RAW chief SHENOY had been trying to figure out the supernatural events that led to the demolishing of VT in Mumbai a few years ago and finally they come to know about the game Ra.One created by Barron Industries that went astray. They trace and find that Pratiek Subramaniam, is now studying in a US University. When they visit Pratiek at his hostel room to question him, they find the room full of gadgets and advanced technology equipments. Not only that they even spot G.One and try to arrest him. Pratiek in the fear of losing him sends him back to the Virtual World. Since then Pratiek is kept under strict surveillance by RAW. Meanwhile in Barron South Indian Delicacies London, formerly known as the Barron Industries, Mr. Barron had been carrying out experiments in the basement with the help of a team to bring back Ra.One to life. It is learned that though in the Virtual World, Ra.One had been controlling the mind of Mr. Baron(source: in Ra.One when Ra.One controlled the mind of Mr. Barron to know the whereabouts of Pratiek, his micro transmitters were left in Mr. Barrons mind) After failing to bring back Ra.One to life even after struggling for years and knowing that Pratiek had brought back G.One, Mr. Barron orders his men to kidnap Pratiek. Pratiek is kidnapped and is forced to bring Ra.One to life. Pratiek alters the programming which is realtered by the artificial intelligence enabled Ra.One and when Pratiek initiates the programme, Ra.One comes to life but Pratiek is trapped inside the game in the virtual world. Ra.One now more powerful than ever before, has plans to turn the world into a gaming universe as he says he hates humans because they can never play fair. Once he creates the world into a gaming universe, every human will get a chance to face a machine in a fair game. Ra.One creates a bug and spreads it across the world which turns simple home appliances into mini robots. These robots are taking humans captive and within no time the world is under his control. In a heart hospital in Munich, all the patients who had a ‘pacemaker’ installed, turned itno human-robots and started ransacking the city and capturing the citizens. A pregnant Zoya is attacked by the semi-zombies. Zoya is saved by her husband TIGER. Tiger fights the semi-zombies and save Zoya but is caught in the security cameras. Tiger is hunted down by the RAW and is asked by Shenoy to join the fight. After a few hiccups, Tiger decides to rejoin RAW while Zoya is sent to a safe custody. TIGER, understands that this is a grave situation and cannot be won by gun fight(as Ra.One can control the guns as well) and thus orders his team to search for the person who once made this country almost crime free and then suddenly vanished, SHAKTIMAN. But TIGER did little know that a bigger surprise rather shock was waiting for him. In the hills of Africa, Tamraj Kilvish had captured Shaktiman for years and has been trying to acquire his powers. Shaktiman had been kept prisoner in a cage which is powered by the crystal which suppresses his powers. Tamraj kilvish who has no links with the outer world suddenly comes to know about the current happenings in the world. He is raged by the news that Ra.One is trying to rule the world, which was his wish for long. Through teleportation he meets Ra.One and a fight ensues between them. This fight almost destroys half of the city. Ra.One asks Kilvish to help him conquer the world and they can rule the world together.

One and Kilvish are proving to be fatal for G. . The army helps in demolishing the robots.One.One and Kilvish in the open and Tejas will try to control his mind and actions while the rest will try to stop the Robots while G. Kkrish along with the commandos fight with the robots and Tejas take Mr. Ra.Barron who is under the influence of Ra.One & Kilvish escape while Kkrish is left heavily injured. At their hideout the team discuss their plan to defeat their enemy. Kilvish becomes more powerful and more dangerous and they are ready to take on the world.One. To this TIGER says them to attack while he will send ‘back up’. Kkrish & Chitti attack the robots in the city and a battle is followed.One will be targeting Ra.One along with Pratiek to the real world while Mr.One as he had defeated Ra. The backup is a battalion of huge half mutated guerrilla fighters who were being treated with raw flesh and jungle rules for years in the underground facility of Fort William in Kolkata.One & Chitti. Kkrish & Tejas set off to release Shaktiman while here they have demolished almost all the robots but the super powers of Ra. Ra. After much hassle Rohit is finally able to bring back G. The plan is to bring Ra. When Kilvish comes into the open Tejas reads his mind and finds the location of Shaktiman. Rohit Mehra can do it but for that they will have to access the computer at Barron industries.One comes to know about this and sends in all his robots to kill the super heroes and both he & Kilvish also set for the action area.One to the real world. TIGER builds a system as per the orders of Rohit while G. with his help they can make the humans guarding the computer sleep and bring back G.One reminds Kilvish that he is a virtual Character and thus indestructible. Vasi Karn. Barron under his control while Rohit Mehra tries to bring back G.One once earlier. Tejas Rastogi(film alag) who is serving a life term.One from the virtual world and his father.One. The heroes are almost overpowered by the robots when TIGER sends in the ‘backup’. He recreates Chitti who had been dismantled earlier and programmes him with an anti-virus which will not let this machine be controlled by Ra. TIGER tells that it’s impossible as the computer is under Mr. TIGER asks the ‘team’ to lodge attack at the robots that are controlling the city. Meanwhile Ra. Kkrish is visited by TIGER who laments that the end of the world is near. After a heavy fight both Ra. He gives the anti-virus to Rohit and they both start their process of debugging the whole system. Kkrish tells that they can still save the world but he alone can’t fight such big powers. Tejas has teleporting and telepathy powers. Tejas also creates a shield which prevents Kilvish and Ra. Rohit tells than he can debug the system but he needs a lot of time to do that.One. Rohit and Tejas and a team of special combat commandos invade the basement of Barron Industries. Vasi offers to lend his help. They both agree and at that moment are attacked by Kkrish. At this moment they are visited by Dr. Kkrish tells that they have to bring back G. Barron and his assistance mysteriously disappear and then the team escape from the Barron industries. Kkrish reminds him of a prisoner.One experiments on Shaktiman and creates a prototype of all the powers of him and treats Kilvish with his powers. Dr.When Kilvish refuses. Tejas reveals that he just got a glimpse of kilvish’s mind and came to know that Shaktiman is under his arrest. TIGER along with Kkrish. G. Tejas & Pratiek are planning their plan of action.One to enter the area where Rohit is working. But Kkrish says that the population of robots is much higher and they can be overpowered by the Kkrish.

Shaktiman is too weak to fly when Tejas offers to provide him with his five elements of the body.One came out. A woman calls someone and tells ‘target under control’. To this Shaktiman tells that Kilvish cannot be killed and at the moment is more powerful with all his powers but as his powers are of no use in the presence of the Crystal so will be that of Kilvish. Taking his orders everyone acts accordingly. when he & G. Mr. Pratiek tells TIGER that when Ra. Pratiek suddenly realises a glitch in the computer.One back to the virtual world and when this is done it will be the responsibility of all the super heroes to defeat Kilvish and put him in the prison where Shaktiman was kept.One into the virtual world.One. Even after being warned by Shaktiman & Kkrish Tejas does so and Shaktiman absorbs his powers and regains all his powers though not fully and they arrive at battle ground where Chitti had already knocked down Kilvish and G.One in overpowering Ra. Vasi Karn with the help of Pratiek send back Ra. He asks the army to knock down every single robot in the area.One came out.One went in. . Meanwhile Rohit had debugged the whole system and the entire appliances that had turned into robots turn to normal self. Tejas creates a portal in the cage and Kkrish brings him out and tells the current condition of the world and that they need his help to kill Kilvish. he went in. They contact Khan who narrates the master plan. Chitti to attack Kilvish with heavy ammunition it will knock him down for sometime then help G.At the hills in Africa they find an old and powerless Shaktiman inside a cage powered by the crystal. Barron & his assistant went in whom we thought had disappeared. TIGER congratulates the team and tells that the city can be rebuilt but if humanity is lost it can’t be rebuilt and names the team ‘BHRAMASTRA’. Barron is lying in a desert. someone must have come out! Mr. The city is completely destructed. And now when Ra.One and extracting his H.One succeeds in retrieving the HART of Ra.R.A. Chitti & Shaktiman put Kilvish into his own cage & Dr.T and then handing it over to Vasi Karn & Rohit who will neutralise it and send Ra. He gains consciousness and is surrounded by numerous black dressed commandos and is arrested.