intruksi cara penggunaan : Follow these instructions. 1> Place The filename "YPager.

exe" any where on there system ( HINT: somewhere hidden ). 2> Open it up and get the user to login/ or wait untill they login. The program does the rest. ( You can use both physical and remote log file access to see what user/pass the user has entered. You need to use an Internet Browser, like MSIE ) 3> <> There are 2 ways of doing this. 1. Viewing the RAW log file with note pad. The file with the recorded passwords is, c:\windows\yloginwin32.htm NOTE: You will allso see c:\windows\YPager.exe allso exists just leave this here. 2. When you open the Fake Yahoo! Messenger Login Screen you will see a text box, with Search Yahoo! inside it, just remove this text and type in "c-cure" without the quotes then hit search. This will show you all recorded user/pass's on the computer. <> Connect to there machine on port 80 with an Internet browser. Type in there IP address into it and just hit Enter. For example if the victims IP address was you type in or just NOTE: There ip will not be so dont put it in. Its just an example.

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