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Congratulations District Award Winners
By: Kathy Richmond, D.C.

December 2000

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ongratulations to Sam Palmiere, a Scout with the Hillsburgh Troop, on receiving the Award of Fortitude, which was presented in Hillsburgh on October 26th. Hey Sam, you made first page of the Erin Advocate and the Guelph Mercury is calling for information as well (Editor’s Note: Sam’s story appeared on the front page of the Nov 13 edition). Watch the Scout Office bulletin board for pictures and articles regarding Sam's Award. Congratulations also go to Juanita Carr and Jeff Pinson on receiving the Medal of Good Service to Scouting and to Audrey Feenstra for receiving a Certificate of Commendation. Letters and the flashes, that are to be worn on the uniform, have already been presented. The actual certificates and medals will be presented at the AGM in May. Once again congratulations to the four of you, and thanks for your ongoing contribution to Scouting in Wellington District, we all appreciate it.

D.C. Five - Guide To Simplifying Procedures
By: Kathy Richmond, D.C.

“I would like to hear from any Group Committee Chairs and Section contact Leaders who have not received their bright orange binder.”

y calendar tells me I can start to breath a little easier now. Thank heaven. It's early November as I write this, (sorry, Doug, I'm slow again). Registration is over for the most part and so is the Part 1 training weekend. There were approx. 60 participants on the course, 25 Trainers and 2 Quartermasters. I want to thank all of you, for the time you gave up to come out and participate either as a Trainer or Trainee. We all learned something new this weekend even the trainers. The Quartermasters also learned that the facility’s ovens operate 25 to 50 degrees colder than they are set for. The quartermasters showed great ability in "adapting the short term program" and served us a nice tasty roast beef dinner at a more sophisticated and elegant dining time than was originally planned. Thank you all for your contributions to the weekend. Can anyone tell me why the weather was great the week before and the day after the weekend. We had rain and snow flurries on Saturday afternoon during the outside sessions! Who was in charge of planning the weather?

When we talk about contributions to Scouting, we now have a new Regional Commissioner as of Saturday, November 3rd in the person of Harry Anderson. Welcome and congratulations Harry. I would like to hear from any Group Committee Chairs and Section contact Leaders who have not received their bright orange binder. I will track it down for you. The orange binder contains the Outdoor/Camping Activity Guide, Barber Scout Camp Manual and information on Honours and Awards. The Group Committee binder also contains the screening process. This information will hopefully clear up any misconceptions and simplify some of the procedures that need to be gone through for all of us. Please let me know if you haven't received it and please refer to it for information. We have had a good response to the first of our two Hockey Nights at the new Guelph Sports and Entertainment Center. Enjoy, and don't forget the next one on January 26. Christmas is fast approaching, which is of course quickly followed be Scout/Guide week. That’s something to include on your planning agenda.

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Saturday January 13, 2001
Beavers and Cubs will Bowl 5 pins

Scouts, Venturers and Rovers will bowl 10 pins Bowling Times: 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m. Cost: $5:50 per Bowler Register at the Scout Office – 836-9321 See you at the Guelph Bowlerama on Victoria Road North

Youth Forum - Representatives needed!
Hello again and Happy Holidays! The Youth Forum has been working hard on our newest project, but we still need your help. So far, only three Groups are represented at forum meetings. Come on! I know we can do much better than that!!! EVERY Youth member is more than welcome to come out and join us at our meetings. We talk about issues facing us as the Youth of Scouting as well as play games and have a good time (and take turns bringing snacks to share... that’s right, there’s food involved). To all Group Committees, we could really use your help in encouraging the memVolume 2 Issue 4

bers of your groups to come out to Youth Forum meetings. Each group is required to have a Youth Rep. A suggestion: invite Patrol Leaders and Venturer Execs to your committee meetings. If they know that they are welcome, they will be happy to participate. The youth have lots of ideas that they would like to share with you. Right now, we are tentatively planning a Christmas/Winter Holiday Party for midDecember. The date will be posted as soon as possible. All are welcome to attend, so please join us. (Instead of having your weekly meeting, come and hang out as a group...)
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“We talk about issues facing us as the Youth of Scouting as well as play games and have a good time (and take turns bringing snacks to share... that’s right, there’s food involved)!”

Troop Trials - Pulling Together as a Team!
By: Gerry Carr, ADC Troop Heidy Ho Good Scouter!! WOW!!! It's the end of November already! Have all your new Leaders had their Part I, and are all fired up for an exciting year? It's only 8 months to CJ'01 and you won't believe how fast it will go!! How are your CJ plans going? Travel, billeting, meals, gear, fundraising, etc. should all be ongoing and underway at this point. Last payments are due this month (December )!! Include skills your Troop will need in PEI into your program - it will be you who reaps the benefits if your Scouts are properly prepared. “Have you scheduled regular Troop planning meetings? Do you operate as a team? Are you an "autocratic" Troop Leader? The best approach is a TEAM! All Leaders should be involved in making decisions. This helps instill "ownership" of Troop activities to everyone.” Have you scheduled regular Troop planning meetings? Do you operate as a team? Are you an "autocratic" Troop Leader? The best approach is as a TEAM! All Leaders should be involved in making decisions. This helps instill "ownership" of Troop activities to everyone. The Court of Honour should also be included in these decisions. Troop members will cooperate better and be more involved if they are part of the process. I would like to thank all the Troops who supported WIC (Wellington International Camporee). Also, all the District people who helped plan, acquire and execute the activities to make the camp happen. If you have comments, suggestions or complaints, please forward them in writing to the Scout Shop attention: WIC so the planners can respond. Thank you. Christmas is coming and a great gift idea would be an 18 Wheeler Kit for the Friday of Scout Week. We still need members for the YOUTH FORUM! It is important that your kids help provide input to their program so it can be modified to meet their needs. Contact Jessie Davis at 826-0844. Thanks to Scouter Gord Webb and his team of Ellen Webb, Dave Forshaw, Sandy Peppard and Brian Millie & special mention to Harold Lee for providing the training opportunity for 26 PL & APL's to be effective Troop members. Thanks also to Scouter Stewart Holman as he arranged for the Guelph Amateur Radio Club to provide a JOTA program for 60 youth at Barber Scout Camp. Congratulations to Samuel Palmiere who was awarded the Award for Fortitude. He was presented with his award acknowledgement at Group level on October 26, 2000. Upcoming Events: District Council Meeting (3 registered members per Group) - November 22 1 Stone Road Scouters Club - December 11 - Barber Merry Christmas - December 25 Happy New Year - December 31 Where are we going? How do we get there? At a recent Venturer Company meeting a "new" Youth member came to find out what Venturing was like. This Youth was a former Beaver, had lost interest, dropped out and now thought they'd like to try Scouting again. Accompanying the Youth was a family friend (approximately 30 years old) who had provided transportation. Our Venturers made both feel welcome and involved them in discussions as well as a couple of games. The family friend spoke to me at the end of the meeting about the nights' activities. Jerry remarked he had a lot of fun and wished he had been involved when he was 14 but he didn't know we existed!!!!
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uring the early to mid 70's while attending U of G, I had some spare time and felt I'd like to be a Scout Leader as I had fond memories of being a Cub & Scout but I thought Scouting was gone. I hadn't seen any evidence since I dropped out (peer pressure). Suddenly, one October Saturday, a small cub came to my door to "sell" me an apple. WOW!! Scouting is still there!! However, I couldn't peruse my leadership aspirations, as I didn't know how to contact the organization. Fast Forward to 1998 - It's Wednesday night and I am in uniform walking through our neighbourhood to a Scout meeting. I was stopped 3 times - once by a youth and 2 more times by adults. The kids wanted to know about Scouts and both adults said, " Gee, I didn't know Scouts was still around". One of the symbols of Woodbadge II Training is a brownish neckerchief with a reddish lining and a swatch of greenish tartan. This Maclaren tartan is in honour of Mr. W. de Bois Maclaren. The red symbolizes "warmth" and the brown "humility". While warmth and humility are noble attributes, I would like to discuss humility for a moment. On an individual basis, being humble is a good thing - we should all be here for the "right rea-


sons...not the glory". As an organization, we should also exhibit humility but not at the cost of Growth and Progress. It has been identified that membership is dropping. NOW IS THE TIME WE SHOULD TAKE OUR LITTLE SCOUTING LIGHT FROM UNDER THE BUSHEL AND LET IT "SHINE, SHINE SHINE". Scouter Chuck Lawrence spoke on this very topic at the Gilwell Reunion, 2000. “We are Canada's Best kept Secret. WE must get word out that we are here and the best Youth oriented program available!!” One only has to look at our Mission Statement: To help young people develop spiritually, physically, intellectually, socially and to be better citizens at home and abroad. NOW is the time to get that bushel and stand ON it not UNDER it or our great organization will DIE - not with a bang, but with a whimper. If you have any events happening in your Group, contact Doug Peebles or call the Mercury, Tribune, Wellington Advisor (i.e.: any media) and ask if they have someone to cover the event. Without promotion, would GM, Ford, Microsoft, McDonald's and Betty Crocker still be familiar names? Keep on Planning, Training & having fun!! Keep the Spirit!

“Scouter Chuck Lawrence spoke on this very topic at the Gilwell Reunion, 2000. “We are Canada's Best kept Secret WE must get word out that we are here and the best Youth oriented program available!!”

Be Sure to check out the For The Beaver, Cub, Scout, Venturer, Rover or Leader on your Christmas List Stuffers” “Stocking Stuffers” “Kub Kars” “Beaver Buggies” “10“10-18 Wheelers” “Storm Hockey Tickets” “And Much More…”
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From the Peak– Company Growth, Forging Links
By: Uwe Soeder, Venturer S. T. Good morn’in and good hiking to all Venturers and would be Venturers within the District. Your Venturer Service Team consists of the following cheerful crew: Jerry Fischer as Venturer ADC along with Bob Davis, Tammy Conley and Uwe Soeder forming the rest of the gang. The current season is already well underway, several events accomplished, registrations completed; all that good crunchy stuff. We actually have three new Companies within the District. They are 1st Brock Road, 27th Guelph and 31st Guelph C. Let’s give them the TIGER cheer. This is good news! A reminder for Venturer Advisors new into the Venturer fold; whether totally new to Scouting or moving up from another Section, you require an interview. This interview must occur ASAP and be conducted by your Group Committee Chair and a member of the Venturer Service team, as soon as possible. Remember the three-month probation period before you can be invested as an Advisor. Training is also necessary for both new and seasoned Advisors so that we can improve scouting overall and services we deliver to our sections. Please give serious consideration to completing the Company-level Woodbadge Part I training as soon as possible. The November Company Executive workshop is still on at the time of this submission (Editor’s Note - the weekend has postponed). All Companies should ensure that the members of their executive attend the workshop. It really does help them! The easiest way to grow your Company is through the Troop. You should forge early and strong links with your partner Troops. Work with them, let them know that there’s an even better life after the Troop. It’s much easier to make contact with your link Troop than it is to troll for new Venturers on the open market. Try it! It also helps when you attend combined Scout/Venturer camps and show them what we do different and that we do have more fun! WIC 2000 (Wellington District International Camporee) took place Sep 29 to Oct 1 at Guelph Lake. Although numbers were less than expected, WIC 2000 went well for a first-time event. Wellington’s own Venturers did not support this event very well; only three Companies came from within the District. Popular events were: Toss the sponge (catapult; swoosh (rocket projectiles); Follow the arrow (orienteering). If the District Venturers desire different events or functions at WIC, then say so and help make it happen. WIC 2001 activity and event planning will start in November. Information packages are to be released in January. If there’s an event or activity you want to see as part of the Venturer program, then give Scouter Uwe a call. Today! The WIC 2001 team is looking for a couple of advisors and Venturers to help develop an awesome program for Venturers. If interested, please call Scouter Uwe or Scouter Jerry. Remember your CJ planning and fund raising. It’s later than you think. Keep in mind the CJ pre-camp in April. Start planning for the first Scout Week of the 21st Century. Yes it’s in February 2001. Make it special. Do something unique – have a Venturer presence.
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“WIC 2000 went well for a first-time event. Wellington’s own Venturers did not support this event very well; … If the District Venturers desire different events or functions at WIC, then say so and help make it happen.”

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From The Pond - Looking ahead to 2001Events
By: Randy Mac Pherson, ADC Colony 8436310 We had a great Woodbadge Part 1 training weekend this past month, it was really great to see all the Beavers Leaders who did make it out. I was surprised that there were not more in attendance. For those who were not able to make it to one of the Gateways, one more has been added for Sunday (as requested) Nov 26, 7:30 pm at Barber Scout Camp. It’s time once again to start thinking about “Beaver Buggies”, yes, that’s right; we’ll be racing them Feb 25, 2001 at Stone Road mall during Scout Week. Also, be sure to mark your calendar for Beaver Burr on Feb. 3, 2001, more details to follow. That’s about all there is to report on for now.

Speed River Challenge Raft Race - 2000 Results
By: Gerry “Bear” Carr, ADC Scouts I can't believe there has been no one hounding me for the results of the Speed River Challenge Raft Race that took place in mid June. This year we had entries from the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 27th Guelph. Participants included Scouts, Venturers and Rovers. The results are as follows: 1st Place - Open Category 9th Guelph 3rd Guelph Best Design 27th Guelph 1st Place - Traditional 6th Guelph Spirit of the Challenge 6th Guelph 2nd Place - Traditional 6th Guelph 3rd Place - Traditional I would like to talk about Grace Under Pressure. The 27th Guelph came into the park 20 minutes before race time with no preparation done. They still managed to get a raft in the water for a 1st place finish! Scouter Harold, you should be PROUD of your Scouts. The 3rd Guelph made a good showing for a Troop of 1st year Scouts! Scouter Audrey, you, too, should be PROUD of your Troop. The 9th Guelph also made a good showVolume 2 Issue 4 Page 7

ing and have been helping support the race since its' beginning! Scouter Chuck, you, too, should be PROUD of your Troop. Scouters Tammy, Geoff and Peter...your 9th Guelph Venturers always have an interesting last minute entry. Last, but by NO MEANS, last...6th Guelph made a good showing!! Scouter Dave you should be proud of your Scouts and thank them for their continued support. THANK YOU to you and your team for your continued support - it is our race, after all!! This year saw the inception of a new Main Trophy - the Rover/Leader Trophy. The 9th Rovers have participated every year. Most of their members have been Scouts and Venturers and have continued to be a part of the race because they have FUN!!! They also serve as inspiration for the younger participants. The 9th Rovers have thrown down the gauntlet each year and NO ONE has risen to the Challenge of "Beat us on the water...or... beat us off". Thanks Rovers!! See you next June (3rd Saturday).

“This year saw the inception of a new Main Trophy - the Rover/Leader Trophy. The 9th Rovers have participated every year... to be a part of the race because they have FUN!!!”

Scouting Night - Guelph Storm Game January 26

“Scouts Canada Night”

Guelph Storm Hockey
Storm vs Plymouth Whalers

Jan 26, 7:30 p.m.
Guelph Sports and Entertainment Centre All seats are $8.00 Deadline to order tickets is Jan 20 from the Scout Shop
Note: We need to sell 250 tickets for this game to meet our total ticket sale commitment. More details in the next edition of the Woggle. Please adhere to the ticket deadline! Be sure to get your order in before the Jan 20 deadline. We could have sold 50 more tickets for the November game. Please understand that we have to give the Storm ticket office enough time to put the total order together, in order to get the tickets back in time for you to pick up.

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