McCain/Bush Regime “Kill Bushites” Websites Frame Up Kidnapping Ploy: Aaron James Linda James McCainAttacks.
McCain Plays the Terror Card images/aaron/McCain/TerrorCard.html McCain Napolitano Blame Canada for 911& as Terrorist Entry Point & We are Canadians! G.O.P. Racism ; ALQUEDA PRESIDENTIAL ASSASSINATION SPOOF WEB SITES (Below) FOUND ON LINE WITH MY NAME AND URL AT THE TOP OF EACH-4 WEEKS PRIOR TO FIRST KIDNAPPING ATTEMPT COVERT GOV’T PLOY IN RESPONSE TO OUR LOBBYING AGAINST RACIAL PROFILING ATTACK ABOARD MCCAIN AFFILIATED NORTHWEST AIR : ; forensics Summary (click); Legal Council(click) FORENSICS EVIDENCE SUMMARY; Corollary Forensics Evidence Summary Threatened Against John McCain by FBI Agent Steven Davis FBI Agent Steven Davis’ Corrupt Background **Their Attempt to perminently silence our
Voices <click>

CIA agent Barbara Hartwell

**FBI Cyber Threats Agent Rensch<click> Agent Millenfloss- “Failed in Mission” Cyber Threat<click>; Agent Millenfloss Youtube Threat<click>; !CIA EXPOSED COMPLICIT IN TORTURE!!/<CLICK-*see frame *> -! RED CROSS TORTURE REPORT ON CIA Torture (TEXT) ****FBI COINTEL PRO EXPOSED (Video-see below); CIA Agent Barbara Hartwell Targets Our Family Hartwell Psyops Ring; Agent Hartwell Stalking Video#1, Agent Hartwell Disinformation Agent Video #2); PDF ; Hartwell Online Defamation Online literature found on several websites including with repeated references to my name and my prior website ( in the context of threats upon government officials

My Mother's Eye witness ccount<click-see This was clearly a ploy to exact false legal leverage to extradite me to frame below>; the U.S. by manufacturing felony level charges via the alarming contents of the literature in the spoof sites they would have others believe had myself as author-all in order to silence our online protest of the airline profiling attack upon our persons Jan 18/06. I predicted the first abduction attempt of October 27 2007 within 3 Weeks Accuracy Based on the Extremist online material found: Multiple Attempts Upon my ABDUCTION during election period.

Note in this first page I predict the Oct 27/07 attack to come weeks ahead. The first page of the scan in reads “ I think this puts me in greatdanger” It was a Sept 28/07 email transmission to Roche Tasse of ICLMG <international Civil Liberties Monitoring Group> <CLICK> and as the forensics below illustrate , he replied on Oct 4/07- I was kidnapped only weeks later Oct 27/07 with 10 guns pointed at my head and with 15 attempts now in total. The authors of this literature, you will clearly see, are the very instigators of the attack upon my person at home: The FBI<click> and Winnipeg Police<click> SPOOF KILL BUSHITES WEBSITES FRAME UP

Our Youtube Video (click picture below) exposing covert government persecution and government Psyops targeting our persons. ABDUCTION ATTEMPTS DUE TO LOBBYING AGAINST NORTHWEST AIR

McCain has Northwest Airlines as the top two clientele along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

for his executive legal council and Northwest was the official air carrier for the McCain campaign ; See McCain Corruption and also also: http:/ ; Our Complaint to Law Enforcement Review Agency ; Our affidavits :#1, #2; Abduction Threats re FBI & U.S. Marshals in Winnipeg Police notes ;Threat on Mom in police notes! ; Threatened Against John McCain by FBI ...since then there have been numerous attempts upon our abduction and possibly my murder (my mother’s murder was threatened by FBI agentSteven Davis) via covert factions within CIA and FBI. SAMPLE ABDUCTION ATTEMPTS: Oct.27/07; Jan 7/08; July5/08 Text; Audio, July 9/ July 10th, Aug 31/08; Oct 10/08 ;Our Complaint to LawEnforcement Review Agency*(click) re ongoing abduction attemptsWe have been targeted by CIA agent Barbara Hartwell FBI agent Steven Davis and many others. Northwest Airlines Exposed Winnipeg police ( ) have worked with MN Police (the site of the original attack aboard McCain affiliated Northwest

Air) in order to abduct and prevent the spread of information particular to our ordeal. In the corollary scan ins below, you will see what is irrefutable evidence Winnipeg police’ raid on my home was preordained in the months prior and
this document a manufacture of Winnipeg Police and FBI working in tandem in attempt to leverage extradition grounds. Their intentions were sinister and towards my harm and possible murder- references to a home invasion, death of a president, legal trepidation that I would face my name and my former URL, laced the extremist body of the 72 page text document found on line in 6 different locations, with “death to Bushites” occurring repeatedly. Please see the attachments for details .The anti-Semitic material found” –yes their own that they planted on line –that which I found. Document below was Stolen By Winnipeg Police During the raid upon my home- and turned up in Winnipeg Police notes .