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Belgium Vietnam Provincial Peoples Committee of Binh Dinh and BTC 6 districts of Binh Dinh province in Vietnam 2009 - 2014 Belgian Contribution: 7,500,000 Euro Counterpart Funds: 1,450,000 Euro

Because of rapid socio-economic development, urbanization and industrialization, Vietnam’s environment has come under intense pressure. Furthermore, due to drought conditions in large parts of the year, the population lacks reliable water for use in households, farming and business. Domestic and industrial demand for water is vastly increasing and there is an urgent need for water supply systems. At the same time, industrial, agricultural and domestic waste pollutes water sources. Solid waste management is brought to the forefront of Vietnam’s environmental challenges. Urbanization has greatly magnified the problems with the management systems; not only has there been an increase in the amounts of waste generated, but also the composition of the waste has changed. At present, solid waste collection rates are still very low and the current system is under great strain, due to lack of institutional capacity and insufficient human and capital resources.

The “Water Supply and Sanitation Program in Binh Dinh Province” (WSSP) attempts to address these problems for the population from several communes in 6 districts of Binh Dinh (An Nhon, Hoai Nhon, Phu Cat, Phu My, Tay Son and Tuy Phuoc districts). The project will contribute to poverty reduction, enhance public health and improve living conditions and quality of life for the people, through the following activities:  Build the capacity of the agencies in charge of planning, designing, implementing and managing rural water schemes and solid waste management systems  Raise the awareness of the population on the use of safe drinking water and on the need to preserve water resources and the environment, through proper solid waste management; by collecting, recycling and treatment, before disposal  Constructing rural water systems  Implementing solid waste treatment schemes The Project is executed under “National Execution Modality”. The project management unit is integrated within the provincial Department of Planning and Investment. The project owners are the 6 partner districts and the Provincial Center for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (pCERWASS).

Now the project has been in operation for three and half years. It has not yet achieved fully the indicators of the logical framework. However, it already achieved several intermediate results, such as:  Fully operational provincial and district Project Management structures;  Clear baseline situation and completion of the project’s Mid-term review(MTR) ;  Capacity Development activities, based on the project’s Capacity Development Strategies and Action Plans, both for Water Supply and Solid Waste Management, including: analyzing and improving institutions and organizations, training needs assessments, specialized trainings, workshops and study tours;  Awareness Raising programs on Integrated Solid Waste Management and on the Importance of the Use of Clean Water for the population and students in the districts; carried out following the project’s Awareness Raising Strategy (now in Extension Phase).  Rural Water Supply (RWS) for 85,000 people in 7 communes in Phu Cat and Tuy Phuoc districts: pCERWASS completed 90% of the construction and expects to put the system into use in August 2013; pCERWASS is also the future operator of the service; based on the recommendations of the project's Institutional and Organizational Capacity Assessment of the RWS sector in Binh Dinh, pCERWASS proposed their management model for operation and maintenance of the system; external consultants performed a peer review of the management model and all key stakeholders committed to it in the consultant’s final workshop; a training needs assessment is under way, which will lead to a comprehensive training strategy and action plan for all key stakeholders, for implementing this RWS service;  Hoc Mon dam and irrigation network in Phu My district: detailed design of the rehabilitation works is complete; construction will start mid 2013; a stakeholder analysis was performed for supporting Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM), however the PIM component was halted by the MTR, as the additional funds needed could not be made available;  Solid Waste Management in the districts Hoai Nhon, Phu My, Tay Son and An Nhon: the 4 districts developed and approved their District Solid Waste Management Plans (DSWMP); these include a long term vision on solid waste management up to 2025 and a 5-year activity plan; proper institutional arrangements for SWM at provincial and district level were created; the 4 target districts are now developing suitable management models for executing their duty on solid waste collection, transport and treatment in the 66 district’s towns and communes; sanitary landfills for three districts are being designed and will be constructed in 2013 - 2014;

The Provincial Project Management Unit (PPMU) of the Water Supply and Sanitation Programme in Binh Dinh Province Address: 35 Le Loi – Quy Nhon City – Binh Dinh Province – Vietnam Tel: (+04) 056 3 820791 Fax: (+04) 056 3 820791 Email: PPMU Director: Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hai Cell: (+084) 0903 521 215 BTC ITA: Mr. Jozef De Smet Cell: (+084) 0909 233 428

Last update : February 2013