Arts class

Bilingual Section IES LLANERA

EPV (Arts) Course Outline*
1. IN THE CLASSROOM Layout*: one pupil per table, alphabetical order. Everyone is responsible for cleaning their own table. Be punctual for the start and end of the lesson. Clear materials away when told to by the teacher. No toilet breaks during the lesson. Keep the classroom tidy (clothes pegs, bins, paper towels, tables) and leave it tidy for other classes to use. Don’t get up without asking, and put your hand up if you have a question. It is important to bring the correct equipment to every lesson (sketch book, pencils, pad, ruler etc) and keep your materials clean.


2. COURSE ACTIVITIES A. Work Content - Various activities: at home and in class with an exam for each section every term. - Tasks to do in class and at home. Class work is very important. - Presentation: do the exercises carefully, use the margin to write name and class etc. - There will be parts of theory to learn for each section of the course. - Keep marked work in your folder. An English assistant will help with language and vocabulary in the lessons. - Attitude in class is important. B. Evaluation - Deadlines* are very important. If exercises are not given in on time (without justification), 50% of the marks will be deducted. - Exercise presentation. - Exercises are marked out of 10. - Not all exercises are assessed. - If an exercise is not done well, you will be asked to re-do it. - Extra work will be given to those who finish early and have done the exercises correctly. Extra marks! - The evaluations are marked as below: 60% activity sheets 30% end of term exam (It is necessary to have a mark of 3 out of 10) 10% classroom behaviour (cleaning, having correct materials)
*Outline: the main ideas or facts about something without the details. *Layout: the way in which something is organized. *Deadline: The date or time by which you have to do or complete something.

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