of the order of 300 to 1000 MW. Reliance Power BPCL 6434 IOCL 9048 2. The following chart depicts the market capitalization of the organiCairn India Ltd. the Hydel power units were to generate 8368 million units of electricity during April 2012.000 Cr. Energy Sector in Indian Stock Exchange-Part I Energy sector is universally recognized as one of the most significant inputs for economic growth. ⇒ Power Exchange of India inks pact with Korea Power Exchange for strategic initiatives. because there is no demand. Samalkot power plant in Andhra Pradesh. the Indian solarPV manufacturing sector has b e e n eclipsed by Chinese m i g h t .09% NTPC 20801 7. with commencement of commercial operations of second 600 MW unit. Moser Baer.28% 3. As a fast-growing economy. Chinese equipment makers get free power for manufacturing.400 MW gas-based. free land. Capex in next 3 yrs. the Indian manufacturers wants the Indian government to follow the US action last week. incentives for exports and cheap capital which leads to products which are 2530% cheaper. that too on and off. U n able to scale up in short run. ⇒ Essar Energy commissioned its 1200 MW Salaya-I power project in Jamnagar district. Chinese Eclipse: Indian Solar PV Industry Crisis Even as it had barely risen. using Chinese PV cells.38 required by the 20 power projects of 18.40% POWERGRID 15311 Tata 5.52% Power 16336 5.26% RIL 126650 45. ⇒ According to figures released by the CEA.11% Page 2 . when it slapped a 31% anti-dumping duty on Chinese solar panels. the largest Indian player. they managed to generate about 8041 million units during the period. in Rs Cr. Energy sector Index will include companies belonging to Petroleum. 2) Mkt. Gas and Power sub sectors.78 GW capacity to the private companies.89% GAIL 16901 6.32% 6321 2. Cap. India has become one of the largest energy intensive countries in the World. ⇒ PGCIL plans to invest INR 10. Indian manufacturers are migrating from producing PV cells to assembling panels. IISL has developed CNX Energy Index to capture the performance of the companies in this sector. it cannot be indefinite. has a capacity of 215 MW. ⇒ Country's largest power producer NTPCmay not be able to add at least 12. China provided an external charge to its solar-equipment industry. all others a r e 1 5 0 M W o r less. It’s anything but a long-term solution. (To be contd…in vol. Most PV makers are m an uf ac turing at 10-15% of their optimum capacity. ⇒ Government has directed banks to disburse the funds of about INR 679.64% ONGC 47482 17.Energy Times Think outside the Barrel Headlines Scan ⇒ Power Deficit during peak hours stood at 11 GW for April as per CEA reports. While protectionism is good at inception. ⇒ The NPCIL will start operating 1000 MW of Kudankulam nuclear power plant in Tamilnadu. However.

As per the reports of UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) global investment in renewable power is increased to $257 billions. large centrally operated electric heat pumps that convert electric energy into heat energy (for conversion back into electric energy when needed) also aid grid stability. Also. can now extract Coal Bed Methane from its mines.S. which can make its way into markets as far as Spain. the stored energy is used and any surplus put back into the grid.1% of generation capacity in Denmark in 2008. Gas before starting each extraction project. and therefore. The era of U. cheap.S. Regulation of CBM finalised Coal India Ltd.9% of electricity production and 24. . and store it in various forms — batteries in electric cars. rolled out last month will effectively ban the construction of new coal-fired power plants because the CO2 emission rates required of fossil plants are so strenuous that no conventional coal plant could meet them. Average CO2 emissions in USA for coal based power plants stands at 1768 pounds or 801 Kg per MWh. Page 3 . This indeed is While compared to U.S. a prosumer. Consumers will buy power when the generation is surplus. EPA rule. under administrative control of the Coal Ministry and Indian Scenario While EPA designed the rule to accommodate fossil fuel plants equipped with carbon capture and storage technology. India’s average CO2 emissions for coal based power plants is 1250 KGs per MWh is much higher. When the generation is down.Wind power provided 18. coal-fired electric power generation will effectively end as new federal regulations limiting carbon dioxide emissions from fossil plants take effect. Though India will continue to have coal based thermal power plants forming the major chunk of its energy basket till 2030. a tall order. water. a producer and a consumer of power or. inevitably every household is an electricity storage unit — a taker and giver of electricity. The new U. So expecting similar limits in India is very unlikely in near future. Electricity generated from CCS-equipped coal plants costs almost 50 percent more to produce than conventional coal-fired generation permission from Ministry of Petroleum and Natural EPA has proposed that new power plants limit their carbon emissions to 1000 pounds or 454 kg per MWh. The backbone of all this is of course the smart grid that can seamlessly ‘flex up' or ‘flex down' generation across multiple stations and the consumption. such plants are unlikely to find favor with investors due to higher construction and operation costs.Energy Times Wind. compressed air and fuel cells that produce hydrogen from electricity. and is roughly 100 percent more expensive that electricity produced from natural gas -fired boilers. Sun: Energy for the long run Twilight of coal-fired Power in U. Denmark was a pioneer in developing commercial wind power during the 1970s.S data. India’s CBM production was estimated to touch four-million cubic meters a day by 2016/17 U S Electricity Generation By Source (2011) Denmark’s Consumers turn ‘Prosumers’ As Denmark marches towards its goal of getting half of its electricity from wind power by 2020. ‘heat pumps' that convert electricity into heat and store it.

using green technology in new constructions and energyefficient water pumping. explains the rationale for hydrogen Page 4 . it can be much more efficient than even compressed natural gas (CNG)". according to two new reports on renewable energy trends issued by the UN Environment Programme and the Renewable En- ergy Policy Network for the 21st Century. where Indian companies BPCL & Videocon hold stakes. Once controlled. waste management through composting. ⇒ Natural gas reserves in Mozambique's oil-rich Rovuma Basin.this reserve is 20 times the size of India’s KG-D6. You need to tame it. There are no oxides of sulphur.000 bpd which it got in 2011-12. a l o n g with other smaller PV installations taken together helped investment in solar power jump by over 50 per cent. pure hydrogen does not produce toxic carbon monoxide or the heat-trapping carbon dioxide on combustion.P. nor any particulates.000 crores in U.000 barrels per day from its biggest For any suggestions & queries please mailto Energy Times Team energytimes. UNEP’s report on Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2012 shows that despite increasingly tough competition. Solar attracted nearly twice as much investment as wind. total investment in renewable power and fuels last year increased by 17 per cent to a record $257 billion. Rooftop photovoltaic (PV) installations. For enewsletter Log on: www. 200 Kms Jagdishpur Haldia pipeline. Professor LM Das of IITD. Solar PV arrays in China now attract generous subsidies. the year before the world financial crisis. a six-fold increase on the 2004 figure and 94 per cent higher than the total in 2007. so far used terrestrially in some avant-garde customized cars and experimental bus combustion engines. But unlike London's hydrogen buses and California's Hydrogen Highway project that use complicated fuel-cell technology. Hydrogen.mdi@gmail. Solar Power surpass Wind Power as a choice for global investors in 2011. retrofitting existing structures. U n l i ke pe tr o l e u m derived hydrocarbon fuels. ⇒ Indian oil imports bill leaped 40% to a record $ 140 billion in 2011-12 ⇒ India has sought an additional 100.Energy Times Cleaner Energy For a Cleaner World Headlines Scan ⇒ GAIL has decided to invest INR 11. ⇒ ‘Green Ring Project’ at Gurgaon currently awaiting approval of HUDA will concentrate on the use of solar power for lighting common areas. are expected to rise dramatically with a giant new discovery. will run 15 auto rickshaws developed as part of an IIT-Delhi p r o j e c t . largescale concentrating solar thermal (CSP) power.mdienergymanagement. IIT-Delhi Project: Hydrogen Run Autos It's the main fuel of NASA's space shuttle launchers and will now power a test fleet of autos in the city. who has perfected the technology. catapulting the African nation to the league of the world's top gas exporters and boosting India's energy security . the Delhi autos will be built around cheaper internal power: "Hydrogen is like a slightly temperamental child. driving the renewable energy sector to yet another recordbreaking year. adding greenery to the neighborhood. on top of 640.blogspot. which includes INR 1.500. Saudi Arabia. albeit one beset with challenges for the industry.

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