Right: the former Mt Roskill Borough Municipal Building, 2012.

Photo, Lisa Truttman

Left: detail of plan of the new building, S Wright architect, 1957. Auckland Council Archives, AKC 031/R287

Pleading for the future of the former Mt Roskill Borough Council Municipal Building
From my submission, made in conjunction with the Mt Roskill (Puketapapa) Historical Society to the Puketapapa Local Board, 2012 — Editor. As early as 1885, the Mt Albert/Mt Eden Road corner site was set aside from the government-controlled recreation reserve at Three Kings to be a municipal pound and site for offices. This was formally gazetted as such in 1888. The site served as the district’s pound, but the municipal offices did not come to pass there until when the building we refer to tonight was opened in 1957. Nevertheless, the site served as a district pound through to the 1930s. Close by the Mt Roskill Hall was built in the early 1920s, serving as a venue for ratepayers meetings during the Road Board period. The Mt Roskill Municipal Building was planned by the Mt Roskill Borough Council in response to the increasing demands for space required for the Council’s staff in an area experiencing rapid post war development. It was designed by architect Stephen Wright, who also designed the War Memorial Hall and monument in May Road. Even after the 1989 amalgamation of the borough with Auckland City Council, the building continued to serve the purposes of territorial authority, latterly as Council and Metrowater offices. As a building associated closely with the development of the Mt Roskill borough, on a site which has served local authority and community purposes for over 125 years – the former Mt Roskill Municipal Building should be seriously considered for inclusion on the heritage schedules maintained by Auckland Council. — At present, the building could be under threat. Closed in January 2012 due to the discovery of black mould in (mainly) the later additions, it has remained empty while Auckland Council decides its fate. That fate may be demolition. The Mt Roskill Historical Society would like to see the original 1957 part retained, renovated, and returned to use as local board offices, keeping the corner site’s connections with the history of the development of the greater Mt Roskill area intact. If you would like to help, contact Garth Houltham (president) on email garph@ihug.co.nz or ph (09) 624-2331.

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