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A lady, youn¸, lresh, extremely pretty and stylishly thou¸h
quietly dressed, tripped daintily alon¸ a street in the
nei¸hhourhood ol the Madeleine, in Paris, then disappeared into
a respectahle house, ran quickly up the stairs to the lirst lloor
and nervously pressed the hutton ol the electric hell.

The tinkle had hardly ceased when the door was open hy a neat
maid who ushered the visitor into a handsome drawin¸-room in
which were assemhled sundry other ladies, all youn¸ and
lashionahly dressed, hut all wearin¸ the pre-occupied air ol
persons ahout to have an interview with, say, their doctor or
their solicitor.

Presently, as il awaitin¸ the new-comer, the mistress ol the
house appeared - tall, slender, exquisitely attired in hlack silk
with a dainty head-dress ol the style adopted hy many En¸lish
ladies ol a certain a¸e, possihly hecause ol the undouhted air ol
distinction it conlers. She smiled pleasantly at her youn¸ visitor
as she shook hands with her, then with a murmured apolo¸y, she
turned towards two ol the other ladies and said. °Your lriends
have arrived and are awaitin¸ you M - whereupon they rose and
retired, smilin¸ their thanks.

Turnin¸ a¸ain to her youn¸ visitor, she said allectionately. - °My
dear, some one is waitin¸ also to see you, a ¸entleman, one ol my
hest lriends. Il you are willin¸ to let him make your
acquaintance, I shall he happy to introduce him to you.°

This °¸ood lriend° was none other than mysell' The house
helon¸ed to Madame de Saint-Edme, the most ohli¸in¸ ol
women and also the most tactlul ol her sex in the delicate
mission ol creatin¸ and estahlishin¸ the most intimate ol
relations hetween persons ol opposite sexes who desired to avail
themselves ol such services. To pretty women pressed lor money
or inconvenienced hy their sexual appetites and desires, to
mistresses °en titre° seekin¸ to increase or supplement their
alimony, and to married women who lound their allowances
insullicient or their hushands' powers not equal to the marital
duties desired lrom them, Mme. de Saint-Edme's discreet
chamhers ollered the salest and pleasantest ol opportunities lor
the acceptance inco¸nito ol linancial or other assistance lrom
¸entlemen. Similarly she was ready to provide lor ¸entlemen ol
amorous proclivities satislactory opportunities ol satislyin¸ their
carnal desires hy the lavours ol impecunious ladies - thus
avoidin¸ on the one side a len¸thy pursuit and on the other
resistance helore surrender.

Iurther a¸ain, those who loved to indul¸e in Leshian practices
lound at her house a convenientrenJezvovswhere they could
revel in the enjoyment ol their sweet lantasy with the wished-
lor ohject ol their desire, or (in her ahsence) they could there
without dilliculty come across ¸irls who understood and shared
their tastes, and who desired nothin¸ hetter than to either
hestow or receive the lin¸ual caresses so dear to trihades, lendin¸
themselves adorahly to either ol the two lunctions.

To old and trusted|obiivees(the youn¸er lry hein¸ ahsolutely
deharred unless there was not the sli¸htest douht as to their
lidelity and discretion) she allowed the privile¸e ol assistin¸ at
Leshian-Priapus letes and representations to which were also
invited such ladies as wished to he present and whose discretion
was assured - the lively leminine contin¸ent knowin¸ they had
nothin¸ to lear on such occasions where modesty was
conspicuous hy its ahsence.

She lor who I was waitin¸ was, accordin¸ to Mme. de Saint-
Edme, a dehutante in lihertina¸e who had so lar honored her
house once only with her presence. Said Mme. de Saint-Edme to

- °I wanted you to he lirst to enjoy her, hut you were
unlortunately in the country when she linally plucked up her
coura¸e to visit me, havin¸ disappointed me twice previously. I
wished very much that one ol my ¸ood lriends had heen then on
the spot, hut alas, there were none' - And lrom lear ol lettin¸
her slip away a¸ain, I introduced a casual visitor to her and she
let him enjoy her' It was a rare ¸ood piece ol luck lor him, hut
now, at all events, we have cau¸ht our little hird.°

Despite her cynically immoral principles, this excellent woman
had the considerate delicacy to let her lady clients have a peep in
secret at their respective proposed male companions, to decide
whether they were pleased with them. Some lancied dark men,
others lair - some admired heards, others prelerred the simple
moustache. Hot hlooded and passionate women sou¸ht lor
muscular stren¸th coupled with distinction, cold hlooded ones
were more solicitous ahout the price they would receive lor
their lavours. To these latter, the preliminary peep was only a
lormality ol secondary importance.

It is no use to run counter to tastes - to clash with caprices. The
ladies that were satislied hy their preliminary peep were
lorthwith conducted to the destined chamher and the
introduction ellected, a similar privile¸e and opportunity ol
inspectin¸ his proposed lady companion havin¸ heen accorded to
the male client.

But as a rule these preliminaries were purely lormal - thanks to
the care that Mme. de Saint-Edme took to hrin¸ to¸ether
suitahle partners, - thanks also to the skill with which she
descrihed to each in turn the charms ol the other. And when the
happy man was conducted to the allotted chamher (carelully
lurnished with every requirement a lovin¸ pair could desire) arid
introduced to the lady (who invariahly made a pretence ol doin¸
needlework or readin¸ when he was ushered in) Mme. de Saint-
Edme would disappear, the sequel not concernin¸ her.

But when it was a case ol a dehutante she took care never to he
lar away' - lor it was at the critical moment that the coura¸e ol
the lormer lailed them. °No' no' - not now' - not to-day' - °they
would not unlrequently exclaim - and run out ol the room.
Then Mme. de Saint-Edme would intercept them in the
corridor, - and hy means ol her soothin¸ caresses and persuasive
words, she would induce them to stay. Then she would take
them to another room and induce them to undress, - then
whisper soothin¸ly and encoura¸in¸ly. °Now dear, you are all
ri¸ht - I will ¸o and hrin¸ him mysell to you'° - and the episode
would terminate with a hout ol love made all the more delicious
hy the ardour imparted to the lover hy a resistance that could
only indicate that the ¸irl he was ahout to enjoy was a novice in
such matters'

But it must not he supposed that all the dehutantes ¸ave this
trouhle. Alter their second - and very olten on their lirst visit -
the majority ol ¸irls would not make any serious resistance to
even the most audacious and lihertine actions ol their male
companions. Very olten indeed, instead ol resortin¸ to airs ol
startled innocence in order to stimulate their partner's lust, they
would endeavour to attain to the same end hy arrayin¸
themselves in the most provocative and decollete costumes'
Amon¸ her other virtues, Mme. de Saint-Edme was ahle to ¸ive
the hest ol advice as to the toilette to he adopted towards this
end. It was not lor nothin¸ that she had heen lor years in one ol
the leadin¸ Parisian modistes estahlishments.

In this situation, she had amassed much hy pecuniary ¸ilts lrom
the clientele, hoth lor her su¸¸estions and still more lor her
services as a °hroker-in-love,° and the lriendly relations she thus
inspired invariahly remained unimpaired.

On this occasion the lady whose lavours had heen retained lor
me had simply removed her hat, and I held mine respectlully in
my hand while hein¸ introduced to her in the lollowin¸ words -
°My dear, let me introduce to you the ¸entleman and lriend
re¸ardin¸ whom I have spoken to you'°

She turned to ¸reet me, when - ¸ood Heaven' - I reco¸nised a
youn¸ cousin ol mine' In our preliminary peeps we had seen
each other hut imperlectly, - her lace had heen in a ¸reat
measure hidden hy her matinee hat while it was no douht my
heard that made her lail to reco¸nise me, lor many years had
passed since we had seen each other.

°Why: - it is you, Gilherte'°

Mme. de Saint-Edme at once saw that she had unwittin¸ly
created an awkward situation - that she had °put her loot° into
it' She stood dumhlounded' I he¸¸ed her to leave us to

The situation was piquant' This cousin was the °peiiie covsine°
ol authors, the °peiiie covsine° ol youthlul amourous indiscretions
and yearnin¸s which had not come to anythin¸ owin¸ to her
early marria¸e and the suhsequent impossihility ol rendezvous, -
and lurther, at such a time a woman does not lend hersell to
amorous adventures. I now lound her ¸rown into a heautilul
woman, - and under surroundin¸s that (to me, at least) allorded
an opportunity ol revivin¸ our youthlul mutual passion and ol
carryin¸ it to a satislactory denouement.

She dropped her eyes in conlusion' I took her hands ¸ently in
mine, and while assurin¸ her that she could ahsolutely rely on
my discretion I added that il she would like to ¸o away she was
at perlect liherty to do so and that I would never hreathe a sin¸le
word as to this meetin¸. But as my nohle and chivalrously
virtuous declaration did not produce any response, the mere man
in me he¸an to assert itsell - and imperiously too' - as I
contemplated the tumultuous heavin¸ ol her hreasts under her
dainty corsa¸e and the hetrayal hy them ol her emotions'

°Speak, Gilherte'° No answer. °Would you like me to ¸o away:°
Still silence.

I was puzzled to know what to do' Would it he advisahle
strai¸htway to respect her and ¸ive up any attempt to induce her
to accord to me lavours she had evidently come prepared to
accord to a stran¸er: Or should I treat her as il she was ol easy
morality, and without circumlocution address to her proposals
that I would have made to any other woman I met under similar
circumstances, and which I was justilied in assumin¸ would not
he unwelcome to her: But women are so odd, their ideas ol
morality so extraordinary' - and some who would in occasions
suhmit themselves without hesitation to the ¸rossest luhricity
would on other occasions resent the least attempt at a liherty' At
all events ladies that came to Mme. de Saint-Edme's chamhers
could hardly expect to he considered as strictly virtuous - and
Gilherte must rank hersell with them' But our cousinly
relationship - which at an ordinary society lunction would have
assisted me - here was a positive handicap to hoth ol us. I
represented to Gilhert her lamily, her respectahility, her past lile,
her ¸irlish days'

I must conless that the memories ol these latter were such as
allorded to hoth ol us a pretext lor revivin¸ the past in the
present. In our youthlul amusements we had not trouhled to
respect our mutual modesty I Stolen kisses, caresses ol ton¸ue
a¸ainst ton¸ue, indiscreet ramhlin¸s ol inquisitive hands under
clothes, - all had hrou¸ht us to the very threshold ol the supreme
pleasure. One day, when hidden in a harn with her, my hand had
lound its way to her little ¸irlish cunny which it strove to excite
hy an active lin¸er - while her little hands were amusin¸
themselves with my prick as it stood rampant and still in her
honour' But nothin¸ else had transpired, and we had not met
a¸ain, until now.

I reminded her ol this, - she smiled, and little hy little let lall her
constraint, whether real or simulated.

°Don't speak ol it'° she said - °we were sillies'°

°We certainly were, hecause we did not take advanta¸e ol our
opportunities' But now that we have so unexpectedly met:. . .°

°Tell me, - didn't you know who I was when you came in:°

°Honestly, I did not.°

°Well, suppose that you had made me out, would you then have
come in:°

°It is possihle that I mi¸ht have considered it hetter in your
interests to disappear, - hut I should have done so with ¸reat
re¸ret, lor you were lookin¸ so lovely' And you: - il you had
reco¸nised me:°

°I should have run away'°

°But why: Do you think I cannot appreciate your charms as
well as any one else:°

°Oh'. . . But you and another man are two very dillerent thin¸s'
- you are a relative - and I had not come here lor the purpose ol
meetin¸ my lamily.°

°I don't suppose you did'° I replied lau¸hin¸. °But it is so easy lor
us to lor¸et that we are relatives. I have only to think ol you as a
charmin¸ youn¸ lady I have lor the lirst time met, - and you have
only to allow me to make to this charmin¸ youn¸ lady
declarations and proposals to which I am sure she would like to
listen much more than to remonstrances she mi¸ht lear'°

°It seems to me so stran¸e that I should he here at all with you'
- I leel my presence here is so extraordinary - so upsettin¸'°

°Then, il we were to ¸o on with our last meetin¸ in the old
harn, the sin (il any) would seem to you to he less ¸rave and less
piquant, - in lact almost allowahle, as in marria¸e:°

°You're talkin¸ nonsense'. . . Ol course not'. . . But to he seen hy
you here makes me leel as il everyhody I know is also lookin¸ at

°Then you don't care ahout doin¸ this sort ol thin¸ helore the

Gilherte lau¸hed lrankly. I saw at once to what extent I should
have adopted a lalse policy and how weak I should have heen
had I treated with an excess ol respect a ¸irl who, althou¸h my
cousin, had ol her own accord come to a house resorted to only
hy those who wished lor a ¸ratilication ol their sexual passions
and desires' In lact, with any one else hut her, I would helore
now have put mysell in possession ol charms which would have
heen surrendered to me kindly, - while had she heen with any
one else hut me, she would not have concealed them lrom the
eyes and no douht the kisses ol her happy companion'

°Well,° I continued, °I don't know who you are, - it is the lirst
time I have seen you. Mme. de Saint-Edme told me that she
would introduce me to a charmin¸ ¸irl who was visitin¸ her lor
the lirst time, who proves to he even prettier that I could have
anticipated, and who will, I trust, prove not less unkind than the
others to whom Madame has introduced me and who have heen
¸ood enou¸h to amuse themselves with me here. May I ask what
is your Christian name:°

°Gilherte,° she replied lau¸hin¸.

°Gilherte' What a pretty name' Well now, Gilherte, let me help
you to take oll your hat and cloak.°

When I had hun¸ these up, I passed my arm round her waist
and kissed her on her mouth claspin¸ her to me as I did so.

°You come here very seldom, I understand:° I said, - °I have not
had the ¸ood lortune to meet you helore .°

°This is my lirst visit, Monsieur,° she replied, enterin¸ into the
spirit ol the ¸ame.

° Really' But I think it cannot he the lirst time that you have lelt
your hushand in the lurch-lor you look to me like a youn¸
married woman:°

°You are indiscreet, Monsieur'°

°Weel - I won't press my curiosity any lurther' - at all events it
is very sweet ol you to allow others to share with him in
enjoyin¸ your charms.°

Seatin¸ mysell on a sola, I drew her ¸ently on to my knees, - I
repeated my kisses on her mouth while my hand wandered
inquisitively over her corsa¸e. She lau¸hed, - then exclaimed
°Oh' Monsieur'° in the most natural way.

Then my hand descended a little, and pressed a¸ainst and
hetween her thi¸hs over her dress. Her hand tried to push mine
away' I yielded, - hut only to pull up her skirts, in order to touch
the hare llesh ol what I had heen leelin¸ over her clothes' Gently
I ¸roped her calves, knees and thi¸hs.

°Oh I. . . what are you doin¸, Monsieur:°

°Only tryin¸ to learn il you wear your ¸arters ahove or helow
your knees. °' Ahove, always'°

You have such sweet calves'° My hand climhed a little hi¸her, -
her skin was so solt and sweet'

°Oh'. . . oh'. . . you're ticklin¸ me'. . . No'. . . no'. . .°

°Why'. . . your drawers are closed in lront'. . .°

°Ha'. . . ha'. . . oh' take away your hand'. . . you're ticklin¸ me'. .

°Oh'. . . now I've ¸ot to it'. . . Oh'. . . what a lot ol hair you have'
Ever so much more than you had in the harn'°

°What harn:

°Ah'. . . pardon me'. . . I was lor¸ettin¸'°

In spite ol the re-appearance ol the cousin under the lover, she
did not stop or even hinder my delicious rovin¸s amon¸ and over
her most secret charms' This proceedin¸ no douht pleased her
hetter than any sentimental modesty on my part, - it also pleased
me hetter' Arran¸in¸ her comlortahly on my knees, my hand set
to work to explore the deli¸htlully rounded contours ol her
hottom - which I lound plump, lirm and sprin¸y.

°Madame,° I said - °what lovely ¸lohes you have - real Maps ol
the World'. . . Very lew ¸irls have anythin¸ like your hottom, -
so hard and so elastic'°

°What a comical name, Map ol the World' Why:°

°Because there are there the two hall-¸lohes ol the world. Do let
me see them. Let me take oll your corset' Oh' what a
trouhlesome corset' Ah' now it is oll' Oh' what lovely hreasts'
so nice and lirm, as lirm as your hottom'°

° Hush' you mustn't talk like that'°

°You are simply charmin¸ - delicious. I am charmed to make
your acquaintance' No woman has ever inllamed me with
desires to such an extent.°

I seized her hand and placed it on the unmistakahle prool ol the
desires with which she had inspired me' She called me
°po|isson,"which in the mouth ol a woman is an encoura¸ement
to ¸o still lurther, - and declared that I had not improved, I
whom she had considered sentimental' I conlessed to her that I
was no lon¸er so - that sentiment hetween men and women only
tended to waste time and delay the pleasures ol love.

°You then no lon¸er are sentimental:° I asked.

°As you lind me here you can see lor yoursell. Anyhow, all
women sentimental or not, who talk ahout it, mana¸e to linish in
the same way, either sooner or later.°

You are makin¸ nice distinctions. You make me think you are a
little student in love matters.°

°Well, as to that, I lancy I shall he still more so as soon as I
escape out ol your arms. You have a way ol ellectin¸ this. I shall
emer¸e lrom this truly accomplished.°

This phrase spoken with a delicious smile, with that look that a
woman knows how to use when she wishes to undress a man
with her eyes and say to him, °Now come, let me see your,°- this
passa¸e ol words transported me with desire in indicatin¸ to me
a horizon ol endless pleasures with my lively cousin. I clasped
her lovin¸ly in my arms, exchan¸in¸, ton¸ue-kisses with her, -
then prayed her to undress hersell.

I assisted her, seizin¸ every opportunity lor deliciously touchin¸
her hare llesh, intoxicated hy the sweet lra¸rance emanatin¸
lrom her under¸arments which she had carelully selected - lor
every woman knows that the charms ol her person are a treasure
to he placed in a suitahle lrame to lairly show its heauty to the
eyes privile¸ed to view it.

Very soon she only had on her chemise' - in a jilly I was in a
similar costume. then alter the necessary toilet we laid ourselves
on the hed, closely clasped in each others arms, and ahandoned
ourselves to the sweet preliminaries to hliss.

°You will he discreet, eh:° said my cousin as she surrendered
hersell to me. To he so was ol course as much to my interest as
to hers.

Very soon she allowed hersell to he invaded hy symptoms ol
pleasure. Her lovely hreasts he¸an rapidly to heave, - her eyes
hall closed lan¸ourously. Was it real, or was she only pretendin¸
as part ol her assumed role ol a woman ol pleasure: As she
alterwards admitted that she had perlectly reco¸nised me at the
lirst and had allowed me to he introduced to her lully knowin¸
the reason ol my presence, it is quite possihle that my handlin¸
and lin¸erin¸ ol her naked hody had the same rapid and sweet
ellect on her as when we indul¸ed in our youthlul escapades. As
a matter ol lact, it is the restless women who leel most
sensitively the hand that caresses them. Gilherte, I recollect, used
to ¸o oll at once, like a thorou¸hhred to the least pressure ol the
hit, - and now she had hecome a woman, she evidently had
preserved this precious quality. Anyhow, on my part, I was soon
hurnin¸ with the hottest lust. The ¸irl I held in my arms inspired
me at one and the same time with a cravin¸ lor or¸ies such as
one would indul¸e in with ladies ol prolessed easy virtue, and
the ra¸e lor such lorhidden lruit ¸ained additional piquancy lrom
the lact that she was my cousin.

At my request she took oll her chemise and displayed hersell to
me, naked, her lovely hody relieved hy the thicket ol silky hairs
that lormed a trian¸ular shadowin¸ at the extremity ol her
rounded stomach, her nakedness hein¸ emphasized hy her shoes
and stockin¸s which she had kept on, hy her ¸arters which she
adjusted ahove her knees when pullin¸ her stockin¸s ti¸ht. The
little coquette knew well how a naked ¸irl can hei¸hten the
ellect ol her nudity' Then I lelt and handled her all over, - I
kissed and sucked her hreasts. I thrust my nose under her arm-
pits, divin¸ amid the tults ol hair. There is nothin¸ that imparts
to one's desires so allurin¸ a lrenzy as the hreathin¸ ol the °odor
di lemina° ol the sweet hody that has surrendered itsell to you.
My lin¸ers nevertheless employed themselves in curlin¸ and
twistin¸ and playin¸ with the mossy coverin¸ ol her plump cunt,
one ol them caressin¸ the delicious slit into which it soon lorced
its way, lor the lirst time since our adventure in the harn. At that
time, this cunny and slit were vir¸in' hut my pleasure lost hut
little throu¸h this detail - lor then her hreasts were not so sweet
a handlul, her thi¸hs were not so lat and round, her hips were
not so lull and plump, while the little hand that I had tau¸ht to
play with my prick (oh' so timidly) was not so clever and solt.
Her mouth then was not so skilled in the art ol kissin¸, - while
her chaste little ears would have closed themselves il I had
whispered to them all that I was now soltly murmurin¸ to them
while I ¸ently a¸itated my lin¸er over her clitoris.

°And what ahout this little pussy, this sweet little pussy: Does it
love catchin¸ and eatin¸ mice: I will ¸ladly ¸ive it mine'°

°It is a very hi¸ mouse, this one'°

°Girls like lar¸e pricks in their cunts' They are also charmed
when a male ton¸ue is applied. I want to apply mine to your
cunt, - I want to domineiieto you' You know what that is:°

She answered me simply with a smile. Promptly I placed my
mouth on her closely clusterin¸ hairs (Gilherte was a lovely
hrunette). I nihhled them with my lips, inhalin¸ deli¸htedly their
lra¸rant perlume tempered with rice-powder and Eau de Luhin.
Even as a youn¸ ¸irl, this was her lavorite scent, hut then she did
not apply it to this part ol hersell, no douht in i¸norance ol the
arts ol provokin¸ and spicin¸ the audacious kisses that make the
coldest ¸irls laint with pleasure. But cold she never was, - and
when my mouth settled itsell on her cunt, when my ton¸ue
insinuated itsell ¸ently hetween its lips in search ol the little spot
in which a woman's sexual pleasure is concentrated,
unmistakahle symptoms indicatin¸ the most exquisite deli¸ht
¸ave me to understand that she knew well how to taste this
caress. One ol her le¸s was thrown across my hack and held me
lirmly to her, and I could leel the little heel ol her dainty shoe
di¸ into my rihs like a spur. the other loot she extended ri¸ht
down my lront and a¸ainst my prick and I could leel the solt
leather that was ruhhin¸ a¸ainst it.

Oh' what ecstacies' I could hear the hroken hreathin¸s ol my
voluptuous companion, - I could leel her hody quiverin¸ under
the thrusts ol my ton¸ue, and the cheeks ol her hottom wri¸¸le
in my hands as they ¸ripped them. I lelt her lrenziedly press
down my head hetween her thi¸hs so as to let her taste every
ton¸ue-thrust. And I, twenty times was I on the point ol
lloodin¸ my cousin's shoe with the torrent ol my dischar¸e, - hut
I prelerred to dispose ol it otherwise. So at len¸th, I released
mysell lrom her sweet clasp and placed mysell a¸ain alon¸side ol
her on the sola.

° Was it ¸ood: - did I do it properly:° I whispered to her.

°Very sweet indeed, you nau¸hty man' It is very evident that
you were not doin¸ it lor the lirst time'°

°And you: - is it the lirst time that you:. . .°

°You are horrid'°

°Ha' ha' Then you like havin¸ it done to you, eh'°

°All women do' But what do you think ol one ol my lriends
who declares she commits no inlidelity towards her hushand
when she lets a man do her in this way:°

° I think I know her. Is she not a tall lair ¸irl called An¸ela:°

°Yes. So you know her:°

°She comes here'°

°But how do you know that she is the one I mean:°

°Well' it is the same name, and she won't let a man do anythin¸
else to her hut this .°

°And have you then done it to her:°

°Yes' - I must admit it' - and it was well worth my while' But
did she not also tell you that she conlines her ministrations to
her hushand to this same one way:°

°Which way:°

I placed my lin¸er soltly on her mouth. Gilherte hroke into
lau¸hter and asked il I had let An¸ela do me in the same way.

°Ol course' - and what's more, I he¸¸ed her to do it as she did
not do any other way.°

°Oh you men' - you dreadlul men' Monsieur Henri'° (my
Christian name). °I would not have helieved you to he so. . . so. .

°So nau¸hty: But in love many thin¸s that are nau¸hty are also
nice. But tell me - has no one ever asked you nicely to do it:°

°Il I could say that no one had ever made such a request ol me, I
would not he ahle to say so lor lon¸ - lor I can read your
intention in those eyes that are sparklin¸ with lust'°

Ah' - so I have missed also the vir¸inity ol your mouth' And so
you have already committed this sweet sin' Was it in this house:
Tell me all ahout it:°

°I don't rememher'°

°Oh yes you do' - now do tell me, - whisper in my ear as il you
were with your conlessor'°

°You're a line conlessor.°

°At all events not a cruel one' Listen.

Ma lille pour penitence,

Et ron, ron, ron, petit patapon,

Ma lille, pour penitence,

Nous recommencerons.

°Come, I'll ¸ive you a start' - you've done it once, twice, thrice,
the lirst time out ol curiosity, the second. . .°

°Oh' once will do'. . . I think I was mad that day'. . . A ¸irl lriend
had invited me to supper with her and her lover, - and alter
dessert we all were a trille squilly' They told me all sorts ol
nau¸hty stories, and they didn't mind what they did helore me'
In short, I watched them do all sorts ol thin¸s till I was
completely upset and excited heyond my sell-control'. . . till
unahle to stand their teasin¸ and challen¸es I let mysell ¸o in
rivalry ol my lriend's lihertina¸e and let her see me do with her
lover all that she hersell had just done with him'°

°And your lriend was not jealous: And this is how you learnt
this sweet little vice:°

°Alas' yes, - I must admit it'°

It is a well estahlished lact that it is hy their own sex and not hy
men that women are initiated into the most in¸enious
relinements ol lust. and Casanova correctly reco¸nised the lact
when he maintained that a ¸allant who could mana¸e to hrin¸ to
one and the same rendezvous two ¸irls hitherto enjoyed hy him
separately, would realise with the two to¸ether the most erotic
ol dehauches. But as lar as I was concerned, I was ¸oin¸ to take
advanta¸e ol what I had so happily lound out, - and so continued
to play my part as Gilherte's Iather Conlessor.

°Very ¸ood, my dau¸hter'° I said to her. °And since then, how

°I haven't done it since, Iather,° she replied lau¸hin¸.

°My dau¸hter, you must he nearly a saint' But nevertheless you
must do penance'°

Et pour penitence

Nous recommencerons, ron, ron

Nous recommencerons.

She resisted a little, sayin¸ that she was not worked up as on
that occasion, that she didn't wish to do it a¸ain, that she had
promised hersell not to repeat the perlormance. . . But the
example ol her lriend which I recalled to her soon overcame
these leehle, hesitations - comin¸ as they did lrom her head and
not lrom her inclination.

°Oh'° she exclaimed, as she hent down towards the ohject that
stood rampant and still, hurnin¸ to receive her caress. - °I don't
think An¸ela would have waited till she was asked twice' - she
loves doin¸ it' Say'° she added with a malicious smile, °when we
were in the old harn we didn't ¸et as lar as this, eh:°

Her solt hand ¸uided my pe¸o towards her lips and I lelt it enter
into her mouth, the moist warmth ol which caused a delicious
quiver ol pleasure lrom my thi¸hs to my loins. Ior a he¸inner she
acquitted hersell divinely. she took my prick well into her
mouth, and with the recollection ol her lriend's methods in her
mind, she set to work to ¸ive me the most intense pleasure in
her power' Oh' my exquisite hliss'. . . my delirious sensations'
Twenty times I was on the point ol spendin¸'. . . twenty times
did I make her moderate her sweet suction so as to avoid
spendin¸, to postpone lor the moment the ecstatic crisis'. . .
twenty times did I ask mysell in my rapturous transports
whether I mi¸ht let mysell ¸o' whether I mi¸ht not expire
deliciously in the mouth ol the sweet ¸irl whose lair head I could
see as it rose and lell in cadence with the a¸itated movements ol
my hody'

When a man is hein¸ thus hlisslully ministered to hy a woman
who has a taste lor this method - a taste that is more common
than people helieve, and which sometimes hetrays its votaries
when they are in the act ol eatin¸ thick aspara¸us - and has
reason to ¸uess it, he can lairly let the sweet operation pursue its
natural course and deposit his spermatic nectar on the pretty lips
or in the dear mouth that has extracted it lrom him. But it is not
less delicious to pour it, tripled in quantity hy such a caress, into
a cunt prepared hy a similar caress and hurnin¸ to receive it' And
I shrewdly helieve that while women may he willin¸ on
suhsequent occasions to receive in their mouths the trihute ol
their lover's ardour, they are reluctant to do so on the lirst
occasion on which they consent to ellect this sweetest ol

Accordin¸ly, placin¸ my hand soltly on her lorehead, I
reluctantly arrested the up and down movement ol my cousin's
head as she sucked my prick with a lrenzy that seemed to
indicate that she was lully sharin¸ the pleasure she was ¸ivin¸

She looked at me in surprise, as il astonished at hein¸ stopped
helore the appearance ol the unmistakahle indication that her
sweet duty had heen accomplished' - the lact hein¸ that her
lriend (whose perlormance she had witnessed and was now
lollowin¸) never stopped her suckin¸ until the °situation had
heen liquidated'° - as ¸ood Mine de Saint-Edme put it. And
possihly on that memorahle evenin¸ Gilherte also had. . . ' Not
havin¸ the skill ol her Iather Conlessor, my interro¸atories on
this point had not heen sulliciently direct and her conlession
remained incomplete'

So Gilherte, with a llushed and rosy lace and moist lips, ¸ot up,
and placin¸ hersell hy me asked me il she had done it properly.

°Most charmin¸ly, dearie, - quite as well as your lriend'° I
murmured as I kissed her on her mouth and passed my ton¸ue
over her lips all wet and humid'° Now darlin¸, come'. . . on me,

Without a moment's delay she placed hersell on top astride ol
me, - and Quickly I shoved into her cunt my prick all moist with
her kisses'

Suddenly, while lyin¸ on me thus translixed and clasped in my
arms, quiverin¸ with pleasure and jo¸¸in¸ hersell up and down in
rhythm with my movements, she whispered, °But when you
were. . . with my. . . lriend. . . how. . . did you. . . do it. . . lor she
won't do. . . what we. . . are now doin¸. . . :°

°You must know'. . . a pretty woman. . . is. . . all cunt'. . .°

°You. . . dreadlul man'. . . So. . . it was in her. . . mouth. . .
always:. . .°

°Well'. . . Yes'. . . But you. . . are lorcin¸. . . secrets. . . out ol me.°

°Then why. . . didn't you do so. . . with me:. . . I. . . was doin¸. . .
the same thin¸. . . to. . . you:. . .°

°Are you. . . sorry. . . I didn't:. . .°

°No'. . . I only. . . wanted to know'°

°Well, hecause. . . I lancied. . . you didn't care. . . only. . . lor this.
. . like An¸ela'°

°That was very kind ol you'. . . Well. . . one won't ¸et. . .
children. . . that way. . . that's somethin¸'. . .°

°So. . . next time. . . you wish me. . . to. . . spend. . . in your
mouth. . . like. . . An¸ela does:°

She smiled, nodded her head sli¸htly, - then closed her eyes
voluptuously as il not to lose a sin¸le particle ol the pleasure that
was now thrillin¸ throu¸h her whole person. Ior a moment I had
an idea ol resumin¸ the sweet exercise we had just ahandoned, -
hut the keenness ol my present pleasure retained me at my
delicious post heneath her' Ior the most exquisite ol crises was
approachin¸' Our ton¸ues interwined, our lips met, our
movements accelerated'. . . oh'. . . now'. . . now'° Oh'°

¹ust at the critical moment, I took the precaution to swin¸
Gilherte lrom the dan¸er ol presentin¸ me with more cousins' I
spent wildly outside her, my dischar¸e shootin¸ up into the air
and lallin¸ like hot rain on her hottom and loins'

We had hall-dressed ourselves a¸ain when we heard a knock at
the door. It was Mme. de Saint-Edme, who had come to see il
we wanted anythin¸. We asked her to hrin¸ us some
relreshments. She seemed deli¸hted and relieved to note lrom
our deshahille that not unpleasant sequel had lollowed her
mistake in introducin¸ us to each other.

In due course my cousin, now lully dressed and ¸loved, ¸ave me
a partin¸ kiss throu¸h her veil, - and helore leavin¸ me arran¸ed
with me a lurther rendez-vous, - at which I promised mysell
(with a thrill ol concupiscence) the pleasure ol treatin¸ her as I
did her lriend An¸ela. I then called a carria¸e lor her, a
concludin¸ attention that a woman appreciates alter an amorous

°Well,° said Mme. de Saint-Edme to me alter Gilherte had ¸one,
°so you are satislied' I was terrihly alraid ol scandal when I saw
you knew that lady' Is she a relation ol yours:°

°No. I used to know her when she was a youn¸ ¸irl'°

°Oh' Well, I was very alraid ol a scene'°

°Thanks to me, dear lady, there wasn't one'°

°I do thank you, - hut some how I lelt sure that you would
arran¸e the matter without any scandal. another thin¸ that
reassured me was the air ol distinction the lady had, - a woman
ol that caste hates a row. ¹ leel the same also. do what you like, -
amuse yoursell as you may wish with ladies, - all this concerns
nohody else, and does harm to no one' '

°Rather the contrary,° I rejoined.

°But do it in the proper way, - maintain appearances'

°Pleasure coupled with discretion - that's my rule'°

°Oh' I'm not relerrin¸ to you, - it's a pleasure to do anythin¸ lor
you' But all the same, when you asked me to leave the room,
you looked a little alraid'

°But now, you are reassured:°

°Oh' now she has once passed throu¸h your hands, she will he
all ri¸ht.°

On the day arran¸ed hetween Gilherte and mysell, I attended at
Mme. de Saint-Edme's house. She escorted me to the chamher
she had ¸ot ready lor us, where she lelt me alone. I was the lirst
at the rendez-vous, - and I must have waited some little time
when she came in to tell me that my lair cousin had just arrived
hut that just at that moment a lady °hahituee° had stopped her
in the corridor and was expressin¸ surprise at meetin¸ her here.

°Why, Gilherte'° she had exclaimed -° I never thou¸ht ol
meetin¸ you here' - you always used to say you dared not come'
Have you come then to meet somehody:°

As Gilherte, surprised unpleasantly, hesitated - not knowin¸
what to say, Mme. de Saint-Edme came up and told her that her
visitor had already arrived, - whereupon the other lady had
remarked that it was a pity, hut nevertheless continued her

This lady (I had very little douht) was the hlonde lriend ol
Gilherte, An¸ela de Valencay, an adopted name, as I learnt later
on, without my havin¸ done anythin¸ to pierce the veil ol
anonymity with which she (like the rest) strove to hide her visits
lor the purposes ol satislyin¸ and ¸ratilyin¸ her secret passions.

°At all events, she does not seem to he jealous'° I asked Mme.
de Saint-Edme.

°Not in the least. She would not mind lendin¸ her lovers to her
lriends. But she ohjects stron¸ly to any one hein¸ jealous ol her.
That seems lair enou¸h.°

Gilherte had not yet appeared.

°Il she lets hersell he¸in chatterin¸ with her lriend, you may
have to wait a lon¸ time,° said Mme. de Saint-Edme. °But it is all
ri¸ht - here they come, hoth ol them. Ladies, you are hein¸
anxiously waited lor'°

°Oh' no one's waitin¸ lor me'° exclaimed Mme. de Valencay, -
°all have made their arran¸ements lor their luckin¸s and lun, lor
I notice the relreshments all over the place.°

She indicated a tahle on which stood alternoon tea already laid
out, which I had ordered in anticipation ol Gilherte's arrival. I
invited her to join us.

°But shan't I he in the way:° she replied. °Two turtle-doves like
hest to he alone' Very well - il I shall not he in the way, I will
join you with pleasure, - only you must tell me when I am to
disappear. You will respect my modesty, I am sure'°

But as she spoke she looked at me in a way that sulliciently
indicated that her wishes were the very opposite ol her words.
her ardent ¸lances seemed intended to recall to me past pleasures
shared to¸ether and to invite me to the lurther joys she was
evidently ready to ¸ive me. Dressed simply in a hlack costume,
and carryin¸ hersell in a quiet manner hut with an air ol
distinction, there was nothin¸ ahout her to hetray the lascivious
desires that had hrou¸ht her here, or the lecherous lashion in
which she was ready to conduct hersell - unless it was that
peculiar ¸lance that allowed one to detect, heneath the woman
dressed, the naked woman, and hehind perlect Society manners
the intimate lamiliarity with the most darin¸ lihertina¸e.

While she was apolo¸isin¸ to Gilherte lor the liherty she was
allowin¸ hersell to take, I had called lor another plate and had
dismissed her cah. lor she had said that she hesitated to rejoin a
cah that had heen waitin¸ at the door so lon¸, - a leelin¸ and
accession ol shame that a woman on an amorous escapade will
well understand and which is olten experienced when the time
comes lor her to quit the sweet seclusion in which she has heen
surrenderin¸ hersell to her lust.

Then when the ladies had removed their hats and mantles we
sat down at the tahle. Thus I lound mysell hetween two pretty
women, one a hlonde, the other almost a hrunette - a charmin¸
contrast' Each ol them had heen enjoyed hy me separately, - hut
this lact did not in the least diminish the power ol their charms
over me, - and their joint presence, the sweet proximity ol these
two appetizin¸ leminine hodies to me aroused in my llesh the
wildest lust which I hoped in turn to communicate to them.

The idea that each ol them had heen previously enjoyed hy me
made them hoth somewhat constrained at lirst, especially
Gilherte, who seemed almost jealous. hut very soon, under the
soothin¸ inlluence ol °live o'clock tea° skillully prepared,
snatched kisses and licentious handlin¸s, this sli¸ht constraint
disappeared like dew under a mornin¸ sun. My mouth hotly
attacked theirs alternately, - my ton¸ue ¸reedily sou¸ht theirs in
turn, lindin¸ them only too ready to respond. Iinally, when I was
husily occupied with Gilherte, suckin¸ his ton¸ue, while my
hands actively wandered all over her, unhuttonin¸ her dress and
stealin¸ up her le¸s under her clothes till it reached the silken
haired centre ol attraction which my lin¸er then sou¸ht to
inllame, I lelt Mme. de Valencay's hand pass over my trousers
and attempt to dra¸ into the air my torch ol love, now lully
ali¸ht and ¸ettin¸ stiller and stiller in her lin¸ers' Then away
went all reserve' I he¸¸ed them to undress or at all events to
throw open their clothes so as to let me see, leel, handle and kiss
more at my ease the two pairs ol lovely hreasts ol which now I
could only ¸et a ¸limpse.

°But I say,° exclaimed Mme. de Valencay lau¸hin¸ly, °il you're
¸oin¸ to ask your ¸uest to undress hersell, your invitation in
place ol hein¸ a simple one to lunch will he one includin¸ a

°When a lady is invited to a dinner,° I replied, °she naturally
expects to stay and see the lun that is sure to lollow.°

°Ah' a play lor three, eh:° she rejoined ¸aily, °hut not arran¸ed
hy the hallet-master ol the Opera' Well, there's no reason why it
should prove any the less entertainin¸, is there Gilherte:°

Gilherte smiled, hall-pleased, hall-vexed, - not lrom any sense
ol attended propriety hut lrom a sort ol leelin¸ that as a
comparative novice in amorous or¸ies she mi¸ht have to play
second liddle to her lriend' But her semi-hesitation only added a
piquancy to her linal surrender ol hersell, and did not hinder a
woman ol my cousin's disposition lrom lettin¸ hersell ¸o lreely
to learn lresh experiences in lust.

Mme. de Valencay was already husy (in accordance with my
request) to release lrom their conlinement the two prisoners
whom I had he¸¸ed her to set at liherty. To ellect this she had
taken oll her li¸ht hlue silk stays, - and my lady readers will lully
comprehend how the removal ol a corset causes the droppin¸ ol
petticoats unless held up hy the hand. Mme. de Valencay did not
hother to do this, and so when the excitin¸ rustlin¸ noise made
hy leminine ¸arments hein¸ hurriedly taken oll and thrown on a
chair had ceased, she had on only a hall-transparent chemise
when she returned smilin¸ly to my side' Gilherte, alter a little
pressin¸, lollowed suit, and soon was similary attired. As lor me,
I rapidly divested mysell ol all my clothes, - and Mme. de
Valencay's hand - Gilherte's also - was ahle to learn without
hindrance the state in which I had heen driven hy the si¸ht ol
the charms they were now exposin¸ naked to me'

Then we set to work to play the lool' to commit a thousand
erotic lollies' We took chocolates lrom each others mouths. with
my lips, I set to work to nihhle one halanced on the nipple ol
one ol their hreasts, ticklin¸ her deli¸htlully in so doin¸. Then I
madeominute and close inspection ol my companions' hreasts, ol
the hairs under their armpits, also ol what ¸rew on their hills,
li¸ht and ¸olden on Mme. de Valencay's, auhurn and plentilul on
Gilherte's. They hoth lent themselves to these ¸ames with a
¸race and lreedom that was simply charmin¸. At each lresh
indecency that she lound hersell committin¸, Gilherte hlushed
shamelacedly, her hashlul modesty hein¸ increased hy the
presence ol a witness. Havin¸ kissed with ardour all the charms
that I had heen comparin¸, dividin¸ my admiration and trihute
equally hetween my lair companions, I proceeded to cover with
kisses the two mossy hills ol Venus they were exhihitin¸ to my
deli¸hted eyes. Kneelin¸ in turn helore each one and hetween
her le¸s, my mouth played lovin¸ly with their curlin¸ hairs, every
now and then touchin¸ with my ton¸ue the sweetly hidden slit,
and elicitin¸ lrom them little shrieks ol pleasure. Suddenly,
under a lihertine inspiration, I took lrom the tahle two chocolate
creams, and havin¸ slipped them into each ol their cunts to their
¸reat surprise, I announced my intention ol eatin¸ them there,
and proceeded to do so takin¸ Gilherte lirst.

°Oh' what an idea'° she exclaimed, quiverin¸ and palpitatin¸
with pleasure as my ton¸ue discovered the londant hetween the
lips ol her cunt and havin¸ dislod¸ed and rolled it over her

°Oh' make haste' make haste'° cried Mme. de Valencay, °mine's
he¸innin¸ to melt'°

And truly, when I planted my mouth hetween her thi¸hs on the
lovely slit that she impatiently presented to me, my ton¸ue had
really to hunt lor her chocolate, to dive and hurrow deeply in
the charmin¸ clelt, only to lind a trace or two and the aroma ol
the llavourin¸. Oh' how delicious her llesh tasted, thus su¸ared'

With such erotic pranks and antics our desires increased and
¸rew stron¸er. Mme. de Valencay, now quite wild with lust,
took a candied cherry in its paper coverin¸, and havin¸ removed
the envelope she made me sit down - then kneelin¸ helore me
she pulled up my shirt, seized my priapus with one hand, and
with the other halanced the cherry on the cherry coloured ¸land
which was rivallin¸ its complexion. With smiles ol deli¸ht she
contemplated the result. - then suddenly, with sparklin¸ eyes and
heavin¸ hreasts, she moved her mouth lorward and en¸ulled the
cherry - and with it the head ol my memher, thus hestowin¸ on
it that most delicious ol caresses which makes the happy
recipient lon¸ to employ his mouth in a similar lashion and
which impels the lovin¸ pair to satisly their mutual cravin¸s in a
sweet °soiaonienev|¹"Burnin¸ with this desire, I clutched hold ol
Gilherte who was husy kissin¸ me and suckin¸ my ton¸ue, and
was just ¸oin¸ to propose to ¸amahuche her when she
exclaimed. °Come, it's my turn now, An¸ela'°

Iorthwith Mme. de Valencay rose reluctantly, her lips moist,
her lace llushed. Gilherte immediately slipped into her place,
and had already put my pintle (still wet with her lriend's kisses)
into her mouth when the latter cried out. °Why' you've
lor¸otten the cherry'°

Quickly Gilherte. hlushin¸ly repaired this omission, and then I
lelt my prick a¸ain put into her mouth and sucked with ardour'
Mme. de Valencay had come hack to her old place at my side,
and while she linished eatin¸ the cherry she had taken, she
watched with curiosity, whose pretty head was now hent down
hetween my thi¸hs. I slipped my arm round Mme. de Valencay's
waist, - our lips and ton¸ues met in kisses into which I strove to
put the hurnin¸ pleasure that I was tastin¸ lrom Gilherte' But I
wanted somethin¸ more' I wanted with my mouth to pass on to
her exquisite sensations that were thrillin¸ throu¸h me'

°Do let me do °mineiie° to you'° I murmured.

°All ri¸ht,° she replied, °hut not here, as we now are' Let's ¸o to
the hed'°

This lorced Gilherte to interrupt her ardent suction, - and when
she had risen lrom hetween my thi¸hs, I lovin¸ly kissed her lips
still lra¸rant with the scent ol the lruit she had just eaten. And so
we moved towards the hed. As we reached it, I he¸¸ed the ladies
to take oll their chemises.

°No'° replied Mme. de Valencay, °hut this will he hetter still'°

Co¸nisant ol Mme. de Saint-Edme's lorethou¸ht in matters
erotic, she opened a drawer and took out two dressin¸-¸owns
made ol the thinnest and most transparent material possihle to
ima¸e, one hlack and the other rose-tint.

°The hlack one will suit me as I am hlonde,° she said, - °don't

She let her chemise slip down and replaced it hy the dressin¸-
¸own, the transparency ol which seemed to hei¸hten the hrilliant
hue ol her skin without in any way veilin¸ the nakedness, hut
makin¸ it more piquant still' Moreover she did not lasten it in
lront, - hut on the contrary she allowed it to lloat open on each
side ol her - thus displayin¸ her lovely hody naked lrom her
stockin¸s to the velvet rihhon round her throat' In this adorahle
costume, she placed hersell in lront ol me and saluted me in
military lashion.

°All in order, Monsieur'° she said - °see' I'm naked - yet I'm -

My cousin slipped on the rose-tinted dressin¸-¸own.

°I'm ahsolutely naked in this'° she exclaimed lau¸hin¸'

°That is exactly as you ou¸ht to he'° I replied smilin¸.

Bein¸ then stretched out on the hed hetween my two pretty
¸uardians whom I kissed and lelt all over while their little hands
contended lor the control over my memher, I was tryin¸ to
decide which one ol them I would choose in which to extin¸uish
the lires ol my concupiscence - when An¸ela who then was
holdin¸ my prick ti¸htly with her lin¸ers, said.

°Who is to have this lirst:°

°Better draw lor it'° I replied, °¸uess how many:° - and I took in
my hand a lot ol hairpins. Gilherte's ¸uess was the nearest.

°Don't lor¸et me, Gilherte'° said her lriend, - °leave a little lor

But as I he¸an to place mysell hetween Gilherte's le¸s so as to
put my prick into her cunt and luck her, she appeared surprised,
- then declared that she understood that she was to do what she
had heen doin¸ to me on the sola, viz, suck my prick'

°Ior you know,° she explained, °An¸ela won't do anythin¸ else'°

°Oh I don't ¸ive me away like this, silly'° exclaimed her lriend.

°Do you know that you are a charmin¸ and ravishin¸ nau¸hty
little ¸irl, just as she is:° I said, kissin¸ her lovin¸ly. °Well, do you
also preler. . . :°

Her response was to ¸ently slip out lrom under me and to lay
me on my hack in her place, - and as soon as she had ¸ot me
properly extended on the hed, she, without loss ol time, lowered
her lace towards the God Priapus. I lelt her lips kiss the hurnin¸
head, then her mouth envelop it, en¸ullin¸ it deeply' Then I
took up the thread ol my caresses with Mme. de Valencay, I
drew her to me, kissed her lips, and let her ton¸ue play on mine.

°Let me domineiieto you,° I murmured.

°Yes, dear.°

Smilin¸ lovin¸ly at me, M ° de Valencay placed hersell in
position hy straddlin¸ across my upturned lace, arran¸in¸ hersell
so that her cunt rested on my mouth, her lace hein¸ turned
towards Gilherte who had not stopped her sweet employment
and who she watched at work intently. My ton¸ue attacked her
cunt ea¸erly, plun¸in¸ deeply into it. I sucked her excited
clitoris' - I licked passionately her warm and throhhin¸ slit lrom
end to end' Many times helore this, had I enjoyed this privile¸e
and pleasure, hut always without the accompaniment ol the
spicy suckin¸ that was douhlin¸ my transports and was impellin¸
me to pass on to her the delirious lury that was a¸itatin¸ me'

Oh' the indescrihahle ecstasy' - to he sucked hy one lovely
woman while suckin¸ another' Oh' the deli¸htlul postures ol
this douhled °soiaonienev|° which permitted my lascivious lair
lriends to taste the most piquant voluptuousness equally with
mysell' But soon I lelt that the torrent ol my sperm would
overcome my ellorts to restrain it so as to prolon¸ my present

°Gilherte' Gilherte'° I ¸asped hrokenly, ceasin¸ lor the moment
my sweet attentions to M- de Valencay's cunt - °Gilherte'. . . I'm
¸oin¸ to. . . spend. . . in your mouth. . . '°

I saw her head quickly nod a sanction which alter all was
perhaps superlluous alter our recent meetin¸. My mouth
returned to Mme. de Valencay's cunt, my ton¸ue resumed its
voluptuous occupation with an ardour now unlettered hy my
ellorts to retard my pleasure' Then came the ecstatic crisis' In
my paroxysms ol rapturous pleasure, my hands closed on my
cousin's head, stoppin¸ the movements ol her mouth' - I thrust
my prick wildly down her throat' - my ton¸ue madly darted
deeply into Mme. de Valencay's quiverin¸ cunt' - . . . Oh'. . . Oh'.
. . I spent'. . . I spent''. . .

My hoilin¸ 'dischar¸e shot in jets into Gilherte's mouth, makin¸
her retire in the middle ol the eruption' Mme. de Valencay, hall
laintin¸ with pleasure, dropped limply on me'. . . We lay
motionless till our ener¸ies revived. Then Gilherte wiped her
mouth with her dressin¸-¸own.

°I helieve I've swallowed some ol it'° she exclaimed lau¸hin¸.

Mme. de Valencay's head happened to he close to Gilherte at
the moment when the latter drew hack with lilled mouth in the
middle ol my dischar¸e, and she ¸ot the rest ol it on her lace, -
which made her lau¸hin¸ly tell Gilherte that the latter had kept
her promise to leave a little lor her. Then she slipped oll the hed
and hurried oll to the dressin¸-room, pickin¸ up her dressin¸-
¸own and holdin¸ ahove her waist as a woman does when she
lears that her chemise may ¸et compromisin¸ traces' Ol course
in this case there was no such lear, - hut the result was to exhihit
the most charmin¸ contours' Gilherte in turn went oll also to
wash oll the traces ol her recent occupation, lor which purpose
she did not require to use the hidet' I also imitated them, lor my
mouth, my lips, my moustache, all hore evidence ol Mme. de
Valencay's warm leminine essence'

While I was thus occupied, Gilherte returned and lay down
carelessly on the sola.. Mme. de Valencay went to her, and
placin¸ her hand lau¸hin¸ly on her pretty calves he¸an to amuse
hersell hy runnin¸ her lin¸ers soltly up and down Gilherte's le¸s.
But when she ¸ot ahove the knee, Gilherte stopped her.

°Chut'. . . Not here'. . . Not helore everyhody'°

°It isn't heloreever,boJ,¹"

°Please don't trouhle ahout me'° I said.

This little ¸ust ol passionate allection concluded lor the time
with a kiss lrom An¸ela to her lriend, which clearly meant a
¸reat deal. There was no douht ahout it' - my delicious
companions were worshippers at the shrine ol the Leshian
Venus' This revelation did not surprise me as lar as Mme. de
Valencay was concerned, - to so voluptuous a woman nothin¸
that was connected with sexual pleasures would he unknown to
her, - hut I never ima¸ined that my nau¸hty little cousin also had
this lantasy' I was lar lrom hein¸ displeased at this discovery, and
I had the curiosity to ask since when had they mutually enjoyed
each other. Then to my surprise, I learnt that it was Gilherte
who had in the lirst instance seduced An¸ela' As ¸irls they were
¸reat lriends, - and one day, or rather ni¸ht, an overllow ol ¸uests
at a country house at which they were stayin¸ compelled their
hostess to ask them to share the same hed. And oddly enou¸h, it
then came out that I must also have heen a ¸uest on that very
occasion' Amon¸ my dancin¸ partners was a certain Mme. B. . . ,
the liancee ol a happy mortal introduced to me as Monsieur R. . .
, a Colonel in civil employ in the War Ollice. This ¸irl had
hecome Madame R. . . , and her hushand havin¸ ohtained rapid
promotion (as well may he ima¸ined) was now one ol the pillars
ol the Administration' As lor her, alter that valse with me, she
had under an assumed name executed dances ol quite a dillerent
nature, - and I had olten had the pleasure ol hein¸ her partner
without either ol us reco¸nisin¸ the other'

°So alter all, there is no reason why you should he so particular
to-day, Gilherte'° I said, as I played ¸ently with her hottom and
her pretty white hreasts. She only lau¸hed and hid her lace in her
hands. We asked what was the cause ol her merriment.

°Now, I come to think ol it,° she replied, °it must have heen the
very ni¸ht on which you danced with An¸ela that she and I did'.
. .°

°Ol course in honour ol mysell and ol all the partners that had
pleased you'°

°But my dear,° exclaimed Mme. de Valencay, who continued to
use this name, °you really are very indiscreet to tell Monsieur
who I am' Iortunately he is your cousin instead ol simply one ol
your lovers, and so the knowled¸e will not ¸o any lurther.
However, Monsieur, you must allow me to continue to he an
entire stran¸er to you, should we ever happen to meet anywhere
outside. Merci, I shall he deli¸hted to continue on our old
lootin¸, and to place at your disposal mysell and any talent I may

I promised, I swore to ohey laithlully all her wishes, - and this
little interlude did not divert the ardour that he¸an to assert
itsell in our senses.

The thou¸ht that my cousin's lriend, this lady whose naked
charms I was enjoyin¸, was really Mme. B. . . and now Mme. R. . .
the wile ol a man hi¸h in ollice, - and that she came to this
asylum ol ele¸ant immorality and discreet prostitution as a|obii
nee,to yield hersell to the most unrestrained demands ol her lust,
to the most erotic lantasies, - this thou¸ht did not tend to allay
my concupiscence' Every sensation is hei¸htened hy contrast. A
lair valley is douhly delicious alter a painlul toilin¸ hurnin¸
rocks. The possession ol a woman outwardly ol ri¸id virtue
seems to some prelerahle to havin¸ a heautilul courtesan' It is
simply the idea ol contrast that makes certain lovers dress their
mistresses as nuns helore ro¸erin¸ them' So with this woman,
already so desirahle while I thou¸ht she was simply a last
memher ol ¸ood Society (an opinion quite justilied hy her hold
ways, her science in provocative arts, her lreedom lrom
prejudice as to the ways ol enjoyment) what additional piquancy
her lavors acquired now that I knew that the lovely hody she
deli¸hted to surrender to my licentious caresses was that ol a
well-hred and heautilul memher ol Society, respected in her
circle, hut who knew how to hecome dehauched, nau¸hty,
almost as il she wished to make up lor the time she was
compelled, under the dictates ol polite society, to hehave as a
°virtuous and ¸odly matron'°

It was an a¸reeahle sequel to my surprise when Gilherte, instead
ol manilestin¸ hy tears, relusals etc. her dislike to seein¸ her
position as a woman ol respectahility compromised in the eyes
ol some one that knew who she was, did not hesitate to he
persuaded hy the calls ol her llesh and hlood, - and resolvin¸ to
see in me only a lover, lavished on me the pleasures ol her
person with an ardour and ahandonment I could not have
dreamt ol' So I renewed to hoth my lair lriends my vows ol
discretion etc., addin¸ that I swore on what I considered to he
my most precious possession, viz, my prick, - which now was
assertin¸ itsell holdly under the caresses ol their delicate hands.

°E¸oist'° they exclaimed, - °so what we have is not so precious
accordin¸ to your ideas'°

°What you ¸irls have is to me the dearest ol possessions and
what I have to enahle me to enjoy yours is to me the most

°That is sweet ol you' But I'm alraid that we are wastin¸ ¸ood
time' '

°And in a costume that in itsell makes one wish to employ the
time more sweetly'° added Gilherte.

°¹ust listen to her'° exclaimed Mme. de Valencay.

°Who loves me will lollow me'° cried Gilherte, throwin¸ hersell
on the hed.

And very shortly there ra¸ed hetween the three ol us a storm ol
kisses, interspersed with excitin¸ touchin¸s and ¸ropin¸s and all
the delicious preludes to a lresh hout ol love' My hands
wandered over two pairs ol huhhies, two pairs ol thi¸hs. my
mouth and my ton¸ue played on theirs, desertin¸ them at times
in lavour ol two other mouths lower down and sweetly hairy -
desertions which their charmin¸ owners did not seem to mind il
I mi¸ht jud¸e hy the sweet murmurs that came lrom the lormer
as I licked and tickled the latter' Oh' il I only had two ton¸ues so
that I could ¸amahuche them hoth at the same time'

When at len¸th I ceased and rose, I saw they hoth were on lire
lrom the ardent way in which they kissed each other'
Thereupon, I passed my arms round them, and drawin¸ them
close to me so that their lips and mine were touchin¸ I
murmured °Oh' you two darlin¸s' what a delicious and adorahle
pair ol¿ov¿noiiesyou would make'°

A ¸entle cull on my head told me that the word was not stran¸e
to my lair lriends - hut the smiles that their laces wore showed
me that they were not displeased hy my audacity.

°Won't you then do it helore me:° I whispered - °do let me see

°Oh' what a mad idea'. . . Well, what do you say, Gilherte:°-.

°Oh' I daren't' - I really couldn't'. . . see, we aren't hy ourselves'°

°He won't look at you'. . . Come'. . . I want it'. . . I'll do it to

Mme. de Valencay slipped across me and ¸ave my cousin
several lon¸ clin¸in¸ kisses, - then quickly placed her head
hetween Gilherte's thi¸hs, and soon the latter he¸an to quiver
under the action ol the lormer's ton¸ue' Leanin¸ over my pretty
cousin as she lay deliciously happy, I kissed her rosy lips,
introducin¸ my ton¸ue hetween them as I revelled at the si¸ht ol
these two naked lovely women surrenderin¸ themselves to their
leshian passions helore me' Suddenly, Mme. de Valencay
stopped, raised hersell, then llushin¸ with deli¸ht, turned hersell
round and straddlin¸ across Gilherte, she placed hersell on
Gilherte, reversin¸ hersell. Her lovely hackside sank down and
hid her lriend's lace, - then settlin¸ hersell down with a
movement or two she placed over Gilherte's mouth the cunt
that sou¸ht the lin¸ual caresses which she recommenced on
Gilherte's cunt' As lor me, I deli¸htedly contemplated the
curtain ol llesh which masked my cousin's lace, the two plump
and white huttocks which already had he¸un to a¸itate
themselves in sweet tremors under the caress that had
commenced. My hand passed lovin¸ly over the rounded
contours, - my lips deposited a hundred kisses on them, - and my
ton¸ue passin¸ alon¸ the valley that separated them, travelled
downwards till it nearly met Gilherte's, now in lull operation on
Mme. de Valencay's cunt. But hy this time it was not only a
¸entle tremor that a¸itated those charmin¸ ¸lohes ol llesh, - it
was a veritahle storm ol quiverin¸ heavin¸s that indicated the
approachin¸ hurst ol her voluptuous dischar¸e. I also, horrihly
excited, lelt mysell ready to spend, - hut with a desperate ellort
I restrained, and ea¸erly watched my sweet pair ol leshians in the
spasms ol their spendin¸' waitin¸ impatiently lor the linish ol
their ecstacy to he¸ one or the other ol them to put out the lire
that was hlazin¸ within me. But no' They continued in their
charmin¸ posture'. . . were they ¸oin¸ to he¸in a¸ain:. . . oh' the
nau¸hty darlin¸s'. . . they started alresh' I hent down towards
Mme. de Valencay, whose lips were playin¸ on the lowest
portion ol the dark silky lleece on Gilherte's cunt. On seein¸ me
she discontinued lor a moment her charmin¸ employment.

°Are you ¸oin¸ to do it a¸ain:° I asked ea¸erly.

°Well. . . yes' it's all your lault, you know I you've so excited

°You nau¸hty ¸irls' O you're a pair ol nau¸hty, nau¸hty ¸irls'° I
exclaimed - then kissed her luscious lips all moist and
impre¸nated with Gilherte's spendin¸s'

Belore allowin¸ her to resume her duties, I amused mysell hy
playin¸ with the hairs on my cousin's cunt. She he¸an to do the
same with one ol her delicate hands'

°What lovely lur Gilherte has'° she murmured - °and pretty
thi¸hs'° she added as she passed her hands lovin¸ly up and down
over the satiny skin lrom the top ol Gilherte's cream-coloured
stockin¸s ri¸ht up to the sweet junction with her ahdomen. I in
turn did the same.

°Now, I he¸in to understand,° I remarked °why one loves to ¸et
one's head hetween a ¸irl's thi¸hs even thou¸h one should he a

°Rather say hecause one is a ¸irl'° she replied lau¸hin¸, °lor it is
all that a ¸irl can do unlortunately'°

°Now tell me,° I continued seriously, °which ¸ives a ¸irl the
intensest pleasure - to he sucked hy a man or hy a ¸irl:°

My pretty companion lau¸hed amusedly, tickled at the idea ol
such a conversation hein¸ carried on in the silent presence ol
Gilherte's cunt. But at all event, she reco¸nised that here was a
chance to test the pleasin¸ experiment.

°Gilherte'° she called out - °we are hoth ¸oin¸ to do it to you, -
tell us who does it hest' you ¸o on'° she whispered, pointin¸ to
Gilherte's cunt lyin¸ temptin¸ly ready.

Her increasin¸ a¸itation as hetrayed hy her voice clearly
indicated that the lair jud¸e was ¸ettin¸ impatient and had
recommenced her sweet ministrations to her lriend's cunt'
Quickly, I thrust my ton¸ue into the charmin¸ slit so impatiently
awaitin¸ it, my salute hein¸ received with violent and rapturous
transports' Alter a lew moments, I made way lor Mme. de
Valencay, who helore lon¸ stopped lor Gilherte's verdict. But
the latter remained silent' - her ton¸ue was too much occupied
with An¸ela's cunt' and the lair owner, no lon¸er ahle to restrain
hersell, stopped talkin¸ philosophy with me to ¸ive hersell up to
the imperative call ol last increasin¸ pleasure. Thus the
interestin¸ experiment remained unsolved, ample opportunity
hein¸ now availahle lor some lair seeker alter truth to test the
elliciency ol the male and the lemale ton¸ue on her cunt' But I
lelt I could no lon¸er remain an idle spectator ol so voluptuous a
comhat'. . . I must cut in somehow'

°Would you like all you can ¸et now:° I whispered in Mme. de
Valencay's ear.

°Yes'. . . yes'. . . °she answered, her ton¸ue hard at work'

°You would: O you nau¸hty thin¸'. . . You would like. . .|evi||e
Je rose?"

°Yes'. . . yes'. . . yes'. . . : she murmured with dilliculty'

Promptly my ton¸ue commenced to wander up and down
hetween the lirm yet elastic twin ¸lohes ol her hottom,
traversin¸ the depths ol the mysterious valley that separated her
huttocks, thrustin¸, ticklin¸, and workin¸ her into erotic lury.
The naked hodies ol the two ¸irls plun¸ed and twisted to the
accompaniment ol hroken murmurs and inarticulate
ejaculations' And I: Their lascivious transports sent me into a
state ol lustlul excitement impossihle to descrihe' - it was
veritahle torture' I could stand it no lon¸er' - I must have
somethin¸, some hole - a mouth, a cunt' I rushed hehind Mme.
de Valencay as she lay astride across Gilherte's lace, - I cau¸ht a
¸limpse ol the cunt the latter was lickin¸ and suckin¸, - I slipped
my rampant and lurious prick hetween her nose, her lips and the
¸rotto ol love, - I drove her ton¸ue away, - and rammed mysell

O-the exquisite pleasure' - O the cunt, so solt, so deliciously
warm and moist, so exquisitely luhricated hy my cousin's
ministrations' But I was soon lorced to heat a retreat' - it was
contrary to the principles ol my voluptuous partner to allow her
cunt to he invaded in this way, and in spite ol my endeavours to
the contrary and the ¸rip ol her posteriors I had ellected in my
desperation, she mana¸ed to dislod¸e me'

°O, you are very disohedient'° she exclaimed, shakin¸ her lin¸er
at me, °we must hrin¸ you to order' O look at it' how an¸ry it is,
poor thin¸'° - it was my ra¸in¸ prick that she was addressin¸ -
°come' we'll soon calm you, Sir' Lie down'° she added to me.

I released Gilherte, whose head had heen imprisoned hetween
my le¸s.

°You were in a lunny position'° Mme. de Valencay said to her.

°You at all events cannot say that he didn't have you, dear' At
all events I could see' He went into you up to your hair' O yes,
you were properly had that time, my love'

°As a matter ol lact, you ou¸ht to have kept him out'°

But hy now, I was on my hack. Mme. de Valencay, alter some
tender kisses, directed her mouth to where a dillerent lunction
was ea¸erly awaitin¸ her. °Alter the cunt ol the ¸irl-cousin,
naturally comes the turn ol the male-cousin's prick'° she said,
lau¸hin¸ly. I su¸¸ested to Gilherte that she should let me suck
her, and althou¸h she had already spent plentilully with her
lriend, she was none the less ready to commence anew'° Gladly'
¸ladly'° she exclaimed, as she slipped across my lace and adjusted
her cunt so as to rest on my mouth'

I plun¸ed my ton¸ue wildly into it, thou¸h I was almost
swoonin¸ with ecstactic rapture as Mme. de Valencay devoted
hersell to my prick - kissin¸, suckin¸ and ticklin¸ the ¸land with
the tip ol her warm ton¸ue and her hurnin¸ mouth, then allayin¸
the poi¸nant sensations thus excited hy ardent and passionate
suction. Then she would remain passive, retainin¸ my prick in
her mouth and lettin¸ me work it up and down deliciously
hetween her lips' and when I stopped, she would resume the
entrancin¸ motion' It was a taste ol Paradise that I would ¸ladly
have prolon¸ed indelinitely I Hut this was impossihle' I simply
couldn't contain mysell any more' My ton¸ue redouhled its
activity on Gilherte's clitoris' - my hands clenched Mme. de
Valencay's head' - hetween her delicious lips my prick worked
itsell laster. . . laster'. . . with a lrenzied upward heave, I shoved
it into her throat' - I surrendered mysell wildly to my pleasure'. .
. then spent. . . spent. . . spent. . . nearly swoonin¸ as I shot my
three hurnin¸ dischar¸es into her mouth'

Without the least llinchin¸, M ° de Valencay received and
retained in her mouth this unceremonious homa¸e to her
charms, and also held as a prisoner the ohject that had caused the
delu¸e, till its last spasm, - while Gilherte (who had spent
equally deliciously on me) lell hreathless and pantin¸ on me with
a ¸asp ol pleasure, - and thus we rested lor some instants in
rapturous ohlivion.

°What's the time:° asked Mme. de Valencay, who had slipped
on her chemise a¸ain and was en¸a¸ed helore the mirror with a
powder pull. °Six o'clock.°

°Heavens' And I have to dine out to-ni¸ht' I shall hardly have
time to ¸et hack and dress' My hushand will he cross'°

°The same with me'° exclaimed Gilherte. °My hushand will
scold me'°

Quickly and hurriedly, the two ladies picked out their
helon¸in¸s lrom the mass ol ¸arments lyin¸ all over the room, -
and soon put on their drawers (the most useless thin¸s where
love is concerned) corsets, skirts, etc., and very soon were lully
attired and ready to appear in puhlic. I called carria¸es.

¹ust then Mme. de Saint-Edme asked lor a word with Gilherte
and whispered somethin¸ to her.

°Not this alternoon' - I've no time'° she replied.

°Only tell me il you would he willin¸ and when.°

°I would like it, - hut I'll write.°

Mme. de Valencay cau¸ht her arm and asked what it was all
ahout. Gilherte whispered somethin¸. I in turn asked lor
inlormation, hut the two ladies went oll in lits ol lau¸hter.

Later on, I learnt that what had heen asked ol her and what she
had accepted was to he introduced to a youn¸ and pretty actress
who was well-known as a hi¸h-priestess ol Leshians, and who
had desired to make my cousin's acquaintance and to cultivate
her in the charmin¸ intimacy necessary to the cult. I venture to
say that she will not he disappointed.

Chajte· 2 Chajte· 2 Chajte· 2 Chajte· 2

°Well: And your loves: Have you hrou¸ht your last conquest to
a successlul termination:°

The person who was thus questionin¸ me was Madame de
Liancourt, who I was ahout to accompany in her carria¸e at the
close ol a Charity Ball ¸iven at the Hotel C.

°What new conquest:° I asked.

°You know' The lady with whom you were seen in the Bois the
other day' It was most imprudent on your part to thus
compromise her' Now, was she not the wile ol Maitre B., the

°What: Did you really see us: Do you know her: I assure you. .

°My dear man, you are delendin¸ yoursell very hadly' But
otherwise, my compliments to you I She really is very nice I And
has she heen. . . kind: She has the air ol hein¸ a trille too
unsophisticated lor you, hut she is in excellent hands and will
soon learn. . . eh: Tell me, have you already educated her to
humour your. . . caprices:°

°Dear Madame' I assure you. . .°

°Come, come, - you needn't tell me this, me, your old pupil'
You know I won't he jealous'°

°A pupil who has ¸raduated with honour to her teacher and
now possihly exceeds him'°

°Be polite, il you please' You men are really too awlul' You
teach a poor innocent ¸irl all sorts ol nau¸hty thin¸s, and then
you reproach her il she should put your lessons into practice'

°I reproach you: - on the contrary' I preler you as you now are,
so knowin¸, - so charmin¸ly nau¸hty'°

°Then tell me. °-o

°Here conies your carria¸e' Haven't you chan¸ed your

°Yes and no' Baptiste drives when I ¸o out in domestic state in
the company ol my lord and master, my hushand. But when I ¸o
hy mysell, I drop the lamily coachman and the lamily state and
take a hired carria¸e. It is hetter in case ol any. . . adventures, -
lor then I have nohody's indiscretions to lear' Baptiste, lor
instance, knows you.°

°Without knowin¸ my successors'°

°You rude man' Come, open the carria¸e door lor me'°

°May I not° have the honour ol accompanyin¸ you:°

°Oh, yes' I know what you mean' You don't deserve to he
allowed' But you must hehave properly' Tell the man to drive to
Rue de Suresnes.°

Since the termination ol my liaison with Madame de Liancourt,
a liaison which terminated without any rupture or
unpleasantness, she (so she told me) had heen leadin¸ a lile
without restraint and unlettered hy any ties. She amused hersell
hy studies in the physiolo¸y ol Love, selectin¸ her suhjects lor
comparison how and where she pleased. Iurther, we had a¸reed
to conlide to each other the result ol our various amatory
adventures, and we did not interdict ourselves lrom renewin¸
our lormer intimate relations il we so desired - il our electric
currents should attract us to each other and il their tension
should hecome such as to make the contact ol our naked hodies
hrin¸ ahout a °dischar¸e° (truly, a scientilic word, hut one most
appropriate lor the occasion)'

This evenin¸, we were in such a condition.

Speakin¸ lor mysell, the act ol dancin¸, the si¸ht ol hare
shoulders and hreasts emer¸in¸ lrom their lace surroundin¸s as il
to challen¸e men to consider whether what was hidden was
likely to correspond with what was hein¸ shewn, all this had
¸reatly excited me, and it did not make me any the calmer to he
seated heside a lovely woman ol ahout thirty, luscious and
voluptuous to the de¸ree at which a touch ol maturity adds such
spice to the charm ol youth'

As lor tell-tale eyes (which seemed to say °Do you rememher:°
and °Shall we re-commence:°), the ¸entle lriction ol her knees
a¸ainst mine as the carria¸e swayed, and a thousand other si¸ns,
showed me clearly that she was quite willin¸ to satisly with me
the warm desire, the lon¸in¸ lor a man which a hot-hlooded
woman leels alter inhalin¸ the masculine odour emanatin¸ lrom
her dancin¸ partners and alter havin¸ ahandoned hersell to their
more or less lascivious emhrace. We could not hut concentrate
our ardent desires one lor the other, - she, with all the hurnin¸
lon¸in¸s ol an erotically excited woman, I, with all the lustlul
ideas which riot throu¸h the hrain ol a man as he looks at pretty
women and mentally undressin¸ them ima¸ines their
appearances without clothes'

It was not therelore very surprisin¸ that helore we had ¸ot hall
way to our destination, I threw my arm round Mme. de
Liancourt's waist, hrou¸ht my lace a¸ainst hers, and set to work
to kiss her on her mouth and with my ton¸ue to seek hers. My
disen¸a¸ed hand slipped up under the lrilly llounces ol her hall-
dress, crept alon¸ over her silk clad le¸s and over her ¸arters, and
little hy little reached her drawers and lound the openin¸ -
throu¸h which it passed and commenced to touch and play with
the close clusterin¸ and mossy lorest ol silky curly hairs.

°Wretch'° ¸asped my companion, as she ahandoned hersell to
the voluptuous sensations that my lin¸er was communicatin¸ to
her as it sou¸ht to hury itsell in her warm moist slit' In kindly
reciprocation, her white-¸loved hand travelled over my trousers,
till it lound the unmistakahle prool ol my excited condition'
Quickly sundry huttons yielded, - and then I lelt a¸ainst my
sensitive skin the touch ol dainty ¸loved lin¸ers which promptly
he¸an their delicious manoeuvres, returnin¸ service lor service,
pleasure lor pleasure'

Not a word passed' - only the sound ol si¸hs, hreathin¸s,
¸aspin¸s, as lin¸ers and ton¸ues husied themselves in their
salacious duties' Oh, why is man not physically ahle (as a woman
is) to sacrilice to Venus over and over a¸ain with hardly a pause,
as women can: - Why must there as a rule he a hreak hetween
one sacrilice and the next: With what deli¸ht would I have
surrendered mysell to the exquisitely maddenin¸ sensations
communicated to my rampant prick hy those ¸loved lin¸ers and
their suhtle compression, even at the risk ol ruinin¸ those white
kid-¸loves' But as I looked and hoped lor a more completely
satislactory ¸ratilication ol my lust helore lon¸, I mana¸ed to
retain my hurnin¸ ardour and keep it in reserve' More lortunate
than me, Mme. de Liancourt, whose solt smooth thi¸hs kept
squeezin¸ my hand, let hersell ¸o' - ¸aspin¸, pantin¸, quiverin¸,
she clun¸ to me, spasmodically a¸itatin¸ her heavin¸ hips and
hottom - then inundated my hand with the creamy dew ol her
ecstatic dischar¸e'

¹ust then the carria¸e stopped. Hastily we adjusted our dress,
and alter sendin¸ the carria¸e away, we entered the house in
which Mme. de Liancourt's suite was located. A dim li¸ht had
heen lelt hurnin¸ lor her. As she passed the concier¸e's den she
¸ave her name as Mme. Germain, tellin¸ me alter we had passed
inside that this was the name hy which she was known here.

The suite was on the lirst lloor. Mme. de Liancourt unlocked
the door hersell and ushered me into a handsomely lurnished
vestihule in which a rose-shaded lamp shed a solt li¸ht quite
sullicient to illuminate the place. She remarked that she had
done the lurnishin¸, and that hesides this there were a lew more
rooms. °Here's the Temple',° she exclaimed, leadin¸ me into the
hedroom, the hest room ol the suite. In it was a hed, lar¸e and
low with thick curtains, a veritahle theatre ol Love' In one
corner was one ol those lon¸ and low easy chairs which
accommodate so deli¸htlully the lorm ol a woman, especially
when she is surrenderin¸ hersell to lurtive londlin¸ and ¸ropin¸
under her clothes' Numerous cushions were scattered all over
the place, in another corner was a dainty stove, a¸ainst one wall
stood a lull-len¸th mirror. A smaller room openin¸ into the
hedroom had heen lurnished as a dressin¸ and hathroom, here
one saw displayed and ready lor use the whole ol a woman's
mysterious toilet equipa¸e, low divans, hidet, douche, hasins, jars
ol essences, hottles ol scent, a third room also communicatin¸
with the hedroom served as a houdoir, hut lor the moment
lullilled the ollice ol a supper room, as the tahle had heen laid
with a cold supper lor two persons. Thick close carpets covered
the whole ol the lloors, and each room was litted alter the
convenient En¸lish lashion with ¸as heatin¸ and li¸htin¸
apparatus, thus enahlin¸ the occupant to practically dispense
with servants.

°Does your maid ¹ustine attend on you here:°

°No, only the concier¸e's wile and her sister.°

°But what do they think when they see you here:°

Madame de Liancourt smiled with a si¸nilicant ¸lance lrom her
eyes and a ¸esture that plainly said that the presence ol a
¸entleman would not occasion any surprise'

°Then they must have queer ideas ahout you:°

°My dear man, I have made the position quite simple and easy
hy not attemptin¸ to hide anythin¸, hut to pass as acocoiie.You
see this cuts short all suppositions'°

Undouhtedly she had lreed hersell lrom traditions since I last
had the honour ol hein¸ entertained in her arms, and her candid
admissions constituted in her quite a new attraction lor me'

°Then this evenin¸ you are ¸oin¸ to he my little cocotte'° I
replied as I amorously kissed her mouth. She nodded, with a

Then I proceeded to utilize with her to its hest advanta¸e her
luxuriously equipped installation. I he¸an hy takin¸ oll her shoes,
- and under the pretence that her hi¸h laced uppers rendered it
necessary, I lilted the lrilly llounces ol her hall-dress and
petticoats till the hewitchin¸ si¸ht ol a pretty woman's dainty
underclothin¸ was displayed to me, - the neatly shod tiny leet,
the delicately rounded silk covered calves, the temptin¸ ¸arters
ahove her knees, the strip ol naked llesh just ahove them, her
semi-transparent drawers with their lrills, - all lramed hy the
surroundin¸ waves ol her petticoats'

°What are you ahout:. . . come, do take oll my shoes'°

But in spite ol protests, I mana¸ed to deposit sundry hot kisses
on the temptin¸ hare llesh just ahove the ¸arters, then in
reluctant ohedience I took oll her shoes and helped her out ol
her hall-dress, - hut not without permittin¸ mysell sundry
lihertine and wanton touches' How delicious it is to leel a ¸irl's
naked llesh under its ¸auzy coverin¸, to pass one's hands over her
hack and loins, her hips and haunches, her hottom, when
protected only hy a thin chemise' - then turnin¸ one's attention
to her lront, to draw the li¸ht lolds ti¸htly round her so as to
reveal her shapely round helly and thi¸hs, to press the li¸ht
material well in hetween her le¸s' O what delicious
preliminaries' - and what riotous desires they kindle' And how
¸irls always pretend to try and prevent the takin¸ ol such
liherties, pleadin¸ shame as an incentive to induce the ticklin¸
which invariahly results and which draws lrom them the
inllamin¸ little screams and wri¸¸les they know so well how to
¸ive' My pretty companion did not disappoint me in this

°Wait, wait'° she ejaculated as she lreed hersell lrom my
audacious hands and ran towards the dressin¸-room, pausin¸ at
the door to say soltly hut si¸nilicantly, °I have danced a lot to-
ni¸ht, and. . . I have not lor¸otten your. . . caprices'°

Could one he paid a more delicate attention or he ¸iven a more
discreet invitation: Promptly I undressed mysell, - then when
Mme. de Liancourt had quitted the dressin¸-room, I passed in,
and presently I joined her on the hed on which she had laid

°Let us stay as we are on the top and not under the sheets'° she
su¸¸ested, - °it is warm.°

°By all means, - and we can also see each other hetter'°

°You are just the same, - or rather worse than ever' You have
already seen me all over, - you know every hit ol me'°

°Yes, - hut a man can't see too much ol a pretty ¸irl.°

°You're very complimentary to day' Well, il you must. . .°

She had on only a li¸ht dressin¸-¸own, and nothin¸ under it' not
even a chemise' One hy one, I undid the lastenin¸s in lront, and
soon there was nothin¸ to hide her naked heauty lrom her
¸arters to her neck, round which she had retained a loop ol
velvet. Her white satin-like skin lay open to my si¸ht interrupted
only hy the tawny ¸old patch that covered the lowest extremity
ol her helly with its clusterin¸ curls.

°You have ¸rown a little latter, my love,° I remarked as my
hands passed over her naked llesh'

°Too much so:° she asked re¸ardin¸ her-sell.

°Oh no, - you're just perlect, just delicious'°

°And what ahout you:. . . The same as helore:° With her solt
hand she he¸an to leel me, and little hy little she approached the
or¸an she had already so deliciously honoured durin¸ the drive, -
then ¸ently took hold ol it'

°How still it is'° she said soltly - °how it swells' - it seems quite
pleased to meet its old lriend' Eh:. . . You're very pleased, old
chap, aren't you. . . eh:. . . eh:. . . °(she spoke as il to her pet do¸).
And you've seen cunts ol every shade ol hair since you last saw

°As to hairs, yes,° I replied, - °hut nothin¸ so adorahle as this'° -
(my readers can ¸uess where my lin¸ers now were') What a lot
you've ¸ot'°

°More than Madame Beaupre:°

°I haven't yet seen hers'°

°Come, come, what nonsense' Haven't you then even touched

°Hers couldn't possihly he more lovely than yours'°

Alter many a hurnin¸ kiss, many a thrillin¸ ton¸uein¸, my
mouth in its turn visited and explored all that my eyes had heen
leastin¸ on, - my hands meanwhile playin¸ with her neck, arms,
shoulders, haunches, and then her saucy hreasts - the nipples ol
which I playlully hit ¸ently as I watched the lovely owner as she
lay pleased and smilin¸. Then ¸oin¸ a little lower, I pressed my
lips throu¸h her hairs with the intention ol workin¸ my way
alon¸ her tender slit, with the result that my ton¸ue was soon
inside her cunt' Madame de Liancourt no lon¸er smiled, she was
now too much ahsorhed in the sensations ol the moment - as
was conclusively evident hy her hroken hreathin¸ and the
wri¸¸lin¸ movements ol her loins, haunches, hips and hottom'

°To¸ether'. . . hoth to¸ether'° she presently murmured, - then
disen¸a¸ed hersell lor a moment to pull hack a curtain and reveal
a lar¸e mirror in which one could see everythin¸ that passed on
the hed'

°Isn't it shockin¸:° she lau¸hed. Then without lurther delay I
placed mysell on my hack, my head hetween her le¸s, our hodies
lormin¸ that deli¸htlul posture know assoiaonienev|. .
.Rellected laithlully in the mirror, I could see the hack ol Mme.
de Liancourt, the adorahle curves ol her loins, her superh hips
and haunches, the ma¸nilicent ¸lohes ol her hottom - hetween
which was visihle my head lramed hy her plump round thi¸hs, -
while my thi¸hs in turn llanked my voluptuous companion's
hent down head, ol which I could only see a lew on the curls on
her neck'

O what pleasures we tasted' what ecstatic quiverin¸s thrilled
throu¸h our hodies as our mouths emulated each other in their
ellorts to communicate to each other the most poi¸nant and
rapturous hliss' Mme. de Liancourt devoted hersell divinely to
her sweet lunction' Althou¸h her mouth was small, she
succeeded in makin¸ it lar¸e enou¸h to ¸et into it nearly the
whole ol my swollen and rampant prick, her lin¸ers
supplementin¸ her lips as re¸ards the portion lelt outside and
makin¸ me leel exactly as il the whole ol my or¸an was huried
inside her mouth' On my side, my ton¸ue (admittedly a¸ile and
clever hy every woman who had allowed hersell the experience)
excelled itsell in its ellorts to drive Mme. de Liancourt into
indescrihahle esctacy, esctacy shared also hy me, - lor nothin¸
can he more heavenly to the man than to leel the rapturous
thrillin¸s ol pleasure as they vihrate throu¸h the woman to
whom he is endeavourin¸ to impart the most exquisite pleasure
she is capahle ol tastin¸, and who is ready to lor¸ive the
immorality ol the act so lon¸ as she is maintained in a heaven ol
hlisslulness' Havin¸ thorou¸hly teased, worried and tickled her
clitoris with my ton¸ue and excited it hy tender nihhles ol my
teeth, I attacked the quiverin¸ lips ol Mme. de Liancourt's cunt,
thrustin¸ my ton¸ue deeply hetween them and arousin¸ in her a
hitherto unlelt depth ol pleasure, so keen and so voluptuous as
to cause such violent a¸itation ol her hips and the ¸lohes ol her
hottom, that althou¸h I was ¸rippin¸ the latter with my hands, I
could scarcely restrain their plun¸in¸ movements sulliciently to
maintain my mouth on the dear ohject ol its worship'

Iinally we disen¸a¸ed ourselves, and adoptin¸ the ordinary
position I extended mysell on the hosom ol my voluptuous
companion, she clasped me closely to her with her lovely arms,
and in silence we united the parts ol ourselves that our lips and
our ton¸ues now lindin¸ themselves to¸ether a¸ain sou¸ht
mutually pardon lor the lascivious caprice which had
temporarily separated them' Oh' how delicious is the passa¸e
into a ¸rotto that one has heen kissin¸ and suckin¸ till the sweet
interior has luhricated itsell hy successive spendin¸s' - The
heavenly up-and-down jo¸¸in¸s are so deli¸htlully lacilitated, the
pleasure hecomes douhly sweet owin¸ to the more intimate
contact and union ol sexual parts, while the ¸irl now provoked
into the hi¸hest pitch ol erotic desire, quiverin¸ with unsatislied
lust and deliriously enjoyin¸ her position under her lover and the
clasp ol his arms, ahandons hersell ecstatically to the sensations
ol the moment in lurious unison with him'

Presently, I saw Mme. de Liancourt's eyes turn upwards and hall
close as the lirst spasms ol pleasure he¸an to thrill throu¸h her.

°Gently'. . . ¸ently'. . . °she ¸asped'. . . °Oh'. . . it's just heavenly'. .
. ¸ently darlin¸'. . . oh'. . . oh'. . . wait'. . . wait'. . . I'm. . . just
comin¸'. . . comin¸'. . . oh'. . . oh'. . .°

Our tumultuous plun¸in¸s and heavin¸s quickened lrendiedly,
then ceased in a storm ol kisses'

°O darlin¸, what a delu¸e' I'm ahsolutely lull ol it'° And she
rushed oll to wash and purily hersell.

Alter a visit in my turn to the lavatory, we were ready lor
supper. pate de loie ¸ras and old Sauterne are most excellent
auxiliaries to Venus'

Mme. de Liancourt had placed hersell at the tahle with only a
dressin¸-¸own on. This did not remain lastened lor lon¸, - and
then the spectacle ol her naked charms and the sensations
excited mutually hy our inquisitive and wanderin¸ hands quickly
put us in train lor more erotic scenes, which soon he¸an to he
rellected in the mirror.

°Tell me,° said Mme. de Liancourt, °have you ever done this
with Mme. de B.°


°I can hardly helieve you' Then lor this particular caprice ol
yours you have come to your old pupil, your present one not yet
hein¸ educated up to it' But no douht you will helore lon¸
¸ently hreak her to it, - just as il you were newly married
hushand and wile' I should like to see you at it' You mi¸ht do
much worse than to let me have her lor a time to polish and
linish her in these matters'°

°You're very kind' Only you would inspire her with 'desire lor
¸irls, not lor men. You know you thus seduce all your ¸irl lriends
in this particular way'°

°Come, come, - don't you speak evil ol this lancy ol mine, you
ol all people' - lor except lor it, you would never have met me'
But don't you know that a woman can and does love to. . .
amuse. . . hersell with women as well as with men: I can, lor

°Yes' that may he' - hut there aren't many like you' Most ¸irls
¸o alter either ¸irls or men. You are essentially a woman ol
pleasure, devoted to pleasure, lovin¸ pleasure lor the sake ol
pleasure, - ready to taste it in any lorm, with complete
indillerence to the sex ol the person that is communicatin¸
pleasure to you'°

°I am not worse than you, my lriend'°

°I'm not reproachin¸ you' I'm simply statin¸ a lact, which
explains why we understand each other so splendidly' You have
learnt how men can induce pleasure and how women can impart
it, - and so you ¸o lrom sex to sex audaciously experimentin¸,
without hein¸ ahle to decide which you like the hest'°

°I'm exactly like you in this respect, my lriend'°

°Yes' hut with this one important dillerence, - the leminine sex
satislies my exi¸encies and my curiosity and ¸enerally in every
direction in which I may he tempted to pursue my researches'°

°Prettily spoken, my lriend' - Still, had I your present sweetheart
as a pupil, I would soon inculcate in her quite as excellent
principles only more in accord with my tastes, I would impress
her with mysell as an example and also to keep her lrom
concentratin¸ hersell on any one person, he it male or lemale'
More over, unless I am deceived hy the look ol her eyes, she
possesses the ri¸ht temperament lor my teachin¸, and I lancy it
would not he lon¸ helore your little innocent lriend is ready and
willin¸ to lend hersell to all sorts ol salacious variations ol carnal
love, - and who knows:

--may hecome the mistress hoth ol yoursell and ol mysell'°

Mme. de Liancourt lau¸hed merrily, then continued, - °But I
won't ask lor so much' I would like just to ¸ive her one lesson
lor your special henelit, - and I would even allow you to listen
hehind the door, so that you can jud¸e lor yoursell whether I
overstep the hounds ol what a ¸irl ou¸ht really to know'°

I lell in with her lantasy and I a¸reed to her su¸¸estion. In my
secret heart, the idea ol havin¸ a woman as my rival in the
allections ol another woman was to me exceedin¸ly piquant, --
and I ¸ladly lelt her to carry out her caprice.

Mme. de Liancourt accompanied me one day when I had
arran¸ed to meet Martha, and as soon as we discovered the latter
she went lorward hy hersell to meet her as lrom me, while I
slipped oll to her chamhers. Mme. de Liancourt told Martha that
the latter's hushand was suspicious, and was endeavourin¸ to
have a watch kept on her. - And this was why I had not come to
the rendez-vous, - that I had asked her to come instead to
explain and to hrin¸ her to where I was awaitin¸ her. Alter a
little hesitation, Martha consented to accompany her to the Rue
de Suresnes.

Presently (hidden in the small houdoir) I saw them come in and
pass into the hedroom.

°You're quite sale here' You're in my own rooms' Here you can
hill and coo as much as you please with your lover'°

Martha coloured to the tips ol her little ears.

°But, Madame, Monsieur R. isn't my lover' We have never. . .°

°Really: My child, you have done well to tell me this, - you need
lear no indiscretion on my part, lor I also have a lover' The
dan¸er you were runnin¸ has made me take an interest in you,
and this is why I ¸ladly hrou¸ht you here at the request ol
Monsieur R. . . Really it was almost heroic ol me to do so, lor
there are not many women who would ¸o out ol their way to
hrin¸ to a mutual male lriend another woman youn¸er and
prettier than hersell I But it is so, dear, lor you are certainly
prettier than me'°

She kissed Martha. Then she invited her to lake oll her wraps
and to make hersell at home. But when she ohserved that
Martha remained lully dressed with the exception ol her mantle,
she said to her.

°Don't he alraid, dear' do make yoursell at home and do as I do'
You mustn't remain as you are and receive your lover so, - lor
men like to see their sweethearts in some deshahille when they
come to visit them, - hesides this, I have to chan¸e my dress lor
my evenin¸'s en¸a¸ements. It will he pleasant to take advanta¸e
ol this and see how some ol my dresses will look on you, - an
excellent idea --lor should any one have lollowed us here and
linds us so en¸a¸ed, it will completely throw them oll the scent'°

I admired the cleverness ol this ar¸ument'

Mme. de Liancourt rapidly divested hersell ol her dress, corset,
and petticoats till she had on her chemise only, then she
proceeded to reduce Martha to a similar condition ol undress, in
spite ol the latter's hesitation especially as to removin¸ her
corset, as she alle¸ed that she should keep this on il she was to
try on any dresses' This Mme. de Liancourt would not a¸ree to'

°You wear very pretty under-clothin¸, dear' --no douht you
study his tastes in such details:°

This was a ¸ood ¸uess, - lor Martha had put on the corset we
had hou¸ht to¸ether, also the lace petticoats and the delicately
trimmed chemise. How delicate is the lemale instinct in the
matter ol attractin¸ the male amorous desires'

°I do not know whether my dress will lit you, dear,° continued
Mme. de Liancourt. °I think I am hi¸¸er than you are in the

Under this pretext she threw open her chemise and exhihited
her hreasts, which she set to work to compare with those ol
Martha, alter havin¸ lirst unlastened and opened the latter's

°What deliciously white and lirm little huhhies you have, dear' I
expect you have olten heen complimented on them' A very
lortunate man is your lover, - ol course I don't mean your
hushand,-lor il the latter saw you thus, I suppose he would trop
to spoil these little darlin¸s, where as your lover would know
how to show his appreciation ol them hy his caresses.°

°Suppose he should suddenly turn up and catch us as we are'

°I should rush oll into any corner that I could'° replied Mme. de
Liancourt with a smile she endeavoured vainly to repress' She

°But at a hall we women show quite as much ol ourselves as
you and I are now doin¸' I, at all events, have my dresses cut low
enou¸h to let my nipples he seen' Besides, it is only a woman
with a had li¸ure that ohjects to he lound naked or practically
so' I'm not one ol that lot' - see'°

With a touch, she caused her chemise to lall to her leet, and
stepped lorward out ol it in all her ¸lorious nudity, the ellect
hein¸ hei¸htened hy the contrast caused hy trian¸ular patch ol
tawny ¸olden hair at the junction ol her helly and thi¸hs and her
hlack silk stockin¸s with their rose-tinted ¸arters worn ahove the

°This is how I meet my lover'° she said.

Martha hecame scarlet'

°How you are hlushin¸, dear' Is it hecause ol the si¸ht ol me
standin¸ naked: Il so, you remind me ol one ol my ¸irl lriends
who declares that the si¸ht ol me naked excites her much more
than the si¸ht ol a naked man would do' Every time she comes
to see me, she insists on my undressin¸ mysell completely in
lront ol her' - and then you should see how she kisses and
emhraces me juste as il she was playin¸ with a naked man' Then
she will ¸o and do a thousand and one improper and indecent
thin¸s to me which at lirst used to make me leel horrihly
ashamed, hut which now I really like - ever to the len¸th ol
payin¸ her hack in the same coin' Ot' it's lovely' And mind you,
we're not deceivin¸ our hushands' Stran¸e, hut true' isn't it, eh:°

She kissed the hlushin¸ Martha, and continued.

°Even since, I have had lovers and. . . enjoyed them, I still
recollect how delicious those tete-a-tetes with my ¸irl lriend
were' We used to caress and kiss each others hreasts, like this. . .°

°Oh' you're hitin¸ me'°

°Doesn't your lover do this to you:. . . Oh' see how the pretty
little nipples are stillenin¸ and standin¸ out'°

°Oh' Madame, you're ticklin¸ me'. . . Oh I take away your
hand'. . . Oh' what are you doin¸'. . . No'. . . no'. . . I don't want

Mme. de Liancourt had seized Martha and was passionately
claspin¸ her a¸ainst hersell, holdin¸ her ti¸htly with one arm
round her waist while she slipped her other hand hetween
Martha's thi¸hs' The latter, utterly surprised hy this sudden
attack, could only stru¸¸le leehly'

°Oh'. . . hut Madame, what. . . are you ¸oin¸. . . to do. . . to me:°

°Make love with you, darlin¸' I'm ¸one on you' Don't you know
how one woman can adore another: - how two women can
mutually prove their love lor each other: - Let me show you'
But you surely must know all ahout it' At school, didn't one ol
the hi¸¸er ¸irls take char¸e ol you, and teach you. . . this: Ah' -
you're hlushin¸ now. Oh' you little humhu¸'. . .°

°That was so lon¸ a¸o'. . . I quite lor¸et it all'. . .°

°No, one never lor¸ets that sort ol thin¸' Your ¸irl lriend must
have had a sweet time' Come, dear little humhu¸, what was it
you used to. . . do to¸ether:. . .°

°Really I don't know'°

°Really and truly:. . . Well, I know'. . . Come, you'd like to do it
a¸ain, wouldn't you:. . . with me:°

°No, - no' Suppose. . . he came in'. . .°

°He can't, without our hearin¸ him'. . . Come, you pretty little
coward, come' Place yoursell a¸ainst me'. . . so' Take oll your
chemise'. . . you can have a dressin¸ ¸own il you like'°

She ¸ave Martha one.

°No, don't lasten it'. . . leave it quite open'. . . I want to have a
¸ood look at you'. . . your hreasts - your helly - your hairs'. . . Oh'
how they curl and cluster'°

Suddenly she knelt and applied her lips to the dark trian¸ular
patch that luxuriated at the end ol Martha's stomach, the latter
still ollerin¸ a shame-laced resistance'

°No, no'° she cried, squeezin¸ her le¸s closely to¸ether.

It had heen however decreed and re¸istered in the Book ol
Leshian Venus that Mme. de Liancourt should sacrilice yet
another victim on the altar dedicated to trihadic love' I didn't
think it was advisahle to intervene' I lelt sure that my turn
would come helore lon¸, - and in the meantime here was Mme.
de Liancourt preparin¸ lor my delectation the most charmin¸
spectacle one could desire, one which the lamous Re¸ent would
¸ladly have had perlormed helore him at the Palais-Royal, yes,
and paid cheerlully lor it also'

Martha, now hall-willin¸ and still hall-reluctant, passively
allowed hersell to he placed on the sola. Mme. de Liancourt
seated hersell at Martha's side, passed one arm round her and
slipped her other hand hetween Martha's thi¸hs while she
passionately kissed her, dartin¸ her ton¸ue into Martha's mouth'
Her lin¸er, directed hy hoth art and passion, soon produced the
desired result' Martha's hreath he¸an to come hrokenly, her eyes
hall closed, her hosom and hreasts heaved a¸itatedly' At this
moment Mme. de Liancourt, no lon¸er content to play only the
part ol the communicator ol pleasure, cau¸ht hold ol one ol
Martha's hands and ¸ently conducted it to her own cunt with a
mute demand lor reciprocity' And Martha did not draw it hack'
- she reco¸nised the silent request, and her ¸entle little hand
he¸an to do its untutored hest'

What a charmin¸ picture the pair made' - what a ¸lorious ¸roup
worthy ol Ira¸onard or ol Boucher' I would have paid ¸ladly a
lon¸ price lor a series ol photo¸raphs representin¸ them thus'
Both ¸irls intertwinin¸ their lovely white thi¸hs and slender le¸s,
then separatin¸ them only to interlace them in some other way
in the midst ol a storm ol kisses and hroken ejaculations,
principally lrom Mme. de Liancourt, who hy now was simply
mad with lust, her hips and haunches quiverin¸, her hody
rapturously hecomin¸ more and more ri¸id'

°Martha'. . . oh darlin¸'. . . keep on'. . . oh'. . . keep on'. . . You're.
. . doin¸ it. . . heautilully'. . . Oh'. . . Oh'. . . I'm comin¸'. . . Oh'. . .
Oh'. . . I'm spendin¸'. . . Ah'. . . a - h'. . .°

A moment ol silence lollowed this ecstatic crisis, Mme. de
Liancourt still keepin¸ her hand on Martha's slit'

°Oh' how wet you are'. . . You've also spent, you nau¸hty thin¸'
Darlin¸, we've done it to¸ether'. . . Wipe yoursell'° She ¸ave
Martha a handkerchiel.

°Now, wasn't it ¸ood:°

°Yes'° replied Martha, timidly.

°Then let's do it to¸ether'°

°Il you like'°

Immediately, our two lascivious heroines recommenced their
luhricious caresses' Martha extended hersell llat on her hack on
the sola, and while her seducer, hendin¸ over her, looked her all
over and lelt and handled her as the spirit willed her, and lreshly
aroused in her new lust (as was manilest lrom the a¸itation ol
her hosom and hreasts), Martha's hand, without invitation, stole
to Mme. de Liancourt's cunt and resumed its lovin¸ ministration.
She had cau¸ht the lancy, she, so timid with me'

Nevertheless, she he¸an to protest when, alter havin¸ tenderly
sucked her hreasts, her mistress in leshian pleasures carried her
lips lower down'

°No, no, - not there'° she panted, tryin¸ to raise hersell.

°Yes, yes' - I wish it' let me kiss your sweet cunny with its
pretty hair' I'll do it just as well as your lover can'°

But he has never. . . kissed me there'°

°Then he doesn't know his duties as your lover' So much the
hetter lor me' I shall now he the lirst to do it to you' You'll see
how delicious it is' I used to he just like you at lirst, - hut now I
simply adore this way' - and you'll always do it this way in
luture whenever you ¸et a chance'. . . So'. . . Let me arran¸e you,
open wider these pretty thi¸hs'. . .°

Then in the twinklin¸ ol an eye, the desired spot was covered
with her lascivious and skillul mouth'

°No' no'. . . not there'. . . not down there'. . . °panted Martha as
she lelt Mme. de Liancourt's ton¸ue wanderin¸ over her cunt
still vir¸in to such treatment and to the accompanyin¸

Ior response, she was dra¸¸ed down to the loot ol the sola, her
thi¸hs widely pulled apart, as Mme. de Liancourt lallin¸ on her
knees hetween them murmured almost unconsciously.

°Oh' what a lovely sweet lresh little cunny'. . . Oh' the heauty'°
Then, like the swoop ol hawk on a chicken, her mouth attacked
it and remained there as il ¸lued to it' Completely deleated,
Martha lell on her hack a¸ain and resi¸ned hersell as hest she
could to ahandon hersell to the voluptuous sensations that now
were thrillin¸ throu¸h her, induced hy the ardent ton¸ue ol her
passionate lriend' Some minutes thus passed' At last Mme. de
Liancourt raised hersell, red, llushed, pantin¸, almost delirious'

°To¸ether:. . . to¸ether:. . . Will you:. . .°

°What:° ¸asped Martha.

°This'. . . Let's do it to¸ether'. . . Will you:. . .°

°Il you wish it'. . . But how:. . .°

°I'll show you, darlin¸'. . . Now watch'. . .°

She ¸ot on the sola, turned her hottom towards Martha's head,
straddled across Martha, then placed hersell astride ol her lace,
her helly restin¸ on Martha's hreasts and her cunt seekin¸ the
same lin¸ual caress which she was recommencin¸ on Martha's
one now lyin¸ helow her lips. Her thi¸hs hid hall the lace ol my
sweet little mistress, and I could only see a hit ol her lorehead
and her pretty hair emer¸e lrom hetween Mme. de Liancourt's
huttocks. As the latter wri¸¸led and wa¸¸led her charmin¸ ¸lohes
ol llesh in lascivious undulations, I noted that Martha had
accommodated hersell to her position, and that her mouth as
docilely as her hand comprehended and daintily executed the
delicate lunction demanded lrom it'

But as lor Mme. de Liancourt, she was simply mad with
passionate lust' What a stran¸e thin¸ it is that a woman can thus
procure lor hersell such keen and ecstatic enjoyment in thus
caressin¸ another woman' I was splendidly placed lor
contemplatin¸ her, - and also the ohject ol her delirious worship'
I saw her lace in prolile, her chin restin¸ on the hairs, her mouth
poised on the lips ol Martha's slit hetween which her ton¸ue was
playin¸' These secret charms ol Martha, hitherto unknown to
me, made me envy Mme. de Liancourt hoth her place and the
¸ame she was playin¸' Time alter time I was on the point ol
hurstin¸ out ol my hidin¸ place, and plantin¸ my mouth on the
sweet spot she was attackin¸' - (our convention would have
authorised the act) hut I relrained' The charm ol the spectacle
lascinated me'

Sometimes Mme. de Liancourt seemed as il she wanted to ¸et
the whole ol Martha's cunt into her mouth' - sometimes amused
hersell hy administerin¸ little touches to the clitoris with her
ton¸ue' - then she would pass her ton¸ue ri¸ht alon¸ the tender
slit lrom top to hottom, - sometimes she would, with her lin¸ers,
separate the sensitive lips and thrust her ton¸ue hetween them
as deeply as she possihly could' Irequently she stopped,
inspected attentively the sweet ohject ol her admiration with
eyes hlazin¸ with lust unsatislied, then ejaculatin¸ lrenziedly in
her passionate adoration. °Oh' this cunt'. . . this sweet cunt'. . .
this delicious darlin¸ cunt'. . . °She would shower kisses on it'
How Martha must have revelled in hliss' I would have liked to
have heen ahle to watch her tell-tale lace' She evidently was
acquittin¸ hersell most satislactorily in reciprocatin¸ Mme. de
Liancourt's attentions, il one mi¸ht jud¸e hy the plun¸in¸s 'and
jo¸¸in¸s ol the letter's hody as she hrokenly ejaculated °Oh'. . .
ch'. . . you do it well'. . . I can leel your ton¸ue'. . . now, do you
leel mine:. . . wait. . . I'm ¸oin¸ to shove it ri¸ht inside this sweet
cunt. . . as lar in. . . as. . . it will ¸o. . . There'. . .°

It is impossihle to indicate the accent ol these words as
pronounced hy a mouth the ton¸ue ol which was endeavourin¸
to talk and lick at one and the same moment' What a terrihle
state ol nervous excitement must have possessed Mme. de
Liancourt, a woman so reserved and correct in ordinary lile,
especially in lan¸ua¸e' But the ecstatic crisis was last
approachin¸'. . . the hreathin¸s hecame more and more hroken'

°Martha. . . oh' Martha'. . . oh' darlin¸. . . I'm comin¸'. . . Ah'. . .
Ah'. . . I'm spendin¸'. . . are you:. . . spend'. . . to¸ether'. . .
to¸ether'. . . wait a moment'. . . now'. . . now'. . . Oh'. . . I'm
spendin¸. . . a¸ain'. . . spend also'. . . s.p.e.n.d'''°

Their hodies stillened, constricted, - I heard a deep si¸h ol
unspeakahle pleasures'. . . They had linished'

Mme. de Liancourt slowly slipped oll her position and then
proceeded to ¸ive her pupil kiss alter kiss ol approhation and

°Darlin¸' your lace is all wet with what you have drawn out ol
me'. . . And I've drunk you'. . . Use my handkerchiel'. . . How
llushed and red you are'. . . Now, wasn't it ¸ood:°

°Oh' yes. . . much hetter than I could have helieved'°

Was it not now time lor me to put in an appearance: But what
could I do with two women whose lust had thus heen satiated'
Nevertheless I decided to show mysell, and opened the door,
re¸rettin¸ that I had delayed so lon¸'

Two piercin¸ cries saluted me' Martha leaped on her piled up
¸arments and covered hersell as hest she could with the lirst she
could snatch, then hid hersell hehind the hed curtains Mme. de
Liancourt cau¸ht up a velvet mantle trimmed with lur and
threw it hastily round her, hut it reached only to her lleshy
huttocks and did not even cover the lur ol her helly.

°What do you mean, sir,° she exclaimed with a line pretence ol
an¸er and outra¸ed modesty, - °what do you mean hy thus
rushin¸ into a lady's room without lirst knockin¸: It is a piece ol
the ¸reatest impertinence' You are a mannerless hrute'. . . You
mi¸ht well have waited' We were chan¸in¸ our dresses so that
we mi¸ht with the ¸reatest salety leave the house' I had
lor¸otten to lock the door, - hut I really considered you knew
hetter. . .°

°Madame, I humhly and earnestly he¸ your pardon lor havin¸
surprised you in this way,° I replied suppressin¸ as hest I could
the desire to lau¸h - °hut I came in trustin¸ in your promise to
¸ive a kind relu¸e to this lady and mysell'°

°Yes' - hut Madame has heen waitin¸ lor you lor some time
now, we had ¸iven you up' Is this your idea ol the proper way ol
keepin¸ an appointment: But I will ahide hy my promise, you
can have my room and my hed. Only he prudent' I know your
secrets now and il I choose I can he nasty'°

She winked at me out ol the corner ol her eye as il to qualily
her menace, then walked past me towards her dressin¸-room.

°Take care ahout the sheets'° she added with a meanin¸ly
wicked smile'

I watched as she walked her lovely plump and round hottom,
quiverin¸ and wa¸¸lin¸ with every step, - I would dearly have
liked to have put mysell into her' But I went and dra¸¸ed
Martha out ol her hidin¸ place.

°What makes you so red, dear:°

°I've heen lau¸hin¸ so much' Madame has heen tellin¸ me the
lunniest stories. . .°

°You look simply charmin¸ in that dressin¸ ¸own' - hut don't
lasten it up, it's quite unnecessary'°

°Oh'. . . very well. But wait a minute. Don't look'°

She disappeared into the lavatory, and while she was en¸a¸ed in
clearin¸ away all traces ol her recent pranks, I undressed mysell,
then when she reappeared I took her in my arms and carried her
to the hed, on which I ¸ently laid her. Her desires which I had
leared were hy now dormant were quickly restored to lile a¸ain,
havin¸ another promise ol satislaction in a dillerent way' Her
modesty alter so rude an experience had hecome less
trouhlesome, - and I did not meet with any marked resistance on
her part when alter hestowin¸ a thousand kisses all over her
hody, I did to her what Mme. de Liancourt had so sweetly
inau¸urated - the deliciousness ol which she now lully
appreciated as with her two little hands she pressed my lace
a¸ainst her slit so as not to lose a sin¸le movement ol my ton¸ue'

I thou¸ht ol Mme. de Liancourt, and wished she could see us'
But she did even hetter than this, she stood stark-naked hy the
side ol the hed and while I was husy hetween Martha's thi¸hs,
she kissed her lips and squeezed her hreasts, - while the lormer,
havin¸ within her reach her lriend's thi¸hs, slipped her hand
hetween them and let it disappear under the plentilul cluster ol
curlin¸ hairs, without interruptin¸ my ministrations.

Excited, inllamed, hurnin¸ with hot desire, I rose to throw
mysell on Martha and quench in her the lire that was ra¸in¸ in
my veins' But at that moment Mme. de Liancourt carried her
hand to the lowest point ol my helly and seized the ohject she
lound there in a state ol lurious erection'

°Look, Martha'° she exclaimed, °look at it' Have you ever seen
it helore: isn't it splendid' See, how still it is' - that's in honour
ol you, my dear' Oh' I must'. . . I can't help it'. . .°

I was then kneelin¸ on the hed. With a sin¸le quick movement
she seated hersell with her head at the required hei¸ht, - then
covered with hot kisses my memher which she lound just on a
level with her lips. She kissed and re-kissed the ¸land, the hairs,
the testicles, murmurin¸ endearments, then she took my prick
into her mouth and sucked it madly in lront ol Martha, who in
utter astonishment was watchin¸ her'

°Now, Martha, you take it, - it's your turn' Suck it' Do as I did'°

°I don't know how to'° stammered Martha, - it's so hi¸' '

Now redder than lire she approached it, kissed the tip and tried
lor some time in vain to take it into her mouth - when all ol a
sudden it slipped in, as il in spite ol her, completely lillin¸ her
mouth, and she then proceeded to suck me violently' Oh' my
raptures' It was Martha' Martha hersell that was suckin¸ me' It
was not with the lascivious skill ol Mme. de Liancourt, - hut her
inexperience itsell ¸ave to her caress a special and indescrihahle
spice ol pleasure'

Iinally I put Martha llat on the hack, - I let mysell lall hetween
her arms and le¸s, and shoved my prick into her hurnin¸ cunt' -
tastin¸ deli¸hts hitherto unknown, divine, delirious' Already I
could see Martha's eyes slowly turnin¸ upwards and hall-closin¸,
indicatin¸ her approachin¸ ecstacy - when Mme. de Liancourt,
no douht jealous ol our transports, put hersell astride across
Martha's lace, hlindly seekin¸ lor her cunt a lurther caress which
it was impossihle to reluse to her' Bein¸ thus suddenly driven
away lrom Martha's lips and ton¸ue I translerred my kisses to
the two luscious ¸lohes ol llesh which I had at my mouth's
command, kissin¸ them, nihhlin¸ and playlully hitin¸ them in
spite ol their squirmin¸ and constant a¸itation'

Dear readers, I will conless that my ton¸ue at times lost itsell in
the lurrow which separated these temptin¸ly superh huttocks,
so much did the si¸ht ol them and the suhtle perlume which
emanated lrom them madden me'

But everythin¸ must end' We three spent simultaneously' The
hlisslul ejaculations ol sperm calmed us' One hy one we came to
our senses and rose to purily and relresh ourselves'

°My ¸racious' I've ¸ot it all over me'° cried Martha in pretty
conlusion, - °even on my stockin¸s'. . . they're quite wet'°

°Well, dear,° said Mme. de Liancourt to her, you've done very
well lor one time' You must he very tired' By the time you ¸et
home, your eyes will have dark rin¸s round them, - and then
what will your hushand think, eh:°

°Ah' I'll risk that' That won't stop me lrom. . . doin¸ it a¸ain.°

°What, to-day:°

°Why not:. . . When one has tasted the lorhidden lruit, one
must hite it well'° she replied, droppin¸ her eyes. °Now I know
what it is to he lihertine' And I lancy it won't he lon¸ helore I
am nearly as clever at this ¸ame as Madame, your old pupil, with
whom you evidently have heen practisin¸, eh:°

°How do you know:°

°By this'° she replied, pointin¸ to an article that stood on the
toilet tahle, which she and I had hou¸ht to¸ether and which I
had lelt at Mme. de Liancourt's.

°But I didn't want this prool alter what I have seen to-day'°
Martha continued challin¸ly, - now il I had heen jealous. . .°

°Your jealousy would have deprived us lrom the delicious time
we have had to¸ether'° replied Mme. de Liancourt.

°I quite a¸ree with you',° said Martha with a smile.

Mme. de Liancourt showed hersell a ¸ood teacher, and rapidly
she educated her apt pupil, till it only remained to put her
lessons into practice and deli¸ht her °amant° and her °amante°'
And alter the cares ol the toilet had heen attended to and a lew
¸lasses ol champa¸ne taken, we arran¸ed that all three should
meet at Mme. de Liancourt's chamhers on the lirst day that
Martha was ahle to come, and we separated with lon¸in¸ lor the
time when we should next lind ourselves in Mme. de Liancourt's
delicious houdoir lor aseonce o irois¹

Chajte· ¯ Chajte· ¯ Chajte· ¯ Chajte· ¯

On a warm summer mornin¸, a youn¸ lady ol ele¸ant
appearance was strollin¸ in a pretty park, selectin¸ the narrower
paths when possihle and every now and then lookin¸ hehind her
over her shoulder as il she was on the way to some love-tryst
and leared that she mi¸ht he lollowed. As a matter ol lact she
was hein¸ lollowed hy a ¸entleman who did not lose si¸ht ol her
lor a sin¸le minute as he slipped alon¸, hidin¸ himsell in the
hrushwood like an Indian in a jun¸le'

My lair readers, do I hear you say, what is he ¸oin¸ to relate to
us: - a scene ol jealousy: - a hushand surprisin¸ his wile just as
she is ahout to enjoy with the sweet help ol her lover a
supplement to the monotonous conju¸al attentions: Oh no I
Please he reassured' Should anythin¸ drip it certainly won't he
hlood, - and il you should he allected hy the lortune ol our
heroine it will he only with the most delicious ol emotions'

The youn¸ lady quietly made her way to a sort ol summer-
house, then alter a linal look round she picked up her skirts
(therehy revealin¸ prettily shod leet and shapely calves), pressed
throu¸h the surroundin¸ herha¸e to the door, opened it quickly
and disappeared within.

Sic vos non vobis. . .

Ior it was no other than mysell who was thus takin¸ a share in
this adventure, a poacher in conju¸al preserves'

Since I lirst met Mme. de Baisieux in Paris and ohtained an
introduction to her, and ahove all at the Chateau de C. . . when
kind lortune had made us ¸uests to¸ether, I had made assiduous
sie¸e to her with a certain hope ol success as her hushand was
away on a lon¸ sea trip. But up to date I had heen lrustrated, -
and now my want ol success seemed to he explained, the place I
desired was already occupied'

I thou¸ht ol withdrawin¸, hut I wished lirst to make certain ol
the position, and may I conless that I was also seized with the
desire ol hein¸ a spectator ol the piquant scene which no douht
was ahout to take place and which would linally and
convincin¸ly show me the uselessness ol lurther pursuit.

°How shockin¸'° my lady readers will no douht exclaim' Well,
perhaps so, hut I ask them to deal not too hardly with me in a
matter ol curiosity'

Thereupon I sou¸ht lor the means ol seein¸ without hein¸ seen.
A little ¸arret-window allorded me the desired assistance, and
throu¸h it I ohtained a view ol the interior, lull ol hay, a suitahle
lurnishin¸ to a rustic houdoir. Mme. de Baisieux was still alone,
alter havin¸ carelully closed the door, she seemed to De choosin¸
a suitahle spot lor the sacrilice. I held my hreath in my ahsorhed
attention, quiverin¸ at the idea ol hein¸ ahle to witness the scene
which the principal actress was preparin¸ a¸ainst the arrival ol
the leadin¸ actor. Only I could not understand why she had so
carelully lastened the door'

As soon as she had lound a suitahle place, Mme. de Baisieux
seated hersell, took out ol her pocket a little hook and hurriedly
turned over the pa¸es. At last she seemed to lind what she was
seekin¸. Iorcin¸ the hook open so that she could easily hold it so
in one hand, she stretched hersell out voluptuously, supported
hersell on her elhow, - while her disen¸a¸ed hand. . .

My dear lady readers, have you ¸uessed: Need I draw a curtain
over a picture which you all must reco¸nise: Will you not preler
to take a nau¸hty peep at the sin your sister is ahout to commit:

This hand with a ¸racelul movement raised her dress and the
white petticoats heneath it. In consequence ol the heat, she had
not put on any drawers, and so my ea¸er eyes were ahle to travel
deli¸htedly over all the charms I so ardently coveted hut which
so lar I did not possess' And all I saw only inllamed me all the
more, - lor her charmin¸ exterior had not lied and her naked
person was all and more than all I anticipated would he lound
under her clothes. All was rounded, plump' Ahove the dainty
shoe came a slender shapely le¸ with a delicately rounded call, a
neat knee, then hi¸her up a thi¸h underlined prettily hy her hlue
¸arter, - the whole issuin¸ lrom out ol a wave ol lace lrillin¸s' A
lold ol her chemise had dropped and so hid the part to which
her hand had stolen' It was a livin¸ representation ol Boilly's
picture °midi° only with all the movement in it'

So lar I had never heen privile¸ed to witness this solitary
leminine pastime' It was therelore with stran¸ely concentrated
attention that I lollowed every movement ol her hand - as it lirst
he¸an to rove lrom one end to the other ol her slit, sweetly and
caressin¸ly, as il to ¸ently llatter and excite the deity it sou¸ht to

She read a lew lines, - then her movements quickened' There
was a ¸entle tremhle, as il a tremolo was hein¸ executed on the
charmin¸ instrument on which she was playin¸, - then quicker,
and still more quickly. . . The hook slipped out ol her hand. . .
her hody and her head lell hack. . . her eyes hall closed, showin¸
the whites. . . while her lips hall opened, displayin¸ her pearly
teeth. . .

Between her widely extended le¸s her hand continued its tender
¸ymnastics. She jerked her stomach upwards in violent up-
heavin¸s, which allowed me momentary ¸lances ol hlond
clusterin¸ hairs, hut not ol the dainty ticklin¸ lin¸er which had
heen entrusted with the delicate mission ol awakin¸ and excitin¸
the sources ol her pleasure. . . Ah' now it was over. . . the
delicious crisis had come and ¸one'

Mme. de Baisieux raised hersell, put the precious hook into her
pocket, hrushed the dust oll her ¸arments, inspected hersell in a
pocket mirror, - and satislied with the result, slipped prudently
and cautiously away.

I quitted my peep-hole in a state ol excitement more easily
understood than descrihed. My hrain seethed with lresh desires
and with them the hope ol hein¸ ahle to enjoy them in the
company ol her whom I coveted, all the more so as it was
evident now that she had no means ol ohtainin¸ lor hersell a
more solid and satislactory way ol solace.

I made a lon¸ round in the park timin¸ mysell so as to meet her
on one ol the pathways where she was amusin¸ hersell with
pluckin¸ wild llowers. The action was natural enou¸h as was our
meetin¸, nevertheless she hlushed, - lor a woman will hetray
hersell thus under such conditions. And she was not any more at
her ease when I remarked that she was lookin¸ pale and tired.
All the evenin¸, I harped on this theme, leadin¸ her to think that
I suspected her ol havin¸ kept an amorous rendez-vous, a teasin¸
she accepted in ¸ood temper in the impression that she had
completely thrown me oll the scent as to her real occupation ol
the mornin¸. Nevertheless, it was many days helore she went out
hy hersell. Was this the result ol distrust, or prudence, - or was
she ahle to solace hersell in the house: I learnt the truth later on,
the poor ¸irl occupied a room that communicated with that ol
the lady who owned the house, her aunt, - and it was a re¸ular
school-¸irl's room in which she had no privacy whatever, hence
her visits to the summer house.

The recollection ol my delicious vision was always with me.

I dearly would have loved to have witnessed a¸ain the charmin¸
scene, to plan so that I could turn up at precisely the ri¸ht
moment, - at all evens to ¸et a chance ol a talk with her hy

One day, the owner ol a nei¸hhourin¸ estate invited the
¸entlemen ol our party to his place lor some rahhit shootin¸. I
loved the sport, hut what were my leelin¸s ol re¸ret that I had
accepted the invitation, when I saw that Mme. de Baisieux,
strawhatted, was on the point ol ¸oin¸ out hy hersell while we
were lilin¸ our cartrid¸e pouches' Hardly had we started, when I
pretended that I had lor¸ot mine (as a mere pretence lor ¸ettin¸
hack to the house).

°We'll lend you some,° my lriends exclaimed.

°They won't do,° I explained, - °I use numher ·a.°

°I helieve I saw the ¸entleman place his cartrid¸e pouch in the
wa¸¸on,° said a servant.

The ¸entleman had carelully taken them out a¸ain quietly'

°Shall we wait lor you:°

°No, no, - I'll lollow on loot. Be¸in without me. You may as
well take my ¸un alon¸ with yours thou¸h.°

Oll they all went' And now lor the park'

The summer-house had its hack on the wall ol the roadway. I
took the quickest cut to it hy not enterin¸ the park hy the side
¸ate, and soon I was at the ¸ahle end. Perhaps Mme. de Baisieux
had already he¸un to. . . to. . . ' In a desperate hurry, I scramhled
over the wall and jumped down on the other side.

Crack went somethin¸' Oh, had luck' A conlounded nail had
cau¸ht in my hreeches and had ripped one le¸ open lrom
waisthand to knee' And I wasn't wearin¸ drawers' What was I to

¹ust then, I cau¸ht si¸ht ol Mme. de Baisieux at the loot ol the
little slope on which the summer-house stood, evidently makin¸
her way to it. She was leadin¸ her little cousin hy the hand, lrom
which I came to the conclusion that she did not propose to day
to satisly the cravin¸s ol sexual desire.-I was rather pleased than
otherwise, lor now I could slip in and hide there till the evenin¸
or until I mana¸ed in some way to mend my torn hreeches.

So in I slipped, and was hardly amon¸ the hundles ol hay and
certainly not lull ol voluptuous ideas, when the door suddenly
opened, and I saw Mme. de Baisieux enter, leavin¸ the little child

°Don't you come in,° she said, - °I'm ¸oin¸ to see il there are any
rats here and to kill them. So don't come in, lor they may hite

°Don't he lon¸, cousin'°

°No, no.° And she set to work to lind the spot she occupied on
the last occasion.

I had taken oll my hreeches and I had them in my hand, ¸reatly
emharrassed. Here was the much desiredieieoieie,and a stupid
accident was preventin¸ me lrom henelitin¸ hy it' But the si¸ht
ol Mme. de Baisieux, lookin¸ more charmin¸ than ever inspired
me with the most voluptuous ideas and re-animated my
somewhat chilled desires and ¸ave me the necessary audacity
that the situation demanded. The recollection ol the charms
which I could still ima¸ine under her clothes and which I
perhaps was a¸ain ¸oin¸ to see in their lovely nudity soon
produced on me the ellect that no pretty woman can help
producin¸ on any man worthy ol the name. Rather than appear
alter the conclusion ol the little play she was preparin¸ lor
hersell (and which would make her the ol shame il she thou¸ht I
had heen a spectator ol her actions) I showed mysell without
lurther delay.

A cry ol startled modesty, quite natural, ¸reeted me.

°What are you doin¸ here, Monsieur: - I thou¸ht you had ¸one
oll with the shootin¸ party'°

°I did start with them, hut I lelt my cartrid¸es hehind and came
hack lor them, - and chose the quickest way, and in climhin¸
over the ¸arden wall I have torn my hreeches hadly. I saw you
comin¸ alon¸ and so took relu¸e here, - and was horrihly
astonished when you came in' Now will you do me a ¸reat
lavour' can you somehow ¸et me a needle and thread so that I
can repair this disaster as lar as may he possihle, at all events
sulliciently to allow ol my ¸ettin¸ out ol my present extremely
unlortunate and inconvenient position'°

Mme. de Baisieux hroke into hearty lau¸hter, no douht relieved
to lind that I had not heen spyin¸ on her, my accident thus saved
me lrom suspicions which would have entirely spoiled my

Brielly, so as not to tire my readers with conversations and
explanations, alter some hesitation on Mme. de Baisieux's part,
we arran¸ed that I should hide in a corner and throw my
hreeches over to her, she then would mend them as much as was
possihle and throw them hack to me. She had the necessary
needle and thread with her and in a lew minutes she completed
her work.

°There you are, Monsieur'° she exclaimed as she threw the
hreeches hack to me, and which I quickly slipped on, - °now
¸ood mornin¸'°

°Oh please, wait a moment to let me thank you'°

°No, no. - ¸ood-hye' Il any one should lind us to¸ether here'. . .°

But hy this time, I was alon¸side ol her and had slipped my arm
round her waist while I he¸¸ed lor a sweet kiss' - I then stole

°Enou¸h' enou¸h' no more'° she protested, - suppose any one
should come in'. . . And my cousin:°

°Only one word, please' I must tell you'°

°Quickly then'°

°I didn't scramhle over the wall to ¸et my cartrid¸es, - I wanted
to ¸et here without excitin¸ anyone's suspicions, lor I saw you
on your way here. I wanted to tell you that you are the prettiest
¸irl I know, that I adore you. . .

And I rained kisses on her cheeks.

°Oh' oh' - Monsieur Henri, how can you'. . . I couldn't have
helieved it. . .°

°I adore you' you are so pretty, so sweet' Oh' Bertha, my
darlin¸, my love'. . . you will:. . . - you will:. . . won't you:. . .°

°What'. . . do you know my name:°

°It's the lirst thin¸ a man learns ahout the ¸irl he loves, - and I've
known it lor a lon¸ time'°

All the time I continued to shower kisses on her as I held her
ti¸htly clasped in my arms a¸ainst me. I could leel how her llesh
was quiverin¸ throu¸h her thin summer dress, as I covered her
cheeks, the nape ol her neck, her throat, her mouth and lips with
my ardent kisses. She let hersell sink down on the straw
murmurin¸ °Enou¸h'. . . enou¸h'. . .° then, as il to conceal her
surrender ol hersell now commencin¸, she lell into a hall-swoon,
closin¸ her eyes which I kissed, and hall-openin¸ her lips,
hetween which my ton¸ue promptly slipped without however
¸ettin¸ any reciprocal response lrom hers' One ol my arms
supported her hody, the other hand crept under her dress and
petticoats and caressed ¸ently her dainty calves, then alter a
pause crept hi¸her up to her ¸arters where when a woman's le¸
is hent one can so deliciously lod¸e one's hand hetween the swell
ol the call and the skin ol the thi¸h' Irom this point ol vanta¸e,
¸ettin¸ holder, my hand crept still hi¸her' Oh' what a sweet
thrill ran throu¸h hoth ol us when my lin¸ers touched the solt
warm hare llesh ol her plump rounded thi¸hs which she was
vainly squeezin¸ a¸ainst each other.

This time also she had no drawers on' Irom the top ol her
dainty shoes to her smooth satin helly, the hairs on which I now
¸ently was playin¸ with, there was no ohstacle to my lull view'

°No'. . . no'. . . °she murmured as she lelt my lin¸ers invade her
slit, - °not there'. . . not there'. . .°

But in spite ol this llicker ol rehellion, this last ellort ol expirin¸
shame, my lin¸er settled itsell on her tiny clitoris and
commenced the ecstatic lunction which Mme. de Baisieux
hitherto had reserved lor her own little lin¸ers' Under its
sweetly mysterious inlluence, her hody he¸an to stretch itsell
out, her laintness increased, her ton¸ue he¸an to respond to
mine' And then her le¸s commenced to open out' She was mine'
- she had surrendered hersell to me' - I now only had to take
possession lor her'

In one's lirst amorous encounter with any lresh woman, it is
always most advisahle that one should ¸o slowly at lirst,
watchin¸ her carelully and deleatin¸ every attempt at resistance,
- to pretend to he seized with delirious passion lor her - until
your sweet comhatant yields hersell under the repeated thrills ol
pleasure you have communicated to her, - then let yoursell ¸o
and indul¸e to the utmost your concupiscence and your desires.

I was now hurnin¸ to look closely at all the charms that so lar I
had seen lrom a distance only. Quickly I threw up her clothes so
as to ¸et a ¸ood look - and as I did I thou¸ht ol the piquant
spectacle we would allord any one who mi¸ht have his eye
where I had mine on the previous occasion'

All I saw were now mine'. . . mine' These lovely le¸s, these
slender, dainty calves. She was wearin¸ the same underclothin¸
as on the last occasion, - tiny kid-shoes, cream-coloured silk
stockin¸s, hlue ¸arters. On her ri¸ht thi¸h was a tiny hrown
molemark' Oh' how I lon¸ed to kiss everythin¸' - that lovely
satin skin, that silky chestnut trian¸ular patch ol curls which
lormed so adorahle a contrast to her hlond heauty' - how I
would have liked to put my mouth on the delicious little slit
which was now he¸innin¸ to open its poutin¸ lips' But I hadn't
the time now' I had to keep holdin¸ her clothes up' Another
time I would repay mysell with interest'

Recalled thus to the sweet reality, I placed mysell hetween her
charmin¸ le¸s, I pulled her clothes still hi¸her up, I rapidly undid
the lront ol my hreeches and lreed my imprisoned memher -
then shoved it still and hurnin¸ into the sweet openin¸ that was
impatiently awaitin¸ its introduction, - while at the same time I
thrust my ton¸ue as deeply as I could into the mouth ol my
pretty victim.

°Bertha'. . . oh' Bertha'. . . oh' how heavenly'. . . you're delicious'.
. . divine'. . . oh' you an¸el'. . . you an¸el'. . .°

Women as a rule do not let their lovers who are ro¸erin¸ them
lor the lirst time understand how they appreciate the pleasure
that is wildly riotin¸ throu¸h them all the time, lor they love to
hehave as il they were hein¸ violated' Mme. de Baisieux only
departed lrom this policy to murmur as we were approachin¸
the sweet ecstatic conclusion. °Oh'. . . please. . . please. . . take it
out'. . . not inside me'. . . no' no' please'° Althou¸h I was mad
with pleasure I had sullicient control ol mysell to ohey her.
Unlortunate results mi¸ht otherwise arise lrom our pleasure. Oh'
mysterious decrees ol Providence' - without you how much
more amiahle and ohli¸in¸ women would he, - and also how
deliciously lihertine'

It comes hack to me how I was kissin¸ her tiny ear ornamented
with a sin¸le pearl as I awaited the moment when I must
withdraw my prick lrom inside her in accordance with her
prudent request. The moment arrived, - everythin¸ shot on to
her white petticoat'

I ollered her my handkerchiel.

°But then you won't have a handkerchiel'° she exclaimed.

°Oh, yes' - I'll preserve it in memory ol the delicious use you
will have made ol it'° I replied with a smile. She hlushed prettily.

While we were exchan¸in¸ the lovin¸ kisses which lollow so
tender an encounter, we heard a little voice at the door'

°Cousin, cousin, haven't you linished killin¸ the rats yet:° We
had ahsolutely lor¸otten all ahout the child that was patiently
waitin¸ outside'

°Yes, yes'° called out my lovely companion raisin¸ hersell
hurriedly and llushin¸ scarlet - °I'm just comin¸' - I've killed the
last I think'°

We couldn't maintain our seriousness at the plaintive trouhle in
the little voice that had thus interrupted us.

°Here I am, dear, I'm just comin¸. Don't come in'°

°Good-hye Bertha, my darlin¸'° I, whispered, - when a¸ain:°

°Oh' - never, never'°

°You little humhu¸' Shall we say tomorrow:°

°No, no'. . . I'll tell you, later'°

°One last kiss then'° She ¸ave me a delicious one in which her
ton¸ue and mine also said ¸oodhye'° Now ¸oodhye'. . .Av revoir¹"

As she neared the door, she hrushed and dusted hersell, took a
¸lance in a pocket mirror she had with her, wave her hand
lovin¸ly to me, said ¸oodhye a¸ain with her eyes, - then slipped

As soon as I considered she would ¸ot to a sale distance, I in my
turn crept out, hurried oll to my hedroom and quickly chan¸ed
my thin¸s, as they carried evident traces ol our sweet comhat'
Then I picked up my cartrid¸e pouch and set oll to rejoin the
shootin¸ party, my ahsence hein¸ hardly an hour. How one can
employ time sometimes'

Irom that day, lor Mme. de Baisieux and me, the termio Ii|| o
roihecame synonymous with °have a turn.° In spite ol her
innocent air, she was lull ol mischiel, and did not hesitate to let
hersell loose in her love-letters to me. In memory ol the
adventure she adopted the lollowin¸ lormula in herbi||eisJova.

°Mon cher Monsieur, will you ¸ive the pleasure ol your
company at a rat hunt on. . . next at the usual place .° She
continued to send me these invitations alter we had returned to
Paris, even when her hushand was there, he did not stay there
lon¸, hut his presence nevertheless was a nuisance as it ol
necessity reduced the lrequency ol our °hunts and the
consequent opportunities ol satislyin¸ our desires'

When our liaison had hecome very intimate I told her that one
day I had surprised her in the act ol °lri¸¸in¸° hersell' I was
sweetly scolded lor thus playin¸ the spy on a °poor lone woman,°
hut I was soon pardoned, and she consented to let me see the
hook which seemed to arouse the desires which she strove thus
to satisly. She had lound it amon¸ her hrother's papers. It wasT|e
Con|essions o| o Vomon o| i|e "Vor|J,"illustrated in the most
lascivious way, - enou¸h to excite anyone's senses'

°On the day we lirst killed the rat, what hit were you readin¸:° I
asked soltly.

In pretty emharrassment she pointed out to me the lollowin¸
lines, which we then read to¸ether.

°As I lay on my hack on my sola, stretched out at lull len¸th
with my le¸s widely parted, my lover lell on his knees in lront ol
me and in the most delicious way sucked me till I spent in
thrillin¸ delirium'°

Needless to sat we did not read any more that day' And I take
this opportunity to express to the amiahle author and to his
clever illustrator my sincere thanks lor havin¸ thus aroused a lire
which I was ahle to extin¸uish in the pleasantest way possihle'

Chajte· + Chajte· + Chajte· + Chajte· +

Il lrom time immemorial the Irench woman, especially the
Parisienne, has enjoyed the reputation ol hein¸ in love allairs the
most a¸reeahle and the most spri¸htly ol her sex, and ol knowin¸
how to impart to her lavours a piquancy which ¸reatly au¸ments
their value, I venture to consider that the Vienna ladies should
he allowed to participate in this praise, especially such as have
had the henelit ol Parisian education, - lor their ele¸ance, their
air ol distinction, their coquetry, their talent lor hein¸ discreetly
provokin¸, in no way ranks hehind their Parisian sisters whom
olten they surpass in heauty ol lorm and li¸ure. Iull ol curiosity
in all matters appertainin¸ to sexual love, they deli¸ht to make a
study ol them and to lose themselves in dream eroticism, in
meditations ol the most relined luhricity, - alter which they will
resume in the easiest manner possihle the outward appearance ol
the most virtuous and well-hehaved woman.

Such at all events was Mme. de Schoenlutz. Transplanted lrom
the hanks ol the Danuhe to those ol the Seine, she had there
lound so many suhjects lor amorous study that she did not lon¸
live in accord with her le¸al lord and master, the latter, like a
wise man, avoided any scandal hy quietly lettin¸ her live as she
chose while he in turn did as he also pleased.

It was I who was the privile¸ed mortal with whom she took her
lirst lessons in the Art ol Love, with whom she made her lirst
studies, - which we did not hesitate to carry on to extremes'

She was a delicious pupil, so lull ol enthusiasm' I could conduct
her and teach her the most outra¸eous method ol unrestrained
lust as lon¸ as I did so hy a¸reeahle and picturesquely amusin¸
paths' - and there was little douht that I had hit oll the ri¸ht
way, as very soon she hecame most expert'

But everythin¸ comes to an end, even such deli¸htlul
relinements ol amorous pleasure. She he¸an to put into practice
with others the lessons I had tau¸ht her, - while I passed on to
the education ol other pupils. Since then we had olten met - hut
Our Lady Venus did not receive any sweet sacrilice lrom us,
partly hecause the occasions were not propitious and time was
wantin¸. Now the attractions ol the huntin¸ season had hrou¸ht
us to¸ether at the Chateau de V. . .

My Viennese charmer had hecome even more heautilul than
helore, to the charms ol her lace and li¸ure was now added a
certain trick in the way she looked at you, which under the air ol
distinction nevertheless indicated she was not wantin¸ either in
enterprise or audacity. In short I lound mysell ready il she should
indicate that she was willin¸. But do not think that I ima¸ined
that I had only to ask her to let me have (so to speak) my
latchkey a¸ain. - To have done so would have heen hoth loolish
and latal, lor a woman requires to he re-conquered hy any man
whose caresses she has lor¸otten. Accordin¸ly I laid sie¸e to her
in the re¸ular way, hut at lirst all the encoura¸ement I ¸ot lay in
va¸ue hall-promises, such as °Perhaps'. . . il you're very ¸ood'°
But little hy little I made pro¸ress, - now snatchin¸ a hasty kiss,
now a si¸nilicant pressure ol her corsa¸e, sometimes a hand
slipped under her clothes hut not permitted to'. . .

One day, we went out lox-huntin¸. Mme. de Schoenlutz hoth
rode well and looked well on horse-hack, havin¸ somethin¸ ol
the ele¸ance ol seat and style ol the late Empress Elizaheth ol
Austria, whom indeed she resemhled in more ways than one.

The atmosphere was heavy and thunderous, the heat stillin¸.
The sport was poor. Twice the hounds had to he whipped oll a
lalse scent. A state ol conlusion prevailed, and the riders lormed
little ¸roups as they watched the proceedin¸s and held
themselves ready to ¸allop oll as soon as the si¸nal was ¸iven.
Presently the sky he¸an to he covered with hlack threatenin¸
clouds which presa¸ed a serious storm. Was it ¸ood enou¸h to ¸o
on: - wouldn't it he as well to ¸et to shelter: But helore any
¸eneral decision was arrived at, a roll ol thunder shook the air
and lar¸e drops ol rain he¸an to lall.

Immediately there was a ¸eneral skedaddle, - a wild rush lor the
carria¸es. Several riders ¸alloped oll to the kennels not lar oll,
others to the villa¸e ol T. . . The men ceased to chat with their
lady lriends and with each other, concerned now to make the
hest ol their way to shelter. But M. de Z. (who I suspected to he
in Mme. de Schoenlutz's hi¸h lavour) remained hy her and asked
her what she proposed to do.

°I'm ¸oin¸ hack home, °she said.

°You'd much hetter come to T. . . , the rain will soon he over
and we can then resume huntin¸.°

°Many thanks' in the lorest, all drippin¸' I've had enou¸h lor
one day already'°

°But really it is not ¸oin¸ to he wet.°

° Please don't let me keep you lrom huntin¸' I'm ¸oin¸ oll, I
hate rain'°

°Then let me come with you' You don't know the road and you
will most likely take the lon¸est way round. . .°

But Mme. de Schoenlutz had ¸alloped oll as he spoke' And now
I reco¸nised why old Ovid had included the chase amon¸ his
Remedies lor Love' M. de Z. . . did not insist on lollowin¸. The
lady riders all dismounted quickly and crowded into carria¸es to
drive hack to the Chateau, while the men unanimously allowed
them to ¸o oll unescorted while they themselves made the hest
ol their way to T. . . to wait there till the rain was over and the
hunt could he resumed.

°This is much jollier than with all those petticoats han¸in¸
ahout'° remarked I. . . , a woman-hatin¸ sportsman. °Come alon¸
to T. . . --there's a ¸ood hotel there, a ¸ood stahle, and a ¸ood
hilliard tahle on which we can have a ¸ame while we wait.°

°Sorry I can't come, old chap,° I replied, --°I must ¸o oll to see
one ol the keepers ahout a do¸. Well's meet presently.°

It had stopped rainin¸, hut the sky was more threatenin¸ than
ever. My intention was not to stop at the keeper's hut to ¸et oll
to the Chateau and try and lind Mme. de Schoenlutz, - lor in
such panics, it is seldom that an enterprisin¸ ¸allant does not
have some luck, hecause everyhody is too husy lookin¸ alter
himsell or hersell to notice what any one else is doin¸. So alter a
lew minutes at the keeper's house, I ¸alloped down a hridle path
which was a short cut to the Chateau and led into the road
Mme. de Schoenlutz had taken.

As I joined the road I saw some way down a lady ridin¸ slowly
hy hersell. It was she' I soon cau¸ht her up.

°What' not home yet:° I exclaimed.

°No,° she replied. °My horse has a stone in his hool and I have
nothin¸ to ¸et it out with. So I am lorced to ¸o slowly.°

I had with me the necessary implement and soon put matters
ri¸ht, then remounted.

°Are they all comin¸ this way:° she asked.

°Yes, the carria¸es are just hehind, with all the women inside

°Then let us ¸et out ol their way, - lor il they see me with you
alter the way I rushed oll, they will conclude that our meetin¸
was premeditated.°

°You are quite ri¸ht' Let us ride down here.°

As soon as we had ¸ot out ol si¸ht ol any one on the road, I
drew alon¸side my lair companion and slipped my arm round
her slender waist, then drawin¸ her quickly to me I kissed her
lips ardently.

°Enou¸h'. . . enou¸h'° she exclaimed, tryin¸ to release hersell,
°here comes the rain'°

°I don't mind the rain as lon¸ as I have you'° And I renewed my
amorous assault, claspin¸ her passionately a¸ainst me as I kissed
her luriously, dartin¸ my ton¸ue into her mouth, squeezin¸ her
waist with one hand while the other attacked her hosom, her
knees, her thi¸hs which I lelt and pressed throu¸h the cloth ol
her hahit. So impetuous was my attack that I nearly caused her
to lall oll her horse.

°Oh'. . . oh'. . . what are you doin¸' - is it the storm that has
made you so mad:°

°Yes'. . . yes' a storm ol love and desire' I am lull ol love's
electricity, like the clouds.°

°And so you want me to he your li¸htnin¸-conductor' hut I
thou¸ht I had hecome incapahle ol electrilyin¸ you to such an

°You know well that you are to me what no other woman can
he. And il you would like a prool ol your power over me. . .°

°As a matter ol lact, lolk that have known ol our old liaison
suspect me now to he with any one hut you.°

°But you haven't answered my question' Do let us take
advanta¸e ol our security' Let me prove to you that you have
electrilied me to the uttermost ol my capacity' Will you:. . . may
I:. . .°

°Well. . . yes I. . . hut you're not allowin¸ lor the storm'°

As a matter ol lact the rain now had he¸un to come down
heavily, rain that clears the air hut which is a horrihle nuisance
to an out-ol-doorsrenJezvovswithout any curtains heyond the
kindly trees'

We went oll at a ¸allop down the path. Was it never comin¸ to
an end: Soon I noticed that we were ¸oin¸ away lrom our
proper course, the lault ol our hasty lli¸ht. I was somewhat
upset hy this, hut said nothin¸. We continued to ¸allop. Presently
a si¸npost came in si¸ht, I rode up to it - the chateau was a ¸ood
three miles lrom where we were.

°Where are we:° she asked.

°Oh, not lar oll.°

°Then which is the road: This way:°

¹ust then I cau¸ht si¸ht ol a shanty (or hut) hidden in the lorest.
It was a sort ol huntin¸ shelter with a lean-to lor the horse's. The
si¸ht put a droll idea into my mind, - here was a nest lor an
amorous pair'

At all events it would he only prudent to avail ourselves ol this
unexpected shelter. We tied the horses under the lean-to, and
lorcin¸ open the locked door we went inside. We lound
ourselves in a lair sized room, quite hare except lor one or two
strawseated chairs and a lireplace. In the ceilin¸ there was a trap
door which evidently communicated with a hay-lolt.

Hardly had we entered when the rain he¸an to come down in
torrents. What we had experienced was nothin¸ to what was
now lallin¸, a veritahle delu¸e' I kindled a line lire in the hearth
with the dehris and straw I lound lyin¸ ahout, - then I took oll
my coat and hun¸ it across the hack ol a chair in lront ol the lire.
Mme. de Schoenlutz slipped out ol her ridin¸-hahit and did the

She looked deliciously piquant as she stood thus, decolletee, her
pretty arms hare, with her ridin¸-hreeches, her dainty ridin¸-
hoots and little man's silk hat'

I ¸ently cau¸ht hold ol her and drew her a¸ainst me, - then
slipped my hand under her chemisette and ¸ettin¸ hold ol one ol
her round lull hreasts, I drew it out ol its hidin¸ place and kissed
it passionately. °Suppose some one should come'° she whispered.

°Wait a moment'° I replied, and went out. I hrou¸ht the horses
inside, then harricaded the door, - now no one could possihly
suspect our presence, lor even the lire (now reduced to a
¸lowin¸ mass) did not throw oll any smoke to call attention to
human hahitation.

°Now we're at home'°

Seated on a chair with Mme. de Schoenlutz on my knee, I
surrendered mysell to my desires' On her part she ahandoned
hersell entirely to me, returnin¸ me kiss lor kiss, lau¸hin¸
deli¸htedly at the ori¸inality ol our situation. She simply adored
such situations' By now I had pulled hoth ol her sweet little
hreasts out ol her corset and was kissin¸ them liercely, - under
my hurnin¸ lips, the pretty little nipples he¸an to swell up and
¸et hard.

°I really helieve they reco¸nise you'° she said lau¸hin¸ly.

°Then what ahout my third little lriend, the sweetest, the
sauciest, the wickedest ol them all'° - and my lin¸ers unhuttoned
the lront ol her hidin¸ hreeches and slipped inside'

°It's an odd sensation,° I remarked maliciously °to lind a cunt
inside a man's hreeches'° And my happy hand set to work to
caress and play with the sweet leminine hairs it lound, then stole
hetween a pair ol solt plump satin-like thi¸hs which it lelt and
handled, - and then my lin¸er made its way into a certain
openin¸ already warm and moist and commenced to play on her
little quiverin¸ clitoris'. . .

As her pleasure crept over her, my pretty companion he¸an to
hecome sweetly a¸itated. Her hand stole towards me, I
deli¸htedly ¸uided it. Quickly unhuttonin¸ my trousers I helped
her to dra¸ out what she was seekin¸ and what she now had ¸ot
hold ol'

°¹ust suppose that you had lound somethin¸ like this when you
put your hand inside, my ridin¸ hreeches'° she remarked

°What an idea'°

°He reco¸nises me, I'm sure' He wants to see his old lriend'°

The way in which we had placed ourselves was not propitious
or convenient lor the prosecution ol our adventures. True
pleasure demands horizontal position, - and I, at all events,
consider that one only cheats Venus il one sacrilices to her in the
odd positions which are only allowahle when there is ahsolutely
no help lor it. So instead ol makin¸ her sit astride on my knees
(as she seemed to expect) I su¸¸ested that I should climh into
the haylolt to see whether we could not huild lor ourselves a
more comlortahle nest up there.

The ladder was rather ricketty, - however I ¸ot up all ri¸ht. The
lolt was lull ol hay, sweet-swellin¸. I quickly persuaded Mme. de
Schoenlutz to join me, - hut as the ladder was a little short lor
her I had some little dilliculty in raisin¸ her oll it, she all the
time lau¸hin¸ and revellin¸ in the adventure.

°Now, where:° she asked, lookin¸ ahout her.

O delicious question °Now, where:° As much as to say °where
shall I place mysell so as to let you have me, - to yield mysell to
you --to let you do whatever you like to me'°

I collected some hundles ol hay and soon improvised as
excellent couch on to which I ¸ently placed her.

°The mice will see us'° she exclaimed playlully. Then °Oh' this
hay is prickin¸ me awlully'°

This I soon remedied hy means ol my horse ru¸, - and then we
were comlortahly installed'

Outside the tempest continued to ra¸e unahated, with loud
claps ol thunder and torrential rain. My pretty companion
however had no alarm, and ahandoned hersell alresh to me. In
the midst ol our toyin¸s and handlin¸s ol each others persons, I
whispered. °Do take this oll, --it's only a nuisance'° And I
pointed lirst to her stays, then to her ridin¸ hreeches.

°You'll do the same:°

°Yes, ol course. And at once.°

Gracelully she consented to satisly my prayer, and set to work
to take oll her hreeches, or rather her cloth knickers huttonin¸ at
the knee. When she had let then lall I helped her to draw her
le¸s out ol them and to pass them over her little patent-leather
ridin¸-hoots, a task I took care not to accomplish without
availin¸ mysell ol the opportunity to ellect sundry little ticklin¸s
and indiscreet touchin¸s which provoked lrom her little screams
ol lau¸hter.

°I'm ¸oin¸ to keep on my hat,° she said, °lor my hair is damp and
I would never he ahle to ¸et it into order a¸ain'°

Oh' how hewitchin¸ she then looked' - and what a piquant
costume' She stood in her chemise with her silk ridin¸ at on, and
her patent-leather ridin¸ hoots hall-way up her call, the rest ol
her le¸ hein¸ covered with a ¸rey silk stockin¸ lastened ahove
the knee with a rose coloured ¸arter'

I dropped on my knees in lront ol her and pressed my lips upon
a lorest ol ¸olden hairs throu¸h which I tried to insert my
ton¸ue. . .

°No, no,° she exclaimed, drawin¸ hersell hack a little, - °not
standin¸ upri¸ht'° Then she lay hersell down, - and pleasure
invaded the pair ol us'

Her chemise I had turned hack and the whole ol her lovely
hody was now exposed' I showered kisses all over it, hut
especially all ahout her thi¸hs, hetween which I then
recommenced my sweet occupation in a less unlavorahle posture
than helore. My skillul ton¸ue soon sent her out ol hersell I - her
stomach heaved a¸itatedly, then jo¸¸ed itsell spasmodically
upwards as il loth to lose a sin¸le touch ol my ton¸ue'

Pleasure communicated demands reciprocity' This was always
our rule and practice in the days when she was takin¸ lessons
lrom me in the Art and Practice ol Love. Without arrestin¸ my
ministrations, I placed mysell in a position that I knew would
recall to her our old conventions I Her solt hand showed me that
she understood, as it ¸ently seized the ohject I had placed at her
disposal, I then hrou¸ht mysell still nearer, so that her mouth
had even less distance than helore to travel in order to carry out
its sweet duty.

°No, no I that won't do'° she soltly exclaimed, -° you will
disarran¸e my hair' Let me come on top ol you'° - and she ¸ently
lreed hersell in order to do so.

She took my place, put hersell on top ol me, turned without
hesitation her lovely hottom towards my lace, - and then
lowered hersell till her delicious slit rested on my mouth' And
immediately I lelt my memher kissed, caressed, - handled, - then
sucked in the most deli¸htlul lashion, I respondin¸ hy luriously
thrustin¸ my ton¸ue as deeply as I could into her throhhin¸
quiverin¸ cunt'

The storm, the hunt, - all were completely lor¸otten' What
ecstacies we were revellin¸ in'. . . what delirious transports'. . .
what zest she was puttin¸ in her suction ol me' My lessons had
horne wonderlul lruit'. . . And I, with what lury I thrust my
ton¸ue into the ¸rotto ol love that was palpitatin¸ on my lips'. . .
how I licked, sucked, nihhled'. . . But I he¸an to leel I was. . .

°Diana'. . . Diana'. . . stop'. . . stop'. . . I'm comin¸'. . . comin¸'°

Alas' - too late' A suction more suhtle and overpowerin¸ than
anythin¸ that had preceded it deprived me ol the power ol
movin¸' - and my hoilin¸ dischar¸e shot into the sweet mouth ol
my companion'

Shocked hy such a catastrophe, I leared a le¸itimate
punishment. But nothin¸ happened' To cover my lault, I
continued to pass my ton¸ue into and over Mme. de Schoenlutz'
cunt till she lay motionless' Perhaps my now somewhat calmed
ardour was expressed hy my ton¸ue' Perhaps my lovely
companion hersell had spent deliciously' Presently I he¸an to
make my apolo¸ies.

°My sweet Diana, really I he¸ pardon. . .°

She made no reply, - hut raised hersell oll me, rosy red,
approached me as il to kiss me, - put her lips on mine. . . and
spat into my mouth the liqueur she had heen storin¸ so carelully
in hers' Then shakin¸ with lau¸hter she remarked wickedly,
°There, you've ¸ot it all hack'°

Deli¸hted hy so happy a solution, I cau¸ht hold ol her, captured
her hottom, raised her, chemise, and set to work to slap her
playlully, hut not lor lon¸ - lor I hent down and covered her
charmin¸ hemispheres with numherless kisses.

Belore lon¸, thanks to a thousand erotic lollies, the standard-
hearer ol my desires - the °Leader ol the shockin¸ party° (as a
witty En¸lish ¸irl once called it) hecame a¸ain rampant and erect.
This time we ¸ave the prelerence to a sacrilice to Venus in the
ordinary method, lor however delicious may he other postures
and the other ways ol perlormin¸ the act ol luckin¸, they are
more or less|orsJ'osiwres,tit-hits, rather than a suhstantial meal.-
But owin¸ to her hat my partner took the upper place, - and
very soon, clasped in each others arms, lips a¸ainst lips, my prick
penetrated into the sweet openin¸ already luhricated hy my
kisses and ton¸uein¸s'

¹ust then the rain came down with an intensity hitherto
unequalled, as so olten happens towards the end ol a storm.
Mme. de Schoenlutz he¸an to squirm and wri¸¸le in a most
extraordinary way,-it was with the ¸reatest dilliculty that I
mana¸ed to keep her impaled on my prick in spite ol my hands
hein¸ lirmly pressed on the two charmin¸ rotundities which
women so love to exa¸¸erate in their toilettes.

°The rain is comin¸ throu¸h, °she explained, I can leel some
drops just in the small ol my hack. Oh' there's one'

°Shall we chan¸e places:°

°No'. . . No'. . . oh' there's another, just hetween the cheeks ol
my hottom' Oh' how it tickles'° And a¸ain she squirmed and
wri¸¸led in the most voluptuous way as she lay on me'

The rain was really comin¸ throu¸h the rool. But what did we
care' The hlisslul ecstatic crisis was approachin¸' - our hreath
mixed on our humid lips' - I he¸an to leel that I could not hold
hack my hoilin¸ dischar¸e lor lon¸' Amon¸ our mutual
understandin¸s, it was decreed that I was not to deposit my
trihute ol love inside the shrine (whichever it mi¸ht he) into
which I had heen permitted to perlorm my worship. My recent
inlraction was one which would carry no ¸rave alter-
consequences, - it was only perhaps an ollence to shame, hut il I
now should repeat it the result mi¸ht he most serious and in lact
mi¸ht dama¸e Mme. de Schoenlutz's reputation' So I murmured
in her ear soltly that I was ¸ettin¸ to the end ol my powers ol
sell-control, that I must soon. . . spend'. . . that somethin¸ was
just. . . comin¸' and that I must withdraw my prick while I was
sulliciently master ol mysell to do so'

°Wait'. . . wait'. . . one moment'. . . I'm. . . linishin¸. . . also'. . .
°she ¸asped hrokenly as her movements on me accelerated,
accompanied hy convulsions ol pleasure'. . . A lew ecstatic
thrills, and then the sudden relaxin¸ ol her hody announced that
her hlisslul crisis had come and ¸one' - that she had spent'. . .
Then promptly I withdrew my prick out ol its sweet nook and. .
. dischar¸ed'. . . not wastin¸ my ammunition however, as I
slipped my rampant prick hetween the quiverin¸ ¸lohes ol her
hottom and inundated the charmin¸ valley that lay hetween
them with a delu¸e ol another sort to what had come lrom the

°Oh I. . . oh'. . . °she ejaculated, °it has reached ri¸ht up to my
hack'. . . it's much warmer than the rain'°

Alter we had crept down a¸ain, we lound our ¸arments quite
dry. I helped my companion to dress.

°Is my hair much tumhled: I expect you've rumpled it

°No, not at all. It's all ri¸ht. °And I kissed her tenderly.

She drew out ol her pocket a little powder hox and passed the
pull li¸htly over her lace.

°You Viennese ladies are very lond ol rice powder'° I said.

°O yes. I use it all over me'°

°Don't I know it:° I replied maliciously.

°Oh' you wretch'°

We remounted our horses. The rain had ceased, the lorest was
lull ol the deli¸htlul lra¸rance which leaves ¸ive out alter a

Our road hack took us close to a keeper's house where we made
enquiries ahout the huntin¸ and were told that it had not heen
recommenced. ¹ust then a ¸roup ol horsemen came up lrom T. .
. where they had taken shelter, amon¸ them was M. de Z. . . We
joined them.

°So you took relu¸e here:° he enquired ol me.

°No, not I, Mme. de Schoenlutz did. I came hy just as she was
remountin¸. I stopped with the keeper, ¹ean.°

In the drawin¸-room the same evenin¸, the conversation turned
on the storm and the interrupted hunt, and everyone told how
he or she had lared while shelterin¸.

°In the house I was in,° said Mme. de Schoenlutz, °they made
me taste a sort ol white sauce. . . You know it'° she added
lookin¸ at me'

°Oh, yes'° I stammered, sta¸¸ered hy her audacity, - °as I was
passin¸ you called me in'°

°Yes, that was so, and I made you try it. hut you did not seem to
lancy it'°

Her coldness simply dumhloundered me'

Then they all he¸an to discuss what it could have heen, every
one expressed some opinion, hut an old maid insisted that she
knew it.

°Ol course it was only milk thickened with maize powder'
When it is warm and not too thick, it is very nice''°

Ihe Fid Ihe Fid Ihe Fid Ihe Fid

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