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AANP Call for Abstracts 2009

1) Contact Information
a) Contact Name: Steven A. Bailey, N.D.
b) Presenter(s) full name/degrees: Steven A. Bailey, N.D.
*probable guest, Ralph Weiss, N.D., D.C., D.D., PhD.
c) Address, City, State and Zip Code: 1540 SE Clinton St. Portland, Oregon
d) Day time telephone: (503) 224-8083
e) Fax number: (503) 224-5883
f) Email address:

• One of Dr. Bill Mitchell’s last requests to me was to do everything I could to

get Ralph Weiss, and his knowledge to the profession. Both he and Dr. Bastyr
held Dr. Weiss in the highest regard, and I have done my best to honor Bill’s
request by getting Ralph at the podium (AANP, NWNP and the gathering).
My presentation will be case studies, diagnosis and naturopathic treatment. I
will submit this as my talk but hope and expect to add Dr. Weiss to the
lecture with his chosen cases from his 66 years of naturopathic practice.

2) The abstract is being submitted for: a) Oral Presentation with a preference of

90 minutes.

3) Presentation title: Miracles of Nature (opathy)

4) Short description of presentation:

This will be a review of a number of significant and extraordinary cases
where the patient had been given either surgical recommendations/referrals or
continued diagnostic options. Some of these patients had already had tens of
thousands of dollars worth of tests, were given no clear diagnosis and were
worsening with little or no hope of improvement. Comprehensive intake and
review, leading to diagnosis and full prognosis, via classical naturopathic
treatment, led to remarkable results.

4) Abstract – All abstracts should include

a) Clearly stated learning objectives: Attendees will be introduced to
holistic naturopathic review and evaluation of new patients. The talk
will include discussion of simple, but effective, tools of diagnosis, the
importance of case histories and broad review of symptoms and
events preceding onset of illness. There will be discussion and
examples of the simple but effective tools of nature and sophisticated
and eclectic treatment methods. Above all, I want to emphasize a
confidence in the diagnostic and treatment effectiveness of
naturopathic medicine.
b) Presentation outline
Introduction of the talk.
Case Reviews and discussion of intake, diagnosis and treatment:
a) Fibrocystic disease of the breast, radical mastectomy
recommended, complete resolve.
b) Diverticulits, resection scheduled, complete resolve.
c) Infant spasm syndrome, resolve (ten years and counting) in
less than a month of treatment.
d) Anxiety and asthma diagnosis, leading to 112 blood draws,
3 CAT scans, 12 doctors, 30 pound weight loss, inability to
hold even water down, all in 60 days with only exploratory
surgery left as an option. Accurate diagnosis, plan of
treatment and prognosis at time of first visit.
e) Idiopathic gastro-neuro pain syndrome in a 15 year-old boy
from the Chech Republic. Told to live with pain,
understood, diagnosed and appropriate course of treatment
in the first visit.

c) Mention of whether or not pharmacy discussion will occur during the

presentation. Partial discussion of pharmaceutical agents in the
treatment of most of the cases discussed.
d) Target audience. Practicing doctors, nurses and health care

Bio information:

Ralph Weiss, N.D.

Dr. Weiss is one of the few, first-generation naturopaths living in these United
States. He graduated from the Lust School in 1938, with Benedict Lust as one of his
teachers. He graduated from the McFadden College in 1939 and from the Collins School
in 1941. In 1949, he was awarded his N.D. degree from National College in Illinois. He
maintained an active practiced in Medford, Oregon from 1949 until his retirement in
March of 2003. He served on the Oregon board of examiners for many years and was
instrumental in the development of Oregon’s pharmaceutical privileges. He has traveled
extensively, to study natural medicine and has written on botanical medicine. He shares
Dr. Bailey’s passion for the benefits of fasting and the power of natural and spiritual

Steven A. Bailey, N.D.

Dr. Bailey graduated from NCNM in 1983 and has maintained an active practice
in Portland, Oregon since this time. He is known for his work in fasting and is author of
The Fasting Diet, Contemporary Press/McGraw-Hill, 2002. He has recently released
Juice Alive on Squareone Publishers. He has taught nutrition (fasting), botanical
medicine (Pharmacognosy) and physiotherapy at NCNM in the past. He has written
numerous articles, contributed to numerous books and spent over 20 years on public,
listener sponsored radio. He served as legislative chair for the OANP in 1986-87, and has
served in the House of Delegates for the AANP. He is currently speaker of the House of
Delegates and sits on the AANP Board of Directors. He recently authored the HOD
position paper on heavy metal toxicity.