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12 Week Challenge
Good luck to all 12 week participants! Initial Assessment Winners
Most sit-ups: Tina Miller & Carrie Miller
Wins 1 Personal Training Session

Most push-ups: Joe Dziuban

Wins 1 Personal Training Session

Best Mile Time: Andrew Schmitt

Wins 1 Personal Training Session

Best Sit & Reach: Kathryn Laethem

Wins 1 Personal Training Session

Midway Assessments week of March 4th

Be sure to check out & join in our group fitness classes! Schedules at front desk
Beginners spinning class, Sign up sheets at front desk due to limited bikes. Friday spinning classes have also been added to the fitness schedule. Try Yoga/Pilates combo class, Deep stretch Yoga on the 7th and 25th. TRX class on the 6th with Jean sign up sheet at front desk

Trainers Corner:
Abraham, Doris Ackerman, Lyle Allen, Scott Amon, Melanie Benson, John Bethune, Trent Bierlein, Sue Anne Bierlein, Travis Biskupski, Susannah Braeutigam, Cyndy Britton, Robert Chapman, Frances Cline, Julie Colling, Jennifer Coombs, Janice Coon, Julie Daenzer, Carrie Davis, Layne Dodak, Rebecca Dzioba, Justin Eischer, Roy Elnick, Alaina Elnick, Bailey Esrade, Eliseo Fischer, Orville Fisette, James Frank, Phyllis Hall, Harlow Hamood, Joey Harry, Corey Henry, Brende Hetzner, Scott Histed, Sherman Hoffman, Ben Hrinik, Henry Humpert, Matthew Jammer, Todd Kamin, Emily Kellom, Jim Knieper, Wayne LaFave, Renee Lauman, Jeff List, Larry List, Mike Marzluft, Mathew McCain, Brenda McMartin, Jeremy Mercer, Maryann Meyer, Ann Miller, Carrie Miller, Gail Myers, Kathleen Nuechterlein, Alan Parlberg, Laura Perez-Smith, Ariel Putnam, Joe Reider, Susan Reindell, Robert Reinert, Elmer Reno, Mitchell Rittenberg, Beth Roggenbeck, Charles Sabourin, Megan Santoviz, Frank Schocker, Jeffrey Sebold, William Selves, Caleb Simon, Price Snyder, Betty Stratton, Tammy Tanner, Janet Thomas, Fran Van Develde, James Voorheis, Craig Walderzak, Valerie Walker, Michael Warnick, Richard Weber, Tracy White, Chandler Winiarski, Nicholas Zehnder, Katie Ryan Love: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

After The New Years Resolutions

If your New Years resolution is to get fit, this is for you. Its the time of the year to get serious about sticking to it. As February comes along its easy to develop reasons for fading out the fitness routine. I don't use the gym enough. Im not losing any weight. Its too crowded at the gym. Im sore after working out. Im not sure what to do to get my desired results. The list of reasons can be endless. You are not alone, but let me reassure you that with a little determination you can do it. I see our members succeed with their fitness goals on a regular basis. Many people that give up on their fitness resolutions do so within the first couple of months. There are many things that you can do to keep you focused and on track to a new you. Develop a nutrition plan. Try making a contract for yourself covering which days you will exercise and stick to it. Dont stop. If you workout on Monday, and then sit around sore the rest of the week maybe you need some help. A Trainer can offer advice and answer questions about nutrition and exercise specific to you providing the direction to help you succeed. Be confident that your New Years Resolution is obtainable and with some commitment you will get the results you are looking for. Also, don't throw your hard earned money at the latest fad or diet plan. There are many types of equipment, pills, supplements, exercise clothes, promising fitness if you use it. The best bet is obtaining the knowledge on proper nutrition and exercise that will work best fir you. We can help! Good luck, and dont give up. Ryan Love

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