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Bodily Fluids, Secretions, andExcrements amoy kilikili - underarm odor anghit - underarm odor; maanghit - very smelly apdo

- bile baho, bantot - smell; mabaho, mabantot - smelly balakubak - dandruff buglit or igit - watery feces (Aklanon) dugo - blood; madugo - bleeder, expensive buwa - smegma, the cheesier, the more buwa it is dumi (dirt) - more polite way of saying tae (see below) dura, lura - saliva, more like spit with the sound dyabong, jabong - slang word for tae (rather onomatopoeic, I must say) evacs - another slang word for tae, comes from evacuate gatas - milk ihi - urine

Common signs on walls: No pissing here ipot - avian excrement iti (Aklanon) - see ipot kugan - scab (Aklanon)

laway - saliva; tulo laway ort-l - love struck as in slobbering or drooling for someone else's beauty) kulangot - booger kupal - smegma, head cheese; see also buwa luga or tulok, boog (Aklanon)- pus secretion from the ears namamasa, nagtutubig - to be moist, e.g.namamasa ang puke (the vagina's getting wet), see puke below mong-it (Aklanon) - booger

nana - pus plema - phlegm regla - menstrual blood suka - vomit tae - shit (curiously enough, there is no equivalent to the swear word shit! in Pilipino. I haven't heard of someone saying tae! tae! tae! everytime he/she fucks up or something) tamod, semilya - semen; come tuboe - opposite of buglit (Aklanon) - hard feces (end result of constipation) tulo - gonnorheal exudate tutule or tutuli or tule (Aklanon) - ear wax ugam - the white coating on the tongue when one does not feel well (cottony mouth) uhog - the watery, or sometimes mucousy fluid that comes out of your nose when you have a cold utot - fart; Who made utot? - Taglish for who farted?

Sex and Bodily Parts

General Terms (that Pertain to both Male and Female)

ari, pag-aari - property (genitals) - but more used for male organ bulbol - pubic hair dila - tongue, or to tongue, (dilaan mo - lick it) kili-kili - arm pit kuwan, kwan - whatchamacallit - more used for female

puwit, puwet - bum, ass, behind, butt singit - crotch; kurot the singit - pinch the crotch

Sex and Bodily Parts: The Male Reproductive Organs

Batuta ni Drakula - nightstick of Dracula - euphemism for dick (see also Talong ni Badong and Saging ni Pacing) bayag - balls, testicles, testes; Soup No. 5 (or Soup No. 9) - soup made with bulls' balls similar to Rocky Mountain Oysters burat, ratbu (boo-rat) - dick, cock, prick dako, dakota - big, so dako ng nota (see below), big dick

(sward speak) et-et (slang from titi, see below) - another term for dick, prick, dong etc. ibon - bird (male organ) itlog - eggs (balls) Indian pana, kakanakana, Tatlong itlog, kakalog-kalog nota - gay speak for dick Pedro - male organ as in galit si Pedro, Pedro is angry potoy, pototoy, pitoy - male organ (undeveloped) Saging ni Pacing - banana of Pacing - a euphemism for dick, which is owned by Pacing ... or that is the implication. See alsobatuta ni Drakula and talong ni Badong supot - uncircumcized dick - from supot (brown bag)

Supot Talong ni Badong - eggplant of Badong - also a euphemism for dick (see also batuta ni Drakula and Saging ni Pacing) These were titles of bomba (porno) films in the 70s. Saging ni Pacing starred Rossana Ortiz.

tarugo - cock, especially a big one, horse-sized dick


Mexican Tarugo titi (tee-tee) - dick, prick, cock

Illinois License Plate tule, tuli, paltak (Aklanon) - circumcised titi uten, utin - dick yag-bols - balls

Sex and Bodily Parts - The Female Generative Organ

bilat - Visayan term for vagina; see also puke, poki, kiki, pek-pek dede - large breast, or breast with milk hinaharap - (future); euphemism for breast, i.e.magandang hinaharap - nice future (nice breasts) kepyas - Tagalog term for pussy, cunt, vagina kiki (kee-kee) - pussy, cunt, box, twat etc.; boses kiki -

unpleasant high voice kuntil - see tinggil below

Illinois State License Plate seen in Chicago mani (peanut) - clitoris

pek-pek slang; another term for pussy, cunt, vagina, etc. puke, poki, puki (poo-kee) - pussy, cunt; pukengkay - pussy suso - breast tilin - clitoris tinggil -clitoris

Sex and Bodily Parts: The Sexual Act

bayo - (to pound); to masturbate; see also dyakolbelow

Bayo bitin - left hanging, (as in having failed to orgasm or the pene movie, see below, didn't show much) brocha, brotsa, brutsa - (to brush); foreplay by applying the tongue (dila) to sensitive parts dyakul, dyakol, jacul - to masturbate (derived from ejaculate, so semen may also be termed as jacul) daos, magparaos - (to while time away, to finish) - to have orgasm dilig - to water (to fuck) "do" - to do (to fuck) giling-giling - to grind (to fuck) halay (eros), mahalay - bawdy, erotic hamso - stroke (Aklanon) harang - same as bitin, i.e. you were expecting more but ... hayok - lusty hindot - fuck i-kama - to bring to bed iskor - to score itot - to fuck (Aklanon); see kantot below kamunduhan - sex (the more clinical term for it anyway) kantot - the act of fornication, fucking; Gusto kitang kantutin ... - I would like

to fuck you ...) kasarian, sari - sex, as in gender kati - itch, urge to have sex labas - to emit forth - nilabasan - to have had orgasm landi, kalandian - state or horniness; malandi - tramp, usually refers to a teenage girl libog - the state of being horny; Nalilibugan ako sa iyo - You're making me horny; or in Taglish,You're making me libog naman, e.

lo-lo - to masturbate (Aklanon) salsal - another term for dyakol and bayo siping - to sleep with suso - to suck (as in Susuhin mo ako, plis? - Suck me, please?) tira - to fire (to fuck) tsupa, chupa - to suck (Tsupain mo ako! - Suck me!) turok - to pierce (to fuck) uring - anal intercourse (swardspeak) yari - to do (to fuck)

Sex and Bodily Parts: NO SEX diyeta, dieta - on a diet kulang sa dilig - lack of water

nabuburo - fermenting outside the kulambo - outside the mosquito net

Sex and Bodily Parts: Others ... bolitas, bulitas - ball bearings implanted around the head of the titi to increase the pleasure of the partner Bomba - pornographic films of the early 70s.

Still from a bomba film of the 70s - with Vic Vargas and an unknown starlet BTS - Bedtime Stories - Filipino porn, size of pocket book with stories either in Filipino or in English, usually mimeographed with poor reproductions of Swedish porn pictures interspersed among the pages. Usually sold in Quiapo and along C.M. Recto. matris - mattress (pertaining to uterus) but in this case

means throat (sward speak) namamasang kiki - wet vagina, a better, more descriptive phrase is Nagwa-watir-watir ang kiki as in nagwawatirwatir ang kiki ko! to describe someone who is really hunky in sward speak. pene - short for penetration; Filipino pornographic filmsof the 80s. It was said that connoiseurs of porn films during this era would not watch movies if there weren't any pene (penetration) scenes. pilik-mata ng kambing - goat's eyelashes - another accoutrement that is worn around the head of the dick to increase the partner's pleasure (see also bolitas)

Pilik mata ng kambing. Photograph taken from Colors Magazine - January 1997 issue